Energy markets

How to destroy solar while increasing peak demand

Singling out solar as the basis for changing how we structure electricity prices risks Australia's power system moving towards the worst of all worlds.

Why the White House is worried

Here are three charts from the new White House report showing why the world needs to take immediate action on climate change.

Greens launch bill to abolish fuel subsidies for miners

Milne says plan would boost budget $13bn over forward estimates.

Predicting the use of CO2-enhanced oil recovery

Research shows to what extent oil prices are set to drive enhanced oil recovery using carbon dioxide for additional crude extraction over the long term.

Coal seam gas emissions lower than US: first Australian study

Fugitive emissions from drilling account for about 8 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. And while most Australian wells are leaking, the emission amounts are comparatively small.

What is unfair about power pricing?

The Electricity Networks Association is keen to have people focus on the fairness of how electricity costs are shared between consumers. But the bigger problem is the fairness of NSW and ACT network companies further increasing these costs on top of previous unjustified price rises.

FIT as an efficient auction

The cost case for phasing out feed-in tariffs in Germany and replacing them with auction models is not applicable in reality.

German renewables mix rises to 28.5%

Strong wind, solar growth see clean energy share lift sharply in first half.

IMF proposes 60% coal tax

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Levy would reflect environmental damage, says fund.

RET review panel seeks extension

Warburton asks for several more weeks to deliver renewables verdict.

Nuclear power at 'lowest levels since 80s'

Decline difficult to reverse amid rising costs, construction delays, public opposition: report.

Briqs in our heads: Burnt by the carbon games companies play

Built for another age, HRL's horrendously polluting power plant and briquette factory in Morwell is finally on the way out. Its dogged survival is a harsh lesson for policymakers.

Solar split after UK-German renewables reforms

The week in clean energy saw UK solar economics take a hit via approval of set renewable payments while analysis found Germany's new self-consumption tax won't slow rooftop PV.

Smart grid better because it discourages solar?

The $100m the government has allocated to smart grid trials led by Ausgrid has come up with a counter-intuitive result that smart grid technology will be of moderate benefit in reducing peak demand and network investment, but will be very good at deterring solar installations.

Carmichael mine is a game-changer for Australian coal

Australia’s largest coal mine has been decried by many but the economic boost is significant, and emissions are essentially a zero-sum game if Indian power companies simply source their coal from elsewhere.

Network charges fight looms in ACT

Regulator asks public to consider whether ActewAGL proposal is 'justified' amid improving investment conditions.

Can Hunt sell the Senate a half-baked Direct Action?

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Environment Minister Greg Hunt is urging opposition parties to join him at the negotiating table to discuss Direct Action. But can Labor and co really commit to an unfinished vision?

US failing on methane progress: watchdog

Voluntary regulation of potent greenhouse gas 'yielding minimal reductions'.

Hunt approves giant Carmichael coal mine

Minister vows 'strict conditions' for record project but economic value and environmental sustainability questioned.

Dark days descend on Chinese coal

Times are tough for Chinese coal firms, the sector's peak body says, with the outlook set to be worse amid supply-demand imbalances and rising environmental restrictions.