Natural gas markets spark fuel for thought

Cheaper natural gas is helping to make US manufacturing more competitive, but in other parts of the world gas prices are heading in the opposite direction.

Abbott's fossil fuel ire is misplaced

Prime Minister Abbott should pressure firms to reveal which fossil fuel assets may become stranded, rather than criticising investors seeking to protect themselves.

UK reopens the door to fracking

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Govt to allow shale exploration licenses after three-year suspension.

BHP a top 20 global polluter

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German think tank report claims BHP is a heavy polluter, but Chevron is in another league.

Rio energy boss pushes coal

Harry Kenyon-Slaney to claim climate change debate must recognise coal is here for decades to come.

BHP defends green credentials

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BHP board 'ill-equipped' to deal with climate change: former ACA chair.

BHP CEO defends green credentials

Mackenzie insists BHP understands climate change after criticism.

US targets power plant emissions

EPA proposes limiting carbon emissions from new power plants.

China vows to ban coal-fired plants

Govt says it will ban new plants in three key industrial regions.

Coalition verdict on LNG plant looms

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New govt's environmental credentials to go under spotlight in Arrow LNG plant decision at Gladstone.

Manufacturing a gas crisis

Is NSW under threat from a lack of gas supply? Not really, according to Grant King. The problem for manufacturing is not really with development of coal seam gas so much as with price.

Even under Abbott, coal-fired electricity has no future

Renewable energy is set to displace coal as the more economically competitive energy option – even with carbon capture and storage development and no price on emissions.

All eyes on Australia's carbon storage surge

Australia is set to become the home of the world's largest carbon capture facility, potentially creating the template for the rest of the world.

Poland to pursue 'tech solution' to climate

Coal-reliant nation's PM says emissions reduction lies in renewables innovation, not coal cuts.

New York to launch clean energy lender

As Abbott govt plans to axe Australian green bank, NYC launches $1 billion bank of its own.

Russia's secret solar appetite

An appetite for solar emerges in Russia, the UK faces a fracking fight, renewables cop a blow in Australia and EU carbon pricing finally heads north.

Peak oil is alive, and costing the earth

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Peak oil, at least conventional sources, is very much alive - and is making the economics of more carbon-intensive unconventional oil alarmingly attractive.

Oil-focused Canada to 'do more' on climate

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Energy minister vows to earn 'social license' to justify development of vast oil sand resources, pipeline investment.

Ferguson being courted for mining roles: report

Retired resources and energy minister 'considering board positions, turns down lobby role'.

Exxon, agency investigate Bass Strait oil spill

Federal agencies joins probe of 5-barrel spill at Exxon Mobil-BHP joint venture.