Carbon markets

Momentum in Europe as a quiet physicist makes his mark

From the rarefied atmosphere of the Swiss Alps to a small London theatre, there has been a lot said about climate change over the last couple of weeks.

How Greg Hunt wrongly muddies the carbon tax effect

The minister points to slowing emissions reductions across all sectors, including the significant forestry sector. But focusing only on relevant sectors, those actually targeted, the carbon tax sped emissions reductions. Nevertheless, its early success was unsustainable.

Obama's American and Indian dream; EU carbon fix falters

The week in clean energy saw Obama outline his climate intentions and commit to helping India meet its solar goal, while EU carbon fell on oversupply dithering.

Obama prepares to defend his climate legacy

The US president used last week's State of the Union to warn the new Republican Congress he was not for retreating on his climate policy advances, vowing to veto any GOP obstruction.

EU parliament passes on carbon market fix

Market drops as industry committee fails on date agreement; earlier 2017 option remains.

Regulator releases new rules for ERF bids

Guidelines out for commercial buildings, alternative waste treatment and landfill gas.

Come again? Cheaper oil eases the way for carbon taxes

Falling oil prices offer a window for countries to implement carbon taxes, which are probably superior to cap and trade schemes. And one way to circumvent the politics might be to tie a tax's implementation to a low oil price.

Turbines sprout in India, Brazil

The week in clean energy saw significant large-scale renewables project deals and progressions (mostly wind) while tidal and wave power looked to a decisive 2015.

Killing carbon: Ten years of the EU ETS

When its carbon price fell to record lows last year, Europe's emissions trading scheme became more of a compliance formality than investment driver. But a planned re-calibration should see it driving decarbonisation again soon.

Will 2015 be the year of the climate change barnacle?

Despite the Abbott axe of 2014, the hottest year on record, solar demand that refuses to die, a strong overseas renewable energy industry and the pressure of Paris give cause for optimism in 2015.

Australia's drastically shrinking abatement opportunities

New report finds ongoing policy uncertainty has stifled Australia's options for reducing emissions, suggesting a 15% emission cut by 2030 as the maximum we could realistically achieve.

Vic Govt commits to VEET scheme

Energy efficiency target to be set at 5.4m for 2015; review mid-year.

Renewables industry concedes ground, but government still asking for 20% RET

The Clean Energy Council has laid bare its willingness to go to 35,000GWh yet Minister Hunt has reaffirmed his 27,000GWh position. However, the government may yet be willing to move.

Labor statement on CEC renewables target position

Opposition welcomes Clean Energy Council move.

Crossbench deal to cut RET may help renewables industry

A deal between the government and crossbench senators to cut the large-scale RET to 32,500GWh may actually work out better for the renewable energy industry than waiting out for a deal involving Labor. It offers greater upside and less risk of no deal at all.

Chile's mines set hot pace on renewables - Australia take note

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The pipeline of renewable projects in Chile is said to be up 18GW, and miners are leading the charge with solar PV and thermal, wind and geothermal equal to or lower than the cost of fossil fuels.

Auctions spur wind and solar in Africa; China looks offshore

The week in clean energy saw notable auctions in Uganda and South Africa while China unveiled plans to develop 10.5GW of offshore wind in three years.

Flawed Lima sets the stage for target tension

All eyes now turn to Australia's emissions pledge process, with the beginning of Direct Action to provide an interesting backdrop as the Coalition tries to manage conflicting expectations.

Trustpower 'committed to Australia'

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NZ wind farm developer optimistic on RET's longer term future.

Hunt optimistic about crossbench deal on RET

Lambie 'very close' to backing changes; possibility of $700m hydro sweeteners.