KGB: Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey

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Why blame Joe Hockey and the Liberal Party solely for Australia's unparalleled crisis in consumer confidence Alan, when Rupert Murdoch and his corporation New's Limited have done more than anyone else to undermine consumer confidence in this country over the last 6 years and you work for him ? I think that sort of statement on your part is highly misleading.

Joe said "I am very mindful that consumer confidence is fragile, that business confidence is fragile", yet he, Abbott and his followers continue to use terms like "budget crisis" "massive debts".

These statements must be very reassuring to the general, uninformed public ... clearly these are very responsible politicians, people you can trust to tell you the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth.

Are we seriously going to put Australia in the hands of these politicians?

Joe said "And I’ve often told this story about, you know, my dad running a small business and he put the A-frame out one morning outside to say ‘now open’ and along came a council guy and said ‘you need a permit for that and you’ve got to pay that permit’. I mean, what the hell is that about?" ... Joe, that is because your side of politics has given away middle class welfare to buy votes at elections instead of providing Councils with funds to service their communities. You have deprived them of funds to attend to parks, sporting fields, etc. that pay no rates. You first of all starve them, then you complain that they beg!! Have you seen how expensive are Council fines for overstaying few minutes in Council parking?

GST (Goods and Service tax) is the classic regressive tax. It's a "Consumption tax" that taxes consumers irrespective of their ability to pay. It's REGRESSIVE because individuals with lower incomes spend a larger portion of their income on these goods and services than higher-income individuals do.

Voters have been deluded for a long time by governments that offer them popular income tax cuts, and have been lied to by the furphy that lower company taxes increases employment. Companies do not employ staff if there is no productive work for them. The tax they pay is reflected in their price, and the price is 'what the market will bear' and has little to do with the cost of delivery. Inefficient and poorly managed companies prefer to blame industrial relations, tax rates and a vast number of other factors for their inability to be profitable instead of looking for failures within their management.

Tony & Joe don't have a magic pudding. If the aim is to reduce direct taxes to their constituents (i.e. the high end of town or the 1% that has declared war to the bottom 99%, see the link below) then indirect and regressive taxes will go up, as well as more user-pay. It's interesting how the LNP NSW government rejected the offer from Gillard to partly finance the joining of the M4 to the M3 as long as toll was not re-introduced on the M4. I wonder what the NSW Government has in mind?

Uncle Rupert has done a terrific job in convincing a good portion of the 99% that will gain nothing from an Abbott government to give these merchants of fear the rein of Australia. Good luck!

This link provides material to reflect on:

Is this the same fellow who was part of the Govt the Electorate unceremoniously dumped in 2007? Taking on the same job as his predecessor who sold off most of Australia's Gold Reserves at rock bottom prices, who also wanted to abolish the Govt Bond Markets so Govts couldn't do what Govts have done since time immemorial, borrow to fund their ongoing expenses?

If we are going to be governed by political lightweights, let us at least try some new blood. The old blood is running very thin and is just about out of oxygen.

One hopes that the electorate has more gumption than the views expressed on this medium. Not only do we have a Budget crisis, but also a Federal Government in crisis.

Labor ex senior Ministers of the Crown are currently sitting on the back bench along with eminent Staffers. The Prime Minister bulling an ex Prime Minister and serving Minister of theCrown to resign with a threat of requesting the Governor General to withdraw his commission.

Not a fairy tale, but the real McCoy.

Are you seriously going to put Australia in the hands of these politicians?

I have a single question, anyone welcome to answer at BS RBA …:

Why are the States allowed to borrow more money than the federal Government(did I miss something?) ...
and is there a limit to the amount of debt and liabilities they can accumulate?

Consumer confidence is low because of high private debt. Hard for consumers to feel confident about their own future when they are drowning in debt.

Extremely low interest rates also send a clear message to Australians that the economy is in heading for recession.

All this talk about structural challenges. Howard and Co were the ones who have burdened us with it. Private health rebate, cut the capital gains tax, the baby bonus etc etc. Get rid of them - budget fixed. The private health rebate is worse than neg gearing and I hate neg gearing

Cooking up figures---first jh points at the treasurer and now at Treasury itself.
Get real jh--you are unfit--too dishonest and brazenly opportunistic--like your leader --for the office of Treasury.
Try harder and tell the truth. It means not being shamelessly political