Science & Environment

El Nino continues to develop, BOM says

El Nino continues to develop and will likely strengthen into early 2016, the weather bureau says.

Rich nations fear ISIS, poor nations fear climate change: Pew

Global survey finds clear split between 'greatest threats'.

The truth about some media's 'mini ice age'

Media reports this week suggesting the world could enter a ‘mini ice age’ in the 2030s are not only wrong, the reverse is actually true.

Wrecking ball in hand, Abbott changes tack on clean energy

The latest, and third, move against the CEFC - following attacks on every other climate policy - hands more market power to big utilities in the (reduced) area of renewables investment.

'Slow evolving' sharks vulnerable to acute climate change

A study of two shark species near Australia finds their habitat could shift dramatically polewards as seas become warmer and more acidic, affecting their food supply, ability to smell and their hatching.

Expect at least a 6m sea-level rise with 2 degrees warming

While the timeframes are uncertain, reaching atmospheric carbon levels equivalent to 2 degrees warming would eventually make our oceans at least 6m higher, a new paper says.

The evidence for how fossil fuel companies misled us for decades

A new report finds that while fossil fuel companies continued to mislead the public and policymakers, Exxon has been considering climate risks internally since as early as 1981.

Open letter to sceptical Liberal MPs

Two backbench Liberal MPs are calling for an inquiry into climate science ahead of the government's release of Australia's post-2020 emissions targets. Here a group of 13 of Australia's pre-eminent experts gives the senators a rundown.

The world’s greenhouse gas emissions in one graphic

The World Resources Institute has released a breakdown of global emissions on 2012 data, with the top 10 emitters no surprise but the world's worst per capita performer harder to pick.

Understanding the context of China's climate-change pledge

China's pledge to cap its emissions by no later than 2030 may not sound like a breakthrough, but it is promising to reduce the emissions intensity of its economy by a rate exceeding that achieved by the US shale gas boom and only matched by the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Farmers urge Libs to reject sceptics' motion

Party bid to probe science angers farmers on 'front line'.

Cold winters but no warming halt under a 'solar minimum'

Researchers find inactive sun could bring cold winters to world but won't hold off climate change.

The Liberal Party's broad church still very cool on climate

The party's federal council meeting this weekend will call for the government not to sign 'any binding agreement' in Paris, while its regional committee still says the science is uncertain.

Abbott's wind syndrome vs Doctors' global climate plea

While the PM obsesses about wind, and another government minister declares coal good for humanity, the world's leading medical research journal has revealed it's on a totally different page.

Scientists must do more to defend against politicans' attacks: Schmidt

ANU-based Nobel laureate says world 'struggling to deal with climate issue'.

Warmest May yet: NOAA

Hottest May in 136-year record; fourth highest departure from average for any month.

The 4 main points from the Pope's plea for 'honesty'

Moral duty; human problem; wasteful ways; act now: Pontiff says climate is a 'common good', belonging to all and meant for all.

More carbon can make it harder for plants: study

'Findings unequivocal': Increased atmospheric CO2 found to hinder plants' ability to absorb nitrogen - a nutrient critical to plant growth and health.

Senator Bob Day - stick to plumbing rather than medical science

If you were worried that Tony Abbott takes his health advice from radio shock jocks rather than medical authorities, you should read the stupidity coming out of the Senate inquiry into wind farms.

Is the G7 communique a 'pivotal moment in history'?

The leaders of the biggest developed economies are said to have committed to seeing the demise of fossil fuels, yet their near term commitments fall short of their grand rhetoric.