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Cousins to head ACF

Former Gunns nemesis moves to environment group.

Climate Council: without action, rising seas will cost us billions

Almost all of Australia's coastal infrastructure has been built for a stable climate – but potential sea level rises could put more than more than $200 billion worth of those assets, including residential and commercial buildings, at risk.

The warmest August on record, says NASA

Much higher than normal temperatures in northern Africa and parts of South America drove last month 0.7 degrees above average, pushing the globe to its fourth warmest winter.

Warmer air led to huge 2002 collapse: scientists

Understanding of Antarctica ice shelf collapse set to boost predictive capacity.

Harper joins Abbott in bailing on climate summit

Like his Australian counterpart, the Canadian prime minister will opt out of this month's UN Climate Summit, which is set to be attended by Barack Obama and David Cameron.

Climate councillor takes out Eureka science prize

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Lesley Hughes recognised for promoting research understanding.

CO2 levels in record increase: WMO

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World Meteorological Society warns on climate urgency as atmospheric concentrations surge between 2012-13.

Oh, Canada: The North American's alarming forestry fall

Known for its natural beauty, Canada now tops the world in forest degradation - thanks to climate change, logging and energy development. But clearing in Malaysia and Congo is more disturbing.

Clean coal the only way, says Rio Tinto

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Mining giant's energy chief references Churchill and moon landing in address.

Gap widening on 2-degree goal: PwC

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Report finds Australia leading again on decarbonisation rates.

'One-stop' approval plan wins Vic approval

Minister still faces battle getting enviro-rules change through Senate.

Big data's now winning some climate credibility

Two UN prize-winning tools - which map changes to forests, and future changes to rice cropping - are offering a glimpse of big data's potential role in climate prevention and adaptation.

CSIRO points to '99.999% certainty'

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Science and research group cites 353 consecutive months of above-average temperatures.

The real test after the Hazelwood inquiry

GDF Suez has been found to have failed the community yet the inquiry into the toxic fire has made no recommendations on enhancing the key preventative measure – namely, expensive mine rehabilitation.

GDF, regulators cop coal mine blast

Inquiry report says stakeholders failed community, calls for 20-year health study.

No, the Bureau of Meteorology is not fiddling its weather data

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Australia is a leader in the complex data-adjustment techniques needed to correct historical temperature records and our bureau's overall changes have, in fact, tended towards less warming.

A marine economy takes a dive as acidity rises

An economic-social study has warned of dire effects from increasing acidification off Alaska's coast, with its economy likely to be one of the first and worst hit by ocean changes.

Historic wildfires burn through Canada's cold northwest

Sub-Arctic forests blazes are contributing to wildfire activity more than six times Canada's recent average, with boreal forests heating up after a record summer.

Existing fossil-fuel plants could exceed carbon budget

US research finds power plants to surpass two-degree emissions limit.

An Atlantic alternative to deep ocean warming?

Scientists say the slowing rate of surface warming is caused by heat being transferred deep into the oceans. But a new report says the dominant heat sink is not the Pacific, with implications for the surface 'hiatus'.