Carbon markets

End the uncertainty: AiG

Industry body laments seven years of climate limbo.

Qantas scraps carbon tax surcharge

Airline says ticket prices won't fall despite removing charge ahead of Senate vote.

Pathways to a climate-contained, affluent 2050

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A multi-country group of researchers, led by Jeffrey Sachs, has shown how it is still possible to contain global warming and enjoy strong economic growth – with energy efficiency the first of three plausible steps.

Muir ensures govt defeated on carbon tax move

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Motoring Enthusiast senator splits from PUP to help block debate fast-track.

Power market has already repealed the carbon tax

The underlying market in wholesale electricity contracts has already priced-in the repeal, with power selling at some of the lowest levels since the wholesale electricity market was created.

Senate rejects call for urgent carbon vote

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Muir joins opposition parties to block government move to fast track repeal of carbon tax.

Five graphs that will change your mind on power prices

It's time to stop blaming the carbon tax for the price hikes.

Palmer confirms RET support

'No change' to 41,000 GWh target, PUP leader says.

Can we really do without coal? - part II

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The best way forward is to push coal-fired plants towards a cleaner and more efficient future, rather than completely shutting them down.

Norways opts for international permits

Nation to buy 21m UN carbon credits at $3.30 each.

Report's 2030 optimism; offshore wind builds

The week in clean energy saw a report predict Europe will be 50% renewables by 2030 with solar panels as ubiquitous globally as smartphones while, elsewhere, offshore wind projects moved forward in each of the UK and US.

Will the real Greg Hunt please stand up?

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The Environment Minister has been foremost among his party in acknowledging climate change and the need to curb emissions. Yet his rhetoric around the effectiveness of carbon pricing is evidently wrong.

Internal divide over Greens fuel stance

NSW branch pushes for Rhiannon to defy Milne: report.

Palmer to support Direct Action stopgap

PUP leader says he would back policy as a link to a future ETS.

Can we really do without coal?

There seems to be no conceivable energy future over the next 30 to 40 years in which coal does not play a role, meaning the global divestment campaign needs to change.

Last ditch letter: Our plea for pricing

In this open letter to the Abbott Government, 59 Australian economists lay out their support for a price and limit on carbon pollution.

The dangers in Garnaut's last ditch stand

There are reasons we should be cautious about Garnaut's proposal to save the carbon pricing scheme via unlimited use of international carbon credits. At 50c a pop, they may be buying more international goodwill than reductions in CO2.

Govt bullying crossbench on carbon: Labor

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Rush to repeal ignores standing orders, says Wong.

Repeal to 'institutionalise uncertainty' in carbon sectors

Climate Institute makes last ditch plea for market mechanism.

Poll suggests support for ETS high in PUP states

81% of residents in states represented by Palmer United Party (PUP) senators would support introduction of an emissions trading scheme.