Smart Energy

Solar Council decries Queensland power tariff change

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Fixed annual charge increase for business 'erodes case for PV, energy efficiency'.

China EV production rises 700%

Xinhua says government policies seeing green car growth.

Poll gives Vic Labor election-winning lead

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A third of Victorians less likely to vote Liberal because of PM.

Proposal to allow households to access meter data

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Energy rule-maker wants power companies to share consumption figures on request.

Why electrics trump hydrogen cars

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The big problem with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is they have a bunch of consumer defects unlikely to be overcome any time soon - there essentially remains no practical FCVs.

Joe Hockey's petrol blunder in 3 charts

Can the Bureau of Statistics help Hockey out his hole over claims 'the poor don't drive and thus hikes to petrol excise are fair'?

China and India's gigawatt-scale solar plans

India moved closer to a scheme to encourage large solar farms as China made a start on its 2014 target while, elsewhere, Sunpower and VW partnered on storage.

Tesla trumps Toyota: Why hydrogen can’t compete with pure EVs

On current measures, the way hydrogen is sourced means fuel-cell vehicles simply can't compete with electric vehicles on greenhouse gas emissions ... and then there's the practicality element.

Labor made 'right call' on VEET

Environmental, social groups line-up to praise energy efficiency pledge.

July enviro markets update - VEECs and ESCs

Political uncertainty was one reason Victoria's energy efficiency market softened across a usually busy month while its NSW sibling found itself still easing into the new compliance regime.

Labor backs Vic energy efficiency target

Labor attempts to block Victorian Coalition Government from abolishing energy efficiency tradeable certificates scheme.

Tesla's gigafactory charges up; UK offshore wind takes a blow

The week in clean energy saw Panasonic commit to Elon Musk's battery facility while 4.2GW of offshore wind plans in the Irish Sea were abandoned.

More than 60,000 cars in 2015, says Musk

Tesla boss says company ready to nearly double output next year.

EV sales double again in Europe

Norway, Netherlands lead way as electric vehicles double for fourth year.

Tesla second-quarter sales climb; gigafactory moves closer

EV marker posts slight loss as it build its capacity; announces Panasonic 'gigafactory' deal.

Napthine, don't mess up Melbourne's urban renewal

The Victorian Government has approved a plan for development of one of Australia's largest urban renewal projects, intended to house 80,000 people that will leave a legacy for centuries - but all without properly evaluating its environmental sustainability.

Smart grid better because it discourages solar?

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The $100m the government has allocated to smart grid trials led by Ausgrid has come up with a counter-intuitive result that smart grid technology will be of moderate benefit in reducing peak demand and network investment, but will be very good at deterring solar installations.

Electrifying vehicles: assessing the efficiency/price trade-off

Conventional combustion engine cars will continue to achieve improvements in fuel economy allowing them to comply with new regulatory standards - but their price will rise. Meanwhile, hybrids and full EVs will get cheaper as efficiency improves.

Japan to offer $20,000 subsidy for fuel-cell Toyotas

Abe support plan to bring hydrogen vehicles down to $US50,000.

EU bosses outline increased energy savings goal

Leaders opt for increased 30% target by 2030 amid Russian gas threat.