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Imagining where Warburton went wrong

Yesterday we put forward the likely case for abolishing the renewables target. Today it's the turn of the renewable energy industry to tell Tony Abbott where Warburton went wrong.

Peabody forced to withdraw 'clean coal' ads

Global giant reprimanded over misleading newspaper advertisement.

Newspoll finds 95% think renewables 'a good idea'

But six in 10 don't want to have to support development via electricity bill increases.

What I learned from debating science with trolls

Maurice Newman's recent contribution to global warming commentary harnesses some of the favourite tactics of internet cranks, who rely on distorted expert opinion and broken logic.

Infigen warns on RET legal action

Reduced target could face legal challenge, says wind developer.

Carbon price will return, says business

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Survey of major energy, mining, construction firms also finds 'neutral' stance on Direct Action.

Americas awaken to renewables option

The week in clean saw energy policy changes boost renewables in Mexico and Central America, Brazil reveal details for solar auctions and wave and tidal forecasts recede.

The ACCC's purist energy views rile the gentailers

Big electricity gentailers like Energy Australia argue that the ACCC's view on competition ignores the changing dynamics of power generation and could threaten the supply sector's reliability.

A climate change convention: Clive Palmer really knows how to mess with Abbott's mind

The government doesn't really want to set off a big battle over renewables right now; it's another front where the PUP leader has ministers right where he wants them.

Reading Dick Warburton's mind

How might the RET Review panel chair Dick Warburton and his colleagues frame their argument? Here's a preview of what might be the opening letter of their report.

Liberal state calls for RET to remain

Tasmanian government provides 'unequivocal' support for target.

GE expresses RET concern; Origin wary of RET closure

Australian subsidiary says target change would be affront to government's business mantra.

Palmer: Abbott will need to convince Greens to abolish RET

PUP leader says he won't be negotiating over changing the RET; says vote for change will need to come from elsewhere.

Palmer to host climate summit after G20

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PUP leader plans self-styled conference at Palmer Coolum Resort.

A lament for lost fuel excise indexation

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Like most taxes, indexation would proportionately hit those on the lowest incomes hardest. Yet we shouldn't continue to under-price petrol, with all the negative externalities that entails.

G20 must tackle financial risks: CEDA

Think tank says plans for climate change, taxation and financial reform must come from G20 Summit.

Warburton not extreme enough for Abbott?

Reports that Tony Abbott has urged RET Review panel head Dick Warburton to look again at abolishing the scheme may be more about political calculations than an actual intention to kill the scheme entirely.

Drayton South coal mine decision looms

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Public hearing set to determine future of Hunter Valley proposal: report.

China EV production rises 700%

Xinhua says government policies seeing green car growth.

China to ban processed polysilicon imports

Beijing ups solar trade war in wake of US duties.