Energy markets

Emerging countries 'looking to nuclear': analysts

GlobalData says power-hungry Asia-Pacific to add 13.8GW of nuclear by 2030.

Can big solar take on wind? Look to the banks

Some utility-scale solar developers are talking up the prospects of PV plants being about 40% cheaper, and matching wind's viability. They just need to get bankers thinking similarly.

Affordable batteries for green energy are closer than we think

Very high storage costs are now rapidly falling and, while there are differences in the estimates, battery system costs per kilowatt-hour are predicted to drop strongly again to 2020.

Do climate worriers use more electricity?

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Do environmental beliefs affect how much electricity we use? New research found a counter-intuitive link, but the authors say it's probably illusory.

Capture me if you can: An elusive CCS solution

The International Energy Agency is among those who say carbon capture and storage is a vital ingredient of the climate solution. But progress remains achingly slow ... and frustratingly expensive.

Chair, 3 board members quit Synergy

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WA energy utility board walks amid speculation minister pushing for privatisation.

Renewable energy is ready to supply all of Australia's electricity

It is technically possible for Australia to get all its electricity needs from renewable sources with wind, solar thermal and rooftop solar making up the lion's share.

The freedom revolution to kill power bill confusion

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The electricity bill debate is more confusion than clarity, and rising gas prices may only make it worse. But the 'energy efficiency plus solar' solution offers the average punter a final way out.

Gas suppliers failing to play by Abbott’s script

Rather than becoming a ‘cheap energy superpower’, a new study from business itself suggests Australia is facing a manufacturing wrecking ball in the form of gas.

New chair appointed for energy regulator

Conboy comes to AER after stint in Canadian power market.

Why Abbott's promised bill savings are wrong

The Government is promising average households will save $200 per year on their power bill from repeal of the carbon tax. The reality is most households will see far lower savings.

Who gains most from axing the carbon tax – and at what cost?

Clearly the big greenhouse gas emitting electricity generators win. In particular, the brown coal generators in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley.

Energy retailer reveals carbon repeal price reductions lower than government claims

Australia's biggest energy retailer, Origin Energy, adds to government embarrassment over carbon tax cost of living impacts, offering electricity and gas savings out of step with government claims.

Carbon price falls - Kevin Rudd’s day of shame

Not all that long ago there was bi-partisan agreement to put a price on carbon. But thanks to an egotistical, control freak it all unravelled.

Origin to pass on only 7%

Energy group details household carbon repeal savings for electricity and gas.

Storage market to pass $50bn 'by 2020'

EV use to drive energy storage technologies, finds study.

The global context of the repeal

Australia has just moved towards the back of the pack on emissions policy. But just how serious a blow to global climate efforts is this repeal?

EV charging stations set to surge in US

Obam's target to be key force behind $US880m growth in US EV charging stations market by 2020, says GlobalData.

An overall picture of the future of coal

Have reports of coal's demise been greatly exaggerated? Here's five key perspectives from China, India, Australia, the US and the EU.

One cent solar dream still alive: Yingli

The Chinese manufacturer's chief technology officer says there is more innovation ahead in the PV pipeline, with China's growing market to drive further cost reductions.