Renewable energy

Clean energy sector pens plea to Canberra

RET review has renewables majors fearing for investments in new and existing large-scale projects.

Colonial fund hopes to draw clean energy backers

Firm wins support from green bank for $580m fund aimed at institutional investors.

PacHydro still not confident on RET

Renewables projects remain on hold despite Palmer United assurance.

Coalition's CEFC absurdity; ARENA axe still hovers

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Addressing the clean energy industry in Sydney, the government's Bob Baldwin has reiterated the Coalition's determination to axe the green bank for budget reasons – just as it delivers a healthy year of results.

Warburton comments telling: Solar Citizens

RET review panel head loses credibility in 'vilifying' Palmer, says solar users group.

Clean energy investors' plea for certainty

An open letter from 17 renewables companies urges the government to keep the Renewable Energy Target, saying any weakening of the scheme risked financial distress and potentially failure, and could see sovereign risk expand beyond the sector.

Clean energy investors' plea for certainty

An open letter from renewables industry investors urges the government to keep the Renewable Energy Target, saying any weakening of the scheme will promote sovereign risk which could expand beyond the sector.

Renewable energy is ready to supply all of Australia's electricity

It is technically possible for Australia to get all its electricity needs from renewable sources with wind, solar thermal and rooftop solar making up the lion's share.

The freedom revolution to kill power bill confusion

The electricity bill debate is more confusion than clarity, and rising gas prices may only make it worse. But the 'energy efficiency plus solar' solution offers the average punter a final way out.

ARENA confirms board reappointments

Bourne and Smith to continue for another year.

Petratherm misses ARENA deadline

Geothermal project in Flinders Ranges axed as finance deadline passes.

Utility solar firm stars on debut

US giant SunEdison's subsidiary shoots up 35% in debut.

What's stopping solar's assault on diesel?

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Remote off-grid areas around Australia and significant parts of the developing world pay high prices for power generated from diesel when solar should be cheaper. Why isn't solar taking over?

Storage market to pass $50bn 'by 2020'

EV use to drive energy storage technologies, finds study.

One cent solar dream still alive: Yingli

The Chinese manufacturer's chief technology officer says there is more innovation ahead in the PV pipeline, with China's growing market to drive further cost reductions.

GE chasing RET certainty: report

US multinational says $3.5bn green energy pipeline at risk due to RET uncertainty.

What Four Corners didn't reveal about renewables

While the Four Corners program aired last week lamented Australia's position in the global renewables race, I was actually left uplifted and optimistic looking back to an eerily similar 2007 episode of Four Corners.

PV system planned for remote telcom tower

Photon to build 'solar plus storage' unit for NSW broadcast infrastructure.

Greens move to secure ARENA reappointments

Crossbenchers join motion to see board members reappointed.

Wave firm abandons ARENA money

Ocean Power Technologies abandons 62.5MW wave energy project freeing-up $66.5m of ARENA funding.