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India promises to slash emissions, but wants help

India's government recognises that climate change will hit its people hard. It is willing to contribute towards addressing the problem but expects rich nations will help, asking for US$2.5 trillion to finance its clean energy transition.

Energy agency expects solar and wind to dominate new power capacity to 2020

The International Energy Agency believes half of new power additions globally will be made up of wind and solar in the coming five years. But it provides a warning about investor confidence almost perfectly targeted at the Australian Government.

FactCheck: Will China have a 150% increase in carbon emissions on 2005 levels by 2030?

Coalition government MPs such as Barnaby Joyce are keen to cite that China's emissions will rise by 150% by 2030 in order to make their own 26-28% emission reduction target look more impressive. Yet it's not true.

Government to receive international carbon credit free kick

As suspected, it looks as though the government will use several million tonnes of international carbon credits towards its 2020 emission target, and all thanks to money from the carbon tax.

Turnbull leaves door open tweaking climate policy

by AAP
Says current target "struck the right spot" but 2017 review could result in policy being "tweaked or amended".

Paris pledges reduce warming to 2.7 degrees, is this the start of a blossoming romance?

The Paris pledges represent the first step of nations revealing to each other they want to address the climate change problem. The next test will be that they implement policies that show they are delivering on their promises.

Feds will now fund trams for Gold Coast

by AAP
Federal Government will now provide funding for Gold Coast light rail, rebuffing Abbott's roads-only position.

The weaknesses in BHP's climate-deal stress tests

Some assume mining and emission reduction regulations are in conflict, but analysis from BHP Billiton shows it's more complex and suggests relatively little impact on their earnings. But there's some weaknesses in their assumptions.

Power of EU car lobby revealed

As the true extent of Volkswagen's emission test deception is uncovered, it turns out it plus several other diesel car manufacturers spent as much as €18.5 million lobbying the European Union last year.

China's emissions-trading announcement is a signal to the world

China's commitment to a national ETS provides an important leadership signal to others. However it won't be the biggest factor in China's climate change policy toolbox for some years, with other measures dominating.

Are the Minerals Council deluded, or do they think we’re stupid?

You've got to give the Minerals Council credit for persistence in the face of insurmountable facts against them with their decision to stick with their 'Coal is Amazing' PR campaign. Pity just one comment from the CEO and a single chart destroy their argument.

ARENA and CEFC are now part of Hunt's delicate dance with conservatives

Environment Minister Greg Hunt says there is no change to the government's 'long-term' position on abolishing ARENA and the CEFC. The qualifier 'long term' reflects a charade Hunt is playing with his climate sceptic colleagues and the cross-bench senators.

Brazil pledges bigger emissions cut than Australia

Brazil commits to 43% cut from 2005 levels by 2030 compared to 26%-28% from Australia.

Four power sector transforming events Turnbull distracted us from

The Tony Abbott-Malcolm Turnbull drama means many may have missed 4 events illustrating the big battle over our electricity system.

Too big to fail: China pledges to set up landmark emissions trading scheme

China's commitment to a national ETS beginning in 2017 is the culmination of decisions made as early as 2010. But the country's capability in market trading is still immature. It may have been better to have an interim carbon tax scheme before moving to an ETS, as Australia did.

Will renewable energy investors respond to Hunt’s ‘iron-clad’ promise?

Greg Hunt's confirmation that the Government will embrace renewable energy will be music to the ears of investors who have spent the past 18 months cowering in fear over the Coalition's war on renewables.

Hunt reassures investors in renewables, says he 'killed' BOM investigation

by AAP
Environment minister says RET settings 'rock solid', Bureau of Meteorology is "world class".

Turnbull's bits vs Abbott's atoms

Malcolm Turnbull's economic strategy is likely to focus on what lies between our ears rather than Abbott's focus on what lies beneath our feet.

Abbott's probe into the Bureau of Meteorology illustrates his bizarre priorities

The former prime minister's department wanted to pursue an investigation into the Bureau of Meteorology based on a media report that claimed it was falsifying data. The claims had been debunked long ago so why was he even bothering with this stuff, didn't he have a country to run?

One Goldman Sachs chart shows that India won't save the coal industry

A single chart from Goldman Sachs illustrates not even rapid growth in Indian coal demand can rescue the coal market from decline. So why is our new energy minister considering spending billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on rail for new coal mines?