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Corporate Amercia's unlikely climate alliance

Big investors are paying more attention to climate issues, and US oil and gas giant Apache's shareholder engagement on the issue has spared it the prolonged proxy fights of its peers.

China's Li calls for clean generation surge

Premier seeks new projects including nuclear, hydro.

Utility to score $400m for carbon capture

EU scheme set to reward British firm for pilot project.

Pipeline delay's all about boosting Obama's base

Approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline would have risked dampening the turnout of environmentalists, as well as the generosity of some wealthy Democrat donors, for the US mid-terms.

Clean energy economy or wrecking ball?

A review of the government's emissions data showed electricity emissions took a record fall while mining activity - and wealth - grew in the carbon price's first full calendar year.

The IPCC's terrible three

Via three sobering graphs, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change puts the emissions equation in stark relief.

Linc Energy to face court over coal plant

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Government alleges 'environmental harm' at underground coal gasification plant in Queensland.

US further delays Keystone decision

Final decision on $5.8 billion pipeline delayed past November mid-term elections.

The ABC icon among Oz's 'dirty dozen'

Among the list of Australia's 12 most influential climate foes sits an ABC legend with a following to make shock-jocks - and the renewables industry - weep.

Global warming will kill: Ludlam

by AAP
Weather already turning violent, renewables the solution, says senator.

Clive Palmer gets nod on toxic sludge

Queensland govt permits nickel refinery to discharge higher level of toxic sludge.

US emissions down 10% since 2005

EPA finds lower demand, gas switch puts nation on track for 17 per cent target.

Car coolant rejected by Daimler is safe

EU scientists pave way for carmaker to abandon polluting old-style coolant.

Oil drilling possible 'trigger' for Italy quake

by AFP
Drilling suspended as report finds hydrocarbon exploitation may be factor in deadly 2012 tremor.

Biomass with capture: silver bullet or bulldust?

The IPCC has talked up biomass as a way to store masses of carbon, over eons, while supplying power. Indeed while it could offset 150% of car emissions in Australia by 2050, it should only be seen as a support, not substitute.

Climate Institute backs carbon capture

Capture and storage technologies could 'contribute significantly' in Australia.

Factbox: The abridged IPCC

Among the main findings from Sunday's report are: a prediction of at least 3.7 degrees warming; a need for 50 per cent renewables by 2050; and efficiency investment potential of $357 billion a year.

Fish losing survival instinct: study

Climate-linked ocean acidification causing behavioural changes.

Palmer hits out at waste claims

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Queensland Nickel suspends operations on toxic waste fears, MP critical of Qld govt.

IPCC wrap: the need for emissions-negative energy

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The UN report has canvassed biomass fuel and carbon capture and storage as part of 'a broad portfolio of options'.