Smart Energy

Sans gas guzzlers: California dominates America's EV cities

Just one city outside of California, albeit a big one, features among America's top 10 electric vehicle metropolises, presenting a challenge for policymakers to encourage a more even spread.

Opera House to go green for festival

Sydney icon to tap Green Power for 10-night light and sound show.

New chief for head Energy Efficiency Council

Menzel to head peak body; outgoing Murray-Leach to remain in 'policy'.

We need a smart urban revolution, and Asia is just the place to do it

Nobel Laureates met recently in Hong Kong to sign a memorandum calling for cities to help guard against climate change. As the most creative places on the planet, big cities are the perfect place to meet this challenge.

How Tesla’s vapourware can create a serious battery marketplace

Home energy storage is a bit like teenagers and sex – everyone’s talking about it, not many are doing it. Tesla’s Powerwall isn’t even available for sale, but by the sheer power of Elon Musk’s mystique he is already forcing everyone else to convert his dream into reality.

Electrify and simplify: A 9-point plan for saving our unfit suburbs

Suburban detached housing is rightfully extinct in many European cities. If Australia wants to keep its sprawled-out lifestyle we need to cut its costs, and that means a proper solar-power, electric-car, building-standards makeover.

The Tesla-esque disruption coming to construction

While Elon Musk tries to upend the automotive sector, an even bigger industry - construction - is on the brink of a modern disruption, with early signs showing that the 'factory made home' era will be good for the environment.

AusNet plans to increase dividend

by AAP
Network to lift dividend despite meter, taxman hit on profit.

Death spiral or 'opportunity vortex'?

Innovation, new business models and unregulated revenues are set to become the focus for progressive utilities - especially network operators - as solar, electric vehicles and microgrids spread their influence.

How much will I save on my bill from a Tesla Powerwall? It’s complicated

Evaluating whether a battery makes sense and how big it should be will really require more sophisticated tools than households or solar retailers have been used to.

Buses, trains, car controls? Getting urban transport right

It is possible to mitigate climate change and lower health impacts through less reliance on private automobiles, reduced urban sprawl, higher rates of public transit, and stringent vehicle emission controls.

Fuel price turbulence hasn't pulled the plug on EVs

Despite the collapse in oil prices in the second half of 2014, the globe continued its strong uptake of electric vehicles with some markets even seeing sales spike towards the end of last year.

Charged up: the history and development of batteries

From Benjamin Franklin and Alessandro Volta to Elon Musk, the now ubiquitous 'battery' has a long and storied history, and an equally exciting future.

ARENA backs 3-year grid-battery storage trial

IT Power wins $450,000 support to test 6 lithium-ion brands.

How the home battery market will evolve, post-Powerwall

After Tesla's line in the sand, here are the different sized solar systems that will get installed for various objectives as the price of battery storage comes down.

The underrated value of Tesla's battery to the grid

Having some Powerwalls in my home could offset some serious network peak. But flaws in the electricity market mean there's little incentive for me to do so, and the situation could actually get worse.

April enviro markets update - VEECs and ESCs

Victoria's energy efficiency scheme saw generally stable submission numbers and some late month volatility while NSW's scheme lifted after the government released an options paper as part of its review.

Energy storage is crucial, but it's not the only piece in the puzzle

First, energy-efficient appliances and buildings are fundamental. Second, smart appliances and energy management systems...

Tesla's Powerwall - with solar it could slash power bills. But is it worth it?

Ahead of the smart bunnies developing web-based calculators for the many variables, here’s an early analysis looking at the total cost - and financial return - of investing in the Powerwall from an Australian perspective.

Delving into the technical detail of Musk's storage showstopper

The challenges are many, but Tesla and our quirky friend Elon have fired a huge, fat, noisy round across the bow of the good ship 'old-fashioned-utility' - and we can all celebrate that.