Energy markets

AEMO analysis indicates disaster for residential gas market

AEMO's recent analysis of battery uptake also looked at the potential increase in electricity demand from households abandoning gas. It found not that big an increase in electricity demand, but once you take into account electricity appliances' superior energy efficiency it suggests residential gas consumption would plummet.

Adani Mine unbankable says QLD Treasury…and anyone with a calculator

Fairfax is reporting the apparent revelation that Queensland Treasury advised the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine was unviable. But it's hardly a secret. The only way this mine will get up is if Governments bankroll it, which they might just be stupid enough to do.

Smart meter data can keep utilities honest and unleash innovation

The energy regulator showed that SA Networks tried to pull the wool over others' eyes with its selective use of customer demand data. Networks are on the verge of making some changes to tariffs with far bigger impacts than the carbon price. Yet we lack the data to ensure such changes are in the community's interests.

How utility distributors will cannibalise themselves

In trying to protect their electricity business network distributors are trying to distort the idea of reforming power prices to be more 'cost-reflective' by making them like unavoidable fixed charges. This will then make consumption of a unit of energy from electricity appear far cheaper. Which incidentally will then drive an exodus from gas, hurting these same utilities' gas businesses.

Tax or trade – have we reached a verdict?

With carbon pricing on the agenda at Paris, it's worth considering whether cap-and-trade or taxation is the best way to go. For most countries it will be the former - but there are likely to be exceptions.

ClimateWorks: Australia can halve emissions by 2030

Energy efficiency in buildings, industry and transport would bring Australia’s emissions back to 2005 levels by 2030. Then switching to renewables in the electricity sector, and powering more sectors with that green energy, plus some land use changes and a switch to biofuel and gas in some areas, would finish the job.

The electric e-Golf is here, Australia needs to prepare

The e-version of the popular seller is a major step towards mass adoption of all-electric transportation, and if Australia helps facilitate this transition it will herald a 90% reduction in fuel consumption.

Origin's King: Big solar not just wind will fill RET

Chief says energy policy has been 'crazy' and solar underrated.

NSW calls for bidding on Transgrid

Deadline for July 14 as privatisation program begins.

Group gets green light for Vic wind farm

by AAP
Consortium to move ahead on $450m Ararat proposal.

The future grid is about more than just smart meters

Batteries, microgrids, automated devices ... these are the ideas dominating our view of Australia's future grid. But changing lifestyle patterns too, such as our rapidly evolving approach to pet ownership, means the grid'll be defined by more than just technologies.

Why the wind farm commissioner is a great idea

Greg Hunt's wind commissioner idea to appease anti-wind crossbenchers could yet do more good than harm. It's worth going through the largely meaningless promises one by one.

Stop Acland coal mine expansion: Qld activists

by AAP
State govt under pressure on $900m expansion review.

SA network's solar penalty knocked-out but others remain

The regulator's decision to reject South Australia's punitive solar network tariff is a welcome first. But multiple network businesses nationwide still have discriminatory tariffs for solar households.

The case for Queensland coal in India is weakening

Beyond just Adani's hedge on solar and Piyush Goyal's push for domestic coal development is the agrarian nature of India's power poor, which is another nail in the coffin of centralised coal-fired power's business case there.

Credit agencies 'miscalculating climate risks'

Adani singled-out as report warns that business as usual could repeat GFC.

Can we put the anti-renewable energy jihad behind us?

After the new RET legislation was passed there was a flurry of trades in renewable energy certificates. But this painfully long two-year political rollercoaster has left investor confidence shaken.

Qld coal industry 'outdated': Flannery

by AAP
Comments come amid reports Adani has halted engineering works in Galilee.

Qld govt reviewing Acland coal mine approval

by AAP
$900m expansion of New Hope Coal project to be assessed.

We can get back to building: CEC

Target cut but renewables body takes solace from return to bipartisanship.