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'Galileo' Cruz courts the sceptic vote

The first US Republican to officially declare a 2016 presidential run, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, has confused 21st century scientists with the 17th century Church, with climate change a movement aiming to control 'every aspect of our lives'.

Climate change messing with Atlantic Gulf Stream: study

Scientists finds current slowest in 1000 years due to ice melt.

Scientists have mixed opinions about whether stagnant energy emissions are a trend

The IEA's bombshell last week that energy emissions had stalled globally, and prematurely - largely on the back of China's dip - has some scientists optimistic but others encouraging caution about where emissions numbers will go from here.

Projected emissions slashed but Direct Action still doesn’t have enough cash

Australia's emissions task is shrinking in the government's favour as projections fall short of reality. But for Direct Action to deliver our meagre 5% target, Greg Hunt will have to find abatement at remarkably low cost.

Disused coalmines blight NSW, yet the approvals continue

Coal mine approvals are continuing apace, despite the sector's dire outlook. With filling the entire mine 'void' beyond the realms of 'best-practice ecological rehabilitation', these approvals are set to have a lasting legacy.

ScienceCheck: is warming intensifying cyclones in the Pacific?

Christine Milne’s statements on global warming linked the devastation wreaked by Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu last weekend with climate change. Her language may have gone too far.

Climate Authority loses CEO

Inaugural CEO, Anthea Harris, resigns from the Climate Change Authority while a number of board seats remain vacant.

Scientists dismiss link between climate change and cosmic rays

Study finds no evidence of rays to long-term warming trend.

Ceramic Fuel Cells - A dead end technology

The poster child for cleantech in this country, Ceramic Fuel Cells, has recently gone into administration due to financial difficulties and it doesn’t surprise me at all. The technology can't match it with a combination of solar, wind, batteries and heat pumps.

Beyond the dome: Is China back off the wagon?

Beijing suddenly yet belatedly banned the smog documentary, but it wasn't so much for the environmental message as the popularity behind the person delivering it.

Could solar fall short of target?

Data finds solar sales slowing 8.8% to year-to-date.

Climate change played role, says Vanuatu president

by AAP
Lonsdale says climate change contributing to disasters in Pacific nation.

Linc faces cancer accusations at underground coal gasification project

by AAP
Report backs Queensland gas workers' toxic claims.

East Antartica ice sheet melting 'as well': study

Continent's east could boost sea levels an extra 3.3m, says scientists.

Emissions accomplished? How excited to get about 2014's carbon stall

The IEA had expected China's coal demand to rise until 2030, but it dipped last year and with it world energy emissions stalled against a growing global economy. Is the bad ship CO2 really turning?

Net-zero emissions: Defining it; getting there

The goal of net-zero emissions has a good chance of being enshrined in Paris. But the term can mean several things, and the world will need to decide whether if refers to stabilising atmospheric concentrations, actual emissions or otherwise.

Unprecedented stall of global carbon emissions in 2014 while economy grows

Growth of global CO2 emissions halted in 2014 while the world economy grew at 3%; driven by policy actions in China, the US and Europe.

How countries could come to a global climate deal in 2015

Countries are being asked to submit their 'INDCs' by October 1. The self-determined targets shift global climate policy to a more bottom-up approach, where their cumulative effect may not be enough to limit warming to 2 degrees. So what should Australia do?

Exponential crisis: Scientists shift focus to rate of warming

By just 2020, the rate of increase in warming should eclipse historical bounds of the past 1000 years — and likely 2000 years — and keep rising.

A $2.5m investment in wind farms and health won’t solve anything

The NHMRC has reserved $2.5m for research into possible health effects from wind turbines. It's a small amount of money but there are lots of other highly meritorious health research projects missing out on funding so why is this special, and why not dedicated funding for wifi sensitivity, smart electricity meter dangers or 'fan death'?