Hywood cuts some Fairfax slack

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The Fairfax saga is becoming sadly Monty Pythonesque. More limbs hacked, blood flowing, but don't worry...
Next to come is the conversion of Saturday metro editions to tabloid size. Despite the claims otherwise, newspaper experience is that display revenue will be lost in the conversion from broadsheet to tabloid, and the Saturday editions, because of their sales figures and readership, carry more display pages than weekday copies.
Yes, there will be newsprint savings, and the proposed sales of the Sydney and Melbourne press sites will yield substantial one-off benefits. But printing The Age, at Ballarat, in particular must also affect deadlines for it and for at least two strong regional newspapers, the Ballarat Courier and the Bendigo Advertiser. Some editions will have to have earlier cut-offs for editorial. This combined with the already apparent loss of editorial quality, will help drive more readers on-line for a lower yield, and where advertisers will follow.
While I initially referred to that famous Monty Python skit, at this stage its becomes more like Catch 22: So it goes.
Former Newspaperman

I would expect SK, the Fairfax "journalists", and the ABC lefties not to get it, but I am surprised that SB doesn't get it!

I stopped buying the Fairfax press (SMH & AFR were my usuals) other than on a very occasional basis (though now totally), nearly 20 years ago because I could no longer tolerate the increasingly left-wing bias in just about everything but the sports report.

Though there has been no investigative coverage of the reasons behind the decline of the Fairfax press over the years, the concurrent rise of the News Corp press confirms that it is all about editorial policy, and I would put good money on the fact that many other Australians have, over that time, become equally fed up with paying for propaganda rather than news - hence Fairfax's long and now irreversible decline.

The Labor in Government and the bleeding left regularly criticised News Corp for right-wing bias, and, having learned nothing, they still do, but I for one have always found a much more factual and balanced basis in The Australian's reporting.

The old story applies here: you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. The Fairfax Press, and sadly today's lost-the-plot ABC (both TV and radio), fool only themselves if they think that the majority of readers, and viewers/listeners, are still reading, viewing, or listening. In their persistent self-deception (and subsequent self-denial), they have compromised their only intrinsic value - their integrity, and with it their influence and purpose.

How very sad to see the SMH and the Age reduced to tabloid status as a result of this myopic stupidity - and according to SB even that low standard may not survive. Whereas The Australian continues to go from strength to strength - in fact I just subscribed for the first time!