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Coalition MPs feel pressure on Watermark coal mine

by AAP
Joyce says options restricted to 'water trigger'.

Demonising red meat is probably not a path to climate salvation

Firstly, on the basis of greenhouse gas per unit protein and per unit nutrient density, some livestock products are comparable with crops. Furthermore, clean energy can be generated from livestock waste and methane 'burps' minimised.

Sackett added to ACT climate council

Physicist and astronomer joins advisory body.

Deniers’ favourite scientist quietly took money from the fossil fuel industry

The Harvard-Smithsonian has launched an investigation into aerospace engineer 'Willie' Soon - who says the sun is the dominant driver of climate change - after revelations of undeclared funding from fossil fuel interests.

Hunter coal health cost '$600m a year'

Health groups quantify air pollution bill for NSW region.

Adelaide's adaptation challenge is already upon it

Adelaide is likely to lose 25% to 50% of its reservoir water, responsible for half its supply, within as little as 55 years. Regardless of global emissions policy, the city needs to start considering substitutes such as wastewater and desalination.

Global accord likely at Paris: Top IPCC official

Encouraging signs ahead of meeting, but won't be amibitous enough: Van Ypersal.

Has our national health body fallen victim to climate politics?

When the national health research body said more research into the effects of wind turbines on human health was 'warranted', many would think they had found reason to suspect a problem. But the reason was politics. It marks a saddening new low in the politicisation of science.

Academy warns of climate risks to Australia

Science update paints picture of changed Australia in 2030.

PM-led taskforce set to launch discussion paper on new emissions target

July date set for announcement of 2030 target despite calls for earlier declarations.

'No consistent evidence' of wind farm health effects: NHMRC

But Australia's peak medical research body recommends further studies.

Bureau details 2014 warm verdict

'Warming trend continues, El Nino-like effects in east, reduction in coal weather.'

Farming is now worse for the climate than deforestation

In 2005, nearly 60,000 acres of forest was razed from one Brazilian municipality. Now it's 1000 acres. Meanwhile, greenhouse gases from farming - namely lifestock - have risen 13% since 1990.

Report finds death link to Hazelwood fire

Statistician says high chance 11 deaths resulted from blaze pollution.

CCS, trees and soil carbon 'can't save coal'

Oxford study finds owners of fossil fuel assets face little protection from technologies that could capture or absorb carbon emissions.

WMO confirms hottest year; 14 of 15 hottest since 2000

UN body collates major meteorological bodies' results.

Study: Ocean depths heating steadily despite surface slowdown

New research has quantified the extent to which oceans have continued to warm, with scientists saying global waters are holding over 90% of global warming.

How much heat can sport handle?

Elite sport may be able to afford some adaptations to climate change, but the ability to respond at local sporting grounds is more questionable. Sport cannot go on as it has in Australia.

NSW approves controversial new coalmine

Shenhua's $1bn Watermark project for fertile Liverpool Plains gets planning tick.

Study: Storms help bring ozone down to earth

Research has found not just large-scale movements, like jet streams, but also thunderstorms are bringing ozone closer to Earth, where it acts as a greenhouse gas. The findings have ramifications for climate modellers.