Australia must manufacture some Obama zeal

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It's not just Australian politicians who are asleep at the wheel. Imagine the business backlash if the current (or alternative) gov. introduced those policies. We'd probably see another PM toppled (Australia must manufacture some Obama zeal, January 22).
Australia followed the American malaise of being lazy and dependent on industries that do not produce real GDP (Australia must manufacture some Obama zeal, January 22). The best graduates from the universities were lured into finance, law and the service industries. Manufacturing and agriculture were neglected and not only did the economy decline but so did it depend on imports of everything including food. Engineering and science studies were no longer attractive as there were no jobs being created. America sat back and allowed over a number of decades relied on firstly Japan and more lately China both achieving growth at America's expense. The penny has dropped and now the Americans want to rebuild the real growth generating industries using the new found cheap energy source shale gas and oil. Australia thought it could live off its natural resources and allowed the same two countries to grow at its expense. They exported with no added value and became dependent on imports for everything including food. Unfortunately Australia with its low productivity, cost structure and lack of the required trained skills cannot quickly turn its economy around. Australia has no competitive advantage and an ever increasing public service to support as well.
I cannot believe Gottliebsen is seriously asking Australian politicians to expand government and create even larger inefficiencies and misallocations of capital in the market. Australia cannot have an efficient money-making auto manufacturing industry until wages are lower and the free market is allowed to operate. Subsidising this industry is not going to help the situation, as can be seen by Holden, Ford and Mitsubishi in recent years (Australia must manufacture some Obama zeal, January 22).
Reduce government waste and get politicians out of the role of manipulating market activity to suit their own election-fueled agenda.
Is Chris suggesting that business people put profits before nation and its people? (Australia must manufacture some Obama zeal, January 22.)
Interesting! Pity we don't have pollies with the gumption to really do what they are hired to do – run the country for the benefit of it's people (the majority that is) rather than striving for their taxpayer funded benefits till death!
Robert, also read what the President said on foreign policy:“ We will show the courage to try and resolve our differences with other nations peacefully —- not because we are naïve about the dangers we face, but because engagement can more durably lift suspicion and fear." (Australia must manufacture some Obama zeal, January 22.)
If you add his speech on Monday 19 November 2012: “And here in Rangoon, I want to send a message across Asia: We don’t need to be defined by the prisons of the past. We need to look forward to the future. To the leadership of North Korea, I have offered a choice: let go of your nuclear weapons and choose the path of peace and progress. If you do, you will find an extended hand from the United States of America.”
So while Australia continues to criticise North Korea, the President is reaching out to that country. Just as Nixon went to China, so should our Prime Minister invite the two new leaders on the Korean Peninsula to Australia. That would be an international stunner! As a journalist wrote in The Guardian recently, sanctions did not depose Fidel Castro and they have not had the desired result on North Korea. Time for a new approach.
So Obama does not want Chinese made widgets at $1 each. He wants American made widgets at $100 each (Australia must manufacture some Obama zeal, January 22). His American factory will produce millions of very expensive widgets and nobody will buy any of them. The government will pay the multi-billion losses and raise taxes to cover the cost. Anything wrong with this plan? Absolutely everything!
Robert this is an excellent paper which hopefully will wake up Australia from its malaise (Australia must manufacture some Obama zeal, January 22). We can no longer think that extracting our natural resources and selling off our best agricultural land is the road to the future. All natural resources must be exported subject to a condition that 60% or more has added value. State of the art infrastructure must be used along with being jointly owned by an Australian partner.
If for example the Chinese want out natural resources they have participate or pay a high export tax. The incentive could include a low tax rate on the facility until fully depreciated. Being state of the art productivity will be maximised and costs reduced including labour. Australia's only comparative is the resource itself which is finite. Once established encouragement should be the development of complimentary infrastructure by sporning other industries to further add value even to finished product. A similar control should be applied to all agricultural commodities not only the commodity but ownership of the prime land. Only this way will Australia be able to continue supporting its standard of living but ensure that the economy continues to grow.
Thanks Robert. I have doubts about how many readers will understand what Obama said.
This is the blueprint for Australias future and those that disagree, probably studied sociology. (Australia must manufacture some Obama zeal, January 22).
Good on you Robert! Reality at last!
Twenty-five years ago I warned (in writing) that globalisation would eventually fail because many of its foundation assumptions were false. Twenty-five years later symptoms such as currency wars and repatriating offshored companies indicate that it is beginning to crumble (Australia must manufacture some Obama zeal, January 22).
Australia has put itself out on a limb by being ideologically pure and consistently ranking second or third in the world on economic openness. It has done this despite ample evidence that other key participants are playing the cheating game. China is a prime example. It currently ranks 138th on openness and yet is arguably the world's strongest economy. Australia, with its deregulated openness to foreign debt and foreign investment, has seen nothing other than current account deficits since the early 1980s. In fact there has been significant deterioration in our current account over that time. Something is not working! Why do we persist with a failed strategy?
We could join the lemmings who want us to print money but we would soon find ourselves in an inflationary vortex which could easily end up in a stagflationary economic holocaust. A far better approach than more dangerous financial engineering is a greater internalisation of our economy with a much higher level of self-sufficiency. It will need to be done post-haste but carefully. Among many other things, we need to stop blindly exporting most of our natural resources and get our foreign obligations (e.g. debt) down. If we don't act speedily we will soon discover that lowest-cost and highest efficiency don't count for much in a messed-up world.
No thank you, I wouldn't like to see a con man like Obama arrive in Australia, we have plenty of people with the gift of the gab here already (Australia must manufacture some Obama zeal, January 22). We had a good PM in Mr Howard but he was undervalued due to the media and ALP delivering their usual lies and propaganda, similar to what Obama just did. I believe Obama has quite a shady background, but then we are used to that in Australia. What really needs to happen here is for the people to wake up and take note of what their pollies are doing and saying and take them to task instead of just accepting being kicked in the face repeatedly.
You have to be making these remarks "tongue in cheek" Robert Gottliebsen (Australia must manufacture some Obama zeal, January 22). B.O. is play acting and spinning honey words to an audience that agrees with his charms. Sure, he may get a few things done for America now he has nothing to lose (he no longer has to face an election) and our pollies would do the same if their term of Prime Minister was only 2 x 3 years or 2 x 4 years. When the whole system relies on policisians' popularity to be re-elected, and/or their personality or presentation, there will be no change in this country. P'raps these remarks are too cynical for some, but they are the truth of it as I see it !!!
Barak Obama has had five years to correct the tax treatment of business in America (Australia must manufacture some Obama zeal, January 23). He would not have been prevented from doing this by the Republican Controlled Senate, who were all in favour of keeping jobs in America. The reason production is now returning to America is because the cost of manufacturing in China is now increasing. Australia has an incredibly high basic wage per hour compared to these countries. The new Fair Work changes, (which are ludicrous) will make this even worse. +
Commenting to some of your articles during the last couple of years I advised the government to develop policies that actively promote building Hi-Tech industry (Australia must manufacture some Obama zeal, January 24). I refer to an industry that develop and manufacture products. In this area Australia is well behind many OECD countries. The Hi-Tech industry can be a sustainable industry in Australia given the high salaries. The US actively promoting the Hi-Tech through various government agencies such as defense department and NASA. Other countries allow tax reduction and commonly with private/public companies fund development hi-tech projects.
Israel is an example for a country that actively support their hi-tech industry. In return Israel, with population of 7 million people, enjoy today more than $25 billion of hi-tech products export annually.
I am not sure that even with government help the car industry can become sustainable given the size of the population and the salaries of the employees in Australia.