Energy markets

NSW Govt breaking its privatisation power price promises

NSW consumers already pay twice as much as Victorians in network charges. The energy regulator in its latest determination failed to address this discrepancy, yet the NSW Government via Networks NSW has sent in the lawyers to get even more money from consumers.
2 companies responsible for 31% of global emissions
Gazprom leads list with Russian gas giant on par with Japanese nation.

Sans gas guzzlers: California dominates America's EV cities

Just one city outside of California, albeit a big one, features among America's top 10 electric vehicle metropolises, presenting a challenge for policymakers to encourage a more even spread.

Saudi oil minister: 'Fossil fuels doomed, we're switching to solar'

Minister sees mid-century end to fossil fuel use, eyes solar export industry.

Here's how the states can dodge Canberra's renewable roadblock

The Abbott Government has achieved a significant cut to the Renewable Energy Target yet a clause in the federal legislation prevents state schemes similar to the federal RET. One workaround options stands out for climate-concerned state energy ministers.

Opera House to go green for festival

Sydney icon to tap Green Power for 10-night light and sound show.

Feeling the pressure: Bumbling nuclear's negative learning curve

Areva's experience with its European Pressurised Reactors shows developing modified versions of even conventional reactors, let alone radically new types, can be complicated and protracted and end in failure.

Could wood waste be a Trojan horse to wreck the RET?

Making native forest wood waste eligible under the RET is unlikely to make a material difference to solar and wind projects by itself. But anti-RET senators Leyonhjelm and Day could use it for ends that extend beyond just wood waste.

Solar farm to move forward on RET compromise

Solar Choice eyeing 2016 start for massive Qld proposal.

Morgan Stanley downgrades Origin and AGL due to Tesla Powerwall

Bank survey finds 50% of Australian households interested in purchasing sub-$10,000 battery system. Foresees market of 2.4m households with solar and batteries that will hit Origin and AGL earnings by $100m each.

AGL cleared of CSG pollution

by AAP
Gloucester operations to resume after four-month delay.

Think the iron ore inquiry's a waste of money? Then have a look at wind farms

‘A ridiculous waste of taxpayers money’ is probably a good description of the iron ore inquiry being pushed by Twiggy Forrest, but it’s an even better description of the countless inquiries the wind industry has been subjected to. Comic relief is the only cure for the Aussie epidemic of 'wind farm inquiry' sickness.

Solar panel production tipped to grow 31% to 55GW in 2015

Bloomberg, IHS predict most productive year since 2011; US shares soar.

China approves 34GW wind; fuel cells industry 'at tipping point'

The week in clean energy saw gigawatt-scale boosts in solar and wind in China, while Korean and US firms continued to conspire on fuel cells.

The crippling cost of energy subsidies

Without energy subsidy reform, global and local economic growth -- not to mention the public's long-term wellbeing -- could be in for a shock.

Could Origin and AGL rediscover their love of green?

The big power retailers have fought tooth and nail to have the Renewable Energy Target wound back. But with money now clearly on the table and changing circumstances devaluing other options, who knows – they might even live up to the rhetoric in their advertisements and save the RET from a still sword-brandishing minister.

Regulator says RET goal is attainable

by AAP
'Sufficient projects for it to be achieved', says CER chief.

How Tesla’s vapourware can create a serious battery marketplace

Home energy storage is a bit like teenagers and sex – everyone’s talking about it, not many are doing it. Tesla’s Powerwall isn’t even available for sale, but by the sheer power of Elon Musk’s mystique he is already forcing everyone else to convert his dream into reality.

Solar firm makes pitch for powering Melbourne's trams

PPA with state government sought for proposed Mildura, Swan Hill solar farms.

Electrify and simplify: A 9-point plan for saving our unfit suburbs

Suburban detached housing is rightfully extinct in many European cities. If Australia wants to keep its sprawled-out lifestyle we need to cut its costs, and that means a proper solar-power, electric-car, building-standards makeover.