Carbon markets

3% of UN Joint Implementation credits deliver no climate benefit
73% not 'plausible' and 80% overall with low or questionable environmental integrity.

The US and China force our hand on carbon

Tony Abbott is being forced to take action on carbon emissions for fear of the consequences of being too far out of step with the international community.

Hunt’s Direct Action abatement auction - a 'market' Marx would be proud of

The government has loaded the dice again in the next abatement auction, giving the regulator more powers to arbitrarily and without transparency change the way it conducts the auction. It might save money in the short term but at the expense of investment in new abatement projects.

Hunt claims credit for drought and plunging coal price but not rising electricity emissions

Our Minister for the Environment has proudly trumpeted emissions have reached their lowest level in 10 years – all without a ‘painful carbon price’. It turns out he’s mastered an ability to manipulate the weather and global commodity prices. But those rising emissions from electricity – nothing to do with him?

BlueScope may close Australian steelmaking

by AAP
CEO says low global steel prices mean it's cheaper to import steel.

Origin urges shut-down of coal - here’s why a purist ETS has been abandoned

Origin Energy is urging the Victorian Government to regulate the closure of coal, joining similar calls from AGL and EnergyAustralia. Two graphs show why Australia has given up on a purist ETS approach to decarbonising the power sector.

Bipartisanship: it's an Abbott insult

Tony Abbott has wanted an emission reduction target that went far enough so voters could be persuaded Australia was pulling its weight, but not so far it might become bipartisan. He wants to fight another election over climate policy.

Stop the wishful thinking: Obama's feeble power plan still isn't clean enough

The reality is that US Clean Power Plan is both fragile and feeble. It doesn't do enough to reduce emissions and could be unwound the moment a Republican takes the White House. So why are environmentalists cheering?

Why Labor's not scared of Abbott's next scare campaign

Labor has a secret weapon that means it will nominate a more aggressive 2030 emission reduction target than the government's 26%-28%. It's the government's own economic modelling.

Hunt strikes out at AiG cost estimates of Direct Action

by AAP
Environment Minister rejects industry group's estimate that meeting 2030 emission target would cost budget $100b-$250b.

Australia's 2030 climate target puts us in the race, but at the back

Australia’s new emissions target is not “squarely in the middle of comparable economies" as Prime Minister Abbott claimed, but rather towards the bottom of the pack.

The Coalition's plan to reduce emissions is a load of hot air

There's no concrete evidence to suggest the Abbott Government has a solid, credible plan to deliver on its emission reduction commitments. But they are giving signs they're prepared to look beyond using taxpayers' money to purchase abatement.

Public want more solar, wind and action on climate - are politicians listening?

The Climate Institute's latest results from its annual polling find increasing public concern about climate change with a solid recovery from the 2012 carbon tax scare campaign lows. In addition the desire for more solar and wind power is even greater, while coal is deeply unpopular.

The tabloids and the Government’s climate target

As it finalises its 2025-2030 emission reduction target, will the government listen to the pleas of business for a climate target ambitious enough to gain Labor support, or go the tabloid low road of scaring people that action will cost them dearly?

Energy efficiency certificates market for July - breaking $20 threshold

While some regulatory uncertainty remains both the Victorian and NSW energy efficiency certificate markets have shrugged off much of the doubt and uncertainty dogging the market in 2014, with prices above the $20 mark.

US monthly power emissions hit 27 year low

US carbon emissions from power hit lowest monthly point in 27 years last April. Coal is down 17% meanwhile gas usage has tripled, renewables have doubled and nuclear power is up nearly half.

NZ to shut last remaining coal plants

New Zealand PM says coal fired power isn’t 'sensible', talks up NZ’s energy efficiency gains and target for 90% renewables.

July renewable certificate market - bears have disappeared

The small scale renewable certificate or STC market saw a notable shortfall compared to target while large-scale LGC certificates now trading in band above $50.

How should we define success for the EPA Clean Power Plan?

The US EPA projects the Clean Power Plan's cost will be US$8.4 billion offset by US$34-$54 billion in benefits from reducing CO2 emissions as well as the public health improvements. Interestingly the EPA expect it will actually reduce household bills by US$7 per month.

Next ERF auction on 4-5 November - Farmers vs Industry

The Government has announced the next abatement purchasing auction will be held on 4-5 November. Given the 'late' timetable, industry projects have plenty of time to get organised and should push aside the land sector for the remaining funds left in the Emission Reduction Fund.