BUDGET 2013: Not tough, not clean but not bad

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Yes, at 23.5 per cent of GDP ..., No taking into account States Revenue the GST and Taxes this is not 23 but 35% to 40% ratio we are talking bout, and Yes $11.5 billion from the increase in the Medicare levy, (fiddle alert 1 – it’s a tax increase, not a “save) but no on today seems to understand how to grow the Revenue side without new taxes, this is a terminal disease.

Where are Gonski and NDIS buried in this pie?
Or is it just reform moving cash from one same entry of the ledger top another same entry of the ledger, what these bureaucratics reforms should be.

I agree with the constant taxes. A responsible treasurer would either create growth before spend. If they can't create growth now they should spend on items that provide an roi so you can in the future.
Wayne got up there and said an axe went through revenue but basically said we're gonna spend anyway. Imagine if we all lived in this fairyland.
No Historical credibility, no credibility tonight.

Lets not forget it is not a Wayne Swan only budget, Wong et al and all the ultra socialists that have failed in finding new sources of revenue through growth and expending the economy, all these public servants advisers that have never made a budget for a large corp such as BHP Airbus EADS etc but pretend they have the skills for it and prevent the skilled people to get there and do the job they cant do themselves are also responsible for it.
We just need new faces in both sides of politics.

Again with wild unsubstantiated claims your as bad as Abbott and Hockey. I advised you before to go check the small print on both the OECD Statistics site and our Treasury site. If you had you would know that the 23.5% of GDP figure includes the GST because it is collected by the Commonwealth not the States. You would also probably find the long term trends that clearly demonstrate that this Nation is well and truly in the bottom 3 of OECD Nations in terms of both Tax Revenue collected and in Government spending and that the biggest taxing Government in our history was Howard's. He was also the only Government in our history to be awarded the most profligate(wasteful). A good part of this sorry mess is down to his and Costello's bad economic management during the good times that they inherited from Hawke and Keating.

John, for a moment I thought there were typos and mis-writings on reading your last sentence above ... thought it should read like this ... a good part of this sorry mess is down to wayne & co's bad management, squandering all the previous surpluses left by the previous government totalled $21 bln and now with the $19.4 bln deficit in this budget ... wayne & co has actually managed to squander a total of $40.4bln (ie $21bln+19.4bln) in a flash without a blink, let alone the other magnitude of the wasteful expenditure that also occurred which is absolutely unacceptable. One should always live within ones means, not continue to spend soend when there is no revenue to spend! Another interesting point ... this budget seems that it is not about the future of the Australian economy, rather it is about politically disadvantaging the opposition, ie to make it difficult for the opposition. You may be a die-hard supporter of the big deficit, but there are the next generation who are left and stuck there as sitting ducks to hold on to the weighty burden. I for one do not buy this and do not buy the tears of a feisty tough crocodile with its desperate 'act' to get sympath vote. Disability care issue has been there for a long while, why then there is no 'tears' last month, last quarter, last year or previous years? but the 'tears act' just come easy conveniently at the 'right time', what a show. Not sure if the 'tears' are for missing the high power life of Kirribilli and the stylish overseas extravagance of bringing vast extra numbers of staffers and these wastage expenses could have been saved for more and the most needed hospital beds and for the benefits for the disabled. Get it!

Another one of my favs was the quip about how ultra low interest rates were a positive legacy of the govt. Can anybody take wayne seriously with such comments and his extremely bad forecasts

May be he his trying to say we are doing as well as Europe!

Not bad, not good, not believable, not practical, not possible.

Good analysis - this Swan and team have been spinning things for so long they believe their own rubbish. They have redefined tax increases to be savings and think a Budget is tough when they cannot spend all the money they would like to.

Here's what I expect to happen -
1. Lib/Nats win in September
2. They keep all Labor's spending cuts and most of the tax increases. Its a free kick - they can blame Labor for them.... forever.
3. Labor's education reforms are a cherry-picking of Gonsi to suit their union mates. Zero chance of srvival under the Libs. Expect Libs to adopt a ''fix it first"polcy, which will include rewarding teachers on merit, not years of service. There need to be incentives for our brightest young people to choose teaching as a career. This will neve happen without rward for performance. No point throwing good money after bad. Once they've fixed the education mess(will take years), then and only then will they look at Gonski reforms.
4. Disability insurance scheme is great policy - we just can't afford it. I expect Libs to say they are deferring it until the country's financial situation is stabilised.
Combination of all that should allow Abbott to get things stabilised within his first term, thereby guaranteeng a second. Is that a good thing... only if he never gets control of the Senate. Howard was a good PM until he got control of the Senate, then awful.

