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I expect that after the election Telstra will make a deal with the Libs to buy out the NBN and merge it with it's wholesale business. This won't cause any competition issues since Telstra has already undergone separation between retail and wholesale (Telstra keeps the juggle act going, February 7).
What a pity that Telstra was not allowed to build the NBN in the first place ! (Telstra keeps the juggle act going, February 7)
I hope you are correct James Munro (February 7, 4:27).
Australian, Quality Assurance and Technology have never been a happy mix, but Telstra applies the SNAFU Quality Assurance Program for the Management Excellence so well they should speak to Australian Standards about publishing it as a document setting out the specifications and procedures designed to ensure SNAFUed products, services and systems are covered by 'reverse warranties' and businesses can continue to generate income streams even though nothing they do is safe, reliable or performs the way it is intended to (Telstra keeps the juggle act going, February 7). The Telstra products are so over sold and under resourced, it is only a complete lack of real competition that allows them to remain in business. Their customers just take the view that intermittent occasional telecommunications coverage is better than none. And Yes, it is all about coverage.
James and Trevor (Telstra keeps the juggle act going, February 12).
Unfortunately whilst it would have been a boon to the Telstra Shareholder it would have been a disaster for the Nations Future and economy.
May I remind you that it is Telstra's infrastructure that is so inadequate that the need for Government intervention became a necessity. Telstra's Fibre offerings on their fibre networks are pathetic compared to the NBN, designed to force users onto their higher profit "business" services