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    Why call our best and brightest 'unemployed'?

    Australians involved in the arts often spend periods of time in unemployment but they also make significant contributions to national culture, and they pay a good deal of tax when working.


    Debunking the myths of board independence

    It's long been assumed that boards with a majority of independent directors are better able to protect shareholder interests, but research shows that such board composition destroys shareholder value and performance.


    EU sanctions will hit Russia hard

    The stern sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU are a damaging blow to the country's oil and gas sector. But will economic pain induce Moscow to change its tack on the conflict with Ukraine?


    How to heal the housing market

    Macroprudential policies that restrict credit growth will do little to alleviate Australia's housing affordability crisis and could even act against the national interest. But there is another solution.

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    Central banks face a bumpy road to policy normalisation

    The Fed and the Bank of England are moving to tighten their monetary policies, which will result in interest rate rises, but they will face challenges in balancing market stability with growth.

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    China's corruption crackdown snares a tiger

    The investigation of Zhou Yongkang, a senior party official and former security tsar, is a historic milestone in China's anti-graft campaign and is likely to send reverberations across the political system.


    The BCA discovers free enterprise

    Is the Business Council of Australia a think tank or a lobby group? Its latest research effort marks a subtle shift away from the latter but ultimately leaves the council with a confused sense of purpose.

  • China needs a new way to manufacture export growth

    Technologies such as 3D printing are disrupting the East Asian model of export manufacturing, which uses low-cost labour as its competitive advantage. China will have to rethink its strategy... or risk being left behind.

  • Napthine, don't mess up Melbourne's urban renewal

    The Victorian Government has approved a plan for development of one of Australia's largest urban renewal projects, intended to house 80,000 people that will leave a legacy for centuries, but without properly evaluating its environmental sustainability.