Abbott's secret Fightback plan

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Class warfare will be what any Noalition policy will be about. “Growth” is not intended to improve us, or society, it is intended to line the pockets of the filthy rich at everyone else’s expense.

“Trickle-down” doesn’t give “us” prosperity, either.

Recent U.K. Department of Social Security data are revealing about the impact of the “trickle-down” effect much espoused by the worker-haters Thatcher (similarly with Reagan). Over the (growth) period 1979-1991/92, the poorest tenth of the U.K. population suffered a 17% fall in real income, the people in the second decile saw no increase at all - whereas the real income of the two top deciles soared by 46% and 62%.

Between 1983 and 2002, sales at FTSE-100 businesses rose an average of 2.7% a year, in line with the growth of the economy. FTSE company directors, on the other hand, plundered their shareholders - pay up 26% a year above inflation, every year.

Tax changes have meant that the poorest fifth of people now pay a higher effective rate of tax than the richest fifth. EXACTLY as is intended.

Here, the most spectacular rent-seeking by the wealthy working are the enormous superannuation tax subsidies, for which there is absolutely no good public policy reason. NO super tax concession should exist for people not eligible for a means-tested age pension.

Now, why would the Liberal Party or conservatives in general only be interested in lining the pockets of the rich? Let's think about. The only answer could possibly be, to get rich themselves. Now lets have a look at Rudd and his wife, worth some 200 million. Obviously, they have no interest in money do they? Lets look at Abbott, is he desperate for vast riches? Well, with his qualifications, the world was pretty much his oyster, and if money was his motivation he could most probably have made far more in the corporate world. Is Turnball interested in money, well obviously yes, and he is already a very rich man. But he was earning far more in the business world than he is as a politician. This is something that all Labor supporters fail to understand. The Liberals are business friendly because they know that if business is thriving then more revenue comes in via tax, more people get employed and then spend their money in the shops. Hard working people prosper far more under a conservative government, I know I always have, both here and in the UK.

Yes but surely the CMFEU would rather its members get HUGE wages instead of everyone having a job with FAIR wages.

and K Rudd needs the pension? There are plenty of wealthy people on the Labor side as well.

The cleaner doesnt work hard, the teacher doesnt work hard, I could go on? Please replace 'hard working' with 'already wealthy' people in your last sentence

Very easy answer – the filthy rich are in general only interested in lining their own pockets because its their own pockets to which they are most closely attached. Money gives power, so does politics.

No, hard-working people may not prosper at all under a conservative government. Those fabulous sums earned by banksters were certainly not the result of hard work – though of course long hours may have been necessary to keep up with rivals for the plunder., Hard-working people – cleaners, truckies, railway gangers, etc. – probably do poorly under conservative governments as their wages are cut by flog-offs and slashing of employment protections.

Agreed, the mainstream media has bent over backwards to overlook Theresa Rein's body-hire company that in Britain was and probably still is forcing unemployed to work for a four-week probationary period for no wages. Compared to the meek-and-mild hairdresser partner of Julia Gillard, Theresa's body-hire businesses and corporate tentacles have been notable for mainstream media silence.

In 2007, the Office of Workplace Services was investigating the case of 58 staff at Victoria-based Your Employment Solutions (YES) who were moved to common law contracts after the company was bought in 2006 by Ms Rein's firm, WorkDirections Australia. The staff were later awarded back pay, and an 'independent' review into the issue was conducted by accountancy firm KPMG.

Although she then closed the Australian part of the business, she re-opened it here in mid-'11.

Why O Why can't people see how good they've been over 6 years. Dropped 300bn and got nothing for it - awesome - lets put em back in.

Lets give them a chance to get the debt to one trillion in the next three years.
Surely the Losers' Party is up to the task!

Your knowledge of history as well as your maths isn't awesome its awful. Go and look at Howards track record and factor in that he left after the biggest spendathon $250 billion in our history winning two awards from IMF as most profligate, wasteful Government in our history not once but twice $143 billion in Gross Debt.

@R. Ambrose Raven I think one can safely assume that anyone who uses name calling like "Noalition" probably isn't capable of political analysis.

I agree with James.
Since R.Ambrose Raven couldn't get past the first sentence without childishly parrotting that clown Anthony Albanese, nothing following is worth wasting time on.

