Renewable energy

Hyundai offers Australia's first fuel-cell passenger car

Industry Minister on hand for launch of South Korean maker's ix35.

Alinta 'overestimated' Port Augusta solar thermal costs

RePower says estimates could be halved as developer calls project 'unviable'.

Renewable energy slays the doubters with a stellar 2014

Those who saw non-hydro renewables as a European fad just a few years ago, must now contend with a sector that provided 49% of global power-capacity additions last year, saw investment lift 17% to $270 billion, and now produces 9.1% of the world's electricity.

Solar PV hits 1% market share of global electricity – should we care?

This is significant when it’s considered only a few short years ago solar PV barely qualified as a pimple on a flea in any country other than Germany, Italy, Spain and Greece. Solar PV is just getting started.

SolarJuice deal shows there's life yet in the RET-wracked sector

Shanghai-based Solar Power International will acquire a $25.5m, 80% stake in Australian wholesaler SolarJuice, setting a new record for the sector in Australia and providing a great reward for the latter's two innovative co-founders.

God save the planet: UK renewables rise to 20%, emissions fall 8% in year

The week in clean energy saw UK renewables generation rise to 19.2% from under 15% just two years ago, with the country revealing an 8.4% emissions cut last year while, elsewhere, its green bank agreed to tip $US300m into Africa and India renewable projects.

Could a 30% or 50% RET by 2030 be on the cards?

Labor's Mark Butler says the party will adopt a 'very ambitious' renewable energy policy for the next election. A look at Australia's emissions performance relative to the EU and US suggests it will need to be extremely ambitious if it's to match our developed country peers.

Spanish firm to sell 106.8MW Taralga wind farm

Banco Santander to exit last Australian wind asset.

Solar Citizens launches national campaign

Solar advocates seek 50% target by 2020, 'fairer' deal for grid connections.

Brazil's 350MW floating solar plant 'to deliver for $A90MWh

Massive floating plant to help offset hydro methane releases.

Energy storage, Plan B: Chargers and diverters

EVs and home energy storage will be massive in the very near future, but there are two other emerging possibilities that will have an impact on the growth of the crucial battery market.

Global wind installations increased by 42% in 2014

Record year driven by growth in China, Germany, and US: report.

APPEA pushes for RET deal

Gas lobby seeks full exemption for LNG production.

What a becalmed NEM would mean for battery storage

Wind production was almost negligible for 62 hours to yesterday. While a wind-only electricity grid is unrealistic it illustrates some of the potential challenges surrounding reliance on battery storage.

Tesla shares jump on Musk 'tease' in tweet

by AFP
'Major new Tesla product line -- not a car' to be unveiled.

Will green groups damn wind power to hibernation?

Industry groups are pushing the government to concede to the Clean Energy Council's compromise offer on the Renewable Energy Target, with backbenchers adding to the call. But will environmental groups hold Labor back from such a deal - a move which would condemn large-scale renewables investment to the deep freeze.

Getting on top of the great solar quality debate

The debate about solar quality continues to rage in Australia, and we need to monitor the data - especially on skills, product and service - to keep the industry progressing constructively.

RayGen reveals 'pioneering' concentrated solar power tower

ARENA says project paves way for wider deployment of CSPV.

Why the Abbott Government is 'generous', and you should be thankful

Sure, the Coalition wants to cut the construction of new renewable energy capacity by 30% - but, as Ian Macfarlane implies, if you knew what they'd really wanted to do you would be thankful.

Solar Council rejects CEC compromise

'No deal better than bad deal' for large-scale solar.