Red ink, but no undies at Conroy's auction

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Yet another quality performance from Conroy. He should have been dumped long ago.

‘’If I say to you, everyone in this room, if you want to bid in our spectrum auction you’d better wear red underpants on your head… I’ve got some news for you. You’ll be wearing them on your head.’’

This really shows the arrogance of a Labor bully boy. Conroy has had a somewhat disastrous record as a minister.

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One can only imagine if a Departmental Head had made that comment....then again, they'd think carefully before speaking.

Good work Conroy... who is wearing the undies on their head now?

Conroy,Gillard, Swan and Wong - if they were directors of a public company they would have been charged by ASIC for grossly misleading conduct and trading whilst insolvent and jailed.

The result is a clear win for Telstra not in the auction but actually in 4G for the future. With the combined spectrum assets they now hold the dominance we have seen in 3G will be nothing compared to what we will see in 3 years time in 4G. Optus will be able to hold the line they have but Vodafone will lose any potential gains they may (or may not) get in rebuilding their brand. The conundrum that Vodafone have is that while they have a lot of 1800MHz today it gives them no advantage as they do not have either the site saturation or even the device availability to maximise it. As 700MHz gets turned on then look out we will end up with a 4G duopoly with Optus and Telstra as the 1800MHz is inferior under any measure for 4G.

Maybe Conroy should be the one wearing the red underpants. They would have to be big ones though!! lol :o)

Can anyone remember anything that Conroy has done which has been executed on time on budget or as forecast;apart from internal Labor Party factional branch stacking?

I'm at least thankful that Conroy was put in charge of screwing up the proposed Internet filter.

"Put in charge of screwing up the...filter"????

It was Conroys idea from Day 1 - it was other wiser heads who finally got it killed off.

Conroy's arrogance and bully tactics might be fine for union back room deals, but it just proves yet again that Labor head-kickers go into parliament with no understanding of how business operates. Conroy, Rudd, Gillard, Swan, Wong, Garrett, etc etc. Never had a real job between the lot of them.

The eloquence of others has left me not much to say except that if Mr Conroy used his red undies for a gag then he may have slightly more success. If we are fortunate he won't be around for the auction part 2.