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Reef 'not under threat' from climate: Brandis

Attorney-General contradicts government reports showing climate change greatest threat to Great Barrier Reef.

Industrial air pollution 'costing billions' in EU

Coal power generators in Germany and Eastern Europe dominate costs.

Press Council adjudication

The Press Council has partly upheld a complaint relating to descriptions in the Climate Spectator of a commentator on climate change.

Newman and Bishop's bizarre reef whinge to Obama

The personal offence senior Coalition politicians have taken from Barack Obama's statement of concern for the future of the Great Barrier Reef appears to indicate either they didn't actually read his speech or they suffer from a profound ignorance of scientific research that is decades old.

Optimism for agreement on 'super GHGs'

Slow progress as countries fail to agree on measures to curb refrigerator gases.

Australia 'to miss emissions pledge under Abbott policy'

UN report finding Australian emissions to be greater under Direct Action than carbon price.

World edges back from a disastrous Montreal Protocol reversal

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As the world moves into an era of extreme growth in refrigerator uptake driven by Asia's big two, India's Environment Minister is making promising signals at a key summit this week on phasing down HFCs.

From CFCs to HFCs: The new refrigerator threat

Growth of air-conditioning and refrigerated storage, particularly in China and India, is making HFCs among the fastest growing sources of emissions - making next week's Paris meeting a crucial moment in the global warming fight.

FactCheck: are Australian and US climate targets the same?

Greg Hunt says our efforts are 'almost exactly' the same to America's, Joe Hockey says we're 'pretty much' on the same page. But, discounting deforestation activities from the base year, Australia's are much worse.

Vic ALP to reopen Hazelwood fire inquiry

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Andrews promises to look at post-coal mine blaze spike in deaths.

The reddest October for Earth

Japanese and US scientific bodies have put last month at record levels as 2014 tracks for the hottest calendar year yet - despite the no-show of regional warming pattern, El Nino.

Climate change concerns the world: Modi

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'The heart of global warming is the philosophy of exploitation,' says Indian PM.

Abbott's nightmare: World leaders to swelter through G20 heatwave

Public interest in climate change will be hard to avoid this weekend as Queensland prepares for 'severe' fire risk and Brisbane its warmest November day since John Gorton was in power.

The US-China climate deal - By the numbers

How much will the pledges by President Obama and Xi Jinping change emissions relative to what's required to contain global warming to 2 degrees, and what more do they need to do to achieve the pledges?

Origin's King seeks move away from per capita emissions measure

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Deloitte report shows Australia fairing better on 'emissions per GDP'.

NSW releases revamped CSG policy

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'We are unashamedly raising the standards,' says energy minister.

Dangerous warming ahead, finds IEA

Agency says world on track for 3.6 degree warming with current coal use.

WWF welcomes Rainforest Summit

Groups launch 5-point program to slow rainforest loss in region.

Wind turbine noise not affecting health: Health Canada

Public health department dismisses connection after $2.1m, 1238-household study.

SA Libs call for fracking inquiry

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Liberals cop Santos criticism after move to set-up parliamentary select committee.