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Wind farms 'appalling': Hockey

Treasurer reiterates criticism, says coal-plants would equally ruin 'beautiful landscapes'.

Solar to accelerate switch to 'Big Asia'

Industry analyst Solarbuzz predicts India, China, and Japan will lead PV demand growth rates over the next five years, with the US outlook also strong. But the risk of market collapses persist.

Abbott to arrive at UN day after climate talks

by AAP
PM defends decision to skip New York summit; 125 heads of state confirmed.

Scottish vote may freeze 5.7GW-plus in wind

Bloomberg: 'Yes' vote to cast doubt on pipeline, threaten integrated power market.

How to get renewable energy into the grid – without losing power

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The technology to ensure steady power amid rising renewables is mostly available – just energy storage looms as the final challenge.

The New England city running at 100% renewable

The recent acquisition of a hydro plant by Burlingham means Vermont's largest city can now get all its power from wind, water and biomass.

Shorten 'bins' Warburton: Where to next?

Bill Shorten has echoed Mark Butler, saying the Warburton recommendations 'belong in the bin'. It narrows the field of what's possible, pointing to a tricky target-date extension.

A rethink needed on Hazelwood mine fire

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The Victorian Government needs to rethink its rejection of the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry’s recommendation to rapidly respond to air quality data.

Pro-RET radio ads launched

Climate Institute begins final part of renewables campaign.

Victorian CCS research wins $5m grant

Vic Govt grant to fund next stage of Nirranda demonstration facility.

Snowy Hydro acquires Infratil energy portfolio

State-owned firm's $600m generation, retail buy makes it fourth-largest energy retailer.

China considers quality restrictions on imported coal

Move to potentially affect Australian thermal exports.

Productivity Commission to tackle gas question

Government body to seek framework for more efficient domestic market.

Harper joins Abbott in bailing on climate summit

Like his Australian counterpart, the Canadian prime minister will opt out of this month's UN Climate Summit, which is set to be attended by Barack Obama and David Cameron.

Health industry's $29bn fund to restrict thermal coal investments

HESTA becomes first major Australian super fund to apply measures across all products.

Fossil-free superannuation is an idea that's going to snowball

Fossil fuel divestment efforts so far may be equivalent to only a drop in the ocean, but the economic and political momentum they provide mean it's only a matter of time before they gain real traction.

Grappling with the big picture on energy

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The RET is far from the only factor in determining Australia's future energy supply.

Renewables industry calls the government's bluff

The Clean Energy Council issued a statement yesterday telling Ian Macfarlane they're not interested in volunteering themselves to be sacrificed. It reflects a belief that while the government talks tough, they are in fact weak and vulnerable on the RET.

China shows there's more to renewables than fighting climate change

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China is contributing more than any other country to a climate-change solution – but its mammoth green energy system is driven by manufacturing and energy security considerations.

The power 'price shock' lie to halt renewable energy

Why would the Big Three power companies pass up bargain basement prices of $30 for renewable energy certificates if the price was - as the Business Council of Australia is threatening - about to skyrocket to $93 unless the RET is slashed?