Solar energy

Hawaii's grid to accept 250% solar penetration

Hawaii has been leading the US in solar uptake. The new owner of its power utility is also removing the brakes, moving to fast track grid connection of solar systems up to 250% of a network circuit's daytime minimum demand.

Top 10 energy predictions for 2015

This year will see wind and solar breakthrough 55GW each, but storage and smart homes will be mainly sizzle rather than steak. Fossil fuel prices will remain under pressure, hurting coal but also electric vehicle sales. Meanwhile solar costs will reach such low levels that maybe even Bjorn Lomborg and Matt Ridley will have to admit they got it wrong.

A crash in gas use is more likely than the forecast 'shortage'

Official forecasts point to steady or rising demand yet our analysis suggests that, with prices rising, gas demand in NSW could fall to as much as half within 10 years.

Obama's American and Indian dream; EU carbon fix falters

The week in clean energy saw Obama outline his climate intentions and commit to helping India meet its solar goal, while EU carbon fell on oversupply dithering.

Queensland Labor talks bold, promises little on renewable energy

Labor has released a policy statement boldly titled, A Solar Future. It needs to carry the accompanying line - 'how we'll study it but not implement it'.

US-India agree to work closer on solar, nuclear

by AFP
But Modi says country feels no pressure on emissions target ahead of Paris.

There's a sunny future ahead for rooftop solar power: here's why

By 2019 it’s likely that manufacturing costs for solar panels will reduce by 30-50% again as production grows - while increased efficiency is also expected to deliver value gains.

Solar PV price check - January

Solar system prices have remained steady over summer after stabilising in November following a period of downward pressure driven by uncertainty around the Renewable Energy Target.

Top China solar makers selling everything: IHS

Analyst says tier-1 PV module suppliers sold out for quarter.

Don't vote for the LNP: solar council

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PUP ranks higher than Newman Govt on solar policy: Grimes.

CEFC lends $20m for commercial solar boost

Loan to help German firm provide solar solutions for shopping centres and others.

Hanwha Q CELLS to offshore German factories in 'restructure'

German maker likely to shift production equipment to Malaysian site; boost R&D

Tassie RSL wins Solar Towns grant

Sorell club to receive $20,000 for 12kW system.

South facing solar panels - the time has come

The industry has historically refused to put panels on south facing roofs yet they still produce 75% of the output of a north-facing panel. It's an awful lot of real estate and opportunity we can't afford to pass-up.

Fidelity dismisses oil threat to solar

Investment giant remains positive on PV despite First Solar slump.

IRENA downplays an oil price threat

The renewables agency says the clean energy sector will remain competitive, with a range of renewables already on par with fossil fuels. The agency says the focus should now switch to balance-of-system costs.

Why Deutsche Bank’s solar projections don’t fit Australia

Many of the cost reductions Deutsche Bank proposes are already in play in Australia – indeed, prices here are arguably on the verge of unsustainability already.

Trina's chief scientist: don't expect a solar price plunge

The chief scientist at the number-one producer of solar panels says we can't expect past price plunges to continue, but that doesn't mean the cost of power from solar won't continue its downward trend.

China set to miss rooftop target; may hit overall mark: expert

Nation to fall short of 8GW distributed goal but utility-scale pick-up could see it hit overall 13GW solar mark.

Turbines sprout in India, Brazil

The week in clean energy saw significant large-scale renewables project deals and progressions (mostly wind) while tidal and wave power looked to a decisive 2015.