Smart Energy

Have solar and batteries won out over nuclear and clean coal?

Nuclear and clean coal may have some trouble with costs, but they had a final defence - reliability. Could lower cost batteries destroy their last remaining advantage?

Energy efficiency regulations endorsed, saving consumers billions

Review finds efficiency standards and labelling will save community $3.3 to $7.3 billion through reduced energy costs.

The potential of behavioural economics: beyond the nudge

Behavioural economics has provided a vast improvement in our thinking about economic problems. Yet nothing in this research suggests governments should limit themselves to gently nudging us to better options, while leaving us free to make dumb choices too.

A million electric and gas vehicles by 2025 - thanks to priority lane access

The Energy Supply Association has released a report spruiking the benefits of a shift to electric and natural gas fuelled vehicles, with bullish predictions of uptake even if government does little to encourage them.

We need a shake-up of energy market regulation

The way we manage energy market regulation is excessively slow, complex and bureaucratic. It's time it was streamlined to put consumers front and centre.

Sick of lowly feed-in tariffs? A plan for better rewarding local generators

The reason there is little incentive to export power to the grid is because as far as the poles and wires businesses are concerned it doesn't matter whether a generator is 100 kilometres away or just 10 metres up the road. A new regulatory rule could change this.

Eden wins $300,000 concrete grant

by AAP
ARC lends support to emissions-lowering nanotubes.

Wrecking ball in hand, Abbott changes tack on clean energy

The latest, and third, move against the CEFC - following attacks on every other climate policy - hands more market power to big utilities in the (reduced) area of renewables investment.

ACT receives 30 submissions for 50MW 'solar plus storage' program

Projects totalling 976MW a 'tremendous response': Corbell.

Abbott Govt abolishes the CEFC by contradicting itself

The government now wants two things from the CEFC: to finance only the most fledgling, immature renewable energy technologies, and make money. Tough gig.

CEFC puts $10m into waste-to-energy firm

Queensland's Landfill Gas Industries to tap ERF with loan.

Airbus electric plane crosses Channel

by DPA
E-Fan plane claims electric record for Britain-France crossing.

How does Australia still not have a housing green rating system?

Energy efficiency ratings are compulsory on home sales in the UK, and have revolutionised the market there. While Australian ministers agreed to such a move back in 2004, home-buyers remain in the dark.

Financing toolkit in works for community renewables project

$493,000 website to help groups meet financier and ongoing project requirements.

Millions feared lost in Tesla share scam

by AAP
Australians wanting a share of EV and battery maker fall into online con.

Cheaper loans for 'green' cars

by AAP
Firstmac and CEFC combine for $50m program.

Messy and messier: Power pricing structures are broken

The electricity market’s method of quoting pricing to customers is a complete farce, with the standard offer usually an artificial construct that is seeing more and more weight being put on the fixed charge.

How consumers pay more under our deregulated retail electricity market

Victoria's deregulated power market is not the beacon of competition it's being made out to be - with prices there higher than in other states despite lower network costs. A review there is needed to determine why.

Power bill crossroads? Australia's not-so competitive retail electricity market

Big retailers and the AEMC have been pushing states to follow Victoria’s lead by removing retail price controls on the basis there's enough competition already. But Victoria's regulatory boss suggests otherwise.

Billion-dollar deals in offshore wind; lignite lifeline

The week in clean energy saw two multi-billion dollar orders in European offshore wind, while coal got a lifeline in Germany.