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Why the White House is worried

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Here are three charts from the new White House report showing why the world needs to take immediate action on climate change.

Voluntary air pollution standards 'inadequate'

Environmental Justice Australia calls for binding approach to tackle lethal fine particle matter.

Coal seam gas emissions lower than US: first Australian study

Fugitive emissions from drilling account for about 8 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. And while most Australian wells are leaking, the emission amounts are comparatively small.

UK Commons endorses integrity of IPCC

House of Commons committee says latest assessment report the best available summary of the science.

Food production feeling the warming effect

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Rising global temperatures, as well as pollution, are increasingly harming crop yields in areas of the world, scientists say – meaning more look set to go without food and water.

El Nino threat wanes

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BOM says only slight majority of climate models indicate El Nino this year.

The carbon cost of upsetting the shore

Scientists say the degradation of coastal vegetation could be equivalent to nearly 20 per cent of deforestation emissions, highlighting an overlooked component of the carbon equation.

NZ’s Southern Alps have lost a third of their ice

Since 1977, the region's ice volume has shrunk 34% and those losses have been accelerating rapidly in the past 15 years, risking the future of Aotearoa’s 'long white cloud'.

US failing on methane progress: watchdog

Voluntary regulation of potent greenhouse gas 'yielding minimal reductions'.

Hunt approves giant Carmichael coal mine

Minister vows 'strict conditions' for record project but economic value and environmental sustainability questioned.

ALP pledges CSG-free zone in northern NSW

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Delegates back motion on north coast and Northern Rivers regions.

The 'pre-Holocene' climate is returning – and it won't be fun

A string of events earlier this year provided a sobering snapshot of a global climate system out of whack, heralding a return to a volatile and destructive era.

Tropical biology scientists pen letter to Abbott

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Global association gathering in Cairns fear for climate policy drift.

Preparing for the climate displaced, both rich and poor

Far from running out of land, the world still has more than enough available land to provide for the needs of those everywhere facing and living with climate displacement.

Britain to stick with tough 50% target

Government withstands pressure to water down 2027 emissions goal.

Greenpeace recruits 'Nemo' for reef bid

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Environment group releases TV ad warning against coal port expansion.

Do climate worriers use more electricity?

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Do environmental beliefs affect how much electricity we use? New research found a counter-intuitive link, but the authors say it's probably illusory.

Capture me if you can: An elusive CCS solution

The International Energy Agency is among those who say carbon capture and storage is a vital ingredient of the climate solution. But progress remains achingly slow ... and frustratingly expensive.

Australian study backs climate modelling

CSIRO-led research finds climate models consistent with observed trends.

Hard news: the carbon tax shows up cracks in reporting

Improving science reporting, and indeed all specialist topics, requires contributions from not just media outlets but also scientists and the Australian people at large.