Renewable energy

Coal and emissions stall as renewables rise

The latest CEDEX electricity report now incorporates data on solar generation, which alongside hydro manages a rise in generation as coal stalled. This brought a halt to what had been a steady rise in emissions since the carbon price was axed.

Energy agency expects solar and wind to dominate new power capacity to 2020

The International Energy Agency believes half of new power additions globally will be made up of wind and solar in the coming five years. But it provides a warning about investor confidence almost perfectly targeted at the Australian Government.

India's Paris Pledge: 40% Renewables by 2030; 33-35% reduction in emissions intensity

India's pledge for the forthcoming climate conference in Paris reinforces a set of plans to massively upscale investment in renewable energy. Meanwhile its coal generators have suffered record low utilisation of 58.4% last July. It spells bad news for Australian coal exports.

The astounding plummeting cost of utility-solar

Lawrence Berkeley chart illustrates plummeting 70% drop in contract prices that now average $50 per megawatt-hour, driven not only by large drops in the capital costs of projects but also improved capacity factors.

Origin has credit issues but what’s AGL’s problem?

The renewable energy certificate market is booming, yet retailers aren’t much interested in bringing on new supply. Origin’s credit problems provide a new insight into why, but it can’t explain AGL’s contradictory climate stance.

Four power sector transforming events Turnbull distracted us from

The Tony Abbott-Malcolm Turnbull drama means many may have missed 4 events illustrating the big battle over our electricity system.

Will renewable energy investors respond to Hunt’s ‘iron-clad’ promise?

Greg Hunt's confirmation that the Government will embrace renewable energy will be music to the ears of investors who have spent the past 18 months cowering in fear over the Coalition's war on renewables.

Hunt reassures investors in renewables, says he 'killed' BOM investigation

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Environment minister says RET settings 'rock solid', Bureau of Meteorology is "world class".

Nike, Walmart and other big corporates to go 100% renewable

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Climate Group gets 36 big global corporates to commit to obtain 100% of power from renewable energy.

Alinta gives-up on solar thermal project

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Not commercially viable to replace soon to be closed coal plant with solar thermal power.

The fax machine prime minister

A satirist once ridiculed Tony Abbott's statements about coal's big future by superimposing 'fax machine' in the place of 'coal'. Then he resigned by fax and the circle of ridicule was complete - he was a man afraid of the future.

Tesla prioritises Australia for Powerwall – but why?

The fact that Australia has been prioritised for the Powerwall is illustrative of the fact the country has become the test-bed for the future evolution of the solar industry. Yet we got here much like a drunk stumbling in the dark.

Turnbull’s ministerial shift suggests climate change is afoot

It appears Greg Hunt now has responsibility for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. It likely signals that Turnbull will quietly dump attempts to abolish the agencies and the Government’s ideological crusade against renewable energy.

Sweden aims to be 1st fossil fuel-free nation

Country to substantially boost investment in energy storage, vehicle electrification and renewable energy.

How Malcolm Turnbull can revive the renewable energy industry

Prime Minister Turnbull’s successful challenge has already created a sense of optimism in the renewable energy industry. This can translate into billions in investment with a few well-chosen words.

IFM’s Chinese suitors

IFM’s renewable energy provider Pacific Hydro has attracted interest from two Chinese suitors.

Australia drops out of top 10 renewable energy markets due to ‘wind war’

Ernst & Young says Government waging ‘war’ against wind power in downgrading Australia’s attractiveness rating for investment.

QLD Treasurer claims Ergon-Energex merger to boost solar

Says Energex-Ergon merger will mean company "playing more" in renewable energy and battery space.

Can we save the planet by looking to the moon?

In 1962, President Kennedy delivered one of history's most inspiring speeches asking his people to each sacrifice 50 cents per week in order to achieve an amazing scientific and engineering feat that they weren't even sure was possible, requiring technologies that didn't yet exist. We sorely need that same leadership today, not to reach the moon but to save our planet.

Leaders of business, science & economics: Let's make renewables cheaper than coal

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We face an immense threat from climate change, yet renewable energy receives less than 2% of publicly funded R&D. A concentrated global technological research effort like the Apollo Program to make renewable energy as reliable and cheap as coal is required.