Smart Energy

Solar Council launches storage counterpart

Energy Storage Council to push for standardisation for network embeds.

Sydney landmark gains green credentials

Martin Place office site largest heritage site to win six-star rating.

Novatec Solar fires up thermal demonstration

Spanish plant to harness inorganic molten salt as heat transfer liquid.

Study to track low-income homes' energy use

Abbott government launches latest stage of $72m 'energy habits' program.

How monitoring and control is changing solar businesses

Monitoring is perhaps being underestimated by solar installers and retailers who could be 'supersizing' their operations with locked-in forward revenue streams.

China $16bn charging plan 'to unleash EV market'

Green car proposal best served by investment in 'level-3 charging infrastructure', says analyst.

Energy efficiency: The most important fuel we didn’t know we had

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Two new reports this week tell us energy efficiency can boost growth, create jobs and save Europe from the Russian gas giants. With these benefits and more, what's holding back action?

IEA lauds energy efficiency 'social, economic boosts'

But 'two-thirds' of energy efficiency potential lost under current policies, warns US agency.

Repaying our emissions debt

With the carbon tax gone, the 'structural rebalancing’ of – admittedly, excessive – hydro in favour of brown coal will equate to an extra 8 million tonnes of CO2 over the year.

Global EV market summary - H1

In the first six months, EV markets in the top two countries - Norway and the Netherlands - have diverged, the Mitsubishi Outlander has grown sales in Sweden and US and China have seen steady gains.

Waste slag for a cheaper advanced battery?

A California company is using vanadium that’s been recycled from mining slag for a more environmentally friendly battery which, it hopes, could see costs drop more than 50% in two years.

Nevada confirmed as 'gigafactory' site

Battery factory aims to produce enough storage for 500,000 Teslas by 2020.

Redflow secures European supply deal

Battery developer signs distribution, office site deal with Austrian firm.

Nevada set to be announced as 'gigafactory' site

Western US state to host $5 billion Tesla battery facility: report.

Gas price rises to wipe out carbon tax savings

New report estimates a $300 annual hit to Victorian residential gas customers, swamping any saving from repeal of carbon price.

China extends green car support

Beijing to offer tax breaks on EVs, limited mostly to local brands.

Go Group set for 'backdoor listing'

Urban Group Energy subsidiary set for link-up with ASX firm.

Home insulation report tabled, PM cites 'dysfunction'

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Government said to respond to Royal Commission by month's end.

Helping battery cost declines keep going and going

Solar is being installed at roughly eight times the rate and one-third the cost of four years ago. Falling balance-of-system costs has battery storage undergoing a similar evolution.

Australia's transport is falling behind on energy efficiency

Among its OECD peers, Australia ranks 10th out of 16 for overall energy efficiency - but we're last for transport due largely to continuing investment in roads over rail.