Renewable energy

Keeping the power utilities honest, while half blindfolded

The power networks have a trove of data on customer power demand and its effects on their network, yet barely share - leaving us scrambling to measure things like solar's impact, or lack thereof, on network peaks.

Fixed electricity charges don’t ‘fix’ the problem

Fixed charges create delays in the parity dates for solar-plus-storage, saving some of power utilities' volume. But this delay comes at a cost, both of customer goodwill and the opportunity to align the interests of solar and storage owners with those of the grid at large.

Citi says thermal coal 'in structural decline'

Bank downgrades long-term forecast, cites renewables.

All new power in US in April was renewables

Wind and solar in clean sweep of electricity capacity additions.

To make solar leasing work in Australia, cars have to come into it

There is a looming market in Australia to help people convert to a solar, efficient all-electric home with an electric-car/battery-system on top. And companies with expertise, like SunEdison and Origin Energy, should dominate potential big bank rivals.

Tomorrow's battery technologies that could power your home

Lithium-ion - to be used in the Tesla Powerwall - is currently the leading battery technology for home installation, but others are just over the horizon that might be even better.

Why Abbott will be thankful for the RET

The Infrastructure PM is in deep trouble – private sector capital investment has hit ‘recessionary levels’ and public infrastructure investment has steadily declined since he came to power. He may not realise it, but renewable energy investment may just be his saviour.

Everest glaciers at risk, find scientists

Mount Everest and the surrounding peaks could lose 70% of their glaciers by 2100 on 'low-end estimates', study finds, as the freezing line lifts a potential 1200m by that year.

Why the regulator should reject SA Network’s solar penalty

It looks as though my worst fears are about to come true; so-called 'tariff reform' will be hijacked by networks not to improve efficiency but to hobble a potential competitor - in solar - under the guise of helping the poor. The regulator must stamp this out.

CSIRO establishes solar testing laboratory

Indoor/outdoor venue to expose systems to varying conditions; US opens solar lab.

Australian investors lap up ANZ green bonds

Record $600m issuance marks 'new stage' in renewables financing: CEFC.

Gas, then renewables, to gain generation share under Obama's plan

The US Energy Information Administration has conducted an analysis of the president's proposed Clean Power Plan, with renewables potentially accounting for 32% of generation by 2040.

Given the value of emissions cuts, solar subsidies are worth it

Most would agree that some renewable policies have previously been poorly implemented, and the Grattan report is right in highlighting these. However measuring their costs against objectives they were not intended to achieve is unfair.

What if we all adopted the nuclear industry's interpretation of a 'planned' project?

According to promoters of uranium mining stocks we can soon expect a huge boom in nuclear power because there's so many power projects 'planned' to be built. Based on that logic you might be surprised to learn what it means for solar and wind power.

Hanergy solar share dive, Vestas' big offshore wind win & Exxon's internal carbon price

Bloomberg reviews the week that was in clean energy.

Bill to reduce RET introduced to parliament

Will reduce large-scale scheme to 33,000GWh, as Hunt describes original target as 'unachievable'.

Origin moves to optimism on RET while AGL won't invest unless coal shut down

Origin Energy says it now has greater confidence to invest in wind and large-scale solar with prices at a 'level required for new wind projects'. While AGL continues to say its wallet is shut unless gov't moves to address overcapacity by shutting down existing coal plant.

Grattan says solar a $10 billion waste - I’d agree, if it was still 2009

Back in 2009 and even 2011, if all we cared about was reducing the largest amount of emissions within just a few years solar PV would be towards the bottom of the list. Yet in the 3½ years since I left the Grattan Institute solar PV costs have dropped so far that it's worth celebrating rather than lamenting.

Grattan report 'ignore solar's value': CEC

$30bn of investment, thousands of jobs attributable to solar support, says council.

Ipsos report details guidelines for large-scale solar consultation

Market research company also finds 78% support for large-scale solar.