Energy markets

The Great Grid Desertion

Off-grid systems are already affordable for average households – so if grid operators continue protectionist policies to block homes from exporting solar, savvy PV owners will disconnect in droves.

Forget divestment, all capital markets are queasy on climate

The risk for fossil fuels is now on the downside, with contraction more likely. Climate change has expanded from social cause to real and present investment headache.

Tesla meets Alibaba; SolarCity taps online debt

The week in clean energy saw both green cars and green bonds expand their online presence, in China and the US respectively, while Vestas set a record for power produced by a turbine in a single day.

Four misleading mistakes about coal vs renewables

Analysts and journalists can be easily led up the garden path about how important coal is, and how renewables will never amount to anything. Here's four ways you could be misled if you're not careful.

Abbott, Klein and the search for climate's quiet majority

From Tony Abbott's 'coal's good for humanity' to Naomi Klein's capitalist bogeyman, the climate change debate desperately needs to see the rise of the rational middle.

Qld minister met Deutsche after coal port backdown

Powell met with bank representatives in Germany following Abbot Point reversal.

CCA to conduct 'limited' RET Review

Authority to bow to legislative requirement to probe policy.

Pain and gain in a gas export boom

The Grattan Institute shows how the east-coast gas revolution will deliver a net benefit to the economy. But without further climate policies, it will be emissions negative for Australia.

Widodo to take on fuel subsidies

New president to tackle years-old frozen prices.

The demise of gas in one chart

One Grattan Institute chart illustrates that the gas distribution business is in serious trouble and shows why they are so desperate to tear down the small-scale Renewable Energy Target.

India puts the brake on dirty diesel, imported gas

India's Narendra Modi has put diesel under market while also lifting natural gas import tariffs by one-third as he encourages a switch to wind, solar, hydro and nuclear.

Clearing the air on the coal debate

The growing consumption of coal in emerging economies highlights the need for a realistic and fully integrated climate policy.

Solar PV price check - October

Continued slimming of installer margins in the shadow of ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Renewable Energy Target has rooftop solar system prices down across most capital cities.

Clean tech stocks defy a falling ASX in Q1

Shares in clean energy firms rose 5.9 per cent in the quarter on the back of the performance of 12 companies, including battery developer RedFlow and diversified power developer and transporter Eden Energy.

How the electricity industry is blocking solar in Australia: Part II

Any chance they get, and from state to state, utilities are putting up barriers to solar uptake; from delaying installers to audaciously stopping FIT payments. Sadly, policymakers seem to be in on the game, too.

Gas bills to surge, emissions to rise: Grattan

by AAP
Institute finds $60bn LNG export push will see many pay $200 more in gas; coal generation boost.

Big banks to be targeted in Saturday divestment rallies

Events to be held around nation calling for fossil fuel withdrawals.

China coal tariff may be gamesmanship: ANZ's Smith

Lender's chief suggest recent tariffs could be part of negotiations for free-trade agreement.

Time to write down the value of NSW networks

The regulated asset value per connection of NSW networks are multiples of their peers. Writing down that value should lower prices and could boost their sale price for the state.

Qld coal workforce, royalties grossly overestimated: study

Australia Institute finds coal employs just 1.2%; delivers 'meek' royalties.