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Government’s chief carbon policy adviser reveals secret carbon tax

The Abbott Government’s own expert adviser on climate policy has revealed that Labor’s emissions trading scheme was “strikingly similar” to the Coalition’s Direct Action scheme. Does this mean the Abbott Government is also about to introduce a carbon tax by stealth?

ACCC says carbon tax repeal saving 'reasonable' but can't quantify

ACCC says 'not possible to quantify' cost savings outside of $153 to $269 from energy bills.

Coalition MP breaks ranks on clean energy bank lending ban

Sarah Henderson asks Finance Minister to drop ban on CEFC financing wind and rooftop solar.

Abbott attacks wind farms again

Labor 50% renewables target to lead to 'massive overbuild of wind farms', 23% renewables 'more than enough'.

Is Labor’s 50% renewables target a joke?

Labor is describing its 50% renewable energy target as ‘aspirational’. But banks don’t lend money on the basis of aspirational targets and voters shouldn’t lend any credibility to them either.

Labor 'aspiring' to 50% renewables

Delegates at Labor conference pass motion for 50% target and also emission standards for new cars.

Brown coal - a tale of love versus statistics

According to Gerard Henderson if you're a Victorian you should love brown coal. But does he have a clue what he's talking about?

Flinders Uni considers housing Lomborg centre

by AAP
Flinders University is reported to be talking with Abbott Govt about hosting Bjorn Lomborg think tank.

We need a shake-up of energy market regulation

The way we manage energy market regulation is excessively slow, complex and bureaucratic. It's time it was streamlined to put consumers front and centre.

Why Shorten is daring Abbott to a climate change election

Bill Shorten says 'bring it on' to election fought over power prices and climate policy. He shouldn't be worried because Abbott Gov't climate policy must also include increased power prices too, unless of course they want to increase taxes instead.

Shorten 'not intimidated' on ETS

by AAP
Opposition leader set to confirm ALP will take emissions trading scheme to next election.

The cost of Labor’s 50% renewables target – less than $6 per bill

Calculations suggest Labor's 50 per cent renewable energy target will cost households an awful lot less than a 15 per cent GST. The reason for the small cost comes down to making a proper comparison with the likely alternative option.

Get set for a re-run of the 2013 election scare campaign

The Coalition has wasted no time trying to link Labor's big renewables announcement with the carbon price scare campaign. Meanwhile Labor knows renewables are very popular, the complete opposite of the carbon price. Get set for depressingly simplistic slogans.

One year on from the carbon price experiment, the rebound in emissions is clear

The carbon price has gone and emissions have gone up from electricity, but the reasons for the rise are more complicated than the carbon price having been abolished.

Labor's 50% renewables target - ambitious but falls short

Labor's commitment to 50% share of renewables in our electricity supply by 2030 is ambitious. Yet when assessed against the need to match the emission reduction pledges of the US and Canada, we'll need an awful lot else too.

Today's top 6 stories in energy & carbon

First half of 2015 hottest ever; but Abbott government not hot with the electorate; SunEdison pays US$2.2b to get into residential solar; but others say utility solar better; are India's low solar auction prices real? meanwhile in Australia....another coal mine gets Hunt's tick.

Tony's 15% GST vs the carbon tax python squeeze

Which is worse for your cost of living and energy bills – the dreaded carbon tax or a 15% GST? More importantly, does it matter provided other taxes are cut?

The real zombie tax we need to fix

The media loves a good scary story about a new tax, especially one back from the dead. Yet because we often pay our power bills like mindless zombies, power retailers are hitting our wallet with a cost 2½ times bigger than the carbon price.

Hunt urges Labor to ditch ETS

by AAP
Environment minister says ALP policy should completely eradicate emissions trading scheme.

Greg, why can’t you just be honest – Climate change is crap

The Environment Minister is now resorting to a 2nd reading speech to suggest the government’s demand that the clean energy bank not fund wind and rooftop solar is nothing more than ensuring it fulfils its intended purpose.