Australia's NFC lag

It seems that we may be on the brink of a near field communication boom.

A report from Reuters today revealed that over 100 million NFC enabled phones are expected to be sold within the next year.

In fact, Telstra announced yesterday that it would be stocking the new Samsung Galaxy SII 4G, which is NFC enabled.

But before we go on a NFC buying spree, let’s stop and think what we can actually do with the technology.

Unfortunately, there isn’t too much we can do with it at the moment.

NFC tech is still in the early stages of its rollout in Australia and as with most in the corporate and retail space, nobody wants to bite the bullet and become an early adopter.

Last night, Media Watch highlighted an unfortunate trend in tech reporting. We tend to hype products that may be fully functional overseas but have aren’t quite as useful on our on soil.

So we are taking a firm stance in saying that NFC will be useful – eventually. We just need to wait for more companies to jump aboard the near field communication bandwagon.

But in the interim, let’s dare to dream with today’s infographic from Orange.

Today’s infographic was sourced from Orange’s enterprising business blog.