Smart Energy

A problem for utilities' smartest minds

The multipliers of low-cost solar and cost-effective storage have the potential to be highly disruptive to network utilities. But just how far should they shift investment to the smart grid?

Tesla plans China stations splurge

Musk expects big investment on charging stations in China.

Toyota's return to the green car spotlight

Seventeen years after the Prius, Toyota is about to muscle back into the green car race. But its fuel-cell alternative comes with pros and cons.

How 'clusters' could drive the next off-grid wave

For many Australians, winter electricity demand is similar to summer demand, making stand-alone power more problematic. But 'infrastructure clusters' will make it increasingly viable.

Montana Tech eyes European electric car battery plant

Volkswagen supplier eyes serial production by 2017.

Energy Developments expands waste coal mine gas interests

Firm to buy Envirogen's 43 MW facilities across four sites in NSW, Queensland.

Direct Action might actually work!

While the Emissions Reduction Fund is plagued by a series of flaws, the government appears willing to make some sensible adjustments which would make a very big difference for energy efficiency.

Electric car sales smash records in Norway

by AFP
Tesla model sells more Model S sedans in one month than any car in nation's history.

Tesla to appeal changed New Jersey laws

by AP
EV-maker says using franchise agreement 'self-defeating'.

AGL plans compressed gas refuel network

Energy giant to rollout stations across east coast.

Solar360 secures battery partner

Lishen Battery and solar supplier in distribution deal ahead of storage push.

Mastering peak demand and micro-storage

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More can be done to alleviate peak demand via PV, efficiency and policy while, elsewhere, there are some emerging opportunities for storage from supercapacitors.

Australia's energy productivity 'lagging'

Alliance says efficiency gains growing at half rate of rivals.

Taking Tesla safety to the extreme

Tesla has passed the safety test but a software update to increase default ground clearance and a new underbody shield will bring the fire risk to almost zero.

Tesla gets safety tick after fires

Shares spike as regulator gives EV-maker the all clear.

Has the Vic Government committed an own goal?

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The Napthine government has cut an energy efficiency loans program that would have saved it more money on its energy bill than the carbon tax impost.

Honda, Toyota to offer fuel-cell cars

Auto giants plan 2015 roll out of zero-emission vehicles.

CEFC backs commercial property retrofits

Up to $100 million to be used for major building retrofits that lift environmental rating to at least four stars.

What to expect from the latest IPCC impacts report

Even with stringent emission reductions and limited warming, the new IPCC report shows the world will still need to adapt.

Vehicle air-con: Cooling you but not the planet

Most of the world's billion cars, including electric cars, use a potent super greenhouse gas in their air-conditioning systems. But there are alternatives.