Qantas sidesteps a terminal decline

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The current CEO and Board who have presided over this ruinous result should have fallen on their sword, to be replaced by people who have a vision, a plan and the capability to deliver on both.

Clearly the current incumbents have neither.

I am inclined to agree Michael. Blame seems to be pointed at everyone but the CEO and board.

The current CEO inherited situations which have been building for years.Unfortuneatly we cannot sack his predecessors.Joyce has had the guts to face up to bad situations.His previous grounding of Qantas was in response to an insidious and highly unethical union tactic of "slow baking" which Qantas unions openly boasted of.Because he had the courage to call the unions bluff he is their public enemy number 1 but if he hadn't called their bluff Qantas would have been in an even worse situation.The grossly overpaid Qantas Flight stewards with their especially defined seniority and pay rates double the industry were enshrined in agreements long before Joyce.The mix of aircraft were inherited and the carbon tax was imposed by Labor.The restrictive ownership structure was imposed long ago and needs to change .Qantas unions have much to be blamed for as do previous CEOs and boards. It suits the left/unions to blame Joyce and the current board because it conveniently deflects the blame away from Labor and its union masters.

Yes Graham, pilots wearing Rec Ties and making cabin announcements that they hoped that in the future you would enjoy flying Qantas flown by Qantas pilots was really an existential threat to the future of Qantas.