Solar energy

Victoria's renewables policy in conflict

The Victorian Government's renewable energy roadmap shows the state wants to embrace the jobs and clean energy solar can provide. But then shortly after releasing it the government slashed the price paid for solar power.

Beijing eyes solar consolidation - Yingli in firing line?

China is likely to see 1 to 2 of its weakest major solar panel makers close over the next year in a campaign led by Beijing. Given Yingli's financial troubles it is the most likely candidate to make the first exit.

WA Treasurer: Gas and coal plant to shut, solar to meet 'bulk' of Perth’s daytime load

Treasurer Nahan says solar PV will, 'displace a lot of the existing capacity. It’s low-priced, it’s democratically determined and it’s something we’re committed to facilitating'. This is a guy who used to be the head of the right wing Institute of Public Affairs.

ACT Government to divest from fossil fuels and target 100% renewable energy

Aiming for 100% renewables by 2025 and Labor conference passes motion for fossil fuel divestment.

Vic Gov’t targets at least 20% renewables by 2020, but how?

Government wants no less than 20 per cent of power from renewable energy by 2020, but it is extremely vague on what it will do, if anything, to achieve it. The cynic in me suggests their policy might be to just stare really crossly at the Abbott Government.

Solar giant Yingli is in trouble but other producers are unable to keep up with demand

While solar titan Yingli continues to struggle, other solar PV module manufacturers are now reporting sustainable margins and profits.

Adani pursuing US$3b investment in solar

Company in talks to establish giant 3GW solar manufacturing plant in India.

Origin Energy shows why renewable energy investors are too fearful of Tony Abbott

Origin's CEO King says if anything Renewable Energy Target will be increased in future and shows economics for new renewable energy projects are compelling. Could spooked investors be missing an opportunity?

Big solar project in Alice Springs goes live

4.1MW Uterne solar farm now fully operational.

Canberra Hospital to install 500kW solar

Hospital to undertake $3.3 million energy efficiency finance upgrade that will save $490,000 per annum.

Google allows households to calculate solar system savings, but Australia beats them to it

Yet again Australia ahead of US when it comes to rooftop solar innovation.

Solar could swing Canning by-election

The Solar Council to urge voters to put Liberals last in electorate where half of homes have solar systems.

Will a 'woeful' year for solar manage a recovery?

2015 has been described by leading solar market analyst as a 'woeful' year. The reason for a big surge in sales in July is a mystery and falls in currency should work against any sustained recovery.

ANZ Bank says off-grid renewables are a better option

ANZ's chief executive says advancements in energy technologies and storage means that industrialising countries can widen access to cheaper electricity by bypassing the grid and conventional power stations.

SA Power Networks to appeal rejection of its penalty tariff for solar

Asking Federal Court to overturn regulator's rejection of tariff that charged higher prices to owners of solar systems.

Abbott wrong on coal helping Indian poor, solar better option

The former head of the Indian Government's Ministry of Power says more coal from Australia unlikely to help India's poor gain access to electricity. Solar is the better option.

Tesla sold-out of Powerwall battery for 2016

Company to expand its battery business by 5 to 10 times in 2017 to keep up with demand.

SA company proposing 1 GW solar plant in India

by AAP
Heliostat SA signs agreement with Global Wind Power, touts hundreds of jobs for former car manufacturing workers.

Nearly two-thirds support Labor's 50% renewables target: poll

Essential poll finds high support for Labor goal in spite of expectation it will increase power prices.

The power industry proposes a new age of entitlement

Imagine if you got a bill from railway operators asking you to compensate them for lost revenue from use of your car, or from Telstra for fixed line compensation to account for your use of a mobile phone. Well that's what the energy networks have just proposed in response to solar, batteries and energy efficiency.