Optus opts for a 'quality' strategy

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I reckon the only problem Optus really has is their moblie coverage outside the major capitals. This article mentions a huge investment in infill base stations (Optus opts for a 'quality' strategy, February 14). This will do wonders for Optus but will it be too late to lure customers away from Telstra? Maybe the stragety is to get the network right then get the customers, rather than get the customers then lose them because Telstra's coverage is better.
My teenage daughter went for an Optus prepaid mobile because it was cheaper than the same phone from Telstra. Now she wishes she had paid the extra to get the better coverage with Telstra. I have Optus mobile broadband, which is great in Brisbane but disappointing in most of regional and rural Qld. I was thinking of changing yo Telstra but now I might wait a while and see if the Optus coverage gets better.


Optus has very good rural coverage in Victoria, I'd say as good as Telstra (Optus opts for a 'quality' strategy, February 14). Coming from Vodafone about 7 years ago it was a godsend. Back in those days Vodafone had no coverage at all in the popular holiday town Daylesford. I can remember having to drive to Castlemaine to try to get a signal! And Vodafone wonder why customers left? Yet back in those times Vodafone was very good in rural Qld.
With Optus they ring me each time I near the end of contract with new offers. While we are Telstra shareholders a recent experience with Sensis and Telstra customer service generally is a big disincentive. Optus shops on the other hand are friendly, helpful, good places to visit. I'd say Optus are on the right track and their plans always have a little more value. One of their biggest assets are their retail shop staff. Some very smart, personable and efficient young people that give customers a very positive vibe and enjoyable experience.


Here in regional Tassie, Telstra, (or reseller Telcos piggy-backing on the Telstra mobile network)are our only option. Where we live, copper wire ADSL is not available either and Telstra's mobile broadband while poor, is again our only option. Roll on NBN. ( Optus opts for a 'quality' strategy, February 14)


"He wants to lift Optus' customer service levels.." - this should be easy as they don't exist at present (Optus opts for a 'quality' strategy, February 15). Optus won't stop churn while they treat their customers poorly. People may be locked into a contract but they remember and may decide to move at contract end. There will be no margin to protect if there are no customers. For the sake of competition in the telco market let's hope they can improve.


Who cares about Optus? The telco is wholly owned by the Singapore government through SingTel, which means that every single dollar in net profit leaves the country! (Optus opts for a 'quality' strategy, February 15.)
As for telephone coverage across Australia, nothing beats Telstra's coverage once you leave the populated areas along the eastern seaboard and head out into the outback.