Crown soothsayer eyes a new rush of gold

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If the capabilites of current 3D printers are anything to go by, the only employment creation will be in service industries.

In a previous time the decision was made to build the Sydney Opera House. Despite the huge expense and delay it soon became a global icon and destination in its own right; we rolled the dice and won. Now our best and boldest vision for the future is to build more casinos? Surely we can do better than that.

The trouble is we can supply all four items, unfortunately, they will all be foreign owned! We are the only Asian country to let foreigners actually own land and be the senior partner in local business (or own it) . How long will it be before someone wakes up to the difference between investment and ownership?

Great point C Eastaughffe. Ownership means that you can do what you will with the thing, to an extent. You can't legislate against a single entity (in all good conscious). So with foreign ownership you lose a bit of control. The more foreign owned the less control. Which may be the Governments plan. If somebody else external controls the thing, then the Government can't stuff it up. Lets watch that space.

Paul, trust me, the government will find a way to stuff it. Everyone should play to their strengths and in recent times our government has demonstrated that they can take any good idea and stuff it up!!! They may be looking for someone else to blame for the stuff up?? LOL