Solar energy

Work to begin on 'Australia's first' floating solar plant

Infratech hopes 400kW project at wastewater site will be international 'showpiece'.

Why do we need 3 inspectors for solar systems?

Here’s a plan for Greg Hunt and Josh Frydenberg to do something useful with that red tape bonfire – get solar systems inspected once and properly, rather than twice inadequately with a third and proper inspection covering just a sample.

SURVEY: Inform the IEA about Aussie PV

Australia is presently preparing a report to aid the IEA's global solar calculations. I urge the industry to contribute to this essential work by taking part in an easy-to-complete survey.

Emissions intensity resumes upward march; WA confirms demand dip

The share of black and brown coal edged higher while gas dipped in the NEM last month. Meanwhile, electricity demand in the west continued its fall back to the main pack.

Hybrid system to take off-grid Flinders 60% renewable

ARENA tips $5m into 'modular, scalable' $13m HydroTas project for island.

Solar progress in UK, India; Audi eyes EV limelight

The week in clean energy saw Europe progress on ETS reform, cheaper-than-expected solar costs in the UK, Indian rail eye PV land and contracts and Audi prepare for a grand EV entry.

Cleantech stocks enjoy a solid month with 7.8% lift

Energy efficiency firm Aeris and NZ renewables companies helped the clean energy index shadow a surging benchmark ASX200 across February.

Solar projects go as little $99MWh as UK awards bids

First CfD auctions deliver encouraging bids, but cheapest solar bids 'inconceivable'.

February enviro markets update - STCs and LGCs

A stable month for the small-scale renewables market was boosted by last week's target announcement while the large-scale spot price saw a spectacular 26% rise on surging Canberra intrigue.

Does AGL and Origin's free solar deal make sense?

AGL and Origin Energy's big solar ambitions hinge on offering systems for no money down, instead paying it off via your electricity bill. But to deal with the risk of credit default they'll charge an interest rate premium well above a home loan. It kills the deal.

Utility-solar gets a boost in the South

Utilities in the American southeast are scrambling to catch-up with their southwest siblings, with North Carolina's RET seeing its big-solar pipeline currently surpassing California's.

Solar - 4% unsafe, 15% substandard - sounds bad doesn’t it?

For some time now, inspection audits have deemed 4% of solar systems 'unsafe' and 15% 'sub-standard'. What does this actually mean and why be suspicious about the media and the minister's new-found concern?

Solar Council calls for Hunt resignation over 'quality scare'

Minister's timing with inquiry suggests political motivation: Grimes.

Target aims for 808MW of small-scale solar in 2015

The Clean Energy Regulator's target of 11.71% for 2015 represents an additional 808MW of solar PV for the year, down slightly on 2014. The regulator has also released non-binding marks for 2016 and 2017.

EMC signs $1m solar deal

Developer to provide grain handler with solar generators.

AGL launches solar offer with 'output guarantee'

Energy giant becomes first major to offer kilowatt-hours product.

Q&A: The renewables climate in Australia and her neighbours

GE's Asia-Pacific chief shares his views on the market and policy for renewables around Asia, how Australia - and its RET - compares, and what the oil price effect will be.

Industry, bureaucrats slam RET destruction

CEFC says sector put back 12 years; AiG says deal delay is 'playing with fire'.

Solar PV price check - February

Average residential solar prices dropped in the month, contributing to a 25% drop in the last 30 driven by price falls for systems in the 4-5kW range.

Get more out of your solar system by using water as a battery

Instead of exporting solar electricity to the grid for a paltry fee, redirecting it to a new hot water heat pump could boost its value more than fivefold.