The education reform (Gonski) is currently an empty plan. All the Labor did is pour more money into the education system. There is no credible detailed plan that will ensure a better quality and outcome of education. So we will pay for the slogans of Julia (e.g the world best education system).
They same pattern applies to NDIS. There is no detailed implementation plan, so nobody knows how much it would eventually cost. It was easy to get everybody to agree since we all want to help those who really deserve it. The end results however might be poor if there is no credible plan in place before the government starts spending the money.

BCA Chief Exec, Jennifer Westacott, hits the nail on the head.
Government needs to open up its books for a full assessment of where, how and to whom it is paying every dollar of its annual expenditure.

Only then can the country decide where savings can be made without damaging our economy or its future prosperity.

The deficit could be erased many times over, if Governments were serious about eliminating rampant fraud, corruption, mismanagement, inefficiency, over-regulation, bureaucracy, over-generous perks and general waste within their ranks.

Education, the less able-bodied, business, the middle class and single parent families would not be negatively impacted from such action; and the country would be far richer, in all respects, from the demise of such a cleansing of public sector wanton greed, neglect and self-indulgence.

If ever such an audit into government expenditure is funded and sanctioned, let me be the first to volunteer to participate in such.

Bang on Steve. This country desperately needs diligent administrators and managers with conviction, vision, honesty, brains, and ethics. Those in Canberra at the moment have none of the above and are merely self-serving. And if they're not looking after themselves, they're looking after their crony mates (read: unions, mining companies, property developers, etc). The people have had enough, and this two-party system is not working.

Most important budget news last night? Congressional Budget Office reduced expected US deficit this year to 4% of GDP - down from 10% of GDP since 2009. Oh dear, does this mean Keynes (and Friedman) may have been right not to use austerity in a downturn?

As for the local budget, I like the phasing out of the baby bonus in 9.5 months - does this mean there will be a lot of umm erhh activity in next month to qualify for baby bonus.

No austerity during downturn is positive as long as the money is spent wisely to generate growth and not on increasing number of government's employees. The other part of the theory is that during upturn the government reduces it's expenditures. Unfortunately during upturn, the mining boom period, our government increased it's expenditure on items that do not generate sustainable growth. So now we enter the downturn from a very bad position.

Not tough, not clean but not bad, It doesn't even rhyme. It's utter leftover garbage by a dead duck government, as Ros Gittins calls it. on their walkabout journey .

Alan, we are all missing the point, why spend Labours money when you can spend, the Liberals money?

It's all about history, the goal of all aspiring public aspirants. Get the fiscal spending down, by taking the NBN. Gohnski, NIDS, off the balance sheet.

Then the ratio of fiscal to GDP, looks good and you know that the incoming party, will have to pay for your programs. This is, politics at it's best. Sheesh! did some people, think this budget, was going to be about economics.

I heard Hockey on Alan Jones saying he does not have information on the total debt situation in regards to proposed spending. Sounds like an obfusication here. Swan did say spending some 10 or 11 odd billion on the NBN; is that in the next year or in three years? If next year then the deficit is 10 billion more - now is that $27 billion? No wonder why Labor does not want to provide total debt figures over projected years so as to hide their off budget shenanegans. The NBN should be on budget as it was never property business case and it was loaded up with political imparitives such as prioritising the loss making part first - the bush; and it is very conceivable that the NBN may lose 10s of billions of dollars on the network as end users will not accept radical increases in rates to pay for an ill conceived network including such aspects as fiber to the farm.

I do hope the Catholic Church will help subsidise the $101.1m expended on the Royal Commission into Sexual Abuse. Afterall, they are the primarly (sole) culprits that brought on its necessity in the first place. Otherwise, we will be looking at secular, primarily non-religious Australian society subsidising the paedophiles the Catholic Church has spawned over several decades. Hardly makes sense to me....

Not a budget simply a document for future left wing historians to rave about the "misunderstood legacy of the Gillard Government" in much the same way as they have glorified the incompetent and dysfunctional Whitlam Government.As Abbott will inevitably require an urgent audit report on government finances this budget wont be taken seriously.As for Waynew Swan projecting 10 years into the future its pretty rich coming from a treasurer who 6 months ago was proclaiming a surplus in the current year and is about $20 billion out.

Where's Phil Clarke with his anti-Abbott rantings this morning ? Too embarrassed by Comrade Swan's uninspiring/vision-less budget ?

Thank you Alan for telling us "like it is". The Australian has gone into moon orbit and SMH doesnt know how, Ross Gittens excepted. (Internet editions)

Peter, he's probably back at treasury.

Whatever they're smoking, I want some. My rose coloured glasses are in for repair.

Wayne Swan reminds me of the late comical Ali during the Iraq War. His last broadcast was that the Iraq army was advancing on the foreign troops whilst US army was outside the broadcasting studio.

Good one, we still remember this one with my wife!

Was that intentional advertising by nab on the website?

"Get all your (dead labor) ducks lined up in a row"

How ironic.