Renewable energy

ACT seeks interest for 50MW 'solar with storage' project

Third government backed solar farm to evaluate storage options: minister.

The underrated value of Tesla's battery to the grid

Having some Powerwalls in my home could offset some serious network peak. But flaws in the electricity market mean there's little incentive for me to do so, and the situation could actually get worse.

Pakistan opens first solar farm; 100MW 'to upscale to 1GW'

China-backed project kicks off nation's 4.2GW 2018 solar goal.

Energy storage is crucial, but it's not the only piece in the puzzle

First, energy-efficient appliances and buildings are fundamental. Second, smart appliances and energy management systems...

Tesla revs up with home battery; UK decides future support for wind

The week in clean energy saw Tesla seek to 'fundamentally change the way the world uses energy' while up to 6.9GW of wind power is at stake in Thursday's UK election.

Tesla's Powerwall - with solar it could slash power bills. But is it worth it?

Ahead of the smart bunnies developing web-based calculators for the many variables, here’s an early analysis looking at the total cost - and financial return - of investing in the Powerwall from an Australian perspective.

First panels laid at 53MW Broken Hill solar farm

AGL announces milestone for 2nd-largest Australian project.

Solar Council hostile to Labor compromise; more Lib MPs urge deal

Wind projects will snap up remainder of target, says council, as Roy, Laundy, Nikolic back 33,000GWh.

Emissions still going up, while demand steadies

The recent trend continued with brown coal generation (Victoria) increasing, black coal constant and, with the carbon tax gone and the RET on freeze, gas generation continuing down and wind stagnant, respectively.

The winners and losers in Tesla's battery plan for the home

The Tesla announcement just reinforces the need for review of grid pricing policies in Australia, as well as rules around access to solar for renters and for households where grid stability is a barrier to PV.

Industry screams for RET deal, Labor agrees, but gov’t confused

We now have an industry group many consider a front-group of the Liberal Party – the Chamber of Commerce and Industry - urging the government to stop being stubborn on the Renewable Energy Target. Could a deal be done by Thursday?

April enviro markets update - STCs and LGCs

Trade continued in the small-scale renewables open market despite long-awaited activity in the Clearing House while the scheme's large-scale sibling eventually softened after Labor's RET compromise fell on deaf government ears.

In awe of Elon Musk’s wonderwall – a utility killer

A cost of $500-$1000kWh installed today makes these systems cheap enough to be attractive to the first wave of early adopters - tech enthusiasts, survivalists, farmers - which will give enough momentum to create a mass market that will drive costs down.

UN climate chief meets Labor environment ministers

State ministers to consider energy efficiency collaboration; ACT launches $1.2m renewables fund.

AGL launches 6kWh home battery pack

Energy giant says it's first major Aussie retailer with storage device.

Business groups in united call for 33,000GWh RET

Main lobby groups call for target compromise.

Is climate policy compatible with Tesla's battery-fueled dreams?

If we act too quickly to raise the costs of carbon, pushing up the price of energy, it may be that we actually harm private-sector efforts to promote solar power, and in turn battery technology.

The Powerwall changes everything

Many Australian homes can now go off-grid for not much more than $15,000 with 5kW solar and 14kWh of storage.

Labor offers new renewable energy target

by AAP
Shorten says 'this game's gone on too long' as Oppn goes down again, to 33,000GWh.

Is Tesla's home battery worth it?

With plenty of competition in the electricity market and no immediate means of driving down the price of its “power walls”, Tesla is betting big on charisma.