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Business Spectator’s new iPad app has been created to meet specific reader needs, with with key features designed in response to requests by users of our former app.

As well as combining easy-to-navigate news and commentary sections from Climate, Technology and Markets Spectator, the free app includes gesture navigation, landscape and portrait views, a search function and social integration as standard features.

New font size control and search functions have also been added, and video is now embedded in many articles.

“Many of our customers are frequent business travellers,” Business Spectator Head of Product and Operations Stuart Fagg said. “So we have added the ability to download the app’s content quickly and easily for in-flight reading and usage.”

To preview or download the new app from Apple’s iTunes store, click here.  

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any plans for an android app?

I would welcome an Andriod App. Google ' Samsung vs Apple market share' and I think you will deduce that sufficient Eureka/B.S. subscribers are using Android devices to warrant an Andriod App. - kd

Hear Here Keith Dwyer. Android is winning the race. It would be great to see the Android version.

Add another Android user to the potential market for a BS app useful by the majority of the market.

Ditto. I have several Android devices. Bring it on!

And ditto again - most disappointingly it shows BS up as being out of touch with current events. I hope that is not true for any of your writings.

Where is the Android app BS! There is plenty of demand out there, it would be good for you to keep up with the times.