Carbon markets

Macfarlane threatens: take my RET deal or else

The government has now publicly confirmed a large-scale RET offer above the 30,000GWh range, with Greg Hunt saying he's optimistic of a deal with Labor soon that goes 'significantly further' than 20%. However, Ian Macfarlane is striking a very different tone.

Alcoa paying more after carbon repeal

Energy costs up for aluminium firm in last six months as 'offsets' removal hits.

Brandis politicised the Human Rights Commission long ago

Tony Abbott and George Brandis have apparently lost confidence in the political impartiality of the Human Rights Commission ... a year after appointing to it an ideological soulmate with an advanced degree in carbon price sabotage.

Could the retailers be sidestepped?

As the LGC spot price grows and a compromise looms on the RET, might a few developers and financiers decide it's worth the risk to dive in and build some projects, even without a long term power purchase contract?

Industry, bureaucrats slam RET destruction

CEFC says sector put back 12 years; AiG says deal delay is 'playing with fire'.

EU environment committee votes for 2018 market fix

Result ends hope of 2017 backloading start.

Citi's $100bn climate deal target; EU interconnection boost

The week in clean energy saw the investment bank trump its peers with 10-year spending goal while interconnection capacity doubled between France and Spain, a major step in the EU's cross-border power goal.

Exposing the solar subsidies 'scandal'

Are billions of dollars going to subsidising faulty solar panels, as two major newspapers have asserted? Here's what the figures say...

Carbon pricing revenues are being reinvested in climate solutions

Europe's world-leading carbon market - which faces a milestone vote tonight - is having a two-pronged effect on emissions reduction, with much of its revenue being reinvested in clean energy. It's a trend that's being repeated elsewhere.

Department of Environment unsure on Direct Action

by AAP
De Brouwer tells Senate estimates 5% target uncertain until 'safeguard mechanism' clarity.

Market suggests RET deal imminent - LGCs surge to $40

It seems evident that the market is taking the view that the position of the two major political parties on the large-scale Renewable Energy Target is getting closer, and that prospects for a resolution are improving.

Abbott incites corporate civil disobedience

Tony Abbott was out again hoping repeated exaggeration would overwhelm economic reality. It's funny until you realise it acts to endorse the big power retailers' suggestions they won't comply with their obligations under a Labor deal on the RET.

Regulator releases four new methods for ERF

Coal mine waste, transport, aviation and land clearing sectors now able to bid.

Grant King says big cuts to RET unlikely, but still defiant

The Origin chief now thinks the policy will survive in some form, even though he has persistently argued the scheme was in need of a major fix.

Shovel-ready: Can Australia meet the new Renewable Energy Target?

A compromise deal on the Renewable Energy Target is nearing - with a Coalition MP now ratcheting up the pressure. A wide range of targets are on the table, but the sector looks ready to meet any scenario.

RET deal looks closer as govt talks backdating

Coalition backbencher 'assured' on aluminium exemption.

Short window for CFI firms with industry to quickly join ERF

Industry might not be prepared for auction 1 but with nearly half of the scheme's $2.55bn to go in the first 12 months, carbon farming enterprises will quickly face competition from high-emitting companies.

Apple's big solar bite; African wind picks up

The week in clean energy saw Apple sign a record solar deal, an Irish firm's 360MW lead wind developments in South Africa and EU carbon hit a two-year high on market fix hopes.

One year since Warburton review and no clarity: CEC

Industry body laments year of lost investment.

Start date of 2018 looms as compromise for EU carbon reform

Environment committee to vote next week on certificate surplus reduction.