Anyone who has met Robb..comes away knowing he is a brilliant guy...and if we stack up the Libs man for man against the ALP...we see Dud ALP types in every slot against a smart if not brilliant bunch of Lib types..even if we put back any of the Gillard wimps we are no match for the Libs with this mob....our side has perhaps 1 guy with a heart, Albo...sadly he is an idiot.
But in the ALP we accept guys like Albo, all heart and no brain, cos we know they will do the rt thing from the heart...our so called bright boys can all be seen to have their snouts in the till, private jets, gov cars, big expenses account....with perhaps only 2 having a vision for oz, the NBN and the disability scheme, the rest are pure duds.
We are not an ALP group any more battling for the blue collars worker against the bosses....the ALP as it once was is no more, it deserves as it currently is to be sent into oblivion and, we want a new direction that pulls left and rt as one, that gets rid of green lunatics and odd ball one of types, and I for one expect the ALP to be out of power for the next 50 yrs unless something better than this crude comes along.

How many Dr of economics are on the Lib side? I bet Emmo and Leigh could hold them all off just by themselves

Snouts in the till is an interesting idea - next you will be telling me there are fingers in the trough!

Coalition launch was professional.Meanwhile Rudd again exposaed himself as a fake by pretending to be prime ministerial concerning the Syrian disaster but prioratising an appearance on a cooking show.He could have had a telephone briefing in Brisbane on Syria about which Australia is powerless but wasted vast taxpayers dollars shuffling backwards and forwards on VIP flights for photo opportunities.THe Syrian briefing was apparently not important enough either for Defence Minister Stephen Smith to be involved.Since the great powers who hold UN Security Council vetoes are heavily engaged in dialogue about Syria Australia's membership of the Security Council is meaningless.Apart from this the US and Russia who are the most involved will have been briefed by their Canberra embassies that Rudd is unlikely to be Prime Minister in two weeks so why would they bother taking any notice of him?

This bloke KRudd is unbelievable; as if what is happening in Syria required him to cancel campaigning for the day and fly off to an emergency briefing in Canberra, with a bypass to Brisbane for a cooking show film-set. He is looking more like a clown as each day passes. As for the fake television shots of the emergency meeting, what the ??
I cannot believe that 47% of the population still support these economic vandals; are 47% of the population that "bogan" that they cannot see past their next welfare cheque courtesy of the ALP ? or have that little pride in the future of this nation ?

What I cannot understand, is why Tony Abbott was not briefed on Syria as well. Two weeks out from an election, Abbott and (quite possibly) Bob Katter, Christine Milne and Clive Palmer (as Party Leaders and therefore alternative Prime Ministers), should all be briefed on matters of National significance as any or all may be required to make policy decisions regarding the matter.
Rudd's not the only one in line for the throne.

I'd agree with you if it was a proper security briefing and only for Rudd and Abbott. The caretaker provisions are only a convention and they don't include all party leaders, only a viable one being the leader of the opposition. Fortunately, Katter, Milne and Palmer would never be briefed unless they had sufficient House of Reps numbers to become opposition leader.

To not involve Abbott suggests that this was not a nationally significant matter, but just Rudd wishing to invoke a political circuit-breaker to revive a flagging campaign. Acquainting himself with the latest news re Syria was probably intended as a means by which he could remind voters that he is still PM and his main hobby is foreign affairs.

Unfortunately for Rudd, the stunt unravelled when he interrupted this international matter to go on that cooking show. Either Rudd or his campaign advisers blundered badly.

Here are the facts:
Abbott was offered - by Rudd, and consistent with caretaker government rules - the same briefing as Rudd was given..
Abbot has yet to avail himself of the offer. Too busy campaigning to consider the best international interests of the nation.

Kitchen Cabinet isn't really a cooking show.
It's a conversation with Annabel Crabb set in the kitchen. Rather than discuss current events they discuss the sorts of things that inspired each guest and the circumstances around how they became a politician, More to do with what defines them as a person.
Abbott has already filmed his appearance on the show which both sides would consider to be part of the election campaign.and will be screened Thursday, I believe.

A great deal of the problem with Rudd is that most of his persona seems to be reliant on image. That's why he arrives at so many schools - he thinks it's a great image to have excited kids milling around him on the 6pm News. However, it's the wrong image if you want an earnest, competent PM who would be better at his desk sorting out the problems of a nation.

