Smart Energy

Tesla's Australian entrance rattles motor industry

Electric car manufacturer Tesla is heading Down Under but its direct-to-consumer model has the local motor industry, including peak industry group VACC, worried.

Tesla gears up for Aussie start

Signage goes up as EV maker readies Model S sales.

How utilities will commit suicide by solar

Off-grid systems will be increasingly affordable for average households – so if grid operators continue protectionist policies to block homes from exporting solar, it will just force more savvy PV owners to disconnect.

Tesla falls after Daimler sells 4% stake

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Germany company to remain partner, shares fall 1.1 per cent.

Tesla meets Alibaba; SolarCity taps online debt

The week in clean energy saw both green cars and green bonds expand their online presence, in China and the US respectively, while Vestas set a record for power produced by a turbine in a single day.

Brown coal decision to come after election

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Victorian govt, oppn delay on contentious plan to open up new Latrobe coalfields.

NTU batteries charge '70% in 2 minutes'

Singapore university claims 'groundbreaking' fast-charge titanium dioxide batteries.

Clean tech stocks defy a falling ASX in Q1

Shares in clean energy firms rose 5.9 per cent in the quarter on the back of the performance of 12 companies, including battery developer RedFlow and diversified power developer and transporter Eden Energy.

Time to write down the value of NSW networks

The regulated asset value per connection of NSW networks are multiples of their peers. Writing down that value should lower prices and could boost their sale price for the state.

VEET to remain for 2015 as govt pulls bill to abolish scheme

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Energy efficiency target to remain at 5.4m tonnes of CO2 for 2015, but Coalition vows to reduce target if elected in November.

How the Tesla ‘D’ will upend your EV expectations

The all-wheel-drive Model D marks a new chapter in Tesla’s effort to break the stigma that electric cars are slow and impractical.

Old utilities know better than Abbott

Old government utilities such as Ergon Energy and Synergy now believe that small-scale power options - such as solar, batteries and energy efficiency - are superseding the need for grid expansions. New analysis from the IEA shows how big a change they could make.

Aussie Anglicans step up fossil fuel divestment

National super fund and Sydney dioceses joins other dioceses in investment withdrawal.

Elon's torque of the town

Tesla's dual-motor all-wheel-drive version of the Model S promises unparalleled control of traction - and also features the carmaker's first offerings of autopilot capability.

Victoria voluntarily heads backwards on energy smarts

The Victorian government says it will replace its energy efficiency scheme with decent alternatives. Sadly, its voluntary home energy-rating policy is doomed to mediocrity.

Australia's gem of a climate policy may be at risk

The government has quietly initiated a low key, unscheduled review into Australia’s national appliance energy efficiency standards. Why fiddle with a policy delivering consumer savings and easy abatement?

There's no Moore's law for batteries

The computing power of microchips may be doubling every 18 months but the capacity of the batteries on which our gadgets depend isn't keeping up. So what's the problem?

Declining energy demand? It's energy efficiency, stupid!

The IEA has found that energy consumption across the developed world was lower in 2011 than 10 years earlier – and the main reason wasn't the GFC, nor was it the offshoring industry.

Prospects darken for Victoria's energy efficiency future

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As the world starts to quantify the startling benefits of energy efficiency, the Napthine Government is using dubious logic to kill a Victorian scheme delivering a net $100m boost to the state's economy.

Nobel awarded to LED light inventors

Japanese pair take physics prize for energy-saving blue light-emitting diodes.