China places a big, soft paw on Australia's grid

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Interesting... Chinese SOE's have a competitive capital advantage.. both in availability and cost of capital terms. No doubt the rates of return that they seek are also lower in the first instances as they tend to play a 'long' game.

I think you are right on the money SB. Passive investment(s) are designed to manage/mitigate the perceived risks of China SOE's owning 'sensitive' bits of infrastructure across the globe, and it looks to be a strategy that's working...

Farming land, vital infrastructure such as electricity, ports and so on being sold to foreign hands it seems Australians and Australia will soon own nothing and be at the beck and call of foreign masters.

A very bright future indeed bgut then again Australians are to naive and stupid to see it, they will eventually get what they deserve

It was only a few days ago that I stated on Business Spectator that China will continue to buy physical assets in Australia. I expect China to continue buying more assets in Australia, especially with the fall in the Aussie dollar.

I do not care who else owns it; Australia and Australian's fail to comprehend that one MUST own and control one's own destiny.

Long live Labor thinking. Long live the Flat Earth PhD Bureaucrats making policy in Canberra.

Worse. Long live the naivety of those who think we can continue to go into debt; and sell off and sell off. Because we cannot manage a bloody thing!

Yes we make fantastic discoveries; yes we punch well above our weight in many many areas.

But by God the connectivity neurons just don't get it when it comes to the Big Picture!

We cannot even get our tenancy laws right; we churn and burn capital. We think like the old Eastern Block did thirty years ago. And back it up by failing to change!

I wonder if our governments would feel able to hold a Chinese SOE accountable should it be required - wouldn't we risk upsetting the all-powerful Chinese government... perhaps an era of vassal states await... Not a problem for our current 'leaders'.

Just great, thanks to Jeff Kennett and his lust for cash, Victoria's electricity assets have effectively been nationalised by foreign governments. Given that State Grid is nothing more than a business entity for the Peoples Republic of China, and AusNet is owned by the Singapore government. Then there's China Light and Power, owners of Energy Australia.

So much for privatisation and its supposed benefits, where the price of energy has skyrocketed for all sorts of vague reasons. Time to take back our country, methinks.

Meanwhile, financial commentators merely speak of the ebb and flow of money, when its obvious that bigger games are afoot. ie: Energy and food, and its transfer of ownership