Smart Energy

Low oil price won't slow EVs: Ford

by AP
Michigan automaker to continue to promote green technology.

Green building scheme review adds yet more policy uncertainty

The federal government's review of the Commercial Building Disclosure program creates uncertainty about the future of a proven program which has been effective in improving energy efficiency.

How China will up-end its utilities

Shenzhen's 15 million people will take part in China’s first major step towards shifting the utility business model towards supporting end-use energy efficiency and distributed renewables.

Imagine 1000 gigafactories - that's what's coming

Some people think the $5 billion Tesla gigafactory is big. But we spend $1.5 trillion every year on cars and $3 trillion on oil. That money will allow us to transform production of batteries just like is happening in solar.

Taking the next step on energy efficiency

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Energy efficiency is, unsurprisingly, one of the few climate change related topics the G20 will consider at its Brisbane Summit. Australia should focus on progressing past appliance standards to installation measures.

NSW Government leaves energy efficiency in limbo

Businesses have shown themselves to be spectacularly effective at delivering on NSW's energy efficiency target. Yet, despite today's announcement, the government still dithers over its longer-term plans for the target.

California utility to buy 261MW of storage

Energy to be sold to utility through 20-year PPA.

Enough with the EV range anxiety, please

All this talk about range anxiety being a big issue seems to come largely from those who don’t actually drive an electric car.

October enviro markets update - VEECs and ESCs

The future of Victoria's energy efficiency market looks more positive after it survived a legislative axe while its NSW sibling saw registrations and prices both falling in October.

LED bulbs keep improving in efficiency and quality

In September of this year, several manufacturers released bulbs surpassing 100 lumens per watt - more than five-times traditional LED ratings - but they remain often the most expensive bulbs on the shelf.

Tesla shares rise on Q3 results

EV maker beats expectations despite loss.

Hanwha, Samsung to launch PV storage kit

Firms combine to build on Germany's 20% of new solar owners with storage capability.

Fudging fuel economy standards proves costly

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Two years after Hyundai and Kia admitted they overstated their average fuel economy, the Korean carmakers have been fined $100m.

Six-star houses: Where’s the police when you need them?

Policing building ratings, and the actual finished buildings themselves, before certificates of occupancy are issued would see builders very quickly master the fast-track to compliance.

Tesla's Australian entrance rattles motor industry

Electric car manufacturer Tesla is heading Down Under but its direct-to-consumer model has the local motor industry, including peak industry group VACC, worried.

Tesla gears up for Aussie start

Signage goes up as EV maker readies Model S sales.

How utilities will commit suicide by solar

Off-grid systems will be increasingly affordable for average households – so if grid operators continue protectionist policies to block homes from exporting solar, it will just force more savvy PV owners to disconnect.

Tesla falls after Daimler sells 4% stake

by AFP
Germany company to remain partner, shares fall 1.1 per cent.

Tesla meets Alibaba; SolarCity taps online debt

The week in clean energy saw both green cars and green bonds expand their online presence, in China and the US respectively, while Vestas set a record for power produced by a turbine in a single day.

Brown coal decision to come after election

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Victorian govt, oppn delay on contentious plan to open up new Latrobe coalfields.