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Peabody forced to withdraw 'clean coal' ads

Global giant reprimanded over misleading newspaper advertisement.

What I learned from debating science with trolls

Maurice Newman's recent contribution to global warming commentary harnesses some of the favourite tactics of internet cranks, who rely on distorted expert opinion and broken logic.

Revolutionary perovskite solar cells could be a game changer, but questions remain

Application of the hybrid organic-inorganic material has been developing at a staggering rate in the laboratory, but commercialisation will present hurdles.

Palmer to host climate summit after G20

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PUP leader plans self-styled conference at Palmer Coolum Resort.

Chief scientist cautions Newman on 'theories'

PM's adviser should provide credible evidence for 'global cooling' article: Chubb.

Is Maurice Newman a nutter or a genius?

Tony Abbott's business adviser Maurice Newman believes we must beef up our military to prepare for war driven not by global warming but global cooling. Could he just be a genius who, in addition to being an investment banker, is rather handy at atmospheric science?

Australia’s Chief Scientist is rightfully cranky

While his global compatriots look to the future Ian Chubb is stuck with the thankless task of trying to convince the government that studying science, technology, engineering or mathematics is a good idea.

Reef condition is 'poor', and probably worse than healthcheck suggests

We've heard this week that climate change is still the greatest threat to the Great Barrier Reef, which faces a devastating loss of corals. But the health update was probably a generous portrait of the situation.

Appeals to the climate consensus can give the wrong impression

When it comes to arguing about climate science, it would be better to play the science, not the scientists.

Climate change 'biggest threat to reef'

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Report says warmer ocean currents to remain threat to Queensland icon 'for decades'.

Piketty, climate change and discounting our future

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Thomas Piketty's writings on wealth inequality have been a publishing phenomenon, but his thoughts on climate change and public capital are just as useful.

Kerry makes ocean plea in Sydney

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Protect's world's seas from overfishing, climate, urges chief diplomat.

Protesters urge Alcoa plant shutdown

Marchers call on aluminium giant, state government to close Anglesea coal generator.

Health experts' plea to the PM

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Top Australian scientists - including Gustav Nossal and Peter Doherty - have joined with medical authorities to pen an open letter to the Prime Minister urging him to put climate change on the G20 agenda on health grounds.

Monash appoints new Sustainability Institute head

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Water researcher to replace Dace Griggs.

Could a 'solar sponge' drive power generation?

A new sponge-like material that generates steam from sunlight could cut energy use in power-hungry desalination plants and boost solar thermal plant efficiency.

The methane key to meeting climate goals

Very modest methane gas leak rates can severely undermine the climate benefits of natural gas, and various leak-rate scenarios underscore the challenge for regulators.

The 2014 El Nino becomes 'a real enigma'

With another bureau update due next week, scientists say they are struggling to get a handle on the return of the weather phenomenon this year as global warming factors muddy the equation.

Not even fossil fuel CEOs denying science: Obama

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President says corporate bosses agree on climate change, want certainty.

Chinese capital to largely end coal use 'by 2020'

Beijing to ban use of all coal products across city's six major districts.