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For the consumer who is watching every dollar, Colorado was simply too expensive (See The death of the Colorado model, March 30). I bought some "you beaut" sandals there four years ago for $75 – now I go to Lowes or Big W and pay $15 for quite serviceable units. The top end markets are the first to go.
Maybe the cause of Colorado failure is simple (See The death of the Colorado model, March 30). Maybe the products they were selling were just not good value for money. It seems the boom is gone, and bargain hunting is back. Bye bye, Colorado.
At the time Solly Lew was lurking, I commented that Colorado was a poor company (See The death of the Colorado model, March 30). Before anyone looks at the books, they should walk into a store and see how it's performing. At any given time you can walk past a Williams, Mathers, Colorado or any other of their stores and see few customers and average stock.
There was no way that the revenue would support the debt. More fool the banks that believed it would. The only retail company that looks all that healthy to me is JB Hi-Fi. And even then, it seems to have given too much price discounting power to their floor staff. Only time will tell.