Klout's useless clout

Social media influence sites like Klout promise a lot when it comes to measuring the impact a user has on the internet, but as Stillgherian points out in his rather strongly worded piece, the entire premise of the service is based on spurious methodology and designed purely to satisfy the vanity of many net denizens.

People have been influencing each other since the beginning of time but the entire process has been magnified to a whole new level with the advent of mainstream social media.  

Klout is used to measure online influence by looking at how people interact on social media, but you have to wonder just how accurate a measurement tool it is.

This infographic from KISS Metrics, courtesy of socialtimes.com spells out the nitty gritty with regards to just what Klout does.

The key thing to remember is that there is a subtle but important distinction between being loud and being influential. Having a Klout score may be a nice novelty, but really it's a novelty number that doesn’t add up to much.