Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation

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It is unfortunate that Alan Kohler sides with the cyber bullies and Labor Party on this incident (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8). Although the comments were regrettable, they are nothing compared with what the union thugs that run the Labor Party say frequently. Why the hypocrisy? What have the Labor Party done to stop hate comments by their supporters? An Opinion Piece in the Australian (2/10) by Hon, Greg Hunt, MP: shows the ALP has been consistently silent about the language of hate and abuse from various left-wing commentators...
Bullies: hard on the outside and soft in the middle (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8).
I signed the petition because Jones' comments were appalling (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8).
So now its social media vs. commercial media: it's all about the money, stupid!
Shock jock's big mouth gets him into trouble (again) and he cops a well deserved dressing down (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8). Will it change his behaviour or will he continue to attract more attention than he deserves? I have yet to hear any announcement regarding his impending retirement.
Any commenters here note that Jones did not make these comments on air? Even if he did, so what? (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8.)
Listened to Julia or the Labor Party lately? Anyway it is impossible to say anything bad enough about Gillard after her performance.
The interesting thing about the Alan Jones issue is the loss of Jones' power. (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8, 2012)
His bully pulpit is nowhere near as powerful as it was. He is now held to account.
When I ready news and opinion pieces I now find the comments often more interesting than the article itself. They call it social media for a reason. Journalists and commentators cannot now just talk crap, we can research the truth just like they can and often do so in more depth. We can read the Govt reports now immediaely and throw it back at them.
As for Jones, the world has changed mate, the audience can hit back now, get used to it.
It is strange watching the business community canabalise one of its own (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8). Jones is the mouthpiece of the business owned Liberal Party but attempts to sooth this over have failed with his head.
Through all the rhetoric and Jones' hateful rant about Gillard I note that Jones used the expression "lies, lies and lies" in reference to Gillard. With all due respect Alan Jones needs to go back and examine Tony Abbott comments over the past 5 years. But then Abbott lies, and there are lots of them, go unnoticed by a pro liberal media which shields its man. And on the rare occasions when Abbott is put on the spot we see Abbott's wife in front of the cameras. Such backbone from a potential future PM.
It was interesting to read that some of the signatories to the petition were 'Skippy, the bush kangaroo' and Obama's dog 'Bo' (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8).
The other odd thing about the whole affair is that Mercedes had pulled its advertising two weeks before the Jones comment.
So much for the disintermediation line!
I am interpreting the organised activities against the Jones opinion as a highly selective and disproportionate style of gang warfare (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8).
Much more concerning to me as a female is Gillard's Labor women disrespectfully silent on the disgraceful insult to all women from their Speaker of convenience (Mr Peter Slipper) who described women's private body parts in terms that render him unfit to hold public office. He should be dumped – now.
If punishment is good enough for Jones, it's good enough for Labor's Speaker. Cut him loose, Julia Gillard, out of respect for women.
While the cyber bullies are so busy tearing down someone who apologised for his comment, union thugs say and do what they want. I recall the vitriol heaped on colleague Rudd earlier this year by Wayne Swan and his team of headkickers.
It all looks like one very nasty standard for Gillard and her team-mates, and a spectacularly vicious censorship standard for the Opposition.
Our "government" is a shambles. The Rudd Gillard experiment has delivered way too much shame and incompetence. It will be a good day for me when they have gone.
Facebook, Twitter and represent a very small minority of community opinion (Alan Jones: it's about disintermediation, 8th October); they want the right to offend for themselves but will not allow it for others. They are not speaking out against socially unacceptable behaviour they are speaking out against opinions they disagree with; this makes them politically incorrect and judgemental and they are practicing fascism not democracy.
Jones was wrong: he was not at a private function and he spoke those words as guest speaker or MC (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8). It was political not just ugly speech as it was a Liberal Party function, he thinks his critics are trying to prevent his free speech and the backlash is nothing about free speech, he does not understand how capitalism works these days and excuse me but I was using email years and years prior to facebook and twitter, signing a petition on line is no different to signing a printed one and usually taken very seriously by the signer,so support Jones all you like, this issue has some spice in it yet.
