Carbon markets

Australian investors lap up ANZ green bonds

Record $600m issuance marks 'new stage' in renewables financing: CEFC.

Gas, then renewables, to gain generation share under Obama's plan

The US Energy Information Administration has conducted an analysis of the president's proposed Clean Power Plan, with renewables potentially accounting for 32% of generation by 2040.

Given the value of emissions cuts, solar subsidies are worth it

Most would agree that some renewable policies have previously been poorly implemented, and the Grattan report is right in highlighting these. However measuring their costs against objectives they were not intended to achieve is unfair.

Why the Direct Action auction has a suspicious whiff of rubbish abatement

A joint ABC Lateline-Climate Spectator investigation of landfill gas projects awarded large contracts under the Emission Reduction Fund finds many date back over ten years, indeed as far back as 1997. It suggests that a third to a half of the abatement volume contracted in the first auction would have happened anyway.

Bill to reduce RET introduced to parliament

Will reduce large-scale scheme to 33,000GWh, as Hunt describes original target as 'unachievable'.

Greens stand firm on fuel indexation

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Di Natale won't support measure with revenue linked to roads.

Here's how the states can dodge Canberra's renewable roadblock

The Abbott Government has achieved a significant cut to the Renewable Energy Target yet a clause in the federal legislation prevents state schemes similar to the federal RET. One workaround options stands out for climate-concerned state energy ministers.

Could wood waste be a Trojan horse to wreck the RET?

Making native forest wood waste eligible under the RET is unlikely to make a material difference to solar and wind projects by itself. But anti-RET senators Leyonhjelm and Day could use it for ends that extend beyond just wood waste.

China approves 34GW wind; fuel cells industry 'at tipping point'

The week in clean energy saw gigawatt-scale boosts in solar and wind in China, while Korean and US firms continued to conspire on fuel cells.

Could Origin and AGL rediscover their love of green?

The big power retailers have fought tooth and nail to have the Renewable Energy Target wound back. But with money now clearly on the table and changing circumstances devaluing other options, who knows – they might even live up to the rhetoric in their advertisements and save the RET from a still sword-brandishing minister.

Regulator says RET goal is attainable

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'Sufficient projects for it to be achieved', says CER chief.

RET deal to pass parliament in spite of wood waste inclusion

While the government has said it will present the amendments as one legislative package to the Senate, Labor will move for them to be broken into separate parts.

CEC relief at renewables talks breakthrough

Review removal has industry body confident of deal.

RET deal agreed after reviews ditched

Parties agree deal after 18-month-long limbo; wood waste still unresolved.

Mackay Sugar says reduced RET 'too low' to prompt investment

Milling giant rules out new biomass plants under compromise target, slams reviews requirement.

Is the Vic Govt using Abbott as an excuse for inaction on renewables?

The Andrews government has again called for repeal of federal legislation precluding states from introducing renewable energy targets. While it puts welcome focus on the issue, there's a lot more Spring Street could do to fight climate change.

Two MPs to vote against RET deal

Unnamed government duo speak out in partyroom: report.

UK Tories to slow onshore wind; Brazil’s renewables get a boost

The week in clean energy saw the UK election result put in doubt 6.9GW of advanced onshore wind projects while Brazil eliminated taxes on power from rooftop solar.

The budget blows away Abbott’s Direct Action fig leaf

Trying to nail down whether Direct Action will meet our targets has been a bit like trying to nail down a ghost. But now we have another year of funding revealed, it doesn't look good for Greg Hunt.

Labor retreats from RET deal

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Two-yearly reviews requirement a deal-breaker for Labor, too.