Energy markets

Pain for households as gas prices soar

by AAP
IPART reveals draft proposals suggesting 17.6% rise in NSW.

How energy demand could drink up global water resources

The energy sector accounts for 15 per cent of global water withdrawals but while many renewables are water-intensive, wind and solar are not.

Britain's Trust launches first utility project

Famed conservation charity uses land holdings for first hydro project.

Crude by rail a conundrum: Buffett

Berkshire Hathaway chief says expanding industry has 'to learn how to do it very safely'.

Corporate Amercia's unlikely climate alliance

Big investors are paying more attention to climate issues, and US oil and gas giant Apache's shareholder engagement on the issue has spared it the prolonged proxy fights of its peers.

A problem for utilities' smartest minds

The multipliers of low-cost solar and cost-effective storage have the potential to be highly disruptive to network utilities. But just how far should they shift investment to the smart grid?

The rise of solar co-ops

In the US, solar cooperatives are helping independently-owned solar integrators share best practices, allowing homeowners to install PV systems more economically, and giving renters a simple way to join the solar revolution.

China's Li calls for clean generation surge

Premier seeks new projects including nuclear, hydro.

Utility to score $400m for carbon capture

EU scheme set to reward British firm for pilot project.

Linc Energy to face court over coal plant

by AAP
Government alleges 'environmental harm' at underground coal gasification plant in Queensland.

No power sell-off without mandate: Baird

by AAP
New premier says any selloff of NSW poles and wires to go to election.

Macquarie makes electricity sector push

Investment bank secures electricity retail licenses across east coast: report.

US further delays Keystone decision

Final decision on $5.8 billion pipeline delayed past November mid-term elections.

Solar can bring a bright energy future – even in the UK

Despite its reputation as a cloudy country, with just its roof space Britain would far outstrip the UK's annual power consumption of 36 GW.

RWE's net profit to stabilise at lower level: CEO

German utility turning to smart-thermostats and other products for the post-generation era.

Industrialisation, with green characteristics

Recycling resources, growing renewables and eco-finance are at the heart of China's existential - but still early - pursuit of clean industrialisation.

Signs of a rebound: Renewables' strong first quarter

An increasing share of small-scale solar in overall investment and the expansion of clean energy capital flows to more emerging economies has delivered a 10 per cent first quarter lift for global renewables.

Solar's silver year in the US

New data shows solar was second for capacity additions in the US last year, jumping dramatically, while wind predictably dropped sharply.

'Tide has turned on network prices'

Energy market regulator to cut NSW tariff proposals from network owners.

US emissions down 10% since 2005

EPA finds lower demand, gas switch puts nation on track for 17 per cent target.