Carbon markets

Divestment's big week; Nigeria kickstarts solar

The week in clean energy saw the Rockefellers and Mars stand-out amid an upbeat climate summit in New York, while Africa's biggest sub-Saharan economy looks set to get serious about renewables.

Chile becomes first South American country to tax carbon

President signs off on laws targeting 50MW-plus generators with $5/tonne tax.

Labor outlines RET negotiation terms

Labor wants fixed energy target; refuses to rule out end-date change.

Consumer groups join call for 'no change' to RET

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Advocates say renewables target reduction would drive up electricity bills.

Renewable power scores a consumer endorsement

Six of the nation's leading consumer and community groups - including the Brotherhood of St Laurence and ACOSS - have written an open letter calling on the government to consider the consumer benefit in retaining the RET.

Reducing pollution - not half as hard as governments think

The government may have overestimated the gap to achieve its 2020 emissions reduction target by close to 100%. This comes on top of it cutting the projected abatement task almost in half less than a year earlier. Is cutting carbon pollution really as hard as economists believe?

Poor old coal: Australia's latest protected species

It started with the carbon price billion dollar handout, then it moved onto trying to slice the RET. Now we have the Energy Green Paper entertaining the idea of assisting the exit of a power generator. Why are government officials so keen to intervene to help coal generators out of commercial difficulties?

Energy green paper scores 'pass' on electricity, 'fail' on climate

Ian Macfarlane's energy green paper scores a 'C' for electricity and an 'A-minus' for gas. But in an industry where predictability is critical to investment decisions, its silence on climate is unacceptable.

Lambie seeks full aluminium RET exemption

PUP senator pushes partyroom for 100% exemption.

Banishing the hippies from the energy-climate debate

Yet another report has come out explaining how technology, not hippie communes, can allow us to address climate change. It builds on countless earlier reports that embrace the importance of energy rather than 'kumbaya'.

Large-scale solar chiefs to work Canberra corridors

First Solar, FRV, SunPower among contingent seeking RET stay of execution.

Gas bridge 'next to useless'; coal reversal urgent

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Climate Action Tracker's latest has the world on track for 3.7-degree warming by 2100, removing coal-power by 2050 only puts it at 3.2 degrees, while replacing coal with gas is set to have minimal benefit.

Zero-carbon generation rises to 56% in Europe

Renewables and nuclear have lifted Europe's no-carbon energy source share in recent years – with France, Scandinavia and Switzerland at plus-90 per cent levels.

Macfarlane releases energy green paper

Electricity tariff reform, gas price supply to be high on government's agenda.

An uncertain future for global farming

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Climate change is likely to cause an expansion of land suitable for growing crops globally, but on average the quality of land will decline, a new study shows.

Carbon pricing gets strong backing

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The World Bank sees strong support worldwide for carbon pricing schemes.

Greg Hunt - the lazy student who got lucky

The government has little to offer at the UN climate change summit in New York tomorrow and its Direct Action policy appears to have been eaten by a dog. Yet in spite of failing to do its homework, new data suggests it could hit its emission reduction target.

China coal demand 'may peak in 2016'

Carbon Tracker study shows greenfield thermal coal projects most at risk.

Renewables energy suppliers warn on RET jobs

Forty SMEs serving clean energy sector write open letter to MPs.

Price carbon for certainty, urge big funds

Nearly 350 institutional investors, representing $24tn, call for action ahead of UN climate summit.