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Equal hottest, says UK Met Office

Major pillar of global weather agencies declares 2014 on par with 2010.

Climate politics 2015: Hotter and fewer places to hide

Last year we saw Clive and Al, the US-China agreement and Abbott's axe. But 2015 promises even more climate sizzle with global targets to be announced, resolution of the RET barnacle and the beginnings of Direct Action.

Second opinion? Doctors' coal concerns rebuked by Abbott Govt

A rebuke from the Prime Minister's Office to doctors complaining that coal isn't all that good for humanity exposes a government with completely inconsistent policy positions.

Australia's climate already changed: BOM-CSIRO

Warming of 'almost 1 degrees linked to rainfall changes, heatwaves and rising sea levels'.

Extreme WA heatwave to continue

Mercury pushes 48 at Carnarvon, hot air to move east, says Bureau.

Climate change moves the Doomsday Clock

Last updated in 2012 at five minutes to midnight, the clock has moved forward two minutes as the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists grows further concerned about the emissions trajectory.

Did PacHydro give a free kick to the anti-wind lobby?

The Aussie wind farm developer has paid for the anti-wind farm lobby to take its best free shot at linking wind turbines to health woes – by cherrypicking 6% of the data from three households, it's got its answer.

New wind farm study 'a load of hot air'

Clean Energy Council says research not rigorous; questions acoustician's objectivity.

Glacier melts to affect marine food web

Extra 15m tonne of 'organic carbon' to flow into river, oceans over next 35 years: study.

Study downgrades climate impact of wood burning

The world's 2.8 billion wood-fuel users are using the resource in an almost sustainable way, suggesting carbon offset markets are paying too much to provide the world's poor with fuel-burning alternatives.

Will 2015 be the year of the climate change barnacle?

Despite the Abbott axe of 2014, the hottest year on record, solar demand that refuses to die, a strong overseas renewable energy industry and the pressure of Paris give cause for optimism in 2015.

Last year was officially the hottest on record

The numbers are in, meaning nine of the 10 warmest years on record have all occurred in the 21st century. The probability of this run happening with no anthropogenic global warming are extraordinarily remote.

A Santa wish-list for PM Abbott

Santa, I know your home's foundations are threatened by melting Arctic ice, but please don't give Tony a lump of coal for Christmas - it won't help things. Instead there are four gifts that he'd enjoy which could even change his mind on climate change.

Ignore the worst-case scenario, EVs are only getting greener

There has been a lot of focus on a new report which casts some doubt on the climate benefits of electric vehicles, yet its overall message is clear – electric is cleaner than petrol.

Intense 'squall line' storms strike southeast Qld

by AAP
Power to 27,000 homes cut as winds reach 100kmh.

Australia faces a stormier future thanks to climate change

The Brisbane supercell hailstorm of last month reminds us that we are likely to see stronger and more frequent storms in the future, as the intersection between tropical moisture and stronger winds changes.

Greenland’s ice sheet shifts could speed melt

Two new findings show how Greenland – which contains enough snow and ice to raise global sea levels more than 6m – could be melting from the bottom up, with ramifications for sea level rise estimates.

November 7th hottest on record: NOAA

Australia sees new November and spring record; world set for warmest year.

Counting the co-benefits of reducing non-CO2 climate pollutants

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Improving transportation emissions standards, notably around diesel vehicles, will deliver immediate health benefits for our cities as well as contribute significantly in the battle against climate change.

Bishop backs off binding requirement

Minister bows to US position on legal status; says Aust open to 2025 target.