Smart Energy

Aust super fund wins int'l climate gong

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Australia's Local Government Super returns to top spot.

Norway, the land of renewable energy and electric vehicles - backed by oil

Norway is more than 100% renewable and still adding wind, while the Tesla is its best-selling car. Why is it they wisely use their fossil fuels revenues to decouple from fossil fuels yet we feel the need to remain as dependant as possible?

Sitting out the Sydney storm in solar-powered comfort

With a motley collection of emergency equipment - 12V solar panel, lights, wireless modem, inverter - I had the basics up and running in a few hours.

Energy efficiency sector can emerge from the bunker

Victoria has put to bed the doubts about the benefits that flow from its energy efficiency target while a NSW review has given its scheme a clean bill of health.

Senate inquiry predicts utility death spiral, but has no answer

A Senate inquiry into power networks says batteries, solar and energy efficiency are on the verge of driving a death spiral of increasing power prices. But in screaming over whether networks should be punished for past gold plating, they’ve lost sight of the future.

Why cheap oil won’t hold back solar batteries and EVs

If the price of oil dropped to $20 tomorrow, electric cars would still be quietly revving their engines. There are too many positive feedback loops in the whole batteries-EVs-solar equation to quell the momentum now.

Is AGL really leaving the dark side?

The energy giant's new chief is obviously trying to reposition the company's image with its climate policy announced today. While a welcome development, for the most part it’s a bit symbolic or represents business-as-usual behaviour.

Energy demand disconnects from economic growth

Energy efficiency improvements in homes and commercial buildings, in combination with advancements in vehicle fuel economy mean energy demand is increasingly becoming detached from economic and population growth as shown by new US energy agency data.

'Smart building' company eyes $100m IPO

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BuildingIQ manages energy use in commercial buildings.

Getting a clearer picture on battery cost falls

New research published in Nature Climate Change Letters last month pulled more data on battery costs, coming up with an even more optimistic outcome. It's no wonder commercial battery battles are heating up.

ARENA to offer $20m in business R&D grants

Renewables agency seeking 'industry-partnered projects' in 2nd round of funding.

The gas-killing utility is not far away

Gas retailers' customer base is already doomed as electric appliances become cheaper than gas, not to mention safer. But the trend will worsen sharply when an agile retailer can offer households an all-electric conversion, with solar.

Global renewables investment slips 15% in Q1

Solar up 7% but wind down 30% as falling oil price, rising US dollar make impact.

Macfarlane's 'energy productivity' plan desperately needs an energy efficiency booster

Rather than just focusing on the cost of energy - via competition, privatisation and pricing reforms - the Coalition's energy productivity plan, which aims for a 40% lift by 2030, needs to also cut energy use.

Google joins quest for better battery

Google X Labs working on battery technology advancements as the internet giant ponders expansion into consumer electronics and other hardware.

Could Australia become a dumping ground for high-emission vehicles?

Australia is one of the remaining three largest markets and the only OECD country without an official fuel efficiency target, encouraging global car manufacturers to dump and sell their higher-emitting vehicles here.

RMI: The economics of load defection

The electricity system is at a metaphorical fork in the road. Grid-connected solar-plus-battery systems will soon compete with traditional electric service.

Solar and storage to be dominant form of power, predicts US think tank

A US think tank believes the economics of solar PV plus batteries will mean it will become the dominant source of power for households across regions including Los Angeles, New York State and Hawaii by 2030. The scary thing is the economics are more compelling for Australia yet the Energy White Paper recommendations hark back to 2002.

Storage-enabling market to soar to $21bn by 2024: Navigant

US research firm says market to expand 30-fold from $US605m today.

Flat month leaves cleantech stocks just short of double-digit Q3 gains

The Australian CleanTech Index fell slightly with the benchmarks last month but, like the ASX200, enjoyed a strong overall quarter with the index driven by strong gains in Hot Rock, Energy Developments and Enerji, among others.