Smart Energy

Energy storage, Plan B: Chargers and diverters

EVs and home energy storage will be massive in the very near future, but there are two other emerging possibilities that will have an impact on the growth of the crucial battery market.

What a becalmed NEM would mean for battery storage

Wind production was almost negligible for 62 hours to yesterday. While a wind-only electricity grid is unrealistic it illustrates some of the potential challenges surrounding reliance on battery storage.

Tesla shares jump on Musk 'tease' in tweet

by AFP
'Major new Tesla product line -- not a car' to be unveiled.

SolarCity offers microgrid product

US firm to use Tesla batteries in challenge to GE, Siemens.

Privatisation scare campaign extends reach to WA

The WA Government has baulked at implementing a series of reforms to its electricity market that would improve competition and potentially also encourage greater use of solar and energy efficiency.

Electric vehicle batteries 'already cheaper than 2020 projections'

The cost of EV battery packs is falling more rapidly than expected, according to a new study in Nature Climate Change. But the study relies on sparse data and acknowledges some costs might be hidden.

Will state governments save clean energy?

With the federal sphere a complete mess, several state governments are now saying all the right things about wanting to encourage renewable energy and energy efficiency. But translating it into action is far harder. A cross-state joint renewable energy procurement auction would be a good start.

What Labor must do for a clean energy sweep: Part II

There are 10 more things Victorian Labor needs to do to clean up the state's renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental performance after its neglect under the Baillieu-Napthine years.

Ceramic Fuel Cells - A dead end technology

The poster child for cleantech in this country, Ceramic Fuel Cells, has recently gone into administration due to financial difficulties and it doesn’t surprise me at all. The technology can't match it with a combination of solar, wind, batteries and heat pumps.

Not another bloody trial of batteries, solar and energy efficiency!

ARENA will fund WA utility Synergy to do yet another trial involving batteries, solar PV, energy efficiency and smart meters with developer Lend Lease. It could cut the cost of connecting new homes to the grid by thousands, but may also be the very definition of insanity.

Australia is catching up on climate investment risk

Regulatory change haunts carbon investments the world over, while litigation and reputational challenges linger to the side. Moreso, Australia's finance industry is advancing on climate risk.

In support of demand management incentives

The AEMC's proposed rule change, which closes to submissions next week, would support batteries, solar and energy efficiency and help Australia close the gap on demand management energy savings, which are half those of the US.

US utilities eyeing storage and solar: BNEF

Data reveals sector's 'initial forays' into storage capacity.

Energy War: Utilities vs Google vs Samsung vs Apple vs ... Enphase?

Many companies want to be the ones associated with the smart home, where you control all the various appliances for energy efficiency and personal preference. And a Silicon Valley microinverter firm thinks it's best-placed to deliver.

Australia has work to do to make EVs climate-friendly

For electric cars to be cleaner than their petrol-guzzling brethren, they need a power supply that emits less than 600 tonnes of CO2e per gigawatt-hour. While the US and EU are on the right side of the ledger, Australia and China are not.

NSW announces community renewable grants

Sustainable energy projects to share in $800,000 govt support.

Foley talks up energy revolution in debate

NSW Opposition leader calls for focus on distributed energy, batteries.

Wi-Fi air conditioners enable a solar-powered smart energy grid

Heater air-conditioners are considered the evil vampire of the grid. But they already have the internet smarts to make them the smartgrid and solar's best asset - while reducing energy consumption and making your home more comfortable.

Minister: Gas supply extension subsidy a 'white elephant', but won't cancel

A Victorian Government program to subsidise the extension of gas supply infrastructure to regional towns at costs of $60,000 per connected home to continue, even though gas no longer financially attractive for households.

February enviro markets update - VEECs and ESCs

Victoria's energy efficiency market was subdued on - as yet, unfounded - rumours of rules changes while its NSW counterpart rallied early on the back of strong trading volumes.