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One view is that it is the "structural adjustment that we have to have". Recovery from the Great Recession could take 6 to 8 years. Australia's over reliance on being the world's quarry is now coming to an end for this cycle. Though I suspect energy will be the big export earner. What Oz has to sell to the world is our unique way of applying smarts to solve real world challenges tested in the crucible of a very small competitive market. We need more smart people doing smart things!

What will the rest of the universe do when all this is happening to Australia. Tales of woes - take 11, perhaps

Doom and gloom. Here we go again !

Some of these events may well come to pass but probably not all in the time frame outlined here. It seems to me inevitable that the coalition will be a one term government based on its extreme right wing policies and will have thrown away its chance to make Australia a better place.

We have already been swamped by the biggest tsunami and that's having a Labor Government. Compared to this the events outlined in the story are just ripples in a mill pond.

Timely advice. I fear our political system has no idea how to meet these challenges. The other tsumani coming is the combined impact of globalisation and tech change - jobs will continue to be offshored or replaced with software / machines.

Yes I have to say I agree with the article sincerely. The other glaringly obvious yet very much understated tsunami is the glut of printed money by so many countries. I fear when that will be released

That's one option! The other would be that the world economy is now on the recovery path and will then restart the Chinese growth, plus India and other emerging countries. This will then create demand for Australia's resources and more importantly food sources, which will become strategically important. Australia will still remain a desired location for tourists, refugees and migrants. The tsunami might be coming, but guys get your boards out because it could be a hell of a ride! Again!