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Tax cuts?! Government abandons economic reality

The Abbott Government has committed to income tax cuts without damaging the budget while reducing carbon emissions without increasing energy prices. Abbott says it's down to the Coalition's DNA. But voters may think it's more like DNTA - Do Not Trust Abbott.

AGL will no longer make political donations

Company says donations have perception of 'undue influence from big business on government'.

The US and China force our hand on carbon

Tony Abbott is being forced to take action on carbon emissions for fear of the consequences of being too far out of step with the international community.

Hunt’s Direct Action abatement auction - a 'market' Marx would be proud of

The government has loaded the dice again in the next abatement auction, giving the regulator more powers to arbitrarily and without transparency change the way it conducts the auction. It might save money in the short term but at the expense of investment in new abatement projects.

Victoria extends energy efficiency target scheme to 2020 – can it go national?

Victoria has joined NSW, South Australia and ACT in confirming extensions to their energy efficiency target schemes, but it remains to be seen whether other states will join in.

Hockey's mad double-down bet on coal

Joe Hockey appears to be considering spending billions of taxpayers dollars to subsidise the huge new Adani Carmichael coal mine. Yet the coal market is suffering a large glut and government economic modelling shows it's about to get even worse.

Hunt claims credit for drought and plunging coal price but not rising electricity emissions

Our Minister for the Environment has proudly trumpeted emissions have reached their lowest level in 10 years – all without a ‘painful carbon price’. It turns out he’s mastered an ability to manipulate the weather and global commodity prices. But those rising emissions from electricity – nothing to do with him?

Wind tower manufacturer to boost staff numbers

Keppel Prince confident it might get back to prior staff of 500 on back of Victorian and Federal Renewable Energy Targets.

ACT Government to divest from fossil fuels and target 100% renewable energy

Aiming for 100% renewables by 2025 and Labor conference passes motion for fossil fuel divestment.

Treasurer Hockey aiming to make Adani rail line financially viable

by AAP
Says Fed and QLD gov't 'doing everything they can', refuses to provide details of possible subsidies.

McKibbin is spoiling Abbott's emissions scare campaign party

The Government has once again hired an economic modeller who can't seem to stick to the script on the supposedly high cost of reducing carbon emissions.

Origin Energy shows why renewable energy investors are too fearful of Tony Abbott

Origin's CEO King says if anything Renewable Energy Target will be increased in future and shows economics for new renewable energy projects are compelling. Could spooked investors be missing an opportunity?

Bill repealing environmental approval appeals introduced

Amendments to EPBC Act introduced to parliament but Senate passage looks unlikely.

Final decision looming on Abbot Point

by AAP
A final decision on approving port expansion to support coal mining projects in Galilee Basin could be delivered within months.

Brandis' changes to environmental laws will defang the watchdogs

Repealing section 487 of the Environmental Protection Act will effectively preclude environmental groups from acting on behalf of affected communities and from performing their important function as a watchdog.

Palmer to oppose government environmental law change

by AAP
Palmer won't vote for government overturning legal appeal rights.

New QLD coal mine granted environmental approval

by AAP
Federal government grants approval to Red Hill underground mine.

Abbott puts Meridian off more windfarms

by AAP
Major NZ utility CEO deterred from investing, says government support for renewables scheme 'less than convincing'.

Islamic leaders join Pope in urging fossil fuel phase out

Religious leaders from 20 countries urge Paris climate change agreement to contain warming to 2 degrees.

Origin urges shut-down of coal - here’s why a purist ETS has been abandoned

Origin Energy is urging the Victorian Government to regulate the closure of coal, joining similar calls from AGL and EnergyAustralia. Two graphs show why Australia has given up on a purist ETS approach to decarbonising the power sector.