Solar energy

Trina achieves new n-type PV efficiency mark

Chinese solar make's Honey Plus mass-production module 'first to pass 19%'.

Solar PV price check - April

Melbourne led an overall rise in solar system prices for the first time in nearly a year, while average system sizes fell in Canberra.

Sitting out the Sydney storm in solar-powered comfort

With a motley collection of emergency equipment - 12V solar panel, lights, wireless modem, inverter - I had the basics up and running in a few hours.

Four graphs pointing to clean energy hope on this Earth Day

To mark the worldwide celebrations yesterday, it's worth considering how far we've come on issues like emissions per GDP, solar and wind capacity and renewables investment.

China could install 20GW of solar this year: Deutsche

Big first quarter puts communist giant on track for stellar solar year.

Deregulation and renewables can see China shake fossil fuels

Utilising large-scale storage, China could produce 85% of its electricity from renewables by 2050 with fossil fuels peaking in 2025, a Beijing-backed study has found, with the authors saying power sector deregulation would be integral.

China turns shovel on 2GW solar plant; S. Africa auctions top 5GW

The week in clean energy saw China reach 33GW of solar and start work on a 2GW plants, Japan's pipeline ballooned to a potential 72GW and SunEdison among the winners in South Africa's 1.1GW fourth auction.

China on track after adding massive 5.04GW of solar in Q1

Nation has already installed 28.3% of its 17.8GW target for year.

Why cheap oil won’t hold back solar batteries and EVs

If the price of oil dropped to $20 tomorrow, electric cars would still be quietly revving their engines. There are too many positive feedback loops in the whole batteries-EVs-solar equation to quell the momentum now.

Solar output map doubles data catchment to 5500 systems

Australan PV Institute tool merges SMA data for enhanced postcode results.

Paid in full: STC clearing house emptied

All the householders who had STCs queued in the Clearing House have now been paid, as supply of the largely rooftop solar certificates continues to closely match demand.

Apple grows its own solar farms in China

Call it savvy public relations or plain good investing, but Apple is becoming a solar-power developer in China.

Is AGL really leaving the dark side?

The energy giant's new chief is obviously trying to reposition the company's image with its climate policy announced today. While a welcome development, for the most part it’s a bit symbolic or represents business-as-usual behaviour.

Pacific Hydro too hot for IFM to handle

Super fund investor Industry Funds Management has a big appetite for infrastructure assets, but the growing risk profile of renewable energy developer Pacific Hydro appears to have left a bitter taste it couldn’t palate.

Panel perfect: Australia's largest solar plant complete

The final module is in at AGL-First Solar's 102MW Nyngan plant in western NSW which, although not yet fully operational, already surpasses the 20MW Royalla solar farm as the nation's largest and will trump South Africa's Jasper as the hemisphere's biggest.

Solar celebration: Clearing house shifts for the first time

SunWiz can now confirm that the Clearing House has shifted, rewarding those who had been holding out since early 2011 to get $40 for their STCs. Here's what's happened and what it means.

Moving target: The nonsense underpinning the 'real' RET rhetoric

According to the government's logic, the RET should be cut to a 'real' 20% of power consumption. While such a moving target is unworkable for business, would this government really push for a bigger RET if power demand went up?

Macfarlane’s judgement questioned as the RET fallout spreads

Doubts over Macfarlane's judgement in refusing a revised target everyone else accepts extends beyond the renewables sector. His threat to do a deal with the cross-bench has everyone baffled.

ARENA to host information sessions on $20m funding round

Capital city venues to host Q&A on renewables grants.

Wall Street's grid agreement: solar and batteries are coming

Whether it's grid-connected solar plus batteries or off-grid systems, to see where the grid is heading you must follow the money. And by that measure, the banks are speaking loudly.