When I posted an article and my own comment on my Facebook page, both condemning Alan Jones's appalling rhetoric, a friend replied that we just love cutting down "Tall Poppies" in Australia (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8). "Tall poppy"? That bloke is a noxious weed!
Social Media is demonstrating that self serving political and corporate interests can be swiftly and comprehensively targeted by outraged publics (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8). Who had power before to bring Jones and other rabid shock jocks to heel? Not regulators, critics or Media Watch? Why ignore or simply turn off Jones when you can join a groundswell which can apply immediate pressure to offending organisation, government, party or interest group. Jones and other commentators have been free to spout their biased viewpoints unchallenged. Not any more however and cutting off or demeaning their opponents through traditional media doesn't end the debate nor muzzle a public who have embraced Facebook and Twitter.
This is a PR lesson that Joe Blow now has more real power than ever before to both voice an opinion and act against anyone breaching social or corporate responsibilities.
Alan Jones was only following his business plan, which is to be outrageous and sexist and spiteful and hated. He is an entertainer and that is his signature (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8).
If AJ was plain, sensible, uncontrovercial, his audience would be far less than the daily 80,000 which it formerly was. NB: Not 500,000 - that's the weekly assessment over 5 days of about 80k each.
So, 80k pro-Jones folk listen and 110k go online and put their names to a petition requesting advertisers to take note of the ratbag and his audience and to then consider whether they want their part of his 80k audience or to engage in other ways with the 110k who actively object to the man and what he has said and done.
Let's hope that Alan Keoller's short column and the hundreds of similar columns which are springing up everywhere, both in print and on screens, will bring a review not only of Alan Jones's business plan, but also those of the entertainment industry generally.
2GB has failed to see this tsunami coming, but it has been predicted and predictable for years.
The real question is not now about Alan Jones or any other entertainer using a shock-jock business plan. It is now, firstly, about the responses of the owners of the radio stations and newspapers which support this behaviour and, secondly, about the type of relationship which advertisers will seek with their radio stations and newspapers.
Yes. My name is amongst those 110,000 and I am proud that it is.
If what Alan Jones said to a closed audience of a handful of political nothings was not reported what he said would not have got the publicity it has (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8). Does Alan care? Of course he does! It's just what he wants – free publicity. The more noise the better. It's not coming from his audience – it's coming from those who would never think to listen to a tired, opinionated old man. But I bet his audience has increased as a result.
It must be difficult for Russell Tate working in that 19 th century blokey environment (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8). At least he recognises that 2GB enjoys a licence to broadcast using public spectrum and so should be appropriately regulated. It is a pity that Alan Jones has never shown similar recognition.
The advertisers have now woken up and, who knows, those neanderthals running the (il)liberal Party may soon realise that their propagandist has now reached his use-by date.
I will just wait for the election and do all in my power to see the end of this most sorry debacle of Gillard/ Windsor/ Oakshott/ Bandt and the tiresome Greens (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 8). When Whitlam was sacked hundreds of thousands cried fowl. Whitlam lost. Suspect history might repeat itself but with greater vengeance. This mob and their band of twitterers are reprehensible in the extreme.
Alan Jones - he has sown the wind, and he shall reap the whirlwind (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 9).
But there is more to it than that. The on-line responses are closer to polling and consumer market surveying than any else with the only thing different is that they have not yet and maybe never will become statistically accurate.
It the early days of market testing US consumers were asked to describe the features of a perfect car. They described the Edsel, Ford built it and it was a complete failure. What consumers said they wanted and what they bought are two quite different things.
Similarly the failure of the Literature Digest in 1936 to predict the outcome of the US elections because they polled their (somewhat) biased subscriber base sent that magazine into bankruptcy.
Whatever the community thinks about censoring Alan Jones I doubt very much is reflected by the on-line tweets.
These people are not representative of the whole community and statistically a highly inaccurate sample. It might seem a large sample but with names like D Duck and his life partner M Mouse I doubt it is representative of the real thoughts of the nation.
