Renewable energy

Victoria's renewables policy in conflict

The Victorian Government's renewable energy roadmap shows the state wants to embrace the jobs and clean energy solar can provide. But then shortly after releasing it the government slashed the price paid for solar power.

WA Treasurer: Gas and coal plant to shut, solar to meet 'bulk' of Perth’s daytime load

Treasurer Nahan says solar PV will, 'displace a lot of the existing capacity. It’s low-priced, it’s democratically determined and it’s something we’re committed to facilitating'. This is a guy who used to be the head of the right wing Institute of Public Affairs.

What’s gone wrong for carbon capture and storage?

It looked bad back in 2008 and it looks even worse now - carbon capture and storage projects have barely progressed and where they have progressed they've been horribly expensive.

Bloomberg wrap-up: Wind turbine makers thrive on record orders

Wind turbine makers Vestas, Gamesa and Nordex have seen big rises in share prices on the back of healthy orders but offshore wind remains too expensive. Meanwhile Audi has unveiled a 500km range all electric SUV.

Wind tower manufacturer to boost staff numbers

Keppel Prince confident it might get back to prior staff of 500 on back of Victorian and Federal Renewable Energy Targets.

ACT Government to divest from fossil fuels and target 100% renewable energy

Aiming for 100% renewables by 2025 and Labor conference passes motion for fossil fuel divestment.

$US40 oil is a game-changer

With fossil fuels in global oversupply, much of the world's known reserves of oil, gas and coal may become stranded assets.

Vic Gov’t targets at least 20% renewables by 2020, but how?

Government wants no less than 20 per cent of power from renewable energy by 2020, but it is extremely vague on what it will do, if anything, to achieve it. The cynic in me suggests their policy might be to just stare really crossly at the Abbott Government.

Solar giant Yingli is in trouble but other producers are unable to keep up with demand

While solar titan Yingli continues to struggle, other solar PV module manufacturers are now reporting sustainable margins and profits.

Origin Energy shows why renewable energy investors are too fearful of Tony Abbott

Origin's CEO King says if anything Renewable Energy Target will be increased in future and shows economics for new renewable energy projects are compelling. Could spooked investors be missing an opportunity?

Abbott puts Meridian off more windfarms

by AAP
Major NZ utility CEO deterred from investing, says government support for renewables scheme 'less than convincing'.

Origin urges shut-down of coal - here’s why a purist ETS has been abandoned

Origin Energy is urging the Victorian Government to regulate the closure of coal, joining similar calls from AGL and EnergyAustralia. Two graphs show why Australia has given up on a purist ETS approach to decarbonising the power sector.

Labor's plan: Cast Abbott as yesterday's man

Rather than cower from a fight with Tony Abbott over climate policy, Labor is using the Coalition's climate stance as an offensive weapon in the lead up to the election.

Argument for slashing RET miraculously disappears

EnergyAustralia's parent company has joined AGL in asking government to shut down power capacity. Why? Apparently it's because we can't fit in extra renewable energy, not to help them out. But new data suggest the overcapacity issue is solving itself.

ANZ Bank says off-grid renewables are a better option

ANZ's chief executive says advancements in energy technologies and storage means that industrialising countries can widen access to cheaper electricity by bypassing the grid and conventional power stations.

How China is adding one idle coal plant every week

China is still adding new coal plants at a rapid rate, yet overall coal generation is going down leading to a serious overcapacity problem. This is driven by perverse government policies that guarantee power plants minimum operating hours. It is also leading to power from wind and solar with no fuel cost being spilled at rates as high as 15 per cent.

The Coalition's plan to reduce emissions is a load of hot air

There's no concrete evidence to suggest the Abbott Government has a solid, credible plan to deliver on its emission reduction commitments. But they are giving signs they're prepared to look beyond using taxpayers' money to purchase abatement.

Public want more solar, wind and action on climate - are politicians listening?

The Climate Institute's latest results from its annual polling find increasing public concern about climate change with a solid recovery from the 2012 carbon tax scare campaign lows. In addition the desire for more solar and wind power is even greater, while coal is deeply unpopular.

Has the Environment Dept assumed their Minister is a liar?

Apparently the Department of Environment has 'analysis' finding Labor's 50% renewables goal would impose an extra and 'reckless' $85 billion. For this to make sense they appear to assume the Environment Minister is a liar.

US monthly power emissions hit 27 year low

US carbon emissions from power hit lowest monthly point in 27 years last April. Coal is down 17% meanwhile gas usage has tripled, renewables have doubled and nuclear power is up nearly half.