Smart Energy

The map which shows batteries are a waste of time in NSW and QLD

A map developed by UTS illustrates that the greatest value of batteries - to avoid network costs - isn't much good in NSW & QLD, but it's a different story in Victoria.

Enphase to release its battery system mid 2016

1.2kWh modular self-contained battery system to be sold to distributors at wholesale price of $1,150/kWh.

Major US utility declares batteries spell doom for gas turbines

NextEra CEO says by 2020 batteries could replace gas peakers, invests $100m in energy storage.

India's Paris Pledge: 40% Renewables by 2030; 33-35% reduction in emissions intensity

India's pledge for the forthcoming climate conference in Paris reinforces a set of plans to massively upscale investment in renewable energy. Meanwhile its coal generators have suffered record low utilisation of 58.4% last July. It spells bad news for Australian coal exports.

Feds will now fund trams for Gold Coast

by AAP
Federal Government will now provide funding for Gold Coast light rail, rebuffing Abbott's roads-only position.

Power of EU car lobby revealed

As the true extent of Volkswagen's emission test deception is uncovered, it turns out it plus several other diesel car manufacturers spent as much as €18.5 million lobbying the European Union last year.

Construction commences on 8 star homes for disadvantaged

Social housing company, SCGH building 39 highly energy efficient and affordable homes as first part of 200 home roll-out.

What to do about car makers gaming emission tests

The group that exposed Volkswagen's emissions cheating believes that a variety of tricks and loopholes in lab testing will allow car makers to eventually make their emissions look 50% lower than real world performance unless governments crack down.

Tesla prioritises Australia for Powerwall – but why?

The fact that Australia has been prioritised for the Powerwall is illustrative of the fact the country has become the test-bed for the future evolution of the solar industry. Yet we got here much like a drunk stumbling in the dark.

Sweden aims to be 1st fossil fuel-free nation

Country to substantially boost investment in energy storage, vehicle electrification and renewable energy.

Tesla prioritises Australia as one of first markets for Powerwall battery system

Systems available from 'late 2015' with pricing and distributors announced in coming weeks.

Could do it yourself be cheaper than QLD's power utility?

Ergon says it costs them between $3400 to $7900 per kilowatt to service its customers, but a Tesla battery costs $1000. It's time that the Queensland Government looked at facilitating some competition to Ergon's monopoly.

Self-driving cars still a way off: Hyundai

by AFP
South Korean carmaker says autonomous cars could arrive in 10 or 15 years.

QLD Treasurer claims Ergon-Energex merger to boost solar

Says Energex-Ergon merger will mean company "playing more" in renewable energy and battery space.

Can Turnbull create an effective climate policy without an ETS?

The new Prime Minister has done a deal with the Nationals not to introduce a carbon price or emissions trading scheme. Here’s five options and one question surrounding how he might still achieve action on climate change.

Community housing to get $60m energy efficiency upgrade

Clean energy bank to lend $60m to build 7 star energy efficient homes for low income people.

Slash your hot water bill by 86%

An extremely efficient showerhead is on the way that allows long showers without the guilts. Even Apple's CEO has sunk money into it, but if you can't wait there are other options to reduce the environmental impact of that lovely long shower.
0% surge in Vic energy efficiency certificate prices
August was an extremely big month for participants in the Victorian Energy Efficiency Scheme with new 5 year targets announced and a surge in trading and certificate prices. Meanwhile NSW's scheme was more subdued but still rose nearly 10%.

Bloomberg wrap-up: Wind turbine makers thrive on record orders

Wind turbine makers Vestas, Gamesa and Nordex have seen big rises in share prices on the back of healthy orders but offshore wind remains too expensive. Meanwhile Audi has unveiled a 500km range all electric SUV.

Canberra Hospital to install 500kW solar

Hospital to undertake $3.3 million energy efficiency finance upgrade that will save $490,000 per annum.