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Carbon tax competitiveness myth blown apart

An Oxford and London School of Economics study analysing actual trade data finds that changes in energy prices have little effect on global trade competitiveness. It suggests a carbon price of $100 would reduce EU exports by less than 1%.

What should the Intergenerational Report say about climate?

The report should consider the material impact of climate change on Australia’s fiscal sustainability, economic growth and standard of living - and how the nation can proceed to a net-zero emissions economy.

Nuclear waste dump search restarts

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Industry minister calls for voluntary nominations.

Forty-year report must focus on climate costs

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Pathway needed to net zero emissions: institute.

The deafening silence on energy efficiency

Being more energy efficient is a key driver of business and community wellbeing, yet Australia is slipping further down the world ladder.

SA's broad-brush nuclear review is meant to sideline opponents

Rather than seeing Port Augusta's hoped-for solar thermal station replaced by a modular nuclear reaction, this inquiry - given the unfavourable international economics of uranium enrichment - looks to be more about waste.

Utility-solar gets a boost in the South

Utilities in the American southeast are scrambling to catch-up with their southwest siblings, with North Carolina's RET seeing its big-solar pipeline currently surpassing California's.

Swiss become first to commit to Paris targets

Bern officially lodges 2030 targets - 50% reduction, with majority via international offsets.

Solar - 4% unsafe, 15% substandard - sounds bad doesn’t it?

For some time now, inspection audits have deemed 4% of solar systems 'unsafe' and 15% 'sub-standard'. What does this actually mean and why be suspicious about the media and the minister's new-found concern?

The film that is going to change China

An anti-smog documentary that has become a viral hit in China is set to shake up the environmental movement and the energy industry.

Solar Council calls for Hunt resignation over 'quality scare'

Minister's timing with inquiry suggests political motivation: Grimes.

Target aims for 808MW of small-scale solar in 2015

The Clean Energy Regulator's target of 11.71% for 2015 represents an additional 808MW of solar PV for the year, down slightly on 2014. The regulator has also released non-binding marks for 2016 and 2017.

Stokes announces $61.5m for efficient appliances scheme

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Needy households to be offered low-interest loans and discounts.

Macfarlane threatens: take my RET deal or else

The government has now publicly confirmed a large-scale RET offer above the 30,000GWh range, with Greg Hunt saying he's optimistic of a deal with Labor soon that goes 'significantly further' than 20%. However, Ian Macfarlane is striking a very different tone.

Alcoa paying more after carbon repeal

Energy costs up for aluminium firm in last six months as 'offsets' removal hits.

Q&A: The renewables climate in Australia and her neighbours

GE's Asia-Pacific chief shares his views on the market and policy for renewables around Asia, how Australia - and its RET - compares, and what the oil price effect will be.

Liberals sweat over the next tilt against Abbott

The question on Liberals' lips is not if Abbott will be replaced, but when, and senior government ministers are already imagining what role they might play in a Turnbull-led government.

Brandis politicised the Human Rights Commission long ago

Tony Abbott and George Brandis have apparently lost confidence in the political impartiality of the Human Rights Commission ... a year after appointing to it an ideological soulmate with an advanced degree in carbon price sabotage.

Could the retailers be sidestepped?

As the LGC spot price grows and a compromise looms on the RET, might a few developers and financiers decide it's worth the risk to dive in and build some projects, even without a long term power purchase contract?

BOM to tender for wave power research

Bureau moves to modernise wave data buoys.