Energy markets

Coal not good for poor says aid group

by AAP
New report finds renewable energy faster, cheaper method to provide poor with access to power.

Government’s chief carbon policy adviser reveals secret carbon tax

The Abbott Government’s own expert adviser on climate policy has revealed that Labor’s emissions trading scheme was “strikingly similar” to the Coalition’s Direct Action scheme. Does this mean the Abbott Government is also about to introduce a carbon tax by stealth?

Is Labor’s 50% renewables target a joke?

Labor is describing its 50% renewable energy target as ‘aspirational’. But banks don’t lend money on the basis of aspirational targets and voters shouldn’t lend any credibility to them either.

A million electric and gas vehicles by 2025 - thanks to priority lane access

The Energy Supply Association has released a report spruiking the benefits of a shift to electric and natural gas fuelled vehicles, with bullish predictions of uptake even if government does little to encourage them.

Brown coal - a tale of love versus statistics

According to Gerard Henderson if you're a Victorian you should love brown coal. But does he have a clue what he's talking about?

We need a shake-up of energy market regulation

The way we manage energy market regulation is excessively slow, complex and bureaucratic. It's time it was streamlined to put consumers front and centre.

Why Shorten is daring Abbott to a climate change election

Bill Shorten says 'bring it on' to election fought over power prices and climate policy. He shouldn't be worried because Abbott Gov't climate policy must also include increased power prices too, unless of course they want to increase taxes instead.

Get set for a re-run of the 2013 election scare campaign

The Coalition has wasted no time trying to link Labor's big renewables announcement with the carbon price scare campaign. Meanwhile Labor knows renewables are very popular, the complete opposite of the carbon price. Get set for depressingly simplistic slogans.

Labor's 50% renewables target - ambitious but falls short

Labor's commitment to 50% share of renewables in our electricity supply by 2030 is ambitious. Yet when assessed against the need to match the emission reduction pledges of the US and Canada, we'll need an awful lot else too.

The real zombie tax we need to fix

The media loves a good scary story about a new tax, especially one back from the dead. Yet because we often pay our power bills like mindless zombies, power retailers are hitting our wallet with a cost 2½ times bigger than the carbon price.

Sick of lowly feed-in tariffs? A plan for better rewarding local generators

The reason there is little incentive to export power to the grid is because as far as the poles and wires businesses are concerned it doesn't matter whether a generator is 100 kilometres away or just 10 metres up the road. A new regulatory rule could change this.

US states are cutting power plant emissions ahead of new EPA rule

Forty-two states have already made moves to reduce power plant emissions ahead of the start of the Obama Administration's Clean Power Plan, but some states and utilities have a long way to go.

Is Qld coal about to be hit by big solar?

The solar resource, plus underlying power prices, is high in Queensland and there’s still some reasonable power demand growth thanks to the start-up of LNG plants. It may explain the games power gen-tailers are playing.

Clean Energy Bank chief warns of renewables market collapse

The CEO of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation has pointed to a major design flaw with the RET that suggests it could end in tears for investors. History suggests he’s partly right but ultimately wrong.

Calls for applicants to engineering scholarship

Scholarship to support 18 month overseas study tour to examine challenges facing Australian electricity sector.

Why is the Abbott Govt so fond of big solar?

Restricting the CEFC from investing in wind and rooftop solar has been seen as helping out the coal industry. Yet there’s the curious possibility it might equally be about helping out mates in the renewable energy industry.

Victorian power networks up to usual tricks

Victoria's electricity network businesses are pushing for a 41% increase in operations and maintenance costs with productivity descending to their government owned peers, while demanding a financial return well above what the regulator thought reasonable for SA's network.

Wrecking ball in hand, Abbott changes tack on clean energy

The latest, and third, move against the CEFC - following attacks on every other climate policy - hands more market power to big utilities in the (reduced) area of renewables investment.

Solar investment surges in South America; Facebook wants 50% RET

The week in clean energy saw a $3.5bn PPA for a solar-wind-geothermal plant in Chile and plans for six new solar farms in Uruguay, while Facebook laid out a 50% renewables target for 2018.

Board of Clean Energy bank being told to break the law

An analysis of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Act suggests that the board would be in breach of its legal obligations if it tried to comply with the Abbott Government’s demands.