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A very happy birthday to the Business Spectator inventors (The Governor and Business Spectator, November 21). Your modesty prevents you from mentioning the most important ingredient of innovative success. A highly skilled journalistic talent with impeccable interviewing skills and outstanding credibility. Enjoy your well deserved success Alan & team.
No, no, Alan. Super funds are not "conservatively managed by people who value liquidity and low business risk above all"; they are ignorantly run by people who value liquidity and above all have no idea of business risk, no industrial or technical skills, and are focussed primarily on power, pay and status.
Refusal by government and other sources of capital to fund development of small-to-medium enterprises has been a problem. Indeed the destructiveness of the economic fundamentalism was shown up not merely by the flog-off of the Commonwealth Development Bank, but by the absolute refusal to at least try to nurture new ventures that it showed.
Regarding that, Dr Peter Brain wrote (in the '90s!) "the conclusion is inescapable – the existing financial structure simply is not adequate to satisfy the needs of many of Australia's most promising firms and there are compelling reasons for the establishing of a properly controlled Manufacturing Investment Bank." Not, of course, run by banksters - that luxury is breaking bigger nations than ours.
Often, too, promising ventures will simply be picked off by the local subsidiary of a multinational.
Happy birthday to Business Spectator, the team, and the innovative two ways system to exchange ideas and news interactively(across time zones). Special thanks to the invisible hands ironing out my weird English sent from the West Coast. (The Governor and Business Spectator, November 21)
Many happy returns Business Spectator and Alan hopefully you and your staff will celebrate in style at your party today. (The Governor and Business Spectator, November 21)
I would have thought that Productivity would be the last item, if it was there at all, on any Union Leaders list of principles to be understood and implemented. So we will continue to exist in a Productivity vacuum during the rest of this Governments term simply because its members are Union hacks and spivs.
Mr Banks and Mr Stevens make the simple point, I think, that Productivity has many aspects and issues and there need to be a holistic approach in dealing with these. That is not possible today given the DNA of our leaders.
I too will raise a glass to you all at Business Spectator and thank you for the excellent journalism you have provided. I can't believe it is only five years!! You lot have become a habit like good cigars and fizzy wizzy.
Agreed. Well done, Alan, Robert, Stephen and one other (four) (The Governor and Business Spectator, November 21).
You won against the odds!
By way of example, I posted this on my LinkedIn site: "Went to presentation on patents, branding, copyrights, etc. Law firm invloved said: "Stamp Your Authority on your Intellectual Property". I am doing that via LinkedIn. Not ideal.
If Top Ryde City (one centre) is "overvalued" by $500.0 million i.e. valued $840.0 four years ago, sold $341.0 for 40% of original "value" GEM methodology stop it.
My methodology I believe must already be worth $20.0 million and when developed, and ready for application by: banks, valuers, landlords, prospective landlords, franchisers, tenants, etc. it is worth potentially several 100 million dollars."
Of course Top Ryde, plus income streams (probably overcharged rents) is now going overseas. So if one has a methodology to prevent this wanton loss of capital, it has to be worth 100's of millions of dollars. Even more; it will enable one to "value" "appraise" "re-appraise" any site anywere in the world.
Now does one go it alone or seek seed funding? I do not know. So any suggestions?