Science & Environment

CSG 'manageable with standards': review

NSW chief scientist says certain conditions could allow for development.

Greens kill 'one-stop shop' environmental approvals plan

PUP deal to see Commonwealth oversight continue for resource proposals.

Newman wants weather bureau review

PM's top business adviser says BOM 'homogenisation seems arbitrary'.

Climate experts slam Energy Green Paper

One of the main objectives of the Abbott Government's energy green paper – increasing coal use, via Asia, over coming decades – is diametrically opposed to the policies needed to limit warming below 2 degrees.

Human hands are all over Australia's hottest ever year

Australian research has found the nation's hottest year – including the hottest day, spring, summer and month – was virtually impossible without the influence of human-caused global warming.

Protesters shut down coal mine sites in NSW

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Whitehaven's Maules Creek among six northern NSW sites affected.

Dirty air and dodgy politics in Victoria

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The message that the Hazelwood fire may well have killed people won’t be a popular one with the state government. Indeed it seems it's easier to attack science than listen to Morwell fire death stats.

Abbott's 'good global citizen' needs a priorities rethink

In a speech to the UN late last week, the Prime Minister said Australia can 'step up' to make the world a better place. But are his and the globe's priorities driven by emotion or calculated logic?

Dunlop confirms BHP board run

IPCC view is conservative, says candidate, and BHP must prepare for 'rapid change'.

Antarctic sea-ice hits new high as scientists puzzle over the cause

For the third year in a row, the extent of sea-ice around Antarctica has surpassed the previous record high. Scientists haven’t yet been able to pin down what's happening.

UN summit hails palm oil pledges

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Donut giants join a raft of int'l companies to stop using oil linked to deforestation.

Gas bridge 'next to useless'; coal reversal urgent

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Climate Action Tracker's latest has the world on track for 3.7-degree warming by 2100, removing coal-power by 2050 only puts it at 3.2 degrees, while replacing coal with gas is set to have minimal benefit.

Ten inspirational texts about climate change

From James Lovelock's Gaia to Naomi Klein's latest, thinkers and writers reveal the written inspirations behind their moves into climate change-related work.

Fears of imminent Arctic ice collapse

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Cambridge professor points to earlier-than-expected summer collapse.

Developed nations 'need 15% yearly cut'

Rich countries should lead global efforts to reduce emissions by 5% a year, finds study.

Marchers top 300,000 ahead of climate summit

Manhattan sees historic climate march turnout; Melbourne pulls 30,000.

Global carbon report: emissions will hit new heights in 2014

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World greenhouse emissions reached a new record in 2013 - driven by increases in China, the US and India - and are set to rise again this year.

El Nino starts to stir

The Southern Oscillation Index has been hanging in El Nino territory for the past month, but scientists will need a little longer before they're able to announce the weather phenomenon's return.

Entering an era of bigger monsoons

A new study suggests monsoons may be more sensitive to global climate change than scientists previously thought, with Asia's big rains to increase as air warms faster than oceans.

Cousins to head ACF

Former Gunns nemesis moves to environment group.