Energy markets

Queensland voters fooled over power bills and privatisation

QLD Labor's plan to merge government power generators into one company would be like merging Coles and Woolies. At the same time the LNP must break-up the two government generators into more companies if privatisation is to really deliver lower bills.

NSW network Ausgrid in stoush with regulator

Cost cutting from AER to threaten supply, says govt firm.

China beats energy efficiency target

Communist giant slices energy-per-GDP level 4.8% against a 3.9% target.

Fidelity dismisses oil threat to solar

Investment giant remains positive on PV despite First Solar slump.

Why Deutsche Bank’s solar projections don’t fit Australia

Many of the cost reductions Deutsche Bank proposes are already in play in Australia – indeed, prices here are arguably on the verge of unsustainability already.

Alerts, not prices, for a power market fix?

Time-of-use tariffs are being touted as the way forward for Australia's electricity market yet families struggle to shift energy use - options like 'peak demand alerts' could be more effective.

Trina's chief scientist: don't expect a solar price plunge

The chief scientist at the number-one producer of solar panels says we can't expect past price plunges to continue, but that doesn't mean the cost of power from solar won't continue its downward trend.

Firm selected for Horizon Power smart meter rollout

Silver Spring Networks to help WA remote region utility upgrade meter services to 47,000.

BHP slims down shale production

The big Australian has responded to falling oil prices by dialing back its US shale oil operations. Is this a sign of more pain to come for the petroleum industry?

Turbines sprout in India, Brazil

The week in clean energy saw significant large-scale renewables project deals and progressions (mostly wind) while tidal and wave power looked to a decisive 2015.

Rating Australia's solar industry: the customers' verdict

A comprehensive CHOICE survey of solar power system owners around the country can reveal the answers to some of the burning questions facing consumers and retailers.

Will solar be blindsided by power price reform?

A Victorian power network is willing to pay a premium for power exported from solar systems and has been for several years now. Yet few have noticed and retailers aren't passing it on. It shows the risks but also opportunities from power price reform.

Uranium buyers expect prices to rise

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Buying switches to long-term contracts as demand expected to grow in Asia.

Germany's offshore wind capacity doubles

Installations rise to 2.35GW in year but network connections lag.

China helps NSW coal exports grow 8%

State's 2013-14 tonnage rises on 22% lift in demand from China.

Australia's drastically shrinking abatement opportunities

New report finds ongoing policy uncertainty has stifled Australia's options for reducing emissions, suggesting a 15% emission cut by 2030 as the maximum we could realistically achieve.

A shock to the system for energy retailers

The electricity retail market is undergoing a seachange, which will challenge the big three gentailers and smaller players alike.

Understanding the shale oil revolution

The expansion of US shale production was supposed to liberate the US from oil imports and fix the trade deficit, among other things. Has it lived up to its promise?

Australia's energy ambitions get a jolt of reality

Talk of Australia's potential energy superpower status may appeal to national pride, but it's completely inaccurate and a turn-off for overseas energy customers.

The price war could backfire on energy giants

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The strongest players in the energy and resources industries are engineering price collapses to force smaller competitors out of the market. But this assumes that the problem is a short-term one.