Energy markets

NSW approves controversial new coalmine

Shenhua's $1bn Watermark project for fertile Liverpool Plains gets planning tick.

Qld council pushes for reopening of coal-fired power station

Whitsunday mayor calls on state candidates to opt for Collinsville over new Moray Project.

US Senate approves Keystone pipeline

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Eight Democrats defy president to pass-through bill on oil project.

Affection for solar extends across all political colours

New polling shows ownership of solar is almost exactly the same across Labor, Conservatives, Greens, and unaligned voters. It's one key reason why the Abbott Government got cold feet on abolishing the small-scale Renewable Energy Target.

Storage to be rising 240GW a year by 2030: Citi

Bank predicts $400bn market; rapid cost falls in next 7-8 years.

Used EV batteries tapped for grid storage project

Bosch, BMW and Vattenfall Batteries join for project using 100-plus batteries.

India to sell 10% Coal India stake

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Modi govt faces fight in bid to offload $5bn stake.

Modi and Obama's promising first steps

While coal remains the elephant in the room, the two leaders at least made progress on HFCs, solar and climate adaptation.

US starts playing catch-up on offshore wind

America is set for its first offshore wind farm with the federal government opening up waters off the northeast coast in an attempt to follow Europe's advanced tapping of Atlantic winds.

Smart homes: consumers favour home security over efficiency

Market research has found the smart home industry is going to outpace smartphones to 2019. But homeowners are off the mark with their focus on home security ahead of energy efficiency.

Plunging oil price could see gas prices plummet and renewables hurt

The recent huge spike in Australian gas prices has been driven by LNG contracts - contracts that tie its price to that of oil. The plunge in the oil price could mean cheap gas again with flow-on implications for the competitiveness of wind and solar power.

Woodside in China gas fight: report

Consortium including Woodside, BHP allegedly holding back shipments in push to raise prices.

Inner Sydney council to divest from fossil fuels

Marrickville becomes first NSW municipality to join global push; set to withdraw $15m, dump big banks.

Hawaii's grid to accept 250% solar penetration

Hawaii has been leading the US in solar uptake. The new owner of its power utility is also removing the brakes, moving to fast track grid connection of solar systems up to 250% of a network circuit's daytime minimum demand.

The Saudis' battle with US shale is far from over

The Saudis believe their tactics have resulted in some stability for the oil price, but there are question marks over how effective their strategy will be in the long run.

U-turn to nowhere: Nuclear's dire outlook

Apart from China, nuclear is not garnering traction anywhere in the world with most nations likely to phase out or downgrade capacity in coming years - reinforcing a decades-long trend of stagnation.

A crash in gas use is more likely than the forecast 'shortage'

Official forecasts point to steady or rising demand yet our analysis suggests that, with prices rising, gas demand in NSW could fall to as much as half within 10 years.

US-India agree to work closer on solar, nuclear

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But Modi says country feels no pressure on emissions target ahead of Paris.

Second opinion? Doctors' coal concerns rebuked by Abbott Govt

A rebuke from the Prime Minister's Office to doctors complaining that coal isn't all that good for humanity exposes a government with completely inconsistent policy positions.

Queensland voters fooled over power bills and privatisation

QLD Labor's plan to merge government power generators into one company would be like merging Coles and Woolies. At the same time the LNP must break-up the two government generators into more companies if privatisation is to really deliver lower bills.