Energy markets

Why the Abbott Government is 'generous', and you should be thankful

Sure, the Coalition wants to cut the construction of new renewable energy capacity by 30% - but, as Ian Macfarlane implies, if you knew what they'd really wanted to do you would be thankful.

Solar Council rejects CEC compromise

'No deal better than bad deal' for large-scale solar.

Opportunities and risk in the new electricity era

There are both big opportunities and risks for the electricity industry, and associated sectors such as building and appliances, in the broadening retail space on the consumer side of the power meter.

SolarCity offers microgrid product

US firm to use Tesla batteries in challenge to GE, Siemens.

Can the Gates Foundation be convinced to dump fossil fuels?

Bill Gates has been a long-standing advocate of 'creative capitalism' to address global poverty, but his foundation's fossil fuel portfolio contrasts with its own concern that climate change is a major issue for developing countries.

Abbott Govt obstructing US-led push to end third world coal subsidies: report

US-led efforts to restrict funding for overseas plants hits Australian hurdle in OECD talks.

How ARENA's home solar-storage-efficiency $6.7m should've been spent

If ARENA had instead partnered with SP AusNet and The Cape eco-village, a much bigger, more effective, distributed and more resilient system could have been built with 10 times the storage as the WA trial - at the same cost.

Environmental groups lament RET compromise offer

Renewables industry compromise offer 'disappointing', 'lowers the bar'.

The secret to cost-effective energy storage

A new paper suggesting better-than-expected cost declines for batteries is welcome, but obsession with the $/kWh figure risks sidelining all the other factors that make up a purchase in the home energy storage sphere.

Foley's foreign investment rants ignore the facts

Whether the NSW Opposition Leader knows it or not, Australia has always been a net importer of foreign capital.

CEC offers RET compromise

by AAP
Clean energy sector puts new number on table for large-scale RET as govt talks continue.

Privatisation scare campaign extends reach to WA

The WA Government has baulked at implementing a series of reforms to its electricity market that would improve competition and potentially also encourage greater use of solar and energy efficiency.

California grid hits 5% solar

Western state - which has 5.4GW solar capacity - becomes first in US to generate more than 5% of electricity from utility-scale solar, with the increasing energy source picking up hydro's slack during the state's drought year.

NSW Govt tips $15,000 into Byron renewable energy trading

Stokes says trial will help 'break down barriers' to renewables trading.

Seven-day build for 1MW hybrid power plant

Solar-diesel plant's redeployability 'game-changing'.

Abbott’s world of diplomatic pain - in one chart

Greg Hunt might like to celebrate Australia having curtailed CO2 growth relative to where error-riddled forecasts thought we would be. But on an emissions per person basis, Australia has some serious explaining to do.

PV inverter prices to fall up to 30% by 2020: GlobalData

Further falls expected in technology price; analysts reveal SMA, Sungrow dominant.

Support for keeping or increasing renewables target continues to grow says poll

Survey finds those thinking target 'too high' declined 5 points, 'too low' rose 4 points.

Backdating EITE exemptions option for RET: Macfarlane

Minister says heavy industry could be refunded if deal misses liabilities deadline.

China trio in trade law trouble; Beijing ups solar air solution

The week in clean energy was dominated by China, with its PV manufacturers risking the wrath of Europe import laws, Beijing setting a 17.8GW PV target for 2015 and a 300,000 EV target for 2020 while also applying 'obligatory purchase' to grid renewables.