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Macfarlane threatens: take my RET deal or else

The government has now publicly confirmed a large-scale RET offer above the 30,000GWh range, with Greg Hunt saying he's optimistic of a deal with Labor soon that goes 'significantly further' than 20%. However, Ian Macfarlane is striking a very different tone.

Alcoa paying more after carbon repeal

Energy costs up for aluminium firm in last six months as 'offsets' removal hits.

Q&A: The renewables climate in Australia and her neighbours

GE's Asia-Pacific chief shares his views on the market and policy for renewables around Asia, how Australia - and its RET - compares, and what the oil price effect will be.

Liberals sweat over the next tilt against Abbott

The question on Liberals' lips is not if Abbott will be replaced, but when, and senior government ministers are already imagining what role they might play in a Turnbull-led government.

Brandis politicised the Human Rights Commission long ago

Tony Abbott and George Brandis have apparently lost confidence in the political impartiality of the Human Rights Commission ... a year after appointing to it an ideological soulmate with an advanced degree in carbon price sabotage.

Could the retailers be sidestepped?

As the LGC spot price grows and a compromise looms on the RET, might a few developers and financiers decide it's worth the risk to dive in and build some projects, even without a long term power purchase contract?

BOM to tender for wave power research

Bureau moves to modernise wave data buoys.

Industry, bureaucrats slam RET destruction

CEFC says sector put back 12 years; AiG says deal delay is 'playing with fire'.

Firefighters dismiss wind-brake group's buffer claims

Emergency Management chief says turbines don't negatively impact fire bomber operations.

Inquiry questions NSW govt CSG plans

by AAP
Parliamentary inquiry calls development halt, calls for gas reservation scheme.

EU unveils plans for single energy market

by AFP
Plans for 'energy union' include boosting efficiency, reducing fossil fuel use.

Vic farmers should veto CSG: Nats

by AAP
Nationals say state moratorium should continue pending further studies.

Coalition MPs feel pressure on Watermark coal mine

by AAP
Joyce says options restricted to 'water trigger'.

Experts to review energy market announced

Dr Michael Vertigan, Euan Morton and Prof. George Yarrow to evaluate organisational structures for how Australia's energy market is governed.

EU environment committee votes for 2018 market fix

Result ends hope of 2017 backloading start.

Vice-chair El Gizouli to step in as IPCC's Pachauri quits

Chief denies wrongdoing amid sex claim, says email and phone hacked.

Minister, solar’s (shrinking) quality problem is your job

Rather than sending letters of demand to others that fan alarmist claims about solar safety, Greg Hunt would be better asking himself why his government doesn't bother to test the performance of solar panels receiving support under the Renewable Energy Target.

Sharing solar power with your neighbours

If excess solar exported to the grid could be directed to offset another premise's consumption - even beyond ones in the same apartment block - more people could share in solar's benefits. Virtual net metering provides the way and would also help with electric vehicle recharging.

What now after Obama's Keystone veto?

The bill will now go before the State Department, which will recommend a position on the 'international' pipeline which is planned to transport high-energy intensity tar sands.

Obama vetoes Keystone oil pipeline bill

by AFP
As expected, president vetoes Canada tar sands connector.