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India - the next big excuse for climate inaction or a renewables superpower?

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Those opposed to renewables and addressing climate change are looking at India as their next excuse for Australia to do nothing. However India's energy minister says they'll be a "renewables superpower" and solar's off-grid advantage is lighting the way.

Zero to Tesla in less than 24 hours

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In a beautiful day for an electric vehicle lover, Zero announced its 2015 range, promising more smooth torque for any occasion, while a Tesla demonstration was a porthole to the future.

Power networks ignoring solar and energy efficiency - AEMO

The Australian Energy Market Operator suggests the power networks are still inflating their demand forecasts. What's extraordinary is AEMO reveals most still don't consider the impact of energy efficiency or solar on demand.

ATA in running for $500,000 Google grant

East Timor solar-lighting project among finalists for grants.

A solar power-to-gas storage solution?

A new solar cell technology to separate hydrogen from water could be a big part of the storage solution for a 100% renewables grid.

US quintet plan 2100MW wind and storage project

Wyoming proposal would run 845km line to supply energy-hungry LA.

You can’t make plastic from a solar panel

But you certainly can run cars in India and China in the next couple of decades on solar electricity - so the oil industry should start transitioning.

Tesla's China challenge: getting chargers installed

Tesla has big China ambitions but first must win over charger sceptics.

It’s a revolution, Melbourne trams could go wire-free

Constantly improving supercapacitor technology is unburdening tram networks across the world, and provides Melbourne with the opportunity to expand its famed system.

Retailers back smart meter rollout

Technology would help ease cross-subsidies, says industry group.

Carnegie Wave delivers power transfer device for testing

Collaborative WavePOD device to undergo six-month examination at German university.

US to launch $1m inverter prize

National Renewable Energy Laboratory seeks design for small, powerful inverters.

US proposes air-conditioner standards

Commercial air-con efficiency rules plan to slash emissions by 60m tonnes.

Energy efficiency scheme 'delivering $1600 saving'

ACT govt says retailer requirement delivering net benefit to consumers.

Redflow completes large-scale storage trial

'Successful' process puts company in line for milestone payment.

Website to aid funding for greener buildings

Project to boost to help owners and tenants access 'environmental upgrade finance'.

Solar Council launches storage counterpart

Energy Storage Council to push for standardisation for network embeds.

Sydney landmark gains green credentials

Martin Place office site largest heritage site to win six-star rating.

Novatec Solar fires up thermal demonstration

Spanish plant to harness inorganic molten salt as heat transfer liquid.

Study to track low-income homes' energy use

Abbott government launches latest stage of $72m 'energy habits' program.