Carbon markets

Paid in full: STC clearing house emptied

All the householders who had STCs queued in the Clearing House have now been paid, as supply of the largely rooftop solar certificates continues to closely match demand.

Not even Lomborg can hide Abbott's climate change isolation

The state premiers are now asking Abbott why he can't sign onto a renewable energy target everyone else agrees to, while countries including the US, Europe and China are raising doubts over the Direct Action fund. Unless things change, he will find himself increasingly isolated and vulnerable.

Is AGL really leaving the dark side?

The energy giant's new chief is obviously trying to reposition the company's image with its climate policy announced today. While a welcome development, for the most part it’s a bit symbolic or represents business-as-usual behaviour.

Pacific Hydro too hot for IFM to handle

Super fund investor Industry Funds Management has a big appetite for infrastructure assets, but the growing risk profile of renewable energy developer Pacific Hydro appears to have left a bitter taste it couldn’t palate.

Ontario to join California-Quebec ETS

Most populous Canadian province boosts California market.

Solar celebration: Clearing house shifts for the first time

SunWiz can now confirm that the Clearing House has shifted, rewarding those who had been holding out since early 2011 to get $40 for their STCs. Here's what's happened and what it means.

ERF auction balance right, says Clean Energy Regulator

Benchmark rumoured to be $10; CER to reveal successful bidders next Thursday.

Moving target: The nonsense underpinning the 'real' RET rhetoric

According to the government's logic, the RET should be cut to a 'real' 20% of power consumption. While such a moving target is unworkable for business, would this government really push for a bigger RET if power demand went up?

Macfarlane’s judgement questioned as the RET fallout spreads

Doubts over Macfarlane's judgement in refusing a revised target everyone else accepts extends beyond the renewables sector. His threat to do a deal with the cross-bench has everyone baffled.

Direct Action: a billion-dollar party no one wants to attend?

The government can't win in this forthcoming abatement auction. Abatement supply will be too small to suggest they can hit targets, and to improve things in the future they'll need to pay prices for abatement that suggest the budget will blow out.

Carbon's unknown price under Direct Action will turn businesses off

Regulators won't reveal the winning bids in the first round of Emissions Reduction Fund auctions, disclosing only an average winning price - which will be of little help to businesses needing a spot price signal to play.

Bipartisan deal crucial for RET: Muir

Lower rate could provide 'safe floor' for renewables target, says senator.

Talk of Abbott abandoning 2-degree goal causes alarm

The government refuses to respond to questions about whether they remain committed to containing global warming to 2 degrees. The Climate Institute responds by pointing to threats to Australia's own interests from the current climate change trajectory.

ERF to hinge on regulator's carbon price: RepuTex

Approx $20 price needed, say analysts, with first auctions this week set to deliver 9m tonnes.

Swallow your pride on RET Abbott: Labor

by AAP
Butler refuses to completely rule out further compromise.

Lambie confident of government deal on RET

by AAP
Tasmanian senator says crossbench will cut to 32,000GWh.

China's 'Green GDP' dream could become a reality

China's slowing economy may provide the environmental regulator with an opportunity to push for policies that balance growth with sustainability.

RET Wars: Macfarlane now on his lonesome

Not content with being on his own against the two main business lobbies, heavy industry, the renewables sector and Labor, Ian Macfarlane is also wrong on his claim Australia can't meet that group's clean energy target - or even a higher one.

Flat month leaves cleantech stocks just short of double-digit Q3 gains

The Australian CleanTech Index fell slightly with the benchmarks last month but, like the ASX200, enjoyed a strong overall quarter with the index driven by strong gains in Hot Rock, Energy Developments and Enerji, among others.

The Energy White Paper, and the government’s, plan to save the planet – more fizzy drinks

The White Paper bravely proposes CO2 be captured and utilised in other products, like carbonated drinks. But the global demand for this sort of CO2 won't even soak up Australia’s electricity emissions, let alone China, the US or India's.