Paul Keating once said that he can flick the switch to vaudeville whenever required. Unfortunately for Rudd, his switch was permanently set there. Politics may well be the issue that wins election campaigns, but in between elections a PM has to be an expert administrator. Hopefully Labor will learn from its mistakes and in future look for leaders who aren't just flim flam.

If we review the results of the interventions of the US and it's allies during the last 20 years in the Middle East we can realize that the briefing about the situation in Syria is worthless. The interventions have not improved the security of the people in those countries. The killing of civilians in those countries has not decreased and human rights are violated on a daily base. Many American, British and Australian soldiers have been killed for nothing. So briefing about a potential new intervention is pointless. The Western countries should realize that they do not understand the mindset of the people in the Muslim countries and the dynamics there. Therefore any new intervention is bound to fail. Conclusion: Rudd could skip that briefing, the outcome is the same.

I just hope that what you say is correct. Rudd was in the wilderness for 3 years (quite possibly) knowing that he would be dropped back into the top job, and still turned up with a bunch of ill-conceived poorly thought out plans which has allowed the Opposition to mercilessly lambast him with ads highlighting what he's done in 8 weeks let alone 3 yrs.

Labor has turned the Prime Minster into nothing more than a figurehead (read puppet) and whilst not everyone likes Abbott (and I can't personally see why), he has a very good team of exceptional people who (I believe) will steer us through.

I just wish we, the voting public, had some recourse on Windsor and Oakeshot who helped form that other Coalition (the ALP/Greens), both of whom have chosen to fall on their swords rather than face their local electorates.

Who's exceptional on either side? You must be easy to please. All I see are political point scorers.

Abbott's economic plan doesn't involve a fightback ,it's just more populist,buy your way out of trouble lunacy at election time right out of the John Howard political playbook.
It's easy ,you just use the media to back your 24 hour a day 7 day a week scaremongering of the ALP's handling of the economy ,steal any polices of fthe ALP that might win you votes like Gonski or the NDIS even after you label them unaffordable ,and when you've utterly destroyed consumer confidence in your own country with all your lies and propaganda you tell the Australian people you have to vote for us because there's no alternative.
Some fightback.

When are people like you going to wake Andrew. Labor can and must be held accountable for the dismal failures of the last six years; a depressing period in which Australia has gone from a profitable, modern and enviable world economy to an enfeebled nation whose leaders pretend it is being crippled by circumstances beyond its borders, and beyond their control. This is why Labor will lose and why any alternative will simply be better, no matter the outcome.....because it just couldn't be any worse.

Johnathon, when are you going to wake up?
During a difficult period of minority goverment, Labor has done extremely well.
Please note one of the lowest public debt levels in the western world and a +++ credit rating.
We are seeing Abbott's promises unravell before our eyes, even before he gets into power, e.g. He's already broken his getting back to surplus promise.
This will be Abbott's "No Carbon Tax" moment; the lie that will haunt him.
Although of course, there are many others that will haunt him just as much.

These people always quoting how our current debt levels are low by international standards ignore the future financial commitments for NDIS, Gonski etc which are just over the horizon. It’s just like showing off your low Visa bill balance after you come back from an expensive shopping spree and before the charges hit your statement! The July 2013 PWC report “Protecting prosperity: Why we need to talk about tax” says it all…Without substantial increases in tax or a wind-back of many expensive programmes we are heading for 78 % debt to GDP by 2049.

And other countries with equal or in most cases far higher levels of debt have - wait for it - similar, if not greater financial commitments.
Thus my point still stands; in fact it's strengthened.

Antony, the Labor has not done well, in fact not even remotely well. I'll tell you why. They wasted a period with most lucrative revenues, thanks to China buying our minerals at top price, and created the deficit. If during the peak of the mining boom they managed to create such deficit, one can easily imagine how big the deficit would be in a normal period. The Labor government acted like a stupid guy who wins a $10 million lotto and then goes and wastes it in 5 years.
A responsible government after an economic boom period should have got the economy with savings to support us during the real bad time, following the mining boom.
K Rudd is telling us now that the mining boom is over and we need to shift our economy to generate other sources of revenue. Well to shift the economy of a country take a few years. The Labor government, if they were smart, should have started shifting the economy 3-4 years earlier. They should have started diversify our economy at the mid of the mining boom.

