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How should INDCs be measured?

Direct emissions represent just one view of emissions. Some would argue that the national inventory should also include embedded emissions within imported products, but this introduces considerable complexity into the estimation.

Why abatement auction prices will rise

Minister Hunt is claiming the ERF auction has proven he’ll hit his emission targets, but for that to be true prices in future must drop. Unfortunately there’s a very powerful driver that will push prices up not down in future auctions.

Doubts over ERF as govt hails it success

by AAP
Analysts express concern over big polluter participation, sustainability of policy.

Australia, get to know Bjorn Lomborg a little better

The Danish researcher once claimed polar bear numbers were on the rise, when the most authoritative research was saying they were in terminal decline. What new gems can we expect from the well-travelled 'Danish delayer'?

Could Minister Hunt’s magnificent bluff come to an end?

The Environment Minister has been bluffing his way through climate policy for more than seven years. With the results in for his Direct Action auction, is the act finally up?

UWA denies govt claim Lomborg centre was its idea

Abbott Govt approached us on 'consensus centre' last year, says university.

Govt spends $660m on Direct Action

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First round of govt's $2.55bn fund to slash carbon emissions finances 144 projects.

ERF delivers $13.95 carbon price in first auction

Regulator announces average price, volumes from first auctions.

Sparks fly from the Senate electricity report

The Senate inquiry's draft report into the regulation of Australia's electricity network is generating a lot of heated debate.

Why does AGL support the government closing down coal?

On the surface it seems bizarre ... why would Australia's largest owner of coal-fired power support government regulating the closure of coal power stations? One chart shows how self-interest can work in mysterious ways.

Sorry, 90% of Australia's coal needs to stay in the ground

Using a carbon budget approach with an eye to 2 degrees, The Climate Council has found Australia must show restraint when it comes to opening up known reserves.

Abbott Govt moves quickly to dismiss 30% target

CCA goal 'onerous', says minister.

Five million tonnes of abatement 'outstanding': Hunt

Minister says ERF will provide abatement framework for decades ahead of auction results.

CCA target not enough for 2-degree goal: institute

Climate Institute says 'at least 40%' needed by 2025.

Deregulation and renewables can see China shake fossil fuels

Utilising large-scale storage, China could produce 85% of its electricity from renewables by 2050 with fossil fuels peaking in 2025, a Beijing-backed study has found, with the authors saying power sector deregulation would be integral.

Farmers to challenge Rinehart coal mine

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Groundwater issue at Galilee project to go to Qld Supreme Court.

Climate Authority dares Australia to ... catch-up

Some will see the the CCA's recommendation as incredibly ambitious because Australia will have to significantly accelerate its emissions reductions, faster than key peers. But it's not that ambitious when you consider just how far behind we are on a range of emission performance metrics

Vice-chancellor defends Lomborg appointment

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Johnson says Danish political scientist 'not a denier'.

Protesters to march on 15 campuses calling for divestment

Students to demand universities lead on climate.

Authority calls for emissions cuts, but plays down the opportunities

The independent Climate Change Authority has given surprisingly little heed to the opportunities for Australia in creating a low-emissions economy, instead highlighting international emissions trading.