I predict advertisers will come back with a rush when they realise how the Jones audience has now grown with all the main stream media attention.
Alan Jones made an inappropriate remark, was caught, was exposed for making the remark,he apologised immediately, Ms Gillard refused to receive his phone call knowing that he was going to apologise to her personally. End of story (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 9). Anything else is Labor and the media's beat up to try to cause damage to Alan and somehow link it to Tony Abbott.
"To err is human, to forgive divine", BUT for Labor, and the media and any Labor supporters here, "To err may be human, but to get even, that is divine", or "To err may be human, but to admit it, it isn't".
Thanks for nothing to the journalist who spied on a Liberal party function and created such a fuss (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 9).
For those who passionately use their energy to attack AJ for his distasteful comments, your energy would be better used in serving your country in condemning the Muslim riots here and around the world because of a stupid movie.
To enlighten debate of this important issue is truly what we need, you've got your priority all wrong?
Switch off if you don't like AJ, I was not a listener but found the act of the advertisers succumb to this mob mentality disgusting.
It is the age of the internet. People can save published items editorials and opinions and also radio broadcast programs. HD storage is cheap (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 9).
The media has had a relentless campaign as can be traced through the items over the years to destroy the Labor Government. Any comments to demonstrate the misinformation with provided evidence will never appear in the comments and you wonder at the internet furore, those who care to find out the facts and have been silenced have a voice.
You will succeed in getting your puppet Government in power. We will make sure that they will stay in power for decades and have to clean up the disaster they will create and you will be held responsible and accountable, the internet and the record will ensure that.
You will get your illegitimate government in power on the basis of a relentless campaign of deception and lies. There is no way they will be voted out and they will trash the economy like Fraser and Howard did, we will all pay a terrible price, but we will not allow the media manipulators to have Labor re elected to clean up their mess and carry the can.
You have used the pen as your weapon, it is now a level playing field, but a price will be paid by us all including the gullible true believers who will turn on their deceivers as it finally sinks in.
You can choose your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions. But you cannot choose the consequences.
Choose wisely and well. Facts are your friend, not a nasty Commie Plot. U76Y
The biggest beat up of all time (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 9). A tasteless comment, at a private function & an apology given - most have moved on. These naysayer cyber troglodytes have an opportunity to vent their anger by simply switching him off. But hey they don't listen anyway so whats this really about.
Yes AJ's comments were offensive (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 9).
And he deserved all criticism he received.
But I always thought that people who constantly use facebook and twitter as a social medium have problems. Facebook does have some advantages but many people just want to let me know they have had a cup of coffee somewhere!!! Wow. I have a few friends on facebook most of which I haven't seen for years but you feel you will offend by refusing friendship.Twitter is mainly just gossip or used to say, as Kath would say, "look at me, look at me "
So when all these people who have been seduced by social media have the chance to use it for their own ends they do.
And in this case quite sucessfully.
But in reality this demonstrates to me the amount of time wasted by thousands of people, every day, who firstly read this stuff constantly, and sadly believe it because its on social media, and think their input is the most important of all. It used to be teenagers on home phones for hours but now it's gen x and y's who cannot live without it- and older media types. Sad really!!
A very powerful tool in their own minds. But really its about people with their own agenda trying to influence others to agree with them and if you dont you will be the next target. Acting really like a spoilt child.
But where will it end-What about an online petition banning comments about where your having a cup of coffee!
There I've said it now and therefore am part of social media.
At his grandiose press conference Alan Jones only ever spewed out some be-grudging half-baked words and then tried to call it an apology (Alan Jones: it’s about disintermediation, October 9). It was never a proper apology at all.
That 45 min. press conference was more about Alan Jones than anything else.
He spent years mouthing off and bullying people on air, but he can't take a bit of his own medicine. For Jones to complain about cyber-bullying is both pathetic and hilarious!
Now he knows how the people he has slagged off over the years via his radio show felt. He is just reaping what he has sown.