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A Santa wish-list for PM Abbott

Santa, I know your home's foundations are threatened by melting Arctic ice, but please don't give Tony a lump of coal for Christmas - it won't help things. Instead there are four gifts that he'd enjoy which could even change his mind on climate change.

Ignore the worst-case scenario, EVs are only getting greener

There has been a lot of focus on a new report which casts some doubt on the climate benefits of electric vehicles, yet its overall message is clear – electric is cleaner than petrol.

Intense 'squall line' storms strike southeast Qld

by AAP
Power to 27,000 homes cut as winds reach 100kmh.

Australia faces a stormier future thanks to climate change

The Brisbane supercell hailstorm of last month reminds us that we are likely to see stronger and more frequent storms in the future, as the intersection between tropical moisture and stronger winds changes.

Greenland’s ice sheet shifts could speed melt

Two new findings show how Greenland – which contains enough snow and ice to raise global sea levels more than 6m – could be melting from the bottom up, with ramifications for sea level rise estimates.

November 7th hottest on record: NOAA

Australia sees new November and spring record; world set for warmest year.

Counting the co-benefits of reducing non-CO2 climate pollutants

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Improving transportation emissions standards, notably around diesel vehicles, will deliver immediate health benefits for our cities as well as contribute significantly in the battle against climate change.

Bishop backs off binding requirement

Minister bows to US position on legal status; says Aust open to 2025 target.

Australian emissions 'set to soar by 2020'

Government policies to fall well short of minus 5% target, Climate Action Tracker says.

CSIRO warns of '$1 trillion' natural disasters exposure

Extreme weather may cause damage costing Australia more than $1 trillion, a draft CSIRO report obtained by the ABC shows.

CSIRO warns on '$1 trillion' natural disasters exposure

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Increasing events to cost Australia more than $1 trillion by 2100, says agency.

'A message of urgency and hope'

The UN Secretary-General has called on parties at Lima to begin the process of writing a new history for the planet - starting with action in five key areas.

Vic Govt should prepare for 'challenging fire season'

Climate Council predicts cost of $172 million as outlook goes from 'above normal' to 'major'.

Lima talks divided on 'responsibility'

by AFP
Washington and Canberra insist responsibility can no longer be divided into 1992's rich and poor nations, with Julie Bishop saying 'those countries that are emitting the most have the greatest responsibility'.

US, China and EU pledges mean significantly less warming

While Julie Bishop tries to talk down the significance of other countries' emission reduction pledges, independent analysis suggests those efforts could limit temperature rise to around 3 degrees by 2100. Not good enough, but significant progress.

How the world's economic growth is actually uneconomic

A stable climate is seen as a hindrance to economic growth but, rather, it should be regarded as an asset that underlies the operation of the entire human enterprise.

Carbon does its worse work 'within 10 years'

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A new study finds CO2 takes just 10 years to reach peak greenhouse effect, not 40-50 years. But the warming effect still lingers for decades and even centuries.

Abbott originally planned 'no minister to Lima'

Bishop intervened twice to ensure Australia had ministerial representation: report.

Hot 2014 closes in on top spot in world temperature rankings

It’s been cooler than average across eastern North America because of a severe winter there, while it has been hotter than usual in Australia - which has just had its hottest spring - and Europe.

Who cares if Earth warms up?

Despite our advances in trade and transport, humans still largely live in the most fertile places. But with increased warmth, the location and degree of rainfall will change – as will the lives of billions.