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Robert have you missed the slush fund scandal news and questioning of character (Gillard overcomes her stage fright, November 23)? And the many failings of this government?
And you should know better than most Australians how the carbon tax to become an emissions trading scheme is bad for the economy and the impact will not be fully recognised until all businesses factor their liability into costings and pass it on with profit margin added, plus GST.
Whyalla hasn't closed down but what will happen there (and elsewhere) when the taxpayer subsidies end?
Agree on Bruce Bilson Robert, he is a stand out performer and speaker and not utilised enough by the Coalition (Gillard overcomes her stage fright, November 23).
Also agree with Dennis Thompson (November 23, 7:59AM) that you have not seen anything yet as far as the AWU scandal. As Paul Keating famously said " I will do him slowly" and that is what is happening to Gillard.
Robert, I appreciate a lot of your financial articles but I think you are way out of your depth here, or is it wishful thinking (Gillard overcomes her stage fright, November 23)? Which seats do you think the ALP are going to take off the opposition? I can think of a dozen the coalition will romp home in.
Yep! Robert, you hit the nail right on the head (Gillard overcomes her stage fright, November 23).
Our current PM is improving, however, her cabinet is a dead animal, going into rigamortis.
There are just too many conflicting parameters, partly because of the greens.
Hawke/Keating, Howard/Costello, legends. Hawke/Keating had enough mongrel and cognition to work.
Howard/Costello, had the predictability and work ethic, factor.
Gillard/Swan, yeah? just to cryptic to be workable.
Robert, as a Political commentater you make a damn fine Business Editor and Financial Advisor (Gillard overcomes her stage fright, November 23).There is not enough space here to list her stuff-ups,deviousness and incommpetance. Simply,the Middle ground do not trust the Gillard/Swan line. Take out a few Independents, Greens wont improve and dead men Slipper and Thompson gone and your "Stage craft"logic is shot to pieces
Robert, Paul Keating's quote that Gillard “had not enough stagecraft skill to get herself out of this hole” (Gillard overcomes her stage fright, November 23) is valid. To reason that the employment of a speechwriter is to overcome the problem, is to reason that hopping in a Ferrari will teach you to drive.
Gillard continues to lack the stagecraft required to challenge hearts and minds. It takes more than 'words'.