Energy markets

Low oil price won't slow EVs: Ford

by AP
Michigan automaker to continue to promote green technology.

Regulator takes EnergyAustralia to court

Australian Energy Regulator institutes proceedings against EnergyAustralia over alleged breach of retail law.

Australia’s power infrastructure debacle

Not only did we spend too much over the past decade creating excessive network capacity, but the system we have is already outdated.

Network group talks up 'grid integration'

Lobby groups cites report quantifying 'hidden services' from the grid.

$1 per watt solar is spreading - utilities must become cannibals

$1 per watt solar systems are being advertised now for even small 1 kilowatt installations. The cost of electricity is so much lower than what power companies can offer that they are left with a stark choice: be eaten by others or do it yourself.

VIDEO: Jemma Green on saving through 'solar + batteries'

Curtin University research fellow Jemma Green talks about how battery technology means that renewable energy will reach price parity with grid power in a matter of years.

Vic Greens vow to close Hazelwood, Anglesea

Coal power plants closures to be part of any budget supply deal.

China aims to cap coal use by 2020

by AFP
Beijing to target one-sixth increase on current consumption, limit of 62 per cent total energy.

Solar to be cheapest of all: UK energy minister

'This century will be the solar century,' says Davey.

America reaches a landmark oil production level

Oil production is at its highest volume in the US since 1986, with previous production highs set in the 1970s set to be knocked off before the end of next year.

Big Two presage a change in the air

With climate change firmly back on the international agenda, it will be difficult for a small number of countries in an Axis of Carbon to sustain their policy opposition.

Aust uranium may head to India in 2015

by AAP
Agreement still being examined by the parliamentary treaties committee.

Historic pact; Turkey crossroads; Arctic winds

The week in clean energy saw the US-China pact raise hopes, the power debate hot up in Turkey and movement on record wind farms in northern Europe

Adani thrown $1bn Galilee coal lifeline

Queensland coal asset developer wins State Bank of India support.

China coal tariffs to go under FTA

Thermal coal impost to go in two years, coking straight away.

FactCheck: does the new climate deal let China do nothing for 16 years?

The leading edge of change in China’s energy system is already more green than black, and the total system is greening at a rate. Meanwhile, its energy efficiency efforts are even better.

Widodo raises Indonesia fuel price 30%

by AFP
Indonesian president makes move on subsidised fuel.

Newman gambles taxpayers' money on coal

Desperate to see the Galilee coal mines go ahead, the Queensland Government has said it will 'invest' hundreds of millions to help pay for the Adani mega mine's infrastructure. It's likely it will never get that money back, and is more a 'gift' than an 'investment'.

AER to begin process on SA, Qld network charges

Regulator to conduct forums; calls for submissions.

Why solar creams clean coal

The coal industry is getting really desperate in its response to the China-US climate deal - it's talking up clean coal. Meanwhile, it belittles solar - yet just two weeks of 2014 solar production will avoid more CO2 than all clean coal projects ever built.