Solar energy

Community solar project to ride out RET threat

Organisers confident Tathra's 'Imagine' project will proceed.

Policy uncertainty 'threatens renewables momentum'

IEA says cost-competitiveness near but growing risks to medium-term deployment.

ACT considering feed-in tariff if RET cut

Corbell says solar support could return.

Go Group set for 'backdoor listing'

Urban Group Energy subsidiary set for link-up with ASX firm.

China on track for 100GW of PV by 2018

Communist giant set to be first to pass solar landmark; nine nations with 5GW-plus.

Warburton - why buy an iPhone when your Nokia still works?

The Warburton Review of the Renewable Energy Target suggests we should scale back the target because there's more than enough existing power stations to meet electricity demand. If that's the case then government probably shouldn't have built roads when we already had railways.

Lazarus says RET reduction 'irresponsible'

Senator restates PUP support for 41,000GWh target.

Helping battery cost declines keep going and going

Solar is being installed at roughly eight times the rate and one-third the cost of four years ago. Falling balance-of-system costs has battery storage undergoing a similar evolution.

Review calls for Renewable Energy Target cuts: what it means

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The most pressing questions from the general public about what the cuts to the renewables target mean include the effect on household power bills and the changing economics of solar panels.

The Warburton 'windfall effect'

Implementing the RET Review's recommendations would see black coal generators, now operating at low levels, surge in output. If there is one clear implication from the report, it's buy Origin and AGL.

Labor, Greens reject review findings

Hunt points to likelihood of 27,00GWh target.

RET Review – experts respond

Alan Pears, Andrew Blakers, Tony Wood and Dylan McConnell respond to the Warburton Review's damning assessment of the Renewable Energy Target.

Attacking the RET will open another tough battlefront for Abbott

The RET is popular in the community but fossil fuel interests contributed a total of more than $900,000 to the federal Liberal Party from mid-2009 to mid-2013.

RET Review delivers blow to clean energy industry

Panel calls for end to large-scale and small-scale schemes, admits cost on customer bills 'moderate'.

Will solar face a price reform shock?

The energy market rule-maker has laid out logical proposals for determining network charges amid the solar-inspired demand drop. But networks may yet subvert the strategy.

Is the RET a market-distorting subsidy?

Critics of the renewables target forget Australia's energy market is not a level playing field and, in the absence of a carbon price, the RET is actually a way of correcting the electricity market.

Corbell to address Nobel laureates

ACT Environment Minister to detail pioneering climate plan.

The American companies trying to bring solar to all

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Solar is largely out of reach for many low-income families in the US, but there are groups around the country working to overcome those families' barriers to market participation.

The power sector is collateral damage in our culture war

As more details about the renewables review leak out, it seems the Australian Industry Group's renewed called for electricity bipartisanship will fall flat. With everyone stuck in their positions, Australia is stumbling towards the worst of all systems.

Hunter unveils 'record' rooftop solar system

Commercial solar installation at engineering firm said to be region's biggest.