Like most Right wing acolytes, you conveniently forget the GFC.
Furthermore, the much touted surplus supposedly left by your much beloved Howard/Costello comedy duo was built almost entirely from privatizations, several of which we now realize were huge blunders.

So are we saying Australia earns nothing? Will earn nothing? No growth in the future?

What's going to happen to all the superprofits resulting from all the record mining investment output - a phase we are just settling into? Oh that's right - SCRAP the Superprofits Tax! Guess whose pockets will be lined in the future - you guessed it, Superprofit Tax opponents.

Yep your comment just supports everything I said.....the same old rubbish being peddled out!

In 3 years time I want you to take off you pro Lib rose coloured glasses and tell us all how the country has gone under the Mad Monk.

Unlike you Franky I will put the national interest first - if Abbott doesn't perform, I will be first to put my hand up to vote them out for I'm not limited by my political ideology.

This is going to be closer than we think notwithstanding the prologue to Abbots speech by two young modern Australian ladies who happen to be his daughters. Odd though it may sound there is such a thing as the perverse irrational "don't like" factor. People don't vote for things they don't like even though it is the best thing they could do for themselves. A perfect example is giving up the expensive filthy injurious habit of smoking. That is why a substantial section of the electorate still vote for the ALP. There is not a lot one can do about that either. Anyone who can overcome the consequent electoral inertia would keep far away from Politics and chose instead a simple cheap product to market thereby making a fortune,

For most people who vote against the Coalition, it will not be the dislike factor.

It will be because the Coalition's policies are based on flawed ideologies, (Friedmanism and Randism), and are wrong for the nation.

And for most people who vote against Labor it will be because of the Labor ideologies of beating businesses until they are on their knees and trying to turn everyone into welfare dependent, Labor voting robots who are scared stiff their payments will stop or drop without Labor in power.

Your last sentence is demonstrably, factually incorrect.
If, as you imply, Labor support comes from those on some form of welfare, then there simply aren't enough candidates to ever get Labor close to winning an election.
Labor's strongest support lies in the middle class; all of whom - by definition - are working.

That sounds right Alan. Imagine that a P.M. that actually planned to be a P.M.

Rather than one who was forced to take the leadership, well forced after the 2 occasions that he was not forced.

Someone who offers the status quo, rather than a shopping spree, to claim fame. Ah, welcome back the boring life, it's so good for the blood pressure.

"no country has ever taxed its way to prosperity".
But equally true, "no country has ever cut its way to prosperity."

There would be many such. Singapore and Germany would be prime examples.

Alongside moderate cuts, both examples instituted highly stimulatory policies.

From all Alan Kohler's articles, it's pretty clear he doesn't want a Coalition government. it seems he would like to do as much as he can to reduce the possible of the Coalition winning the election, or at least he would like to prevent Labor and Greens losing their control of the Senate.

Yeah, anyone who has the nerve to critique both sides policies rather than just Labours must be a leftie.

@Peter Lang
And from the rest of the Murdoch press you could assume that they don't want an ALP government? Your point being?
Both candidates have been woeful and we the voting public are the worse for it. Twiddle Dum or Twiddle Dummer.
We need more parties not less, more choices not less, that's how a democracy works. What we don't need is two identical parties dumbing down the political process and embarking in endless campaigns with no long term vision. We don't need parties with simplistic slogans pandering to the fringes because they are in a marginal seat. I say vote against the sitting member in your electorate and make your electorate a marginal seat. This seems to be the only way to make politicians actually pay attention. Governments should be scared of us the voting public and not the other way around.

It does not say much for Joe Public that they would vote for either side based on the campaign thus far. Maybe everyone should just donkey vote in protest at the idiots we are offered, or as you say, be a swing voter.

Well let's face it.
That would be the most sensible course of action.
Why on earth would any thinking person hand the country over to Murdoch, Rinehart, Pell, et al?

Yes but surely the CMFEU would rather its members get HUGE wages instead of everyone having a job with FAIR wages.

Same bunch of Liberal supporters spouting the same nonsense. Abbott has the perfect army of zombies. His policies are not fully costed ,the slack has to be made up some how and here are the boys linning up to get fleeced.

