Carbon markets

Senator Lambie, the RET is a money spinner for Tasmania

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Reducing the Renewable Energy Target would transfer great chunks of revenue from Tasmanian renewables, mainly hydro generators, to mainland power companies – while consumers would lose, too.

Australia 'to miss emissions pledge under Abbott policy'

UN report finding Australian emissions to be greater under Direct Action than carbon price.

Only 21% of businesses to partake in Direct Action: poll

Survey of 245 business leaders finds little excitement for Abbott plan.

Historic pact; Turkey crossroads; Arctic winds

The week in clean energy saw the US-China pact raise hopes, the power debate hot up in Turkey and movement on record wind farms in northern Europe

Hunt releases ERF measurement rules

Draft emissions assessment methods released for four sectors.

Australia must use its brain power to get carbon efficient

China and the US are miles ahead of us on carbon reduction strategies. We need to pick up our game using the available technologies or risk falling further behind.

The US-China climate deal - By the numbers

How much will the pledges by President Obama and Xi Jinping change emissions relative to what's required to contain global warming to 2 degrees, and what more do they need to do to achieve the pledges?

Will Lambie defy Clive to kill the RET?

Senator Lambie is threatening to vote for cuts to RET as chaos engulfs the Palmer United Party with Clive Palmer calling her to challenge him for the leadership while sacking her chief of staff.

Origin's King seeks move away from per capita emissions measure

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Deloitte report shows Australia fairing better on 'emissions per GDP'.

Direct Action to cost '$30bn a year to match US'

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Climate Institute warns matching new US target would cost $9-$30bn annually.

Abbott shirtfronted by China-US climate deal

The US and China have announced an agreement to contain their global emissions which has left Tony Abbott naked - just in time for the G20 meeting that was supposed not to talk about climate change.

Republicans recoil from an Obama-Xi deal

Top US conservatives have been quick to criticise yesterday's deal - calling it 'unrealistic', a 'war on coal' and a 'non-binding charade'.

There's good reason the RET was never a percentage-based target

A 20% target would have an adverse effect on market 'certainty' as the inherently 'uncertain' nature of electricity projection would result in regular revisions of the RET.

Lambie may vote conscience on RET

Palmer United senator says her position 'may not line up' with leader's.

Why the US-China climate deal is a game-changer

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For the first time, the United States and China have truly listened to one another on emissions cuts.

Dangerous warming ahead, finds IEA

Agency says world on track for 3.6 degree warming with current coal use.

Industry, not farming, set to win from Direct Action

Farming may enjoy an initial windfall from the Emissions Reduction Fund, but industry's high emitters are set to supply the bulk - about 80% - of all abatement into the scheme by 2020.

Coalition must offer something: CEC

Council says Federal Government to blame for RET talks breakdown.

Labor gives up RET negotiations, will the Libs buckle?

Labor has little to lose from playing hardball with the Coalition on this issue. The question now shifts to how vulnerable the government feels.

ETS dreamers should abandon Direct Action hope

A close examination of the legislation and the amendments to the Direct Action bill sponsored by Nick Xenophon indicates the promise of a future emissions trading scheme is a rather fragile one.