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Exporting China’s green growth to the world

Green development has been 'the inevitable choice for China' – which shrewdly built a renewables industry ahead of a domestic market – but can it be a model for the rest of the world?

China's Li calls for clean generation surge

Premier seeks new projects including nuclear, hydro.

Utility to score $400m for carbon capture

EU scheme set to reward British firm for pilot project.

Carbon repeal uncertain: Palmer

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Government reportedly open to scrapping planned welfare cuts to appease PUP.

Trains, planes and automobiles: how our cities get the mix wrong

The latest announcements on a second airport for Sydney and an airport rail link for Melbourne show just how out-dated current thinking is on major infrastructure in Australia.

Clean energy economy or wrecking ball?

A review of the government's emissions data showed electricity emissions took a record fall while mining activity - and wealth - grew in the carbon price's first full calendar year.

Britain's stellar solar quarter

Driven by the ground-mounted segment, Britain installed a massive 1.1 GW in solar in the three months to March, rocketing the nation's solar capacity to 4.46 GW.

Pipeline delay's all about boosting Obama's base

Approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline would have risked dampening the turnout of environmentalists, as well as the generosity of some wealthy Democrat donors, for the US mid-terms.

The realpolitik behind China's renewables push

State power has nurtured the wind and solar industries to the point Chinese firms now stride the world stage. But climate change does not really figure in Beijing's renewables push.

Linc Energy to face court over coal plant

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Government alleges 'environmental harm' at underground coal gasification plant in Queensland.

Tasmanian wind farm gets EPA tick

Thirty-three turbine, 99 MW Granville Harbour farm set to pass council.

No power sell-off without mandate: Baird

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New premier says any selloff of NSW poles and wires to go to election.

Direct Action 'hopeless' and 'gone': Palmer

PUP leader gives policy a lashing, govt urged to reconsider climate options.

US further delays Keystone decision

Final decision on $5.8 billion pipeline delayed past November mid-term elections.

Solar can bring a bright energy future – even in the UK

Despite its reputation as a cloudy country, with just its roof space Britain would far outstrip the UK's annual power consumption of 36 GW.

Add polymer to carbon market, urges EU

Germany pressured on plastics policy; Poland faces sanction over fluorinated gases.

US details $4bn green bank return

Obama administration unveils post-Solyndra loan aid for renewables; plans year-end start.

The ABC icon among Oz's 'dirty dozen'

Among the list of Australia's 12 most influential climate foes sits an ABC legend with a following to make shock-jocks - and the renewables industry - weep.

Industrialisation, with green characteristics

Recycling resources, growing renewables and eco-finance are at the heart of China's existential - but still early - pursuit of clean industrialisation.

Global warming will kill: Ludlam

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Weather already turning violent, renewables the solution, says senator.