That's alright then. not only do we, the electorate, not need to have any costings, we don't even need to be told any policies either. All we need for a succesful election are the most plausible 'promises' and simplistic rhetoric.
Democracy at work

I agree with Anthony Element, but would go one step further: both Liberals and Labour are as bad as each other. This is particularly so when neither is able to detect the difference between economic rents and taxes as a sound base for revenue.

It's the favourable tax treatment given to private rent-seeking in public rents, together with penalty taxes on business and workers, that have brought world economies to their knees. Logic dictates the tax base needs to be reversed, but neither party thought the Henry Review (which goes a good part of the way in doing this) was worth a crumpet. Ignorance rules on this most fundamental issue, and I wish I was as certain as some commenters here that the Liberal government is going to be able to provide good government if it believes another tax inquiry is necessary.

I agree. Neither party has the balls to do what is needed when it comes to taxes so it will continue to get harder to pay for this countries expenses as the health budget blows out. The general public are just as bad voting for whoever gives the best bribes. e.g. what happended to Joe Hockey's "age of entitlement is over". I'm thinking there will be a lot of one-term govts in the future, because none will solve the impossible "cost of living" issues and/or solve revenue issues and so will be kicked out only to be replaced by the other mob that will be just as hopeless.

Well said, I am sick of getting called a lefty just because I think they are the least worst alternative. Abbott is going to give more money to the already wealthy and take money off the poor. Trickle down doesnt work

Agree. Anyone who has the nerve to question a liberal policy is labelled a leftie or rusted on. I've never voted labour, but I have serious concerns over pretty much every hollow Coalition policy and so can not bring myself to vote for them. I also feel Abbott will take from the poor. I'm waiting for the poor to get slugged once the election is over, so he can pay for more middle class welfare policies he's spruiking.

Think of it this way. If Abbott somehow made me filthy rich, I'd buy two boats; one to deteriorate in the back yard and one to rust away at a mooring. Then my son would have his job back in the boat building game churning out toys for boys from materials made in China from resources mined in Australia. I might even let him sleep on the boat - if I were a rich man.

The real problem for labour is not that they don't have good policies, they simply aren't able to economically manage the finances of the country so as to be able to reasonably pay for those policies. The put out a littlel mini budget guideline before the real start of election and we saw how much of a multi billion dollar hole that had been created since the actual budget a bear short few months ago.

We can reasonably summise that the budget hole is in effect likely to get very much larger than what we are led to believe.

Simply put, labour can't pay for its ideas. Ultimatley we the voting public must accept repsonsibility because it is our very own greed etc that results in parties offering us oodles of money for often not greatly worthwhile policies so that those trully worthwhile humanitarian policies like disability care can't in effect be afforded.

Pratico Pratico, you obviously get your understanding , directly from god, like the rest of the political zealots, but we mere mortals who have to use our brain to think, treat your understanding as the fairytale that it is.

OK Alan, you've told us there is a secret Coalition plan - great first step. But the next and more important step is to vindicate this claim by finding out what's in the plan and telling the nation. We want to vote based on what the parties will actually do in office, not on the pappy promises we are being served at the moment. Decent journalists will make it their top priority to get hold of this plan and share it!

Are we the only ones who feel this campaign has had the most hollow policies / promises in Australian history. Purely sound bites for idiots that can't use their brain to dig a little deeper.

Martin writes: "The Liberals are business friendly because they know that if business is thriving then more revenue comes in via tax, more people get employed and then spend their money in the shops."

But what determines whether business is thriving? Vastly overinflated CEO wages, and lower wages for workers? Or maybe, a time in the business cycle when free-enterprise capitalism happens to be functioning reasonbly well, as in 2005 -2007?

What happened to millions of hard working workers in 2008 (GFC)?
Consevative governments were useless all around the world to save the jobs of hard working workers.Which is not to say Labour-oriented governments fare any better, but this is because the system within which they govern is dysfunctional, and past its use by date.

In this emerging global economy, some mechanism for promoting coperation and sensible deployment of resources with a view to maximising employment, and hence business activity around the globe, is urgently required.

Bet Kevin and the Unions have a few secret plans for after the election (hopefully then in opposition). Bill Shorten's not so secret plan appears to be gut Rudd and become Leader of the Opposition. Will Kevin go as quietly as Gillard?

Neil, the role of governments, is to pass legislation. The current Australian governments passed more legislation (on a frquency level) than any other Australian government.

So, did they pass legislation to restrict the ratio of borrowing, for home owners?

