Smart Energy

Tesla second-quarter sales climb; gigafactory moves closer

EV marker posts slight loss as it build its capacity; announces Panasonic 'gigafactory' deal.

Napthine, don't mess up Melbourne's urban renewal

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The Victorian Government has approved a plan for development of one of Australia's largest urban renewal projects, intended to house 80,000 people that will leave a legacy for centuries - but all without properly evaluating its environmental sustainability.

Smart grid better because it discourages solar?

The $100m the government has allocated to smart grid trials led by Ausgrid has come up with a counter-intuitive result that smart grid technology will be of moderate benefit in reducing peak demand and network investment, but will be very good at deterring solar installations.

Electrifying vehicles: assessing the efficiency/price trade-off

Conventional combustion engine cars will continue to achieve improvements in fuel economy allowing them to comply with new regulatory standards - but their price will rise. Meanwhile, hybrids and full EVs will get cheaper as efficiency improves.

Japan to offer $20,000 subsidy for fuel-cell Toyotas

Abe support plan to bring hydrogen vehicles down to $US50,000.

EU bosses outline increased energy savings goal

Leaders opt for increased 30% target by 2030 amid Russian gas threat.

Affordable batteries for green energy are closer than we think

Very high storage costs are now rapidly falling and, while there are differences in the estimates, battery system costs per kilowatt-hour are predicted to drop strongly again to 2020.

Do climate worriers use more electricity?

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Do environmental beliefs affect how much electricity we use? New research found a counter-intuitive link, but the authors say it's probably illusory.

The freedom revolution to kill power bill confusion

The electricity bill debate is more confusion than clarity, and rising gas prices may only make it worse. But the 'energy efficiency plus solar' solution offers the average punter a final way out.

Toyota's high hydrogen hopes

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The world's top-selling carmaker is confident drivers will embrace hydrogen fuel cell vehicles even more readily than they did hybrids ahead of the release of its first commercial model in Japan next year.

Japan to offer $20,000 fuel-cell subsidy

Abe promises support for Japanese makers.

Storage market to pass $50bn 'by 2020'

EV use to drive energy storage technologies, finds study.

BMW plans EV battery surge

German maker to lift electric car battery cell orders by 20-30% in 2016.

EV charging stations set to surge in US

Obam's target to be key force behind $US880m growth in US EV charging stations market by 2020, says GlobalData.

SolarCity fears battery block

US firm fears repeat of Californian charges in international rollout.

Tesla delivers 1GWh to EVs

EV maker's charging network hits milestone in June.

Napthine VEET modelling 'flawed'

Report raises concerns about government's modelling assumptions for efficiency scheme.

Beijing plans one-third green fleet

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Communist Party sets target for official vehicles.

Graphite stocks soar on hopes of battery boom

Australian resource stocks focussed on key battery input of graphite experience strong first half.

China to suspend sales tax on green cars

EVs, some hybrids and fuel-cell cars to be exempt from September.