Carbon markets

Exporting China’s green growth to the world

Green development has been 'the inevitable choice for China' – which shrewdly built a renewables industry ahead of a domestic market – but can it be a model for the rest of the world?

Carbon traders flock to Hubei

Province's fledgling scheme attracting far more China investors than rivals.

Carbon repeal uncertain: Palmer

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Government reportedly open to scrapping planned welfare cuts to appease PUP.

Direct Action 'hopeless' and 'gone': Palmer

PUP leader gives policy a lashing, govt urged to reconsider climate options.

Add polymer to carbon market, urges EU

Germany pressured on plastics policy; Poland faces sanction over fluorinated gases.

EIB plans $3bn clean energy spend

European Investment Bank to redirect nearly carbon price windfall to clean energy projects.

Germany's renewed path, JA's trade jump

The week in clean energy saw Germany opt for a third way for renewables development, JA Solar eye a trade-barrier loophole, and EU carbon advance again.

IMF, World Bank push carbon pricing

Financial leaders back carbon pricing, removal of fossil fuel subsidies.

The state of play after WA

As the dust settles on the WA election re-run, the next four weeks will provide key insight on the shape of Direct Action as the Coalition seeks to bridge the divide between the Palmer United Party and other crossbenchers.

South African industry cites 'rich' Australia for carbon backdown

Steel lobby says developing nation should follow Australia's lead ahead of carbon price introduction.

March enviro markets update – VEECs and ESCs

The Napthine Government's ambiguity on the scheme's future is weighing on Victoria's energy efficiency certificates, while it has been an active month for NSW Energy Savings Certificates.

EU carbon price raised $180m in March

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Revenue to fund renewables, carbon capture and storage projects.

Japan's nuclear turn; China's staggered RETs

The week in clean energy saw Japan reboot nuclear, China reveal renewable target plans and EU carbon peg back 7.7 per cent of recent losses.

Wind to sink 40% under Coalition options

Generation to be considerably less under floating RET, carbon price repeal: Reputex

Palmer knows carbon is Abbott's weakness

Unlike any other issue, carbon stands in the way of the Coalition’s 'economic growth at all costs' policy. No wonder PUP policy settings on carbon have been ambiguous.

Chile plans carbon tax

Mining intensive country looks to tax power plant CO2 emissions following Mexico's lead.

Baselines risk being bureaucratic hassle

CCA warns Coalition approach is generally 'resource intensive, administratively time-consuming'.

The climate program starting to pay off

Starting this month, California will start giving millions of dollars to electricity users via its ETS revenue.

World set to miss emissions target

Two-degree target will require rich and poor-nation upsurge in carbon efforts, finds UN.

Carbon price 'the same' under 19%

Climate Institute says international permits would mean Australia could lift emissions reduction goal.