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Abbott Government's carbon target 'inadequate' but policies even worse

If other countries followed the Abbott Government's lead on its 2030 emissions target the globe could give up hope of keeping warming to 2 degrees Celsius, contrary to the Environment Minister's assertions. What's worse is its policies have us on track for emissions 25% above 2005 levels, not 26% below.

What’s gone wrong for carbon capture and storage?

It looked bad back in 2008 and it looks even worse now - carbon capture and storage projects have barely progressed and where they have progressed they've been horribly expensive.

Climate report poses dire warnings

by AAP
Climate Council new analysis finds $226 billion hit from climate change effects.

Senate inquiry to hear farmers' concerns about gas and coal mining

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Farming groups to present case for giving them greater rights over gas and coal mining to Senate inquiry.

Last July the hottest month ever globally

US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data finds month broke all historical records since 1880.

Bill repealing environmental approval appeals introduced

Amendments to EPBC Act introduced to parliament but Senate passage looks unlikely.

New calculation suggests China's greenhouse emissions have been overestimated

New estimates published today in Nature indicate China's emissions from 2000 to 2013 may be 14% lower than previously assumed.

Brandis' changes to environmental laws will defang the watchdogs

Repealing section 487 of the Environmental Protection Act will effectively preclude environmental groups from acting on behalf of affected communities and from performing their important function as a watchdog.

This year is shaping up to deliver a rollercoaster from strong El Niño to La Niña

The 2015 El Nino is shaping up as a strong one, similar to the 1982 event that preceded the devastating Ash Wednesday bushfire in 1983. Due to recent research we can now say that stronger El Ninos and La Ninas are to be expected on a warming planet.

Is the global warming ‘hiatus’ over?

There was a slowdown or hiatus in global warming, but so what? Human induced global warming is occurring but thanks to natural variability the warming trend looks more like a rising staircase than a steady smooth climb upwards.

Green groups: emissions target too weak

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Environmental NGOs say Government's emissions reduction target 'fails key climate and competitiveness tests'.

On Adani coal mine, Abbott Gov't thinks it’s above the law

The Mackay Conservation Group has sought to protect the environment and uphold laws that protect not only yakka skinks and ornamental snakes, but all Australian plants and animals. Today it’s the yakka skink, but tomorrow it could be koalas or the Great Barrier Reef. Do we want these sabotaged for a coal mine?

Adani court case leaves the climate change question unanswered

While the overturning of environmental approval for the Carmichael coal mine did not hinge on climate change issues, under the EPBC Act the Minister is required to consider the principles of ecologically sustainable development. This could be interpreted to include climate change impacts from the mine.

Approval of Adani's mega-coal mine overturned – for a skink and snake, not a fried planet

Environmentalists are celebrating the overturning of approval for the Carmichael mine, which the Greens describe as a 'climate disaster'. Yet the decision illustrates our national environmental protection law cares about minutiae while ignoring a planetary disaster.

El Nino continues to develop, BOM says

El Nino continues to develop and will likely strengthen into early 2016, the weather bureau says.

Rich nations fear ISIS, poor nations fear climate change: Pew

Global survey finds clear split between 'greatest threats'.

The truth about some media's 'mini ice age'

Media reports this week suggesting the world could enter a ‘mini ice age’ in the 2030s are not only wrong, the reverse is actually true.

Wrecking ball in hand, Abbott changes tack on clean energy

The latest, and third, move against the CEFC - following attacks on every other climate policy - hands more market power to big utilities in the (reduced) area of renewables investment.

'Slow evolving' sharks vulnerable to acute climate change

A study of two shark species near Australia finds their habitat could shift dramatically polewards as seas become warmer and more acidic, affecting their food supply, ability to smell and their hatching.

Expect at least a 6m sea-level rise with 2 degrees warming

While the timeframes are uncertain, reaching atmospheric carbon levels equivalent to 2 degrees warming would eventually make our oceans at least 6m higher, a new paper says.