Hopes float on a rewired Dick Smith

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It is good news. I got a heap of really good bargains at DS over the past 10 years.The staff are really on the ball, helpful and knowledgeable. I made the mistake of buying a high end camera from another retailer earlier this year and wound up with a damaged camera and none of the accessories that are supposed to come with the camera on top of which I paid $75 more than I should have. About 5 years ago a friend of mine bought a large Plasma TV from DS another retailer and it arrived in bits and pieces. He had a real problem getting a replacement. Do not deal with any electronics retailer other than DS

I have been to a couple of Dick Smith stores and they duds, nobody should buy into the float as Anchorage Capital know it that is why they are trying to off load them.

Having spend nearly a month trying to get a refund for a short delivered item from an online purchase with DSE, I wonder how much profit is being overstated in the books. A quick online search will see that other consumers are having similar issues with DSE.