VW has shifted the earth

The lasting effect from the Volkswagen scandal is that Europe's 'clean diesel' strategy is now dead.

Sandfire to build $40m solar station

by AAP
Construction will start this month on state-of-the-art solar power station at WA copper mine.

What if we all adopted the nuclear industry's interpretation of a 'planned' project?

According to promoters of uranium mining stocks we can soon expect a huge boom in nuclear power because there's so many power projects 'planned' to be built. Based on that logic you might be surprised to learn what it means for solar and wind power.

Ceramic Fuel Cells - A dead end technology

The poster child for cleantech in this country, Ceramic Fuel Cells, has recently gone into administration due to financial difficulties and it doesn’t surprise me at all. The technology can't match it with a combination of solar, wind, batteries and heat pumps.

Rio Tinto's clean coal idealism

The head of Rio Tinto's energy division argues that that 'coal is here to stay' and the focus needs to be on cleaning up coal. A 2003 speech from a Rio Tinto executive reveals how realistic that is.

Field narrows for brown coal cash grants

Further detail revealed on $90m brown coal technology grant program.

ARENA funds $530k for liquid battery

Investment to help CSIRO and Boulder Ionics to commercialise ionic liquid production method.

VIDEO: Siemens Energy CTO on the energy revolution

In this video interview with Siemens' Energy Chief Technology Officer, he enthusiastically outlines how a range of technologies including energy storage, LED lighting, solar, more efficient homes, computing power, smart grids, CCS, and wind can lower our carbon footprint while enriching our lives.

Compressed air gives storage a lift

Developments in utility-scale compressed air storage are set to deal a blow to doubts about wind and solar's ability to significantly contribute to national grids.

Sparks fly in a smooth Chevy encounter

Easy on the ears but with some super acceleration, the iconic American carmaker has produced a shining addition to the EV market.

Setting the standard for Australian EVs

Mitsubishi, Nissan, Holden and Tesla offer electric cars in the Australian market with more on the way. Yet we remain without a uniform charging plug.

Renault, Bollore to team up for EV push

Iconic French carmaker to team with battery specialist Bollore push into electric car market.

EVs to star at Frankfurt show

BMW's first-ever electric vehicle to headline climate conscious models in Germany.

All eyes on Australia's carbon storage surge

Australia is set to become the home of the world's largest carbon capture facility, potentially creating the template for the rest of the world.

Poland to pursue 'tech solution' to climate

Coal-reliant nation's PM says emissions reduction lies in renewables innovation, not coal cuts.

Zinc-air batteries to join the charge

An American zinc-air battery company claims a novel electrolyte will solve the recharging problem that has plagued the technology.

Opel EV price slides as competitors emerge

GM's European brand cuts price for first time by $A11500 in Germany, other markets to follow.

Voting for a quick cleantech harvest

Australia has moved early on environmental issues in the past – and reaped the rewards. How quickly we rise above vested interests will determine our next bounty.

Melbourne CBD wins sustainability tick

City receives international prize for green building adoption program.

Electric vehicle jump start, solar turnaround

Over the past week in energy, electric vehicles receive $15 billion funding, solar producers turning corner with Asian growth, and EU carbon steady.