Energy markets

External gas supply solution needed: Macfarlane

Minister says NSW developments 'unlikely' to meet state's needs.

In the climate battle, Australia won't be America's enthusiastic ally

Tony Abbott has no reasonable excuse for missing today's climate summit in New York. His absence is embarrassing for Australia, and leaves us trailing the US on the issue.

Has NSW fallen for EnergyAustralia trickery?

EnergyAustralia seems to be saying one thing about the electricity market to the Warburton Review, and something different to NSW Planning. While its claims are of course comical, the NSW Government has fallen for them hook, line and sinker.

Climate summit holds sway; Abengoa, Barclays stir up green bond market

The week in clean energy saw all eyes on the UN climate summit in New York, while elsewhere Spanish energy giant Abengoa issued Europe's first high-yield green bond to fund renewables.

Ho hum - Energy Green Paper déjà vu

The Energy Green Paper has been released but you'd be forgiven for thinking it's a copy-paste job from the 2012 white paper ... or the 2004 white paper. Also we're going to be an 'energy superpower', so best not worry about climate change.

Banishing the hippies from the energy-climate debate

Yet another report has come out explaining how technology, not hippie communes, can allow us to address climate change. It builds on countless earlier reports that embrace the importance of energy rather than 'kumbaya'.

US govt backs 'taller turbine' research

Energy Dept tips $2m into up to 140m onshore tower technologies.

Large-scale solar chiefs to work Canberra corridors

First Solar, FRV, SunPower among contingent seeking RET stay of execution.

Annual carbon subsidy 'up to $39bn'

Climate Institute tallies support for emitters across electricity, transport, direct combustion and fugitive emissions.

Gas bridge 'next to useless'; coal reversal urgent

Climate Action Tracker's latest has the world on track for 3.7-degree warming by 2100, removing coal-power by 2050 only puts it at 3.2 degrees, while replacing coal with gas is set to have minimal benefit.

Zero-carbon generation rises to 56% in Europe

Renewables and nuclear have lifted Europe's no-carbon energy source share in recent years – with France, Scandinavia and Switzerland at plus-90 per cent levels.

Harper review calls for NEM expansion

WA and NT recommended to join east coast market regulatory regime.

Macfarlane releases energy green paper

Electricity tariff reform, gas price supply to be high on government's agenda.

An uncertain future for global farming

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Climate change is likely to cause an expansion of land suitable for growing crops globally, but on average the quality of land will decline, a new study shows.

China coal demand 'may peak in 2016'

Carbon Tracker study shows greenfield thermal coal projects most at risk.

Rio Tinto’s great big nuclear delusion

Rio Tinto energy chief Harry Kenyon-Slaney's faith in nuclear ignores the latest industry disaster stories out of Japan, China, the EU and US - and wind and solar's far greater cost-potentials.

Power companies soar after NZ election result

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National Party victory wipes out regulation fears.

The misguided energy superpower narrative

The government would do well to listen to the advice given by Ken Henry recently because its vision of Australia as an 'affordable energy superpower' fails to realise that, even were this true, it ain't worth much.

How shale gas shows cheap energy is no saviour

Data on manufacturing output since the US shale gas boom began suggests being an affordable energy superpower isn't what some would have you believe, with Germany's manufacturers doing better than the US.

Renewables energy suppliers warn on RET jobs

Forty SMEs serving clean energy sector write open letter to MPs.