Did, they pass legislation to restrict negative gearing, to only those that built property.

Did they pass legislation to show the parameters of gas development?.

Did they pass legislation to restrict beaurocratic red tape on business?.

Did they pass legislation to promote lower cost energy?.

If the answer is no to any of these questions, then we have a government that does not understand growth.

Ask the same questions of the Howard government and the answer would also be 'no' (and please don't waste readers' time on workchoices, which was a backward focussed re-enslavement of labour and the eventual induced impoverishment of the worker; it was bad legislation), and looking forward, what is Abbott offering in these areas? (Again, to say he will cut business red tape means nothing; unless he gives us some grist, it is just more farting upwind.)

The minor parties' coalition has never managed finances as well as Labor. They simply cut middle, high and corporate taxes and cut services to those who aren't as fortunate apart from generally degenerating public infrastructure. They are simply mean, selfish and heartless rather than good managers. #dispellthemyth

If the opposition has had a plan for 3 years, how come they still can't provide any detail whatsoever.

Ken writes: "the role of governments, is to pass legislation".

Yes, but in a dysfunctional economic system, any legislation will be compromised to a greater or lesser degree.

The five points you outline to promote growth will of course be affected to some extent by global circumstances (and Tony Abbott is certainly not going to touch negative gearing on property in Australia)

Yes Alan, "The only thing he has to do now is get through the next 12 days without saying too much more", but he wont get my vote with this approach.

Any corporate manager that chose to ignore half its market share and customers and half its workforce would get the sack.

Here, we have on both sides of politics, leaders that have chosen to ignore 50% of voters over 50, 40% of voters over 55 and 30% of voters over 60, looking for senior policies, progressive retirement employ all hands, the ABC of economics, easy policies that are budget neutral, such as simpler regulations between pensions and taxes and means test all held by a single shop, the ATO, at no extra cost, so that people can start to work without having to go through double company reporting at 70!!!

Between the Green trosttkyists and the brainless two main parties, the only sad thing is voters cannot vote their discontent with an abstention vote, may be we should create a new party, the abstentionist party to count this protest vote.

Tony could be forgiven if these senior policies would bare any cost on the budget bottom line, but it does not, in fact it's most likely an ATO revenue earner, the other reason it is unforgivable for Tony, is that the streamlining of Centrelink and the ATO is part of the removal of paper work and regulations Tony keep talking about, either the guy is hollowed, or he is not interested by seniors, or both, or it is all about lies, which is why unless Tony starts to show some real policies he is not going to get my vote, but then neither Labora at this stage.

Tony Holland is correct in saying that Robb is very good. I have read a lot of what he has been doing, and one of his passions is the liberty of the individual, as opposed to the socialist rubbish Labor have given us.

I am not Labor or Liberal and have voted for both over the years, but I know that the a country that respects people's liberty and actively promotes it is a country where we know our kids and grandkids will enjoy the same freedoms that we have.

Freedoms that are slowly disappearing as Labor gets even more hijacked by the far left, and then form a coalition with the socialist "Greens" who would have all of us lose all of our liberty and under the guise of protecting the environment.

The countries with the highest standard of living and the most freedoms are the countries that respect personal liberty. Our best bet in Australia for that is Liberal whether we like it or not.

"elections are about politics, not policies"

And we're the worse for it.

The trick up the sleeve and most damaging evidence against k rudd will be when the liberal /nats start releasing advertising with the labor party publicly hanging each other over julias leadership issues.
Soon the blame game will be on.

Adam writes: "a country that respects people's liberty and actively promotes it is a country where we know our kids and grandkids will enjoy the same freedoms that we have."

I've voted ALP all my life, yet I've never felt that any Labor govt. has infringed any of what I consider worthwhile freedoms -
"socialist rubbish" is a bit vague, to understand what you are referring to.

The USA perhaps respects personal liberty more than most. But poverty and homelessness there have increased in the last five years; and the mindlessness of those teenagers who recently shot a (ozzy) cyclist "because they were bored" is surely a reflection of the society in which they were "nurtured".

Personal liberty? Respects?

Turns out, not so much (Ed Snowden, American patriot)

Oh really? I have one three letter acronym for you, 'NSA'.

A plan written three years ago - I hope they've updated it - Australia has changed so much in three years.? I'm not sure Andrew Rob has in him to change a political tribe that has a history of resisting change.

