Is retail really rolling again?

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Today's buyers demand more than something extra,to part with their hard earned dough! Buyers are today's bulk Oliver Twists-without the "please" (Is retail really rolling again? January 30.)
Buyers are also aware that any extra they get from retailers -who have already made an acceptable profit,want to quit that line to replace it with another-hopefully faster & maybe more profitable product.
What retailers miss is that whatever they offer,buyers are aware that article is a liability until it is sold to recoup its cost & its inbuilt profit-the ultimate aim-upon which the retailer exists.
A retailer who not only offers his own products BUT also offers to provide some extra advantage that may not even relate to his product line, must have a huge market edge.
BUT the retailer who has an opportunity to offer to his market place some opportunity of a unique product,that very opportunity,which would be seen to affect the family & the community, has to attract greater support.
One such product is the gift of more affordable & better education,or better health care for older & disadvantaged family members.
ON that point, there exists- but unknown bank secured & hosted -as well as legally tax advantageous Program-that does all that, yet is ignored by those areas who also stand to financially gain by its being accepted.
Many attempts to have this Program even seriously considered by our financial gurus,have not been a success due to that area refusing to execute this inventor's non disclosure contract which exists purely to protect this writer's own intellectual property against its being taken without any recognition to the designer.
Until & unless this above intellectual agreement to protect this intellectual property against these vultures, sadly, many families will struggle-at huge costs of educating their kids,or elders from receiving the best medical attention, & we will still be seen-(when some other country is offered & accepts this program)-as being the dumbest country as often said .
In response to the question in the headline the answer is an emphatic NO! (Is retail really rolling again? January 29.)
After watching the top line of our retail business decline year after year from 2008 we thought it had bottomed out mid last year but December was a disaster and this month the worse January in 6 years. We are not alone - all of our bench mark peers are suffering. Consumers might be snapping up iPads but they are not buying clothes, shoes, housewears or jewellery. And as for original art, forget it. Galleries, artists and Aboriginal communities are devastated by the continuing decline in the industry partly due lack of tourists scared off by the strong dollars but mostly by scared Aussies who prefer to keep their money in the bank than spend it.