Energy markets

US further delays Keystone decision

Final decision on $5.8 billion pipeline delayed past November mid-term elections.

Solar can bring a bright energy future – even in the UK

Despite its reputation as a cloudy country, with just its roof space Britain would far outstrip the UK's annual power consumption of 36 GW.

RWE's net profit to stabilise at lower level: CEO

German utility turning to smart-thermostats and other products for the post-generation era.

Industrialisation, with green characteristics

Recycling resources, growing renewables and eco-finance are at the heart of China's existential - but still early - pursuit of clean industrialisation.

Signs of a rebound: Renewables' strong first quarter

An increasing share of small-scale solar in overall investment and the expansion of clean energy capital flows to more emerging economies has delivered a 10 per cent first quarter lift for global renewables.

Solar's silver year in the US

New data shows solar was second for capacity additions in the US last year, jumping dramatically, while wind predictably dropped sharply.

'Tide has turned on network prices'

Energy market regulator to cut NSW tariff proposals from network owners.

US emissions down 10% since 2005

EPA finds lower demand, gas switch puts nation on track for 17 per cent target.

UAE to take Australia uranium

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Emirates planning four nuclear plants by 2020.

How 'clusters' could drive the next off-grid wave

For many Australians, winter electricity demand is similar to summer demand, making stand-alone power more problematic. But 'infrastructure clusters' will make it increasingly viable.

Lessons for Australia from Norway's petro-wealth debate

As Norway is slowly realising, it makes perfect financial sense for an economy heavily exposed to fossil fuels to hedge its bets and start tilting towards the low-carbon sector.

Total steps away from Polish shale

by AFP
French giant drops exploration licence without reason.

Minerals Council launches 'Australians for coal' website

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Rio and BHP-backed mining lobby aims to counter 'noisy extremists'; boasts '510 years of brown coal'.

'Won't cost the world to save the planet'

The IPCC's 'mitigation' report says a radical shift from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy such as wind, solar and nuclear would shave only 0.06% a year off global growth.

Coal sector muscles up to activists

Coal industry hits back at opponents, uses tools employed by anti-coal activists.

Huge LNG terminal proposed for Abbot Point

Gas project set to deepen dredging requirements for Great Barrier Reef export hub.

Pricing our way to a fairer energy future

The drop in electricity demand, which has placed downward pressure on bills, has cleared the way for a more appropriate tariff structure.

The financial implications of grid defection

Investors in power utilities have so far been assuaged by regulated revenue, but soon-viable 'complete customer defection' will drag the sector into a post-monopoly landscape.

Aluminium RET exemption threatens others: AiG

Peak industry body urges caution as aluminium sector pushes for 100% RET exemption.

Talking bull about disappearing demand

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There is a bizarre idea being pushed by some that consumers using less electricity is a problem. That might be for suppliers but it isn't for consumers or the economy as a whole. A move to fixed charges might help suppliers with their 'problem' but it won't help the economy.