Energy markets

Scottish vote may freeze 5.7GW-plus in wind

Bloomberg: 'Yes' vote to cast doubt on pipeline, threaten integrated power market.

Snowy Hydro eyeing 'fourth pillar' status

But analysts say incumbent challenge won't happen soon.

How to get renewable energy into the grid – without losing power

The technology to ensure steady power amid rising renewables is mostly available – just energy storage looms as the final challenge.

TPG to divest stake in $4bn Alinta Energy

TPG looking to give up stake in Australian power company via IPO or trade sale.

Shorten 'bins' Warburton: Where to next?

Bill Shorten has echoed Mark Butler, saying the Warburton recommendations 'belong in the bin'. It narrows the field of what's possible, pointing to a tricky target-date extension.

A rethink needed on Hazelwood mine fire

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The Victorian Government needs to rethink its rejection of the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry’s recommendation to rapidly respond to air quality data.

Pro-RET radio ads launched

Climate Institute begins final part of renewables campaign.

China considers quality restrictions on imported coal

Move to potentially affect Australian thermal exports.

Productivity Commission to tackle gas question

Government body to seek framework for more efficient domestic market.

Solar Council launches storage counterpart

Energy Storage Council to push for standardisation for network embeds.

Chile green lights massive 698MW solar farm

Atacama Desert development to begin construction this year.

Grappling with the big picture on energy

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The RET is far from the only factor in determining Australia's future energy supply.

Too much supply does not equal blackouts

Yet again we are greeted with a newspaper headline telling us too much power supply will mean not enough power supply ... so the government has to cut the RET. What a load of illogical nonsense.

Shareholders call on CBA to disclose climate risk

AGM to consider John Hewson-led activists' corporate responsibility resolution.

Novatec Solar fires up thermal demonstration

Spanish plant to harness inorganic molten salt as heat transfer liquid.

World oil's pivot to Asia

The EIA’s recently released energy outlook shows that despite a decline in some regions, Asia's developing economies will ensure global oil consumption continues to rise.

China shows there's more to renewables than fighting climate change

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China is contributing more than any other country to a climate-change solution – but its mammoth green energy system is driven by manufacturing and energy security considerations.

NSW uranium mines given green light

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Companies limited to 'low-impact exploration and environmental monitoring'.

Macfarlane's ridiculous RET negotiating position

Ian Macfarlane is trying to switch the onus of RET negotiations to Labor, and the industry, to come to him. But given it is his government that wants to change the law, shouldn't he detail what needs to change and the problem it will solve, besides improving coal generators' profits?

How monitoring and control is changing solar businesses

Monitoring is perhaps being underestimated by solar installers and retailers who could be 'supersizing' their operations with locked-in forward revenue streams.