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CSG 'manageable with standards': review

NSW chief scientist says certain conditions could allow for development.

Greens kill 'one-stop shop' environmental approvals plan

PUP deal to see Commonwealth oversight continue for resource proposals.

Newman wants weather bureau review

PM's top business adviser says BOM 'homogenisation seems arbitrary'.

Divestment's big week; Nigeria kickstarts solar

The week in clean energy saw the Rockefellers and Mars stand-out amid an upbeat climate summit in New York, while Africa's biggest sub-Saharan economy looks set to get serious about renewables.

Energy agency's warning to government on RET

The International Energy Agency projects that solar could be cheaper than coal, but it hinges on clear, stable policy. Meanwhile, Australian investors representing $1 trillion in funds have warned Prime Minister Abbott he's about to trash precisely that.

Chile becomes first South American country to tax carbon

President signs off on laws targeting 50MW-plus generators with $5/tonne tax.

Latin America has '9GW solar pipeline to 2019'

Switch to utility-scale projects in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico to boost market: analysts.

IEA: 4 charts showing how solar will achieve dominance

The energy agency sees a 2050 with PV contributing 16% and concentrated solar - after an equatorial boom - tipping in 11% of the world's electricity supply, making solar the dominant energy source.

Climate experts slam Energy Green Paper

One of the main objectives of the Abbott Government's energy green paper – increasing coal use, via Asia, over coming decades – is diametrically opposed to the policies needed to limit warming below 2 degrees.

LNP claws back lead over Labor in Qld

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LNP up 54-46 on two-party preferred basis.

Labor outlines RET negotiation terms

Labor wants fixed energy target; refuses to rule out end-date change.

Rallies for renewables draw thousands

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Protesters gather at 30 sites around Australia calling for RET retention.

Solar alliance forms ahead of Qld election

Soloar industry to join unions, environmental groups for 'coordinated campaign'.

You can’t make plastic from a solar panel

But you certainly can run cars in India and China in the next couple of decades on solar electricity - so the oil industry should start transitioning.

Consumer groups join call for 'no change' to RET

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Advocates say renewables target reduction would drive up electricity bills.

Protesters shut down coal mine sites in NSW

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Whitehaven's Maules Creek among six northern NSW sites affected.

Vic govt continues to trail Labor: poll

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Public transport looming as key issue two months from vote.

Dirty air and dodgy politics in Victoria

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The message that the Hazelwood fire may well have killed people won’t be a popular one with the state government. Indeed it seems it's easier to attack science than listen to Morwell fire death stats.

Renewable power scores a consumer endorsement

Six of the nation's leading consumer and community groups - including the Brotherhood of St Laurence and ACOSS - have written an open letter calling on the government to consider the consumer benefit in retaining the RET.

Abbott's 'good global citizen' needs a priorities rethink

In a speech to the UN late last week, the Prime Minister said Australia can 'step up' to make the world a better place. But are his and the globe's priorities driven by emotion or calculated logic?