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Clive Palmer has got his sleeping ETS, but will it be awakened?

What hasn't been appreciated in the Direct Action deal is that Clive Palmer's dormant ETS is now reality. But 'scientific girly-man' Greg Hunt faces stiff opposition awakening it.

Direct Action passes Senate

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Climate plan passes with PUP support after marathon late-night sitting.

Dubbo 'unitised' solar farm in doubt

Soleir project on pause amid RET uncertainty.

Why uncontrolled climate change may be an ultimate limit to growth

Long-run, environmental sustainability of global industrial development is possible over the next century – but only if we control climate change.

Wind firm RES considering abandoning Australian presence

UK-based developer may axe Vic projects if RET cut goes ahead.

Direct Action critic Turnbull backs plan

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Minister confident policy will achieve 5% emissions reduction target.

LNG exports: Confusing foreign profits with Australian benefits

The recent Grattan report concludes gas exports are an economic benefit. But really they are a transfer of wealth from Australian households and businesses to the foreign owners of oil and gas majors.

The class action risk for super funds dumping resources

A decision by the trustees of ANU’s superannuation fund to divest resources holdings could result in members taking legal action.

Vic political leaders reject poll swing

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Latest poll shows Napthine government trailing 44-56 with less than month to go.

Xenophon's theoretical stick and Hunt's missing carrots

The government's Direct Action scheme will pass the Senate but it doesn't pass muster. Senator Xenophon reckons he's added some stick but there's no trigger to use it and Minister Hunt's still pretending he's got enough carrots.

Palmer deal gives green light to Direct Action – experts react

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Academics are mixed on the prospect of Direct Action as it stands, while a study into an emissions trading scheme is more heartening.

How Australia missed the fracking boat

The long-term environmental and economic benefits that the US extracted from the shale gas boom are yet to be realised in Australia.

SRES uncertain as industry urge Shorten to stick to 41,000GWh target

Government refuses to clarify intentions on small scale renewable energy target.

Academic fronts Shorten over RET

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UC lecturer interrupts press conference.

EU emissions drop 1.8%

Europe on track for 24% emissions cut by 2020; ETS delivers $5bn cheque.

Alevo unveils grid storage system

Company says battery system boast longevity, safety advantages.

Narrow window for Senate vote on Direct Action

Fourth in line on the Senate’s order of business, the Emissions Reduction Fund is likely to pass with revisions in the next 48 hours, although without Nick Xenophon's international permits option.

Climate changes 'to kill 250,000 annually'

Future climate threat rivals current ebola threat at World Health Summit.

How mature is Tony Abbott?

Tony Abbott is calling for a 'mature' debate on the GST. Yet just one simple chart illustrates how his choice of the scare campaign is a so much easier route to political power.

Direct Action deal imminent: report

PUP said to be close to reaching deal.