Woolworths finds itself in a hardware quagmire

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So "Master’s has been positioned upmarket of Bunnings"? Just what exactly does 'upmarket' mean? An upmarket rag shop will offer upmarket labels. their upmaket position supported by extensive advertising campaigns. No cheapies. A hardware store needs to satisfy a more discriminating maket: what is the most effective way of getting the job done/fixing the problem. A cheap quick fix? a more expensive durable fix? they all have their places in a good hardware store.

Upscale focus from a Lowe's perspective would mean a focus on high end renovation products aimed at the decision maker (women). How that translates in Australia remains to be seen.

Masters is air conditioned with a coffee shop for the missus and with air conditioned staff facilities. Bunnings has only ever had Big Ass fans or, in certain locations, evaporative air conditioning, for ventilation. Their products are no different. I suspect the initiative is that it's cheaper to let the missus have a coffee and scone than to go to Spotlight next door. I always has a coffee and scone at Ikea...

It remains to be seen whether Woolworths badly miscalculated when it decided, in 2009, to enter the hardware sector and take on the industry leader, Wesfarmers’ Bunnings.""

Did they now.! It was Woolworths who sold of the ABC chain of big boxes years ago, whereby, nowadays some of those boxes are populated by Bunnings.

Blind Freddie could see what was wrong when a Masters store came to town, and it was entirely predictable they would go south rapidly.