Solar energy

Are batteries what energy consumers really need?

Affordable home energy storage coupled with solar offers amazing potential. But if solar retailers really want to help their customers lower their power bills there's a few other options they should consider first.

Renewable certificates at record peaks

Renewable energy certificates are now hitting record peaks. Solar rebate certificates or STCs are hitting the price cap and large-scale certificates or LGCs are now well and truly out of the doldrums lodged above $50.

Brazil lifts renewable energy target

In announcement with Obama, Brazilian president says climate change 'central challenge of the 21st century'.

Victoria’s solar feed-in tariff to drop 19%

Regulator says cost of wholesale energy dropping, particularly during period that solar PV generates power.

Origin's solar business gets $100m from the Green Bank

CEFC funding to support roll-out of no-money-down solar power purchase agreement offering, and home battery systems in future.

The latest furphy from the utilities

By cherry picking data utilities are suggesting that unless solar reduces the amount of capacity of the transformer in your street, then it makes no difference to the billions of dollars in network assets sitting upstream. It's time for an audit of their books.

Alberta's $30 carbon price, Australia's renewables boost

In the world of clean energy this past week - Canada's Alberta will be doubling its carbon price to $30/tonne, renewables to grab two thirds of new power investment globally, a Republican Senator praised Obama for acting on climate change and things looking up for renewables in Australia.

Smart meter data can keep utilities honest and unleash innovation

The energy regulator showed that SA Networks tried to pull the wool over others' eyes with its selective use of customer demand data. Networks are on the verge of making some changes to tariffs with far bigger impacts than the carbon price. Yet we lack the data to ensure such changes are in the community's interests.

AEMO: Batteries will be cheap but no one will want them or electric vehicles

New research by our grid operator suggests minimal market for home energy storage or electric vehicles, but not because batteries will be too expensive but rather because they think solar will get more and more expensive.

ClimateWorks: Australia can halve emissions by 2030

Energy efficiency in buildings, industry and transport would bring Australia’s emissions back to 2005 levels by 2030. Then switching to renewables in the electricity sector, and powering more sectors with that green energy, plus some land use changes and a switch to biofuel and gas in some areas, would finish the job.

Group gets green light for Vic wind farm

by AAP
Consortium to move ahead on $450m Ararat proposal.

Origin wins 263kW solar project on 15 year PPA

Provides solar power at 5 c/kWh discount to Australian Mint in Canberra under one of the largest power purchase agreement deals to date.

SA network's solar penalty knocked-out but others remain

The regulator's decision to reject South Australia's punitive solar network tariff is a welcome first. But multiple network businesses nationwide still have discriminatory tariffs for solar households.

Can we put the anti-renewable energy jihad behind us?

After the new RET legislation was passed there was a flurry of trades in renewable energy certificates. But this painfully long two-year political rollercoaster has left investor confidence shaken.

SA Power Networks' solar tariff knocked-back

Regulator rules against punitive solar tariff proposal.

We can get back to building: CEC

Target cut but renewables body takes solace from return to bipartisanship.

Cheap renewables not enough to knock-off built coal - Bloomberg analysts

Despite the vast strides renewables are making on competitiveness, they are still only cheaper than new-build coal and not already-established plants. More policy reform is needed to avoid global electricity emissions soaring.

Policy moves strike onshore wind; Trina chooses to build in India

The week in clean energy saw the UK and Sweden move against wind support while Uruguay took steps to its goal of 38% wind by 2017. Meanwhile, solar giant Trina chose India for a $500m factory.

Nine myths about new energy

You hear some wild things said against solar, wind and energy efficiency. Among my list of favourite such furphies is that grids can only handle 5% renewables, the developing world will reach Western per capita consumption and merit-order makes solar worthless.

How Chinese billionaire Li Hejun’s solar bet soured

Hanergy founder, once China’s richest man, now faces company investigation after stock implosion.