Carbon markets

Forget divestment, all capital markets are queasy on climate

The risk for fossil fuels is now on the downside, with contraction more likely. Climate change has expanded from social cause to real and present investment headache.

CCA to conduct 'limited' RET Review

Authority to bow to legislative requirement to probe policy.

Climate Change Authority releases CFI Review Issues Paper

October 31 deadline for stakeholder submissions.

Another church group divests from fossil fuels, UNSW to be targeted

Divestment movement chalks up another win, looks to build on ANU victory.

Natural gas is 'not the answer' on emissions

Without new policies to regulate emissions, the 'gas revolution' could end up drawing investment away from not just coal but renewables and nuclear too.

Record Hydro profit 'shows benefits of carbon price, RET for Tasmania'

Greens says continued state windfall at risk with policy uncertainty.

ANU's wise goodbye to fossilised companies

ANU's divestment decision has been politicised but mounting evidence shows the responsible investment industry - which touches $1 trillion in Australia - is delivering enhanced risk adjusted returns.

Paris will have an impact on Labor's prospects for the 2016 carbon debate

As Shorten rolls into his second year as leader, he will need soon to turn his carbon position into a convincing policy narrative. He'll be hoping there's no repeat of Copenhagen next year.

IKEA eyes internal carbon price

Swedish giant considering retail major Walmart with 'shadow' scheme.

Deal or no deal - Shorten says a real 20% RET is unreal

Labor's Bill Shorten has said dismissed the idea of slashing the RET to a 'real 20%' describing it as vandalism and unreal. Meanwhile Minister Hunt continues to talk about the target as being 20%, but there's a face saving opportunity for the Coalition to compromise.

Renewables vs aluminium - what's going on?

Speculation is rife aluminium has won itself a full exemption from the RET - up from 70% - and that means a reduced target. But is that right, and why are we exempting so many other industries at the expense of other consumers?

ARENA backs 'one-stop shop' for renewables mapping

Grant of $2.1m to aid renewables development with spatial information platform.

Solar Council announces target push at 'Save Solar' rally

ASC to campaign for 50% renewables by 2030 ahead of federal election; 400 attend Melbourne event.

Xenophon refuses to be drawn on RET position

Senator 'not boxing himself in' over renewables vote.

The man paid to kill off fossil fuel divestment

An old member of the anti-carbon regulation brigade has suddenly reemerged on the scene, talking down fossil fuel divestment. Could this suggest fossil fuel companies might just be scared of the movement?

Xenophon pushes Direct Action in the right direction

The senator's amendments concerning the Emissions Reduction Fund - including the alignment of contract periods with crediting periods and a reserve for international offsets - would help Australia reach its 5% emissions reduction target.

Will there be a China-US deal on climate change?

For many years China and the United States have faced off over climate change. Now, climate change action is one of the few things the two powers can agree on.

Cabinet rejects Warburton: report

Coalition leadership said to have ruled out RET Review recommendations.

Writedown fears premature: Infigen

Wind boss hopeful on RET future.

Australia's renewables ranking falls behind Algeria, Myanmar

The week in clean energy saw China's utility-scale solar pipeline bulge, a historic but insignificant CCS development, and Australia's ranking as a large-scale renewables investor slide from 11th to 31st.