Qantas ticks all the boxes for aid

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So let me get this straight.Stephen is argueing that the taxpayer should underwrite Qantas's war with Virgin by guaranteeing Qantas's borrowings so that if Qantas ends up in liquidation,like Ansett,the government could end up as mortgagee in possession of a failed airline.Given the business risks of airlines from the time that the Wright brothers first flew until the present that seems daft.Strategically the international parts of Qantas hardly matter as its rapidly becoming a ticketing agent for Emirates and lots of international airlines fly into Australia.As for the domestic route if Qantas or Virgin fell over another player would enter the market or expand its services as did Virgin when Ansett folded.The strategic reasoning is weak.Trying to hold two thirds of a market in a natural duopoly is daft business practice and probably near impossible over time.I often fly interstate one way with Qantas and the return Virgin or vice versa.It simply comes down to avavailability of seats and fares, otherwise for relatively short flights the remaining differences are inconsequential.


Stephen, are you on secondment from the Qantas PR department? As Graham Middleton points out, why should the Government support Qantas in trying to hold two thirds of a market in a natural duopoly? Qantas is virtually a domestic carrier these days and have passed off key overseas markets to Emirates. They are in the position they find themselves today because of their own poor management, arrogance and lack of vision. Perhaps Stephen should have a read of the excellent article in today's West Australian by Geoffrey Thomas, acknowledged as Australian most authoritative aviation writer.


Stephen, are you just warming up for 1st April already? I'm assuming this is an attempt at irony, right? Right? OMG - its Left. Dan da Silva