A sharp carbon tax jobs pang

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Global warming is not a joke (A sharp carbon tax jobs pang, February 15). The EU, US, Australia, etc, have spent about a trillion dollars on it. Europe has sent its energy intensive industries to China. Now its electricity system is on the point of collapse. Europe is de-industrialising while going broke. The US is doing its best to not drill for its own oil and to not buy oil from Canada, but instead to hand wealth and power to the unstable Middle East and Venezuela.
Meanwhile, there has been no warming for 13 years, and now the sun's activity has gone back to what it was at the start of the Little Ice Age, and temperatures are falling.
No, Global Warming is not a joking matter. It's poverty and collapse, benefitting no one but the political elites.
Robert, the Carbon Tax is a poor idea regardless of the timing. It will make no difference to the environment. The Carbon Tax is just a cynical attempt to establish a new revenue stream so they can redistribute even more welfare or fund union interests. When Labor voters and union members lose their jobs we will see another spin story from Labor trying to deflect the blame. For a party that is supposedly in government, it's amazing how they always try to avoid accountability when things go wrong.
Hi Robert, perhaps you don't move in circles that are paying attention to what the science is saying about climate change (A sharp carbon tax jobs pang, February 15). The physics is relentless and it doesn't care about timing. Your unstated assumption seems to be that the climate will wait until there are better economic times. Have you ever heard a person who is diagnosed with cancer say, "it isn't a good economic time to address this, I'll wait until the economy improves"? That's what you are suggesting we do about the impending climate issues.
Gordon (February 15, 9.01am), a sceptical view of global warming is that there have been six periods where temperatures have stopped rising or declined since the early 1970s. Only problem is that after each such period there is a step up in the temperature.
A scientific view of the temperature curve over the last 40 years shows a steady increase (see http://www.skepticalscience.com/pics/SkepticsvRealistsv3.gif).
It is clear we are adding heat to the earth by bringing in more heat than we release (due to CO2 and other greenhouse gases blocking escape). The amounts of trapped heat are measured and they explain higher temperatures in the air and the sea.
This is serious. Four degrees warming (where we are headed) means an Earth that will support 1 billion people.
Well, as jobs go and people cut back on spending, and ultimately power and energy use in a slowing economy, the government will likely claim some carbon tax success in the reduction of emissions (A sharp carbon tax jobs pang, February 15). But, unfortunately, not by design (or was it?) but if only for the wrong reasons. A slowing of economic and manufacturing activity, partly contributed to by the additional economic brakes of the carbon tax, will have the flow-on effect of a reduction in CO2 emissions. At least as we join the dole queues we can take solace that perhaps we are helping the environment, if indeed it really needs helping. Meanwhile the government will claim it was right all along, through its ever spiralling spin machine. Every cloud has a silver lining?
Robert, you wrote "Maybe I mix in the wrong circles but it seems global warming jokes are now becoming acceptable". (A sharp carbon tax jobs pang, February 15). I admire their black humour.
Global warming is not a joke. People are starving and rioting while the US turns grain into alcohol because of the Global Warming Scam. If it's a joke, it's a sick murderous joke played by the political elites on good natured dupes like yourself at the expense of the poor.
Environmental concern has fallen because the government, in accordance with mainstream science, has actually done something to start changing policy settings away from fossil fuels (A sharp carbon tax jobs pang, February 15). Concern falls when ominous problems are addressed.
Paul Hanly (February 15, 12.35pm), are you saying that the Australian people are now more relaxed because Gillard and Brown are taking action about our 1 or 2 per cent of the world's CO2? (A sharp carbon tax jobs pang, February 15). Is that all it took to save the world? We're not even going to cut CO2, just buy offsets from the non-existent world trade in offsets.
Congratulations to Morgan for independent research, although clearly here the confidence measure in Chart 1 mustn't be too recent or include too many investment bankers (A sharp carbon tax jobs pang, February 15). A better explanation of the loss of confidence perhaps comes from the fact that the four "most confident" industries combined employ less than the two largest of the pessimists, retail and manufacturing.
It's not so easy to confirm that, as finding reliable data and stats in Australia is always a challenge, but what the data does show is that finance and mining are the two largest GVA drivers in the Australian economy, hence rose tinted views.
Clearly interest rates are not the problem but rather Labor government policy dictated by the Greens – it is a serious issue. (A sharp carbon tax jobs pang, February 15).
Keith Williams (February 15, 11.40am), keep plugging away. The warming has stopped. Temperatures are falling. Instead of linking in to activist sites run by the "team", why don't you google "climategate" to find out what Mann, Phil Jones, et al, have been up to. Go to Anthony Watt's site for information.
There's no correlation between CO2 and temperature. There is an almost perfect fit between temperature and the sun's activity.
The longer you keep plugging away with this scam, the more foolish you'll look as it collapses. But feeling foolish is nothing compared to the waste and destruction caused by this scam.
Gordon I would have thought re-shaping the economy to use less and less non-renewable resources would be a great outcome, it would solve a lot of issues around health, wars over oil, environmental degredation due to mining, corruption and bribery in most countries in the world, and as a side benefit lower taxpayer subsidies to the resources sector – what a win for the general population if we go down this path! (A sharp carbon tax jobs pang, February 15).
It defies basic logic to think we can control the vagaries of climate from Canberra , Durban or Brussels (A sharp carbon tax jobs pang, February 15). The demonisation of atmospheric CO2 must surely be the most irrational of all the variants of doom. AGW is a myth perpetrated by Environmental socialists towards self-serving ends.
Notwithstanding wars and ruling tyrants around the world, our population since 1900 has increased more than four-fold and our food supply by five-fold. Average life expectancy at birth has risen from 30 years in 1900 to 67 years today. These gains run parallel with a big rise in CO2. If this is doom we could use a steady supply.
Robert, is it possible that online banking is not the only activity increasing visits to banking sites? (A sharp carbon tax jobs pang, February 15). Could it also reflect increased online trading (on bank sites) and the multiple open tabs that go with this activity?
Surely, the introduction of carbon trading will have a twin transmission to decrease survey concerns about the environment. One through having done something, the other through concern as to the nature and cost. The timing seems to coincide. Interesting graphs, thanks Robert.