Renewable energy

Carnegie Wave secures $21m loan from CBA

Will replace existing facility with Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

RETRACTED: Councils plan big renewable energy auction to bypass power retailers

A Melbourne City Council official has informed Climate Spectator that while Melbourne City Council has teamed-up with several other councils to procure renewable energy the amount they will seek will not ever approach 1200 megawatts in spite of this being the goal of the council for its own municipality.

My error: Council announces ambitious target and I believed it

An article published yesterday about councils aiming to procure 1200 megawatts of renewable energy is incorrect. A Melbourne City Council official has clarified that this is just a goal of their council, but they don't intend to achieve it. So why have such a target in the first place?

The week in carbon & clean energy

As plans for Paris climate summit plough on in spite of attacks, Cambridge University study indicates some equity fund holdings could lose 45% of value due to spread of carbon pricing while global spending on emission abatement projects and green bonds surge.

Rottnest Island adding solar to go almost half renewables

Energy management controls will align desalination plant power use with solar & wind output, avoiding need for batteries.

ARENA's big solar auction to beat price and volume expectations

The auction looks set to realise major cost breakthrough in large scale solar projects in Australia, with the CEFC chief indicating prices will be comfortably below $135/MWh ARENA threshold.

Infigen weighs growth options

Wind power company enjoys YTD revenue and share price lift after RET resolution.

Coal and power demand recovery continues

The latest CEDEX index for power sector shows black coal continuing its recovery since the carbon price was repealed and renewables went into a review-induced investment freeze. In addition Queensland's power demand is spiking upwards while other states' demand remain flat.

IEA sees radical shifts in spite of its conservatism

The assumptions underpinning the International Energy Agency's projections of the growth of renewable energy and the countries' follow-through on emission reductions have been criticised as unrealistically pessimistic and out-of-date. Even so they still see a radical shift in the world's energy market.

Annual fossil fuel subsidies from G20 total $452b including $5b from Australia

Subsidies for fossil fuels continue in spite of phase out pledge, substantially exceeding assistance to renewables.

Weaning myself off gas and then the power grid – Part 2

Following on from a look at what happens to your power consumption when you switch off the gas central heater, I’ll now look at what type of battery and solar system might get me through winter without the grid connection.

Fossil fuels are far from dead and buried

The International Energy Agency's modelling on electricity demand suggests a more complex picture of future power production and generation.

Government authorities are buying renewables but retailers are still missing

The SA Government has joined with several other state government authorities in launching a plan to procure a big chunk of low carbon power. Meanwhile the private sector power retailers are yet to commit to one single project since the RET was re-legislated.

Why does the IEA keep underestimating solar and wind?

The International Energy Agency released its latest World Energy Outlook on Monday,stating they 'see clear signs that the energy transition is underway.' The problem is, the numbers they use in the report don’t really match up with this stated optimism, repeating a historical pattern of error.

Is our power system operator predicting blackouts?

If you believe some in the media we are apparently at imminent risk of suffering serious blackouts as a result of proliferating solar panels and wind farms. But is that what the energy market operator actually said?

Infratil eyes Aust expansion

NZ-based group reports near 10% jump in net profit, in race for Pacific Hydro assets.

Renewable certificate prices continue upwards as concerns rise of 2017 shortage

Large-scale renewable energy certificates or LGCs are close to passing the $70 mark with little sign of retailers signing onto agreements for new projects and concerns growing about a shortage in 2017. Meanwhile small-scale certificates are stuck at the price cap as the clearing house deficit exceeds 2 million certificates.

As Tesla accelerates gigafactory production, Hunter Valley town looks to go off-grid

As a new housing development near Newcastle considers going without a connection to the main grid, Tesla announces it is bringing forward production of the Powerwall at its new mega battery factory.

Hunt seeks to change the tone with Tony gone

Apparently our climate change policy hasn't changed since Turnbull deposed Abbott as Prime Minister. So why are Abbott's dodgy carbon farms now the 'singularly most successful emission reduction measure of all time'. And why is Bob Brown's bank acting to 'successfully commercialise Australian renewable technologies'.

Carnegie Wave to raise $5m

Money to support Garden Island CETO 6 and renewable microgrid projects via a share purchase plan.