@Peter Hansen
Just because someone votes Labor doesn't mean they're a bogan or on welfare. I know some very intelligent, quite successful people (who employ lots of other people and pay a lot of tax and get sweet F-A in return) who vote Labor.
What a childish statement.

Well Tim, I would suggest your very intelligent, quite successful people start to exert some direct influence over the Labor party they supposedly vote for, because the current representatives and the backroom faceless men are sending this country broke at a rapid rate of knots. The intelligent & successful people I know are aghast at the mess your Labor mates have caused in 6 short years.

Are you being told to write this stuff Alan?

How can it be acceptable for an alternative government to hide almost it's entire agenda?

And we are told by you that it has "one of the most detailed and exhaustive plans for government ever prepared by an opposition party".

Oh that's ok then.

Tony is taking his "trust" theme a little too far. If they are too afraid to promote their own ideas and vision for the country then there is something wrong.

The role of journalists is to demand this information for the benefit of the voting public. Your article read like it was a justification for the coalition's secrecy.

Dando time to read what you write before you post it.

Did Gillard say there would be A carbon tax, or not?

Dando still has a point, we are all waiting for Godot.

There is plenty of good blood on the liberal backbench though according to Chris Kenny in the last weekend Australian, plenty of Hravard graduates!
But according to Laura Tingle in Friday AFR, 40% of our population is over 55 and is also waiting for a sign, as I said they are waiting for Godot.

I have listen all the crap from both sides for too long now, I think we are waiting for Godot, we are voting for lawyers that govern by small prints,we are voting for narrow minded legalementarians and politico-strategist sloganisers, not for economists or strategic planners, none would get a ceo job in our top ten corps, none would be in charge of strategies anywhere in the world in any well known corp, but they have got a permanent job in law firms and in our parliament, that is about it voters are waiting for Godot unless they know of am abstentionist party.

Why would anybody vote for Rudd given that a huge proportion of his own Labor caucus are on the public record as detesting him?

Graham voters detest both side of current politics which are full of narrow minded legalmentarians governing by small prints, we need an abstentionist party to tell them!

This article is a quite astounding admission.
Abbott's policies are so unsuitable that they will be kept secret as far as possible ?
Supporters of such a group could actually find that they have voted in a dictator or a party with a blank cheque to do as they please.
Abbott is only saying there will be "no surprises". which tells us nothing actually.
With the LNP, "no surprises" means lots of cuts, cuts, cuts. That really will be "no surprise" to anyone.

No mention in your article Alan of the other Alan...Alan Stockdale, who surely has had a considerable hand in developing this new "Fightback" plan. Anyone remotely interested in independent policy development and who remembers Stockdale from the Kennett years in Victoria will shudder. Destruction of departmental policy capacity and its replacement by external consultants. In Victoria, a transport policy courtesy of the road building lobby. At a national level health, education, environment policy courtesy if the Institute for Public Affairs, So extreme that many of its previous backers from the minerals and energy sectors have withdrawn support. .

I'm happy to say I will be out of the country come Sunday. That's seven days less crap I have to listen to from labour and liberal. I just have to remember to do my donkey postal vote before leaving. I wonder if mob A or mob B will be in charge when I return.

Meanwhile I just checked the betting odds .Dedicated Laborites can now put their money on for a $13 return per dollar bet.I presume that all the Labor supporters in this forum will be rushing to put all their hard earned on Labor at these unprecedented odds.Probably all the Labor insiders reading their internal marginal seat polling have already put their money on the coalition which is paying $1.02 on one site! A few more silly announcements by Kevin Rudd should see the betting agencies close the book entirely so hurry up and get your money on if you truelly believe Rudd is going to lead Labor to victory.

Alistair Campbell - Stockdale got Victoria out of the huge debt run up by the demonstably incompetent Cain/Kirner Labor government.He sliced up one of the greates union controlled feather beds in the State Electricity Commission and sold of the pieces for far more than they have ever been worth since.The old State Electricity Commission employed 27,000 staff.All of the separate organisations have been able to run more efficiently with a total of about 7,500 and miraculously there has been greater availability of electricity.Labor/unions were aprotection racket for bludgers at the expense of Victorian taxpayers and electricity consumers.

Bring it on, I say.
No because I think it will work, but at least it's different