FAMILY BUSINESS: Ventura Bus Lines

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It is a remarkable service. If you live in South Oakleigh you dont really need a car! (FAMILY BUSINESS: Ventura Bus Lines, October 25.)
A great story, Alan, thanks for putting a smile on my face (FAMILY BUSINESS: Ventura Bus Lines, October 25).
Great story Alan (FAMILY BUSINESS: Ventura Bus Lines, October 25). I clearly remember catching the bus from the Holmsglen Migrant Hostel into Oakleigh during 1951/52.
Now when you drive around Melbourne Ventura buses are everywhere and usually with plenty of passengers. Drivers are friendly and buses clean and usually on time.
Great story, with no member of the family who want out of the business, must be interesting after the AGM when they have the meal together to tell family and business stories,
specially about the earlier bus passengers, some may have even become street names, the meal is probably part of the AGM.
(FAMILY BUSINESS: Ventura Bus Lines, 25 Oct 2012)
A heart-warming story for some - but let's not forget the small bus companies that have been destroyed by predatory under-quoting by larger bus companies. (FAMILY BUSINESS: Ventura Bus Lines, October 25)
A bus line is a natural monopoly - and a licence to print money, whether directly from the public or via government support.
Paul (1.30pm), the large Bus Companies usually started out as small many cases it is a matter of survival of the most efficient and in this case one taking a modest profit to reach where they are today (FAMILY BUSINESS: Ventura Bus Lines, October 26). A few public companies could take a leaf out of Ventura's book.