Solar energy

Is it Grimes or Greg Hunt who is misleading us?

Environment Minister Greg Hunt claimed yesterday that the Solar Council chief was dishonest because Hunt was 'crystal clear' about the government's commitment to the renewables target. So why can't Hunt answer my questions about what this commitment actually means?

Solar boom drives panel shortage

Industry bracing for first shortfall since 2006.

Africa's promising renewables acceleration

Sub-Saharan Africa is set to add more non-hydro renewable energy in 2014 than in the last 14 years combined – and that's even with a largely dormant rooftop solar segment.

Inaugural conference to celebrate PV pioneer

Martin Greene to headline keynote speakers at Australian PV Institute event.

JA Solar ponders US capacity additions in 2015

Chinese manufacturer considering US facilities to avoid anti-dumping duties.

Abbott to meet ministerial pair on Sunday over RET

PM to 'thrash out' renewables target position with Hunt, Macfarlane: report.

Origin hit by solar and efficiency demand drop

Just like AGL, Origin Energy has suffered a 23% decline on earnings per customer in large part due to reduced sales thanks to solar and energy efficiency. But it sees a silver lining for its newly acquired coal power station on the horizon.

Hunt and Solar Council chief trade barbs

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Pair stoush ahead of pro-RET marginal seats campaign launch.

German grid touches 75% renewables

Sunday sees new record in nation's energy transition.

AGL's tense shift towards energy solutions provider

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After another year of falling demand, the energy giant is wisely moving beyond just volume sales to cover all facets of households' power use. So why'd they buy MacGen?

Solar Council decries Queensland power tariff change

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Fixed annual charge increase for business 'erodes case for PV, energy efficiency'.

'Real' 20 per cent RET would 'decimate industry'

Clean Energy Council says reduced target to leave projects, companies financially stressed.

China's JA Solar posts profit as sales climb

Solar-panel maker raises its forecast for shipments

Imagining where Warburton went wrong

Yesterday we put forward the likely case for abolishing the renewables target. Today it's the turn of the renewable energy industry to tell Tony Abbott where Warburton went wrong.

Newspoll finds 95% think renewables 'a good idea'

But six in 10 don't want to have to support development via electricity bill increases.

A tale of two solar markets

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Homeowners in Australia and the US have taken opposite approaches to rooftop solar - ownership and leasing, respectively - but now the two industries need to borrow from each other to maximise their markets' potential.

Solar PV price check - August

There was little fluctuation in average solar system prices throughout the month, with numbers largely steady across the capital cities.

Americas awaken to renewables option

The week in clean saw energy policy changes boost renewables in Mexico and Central America, Brazil reveal details for solar auctions and wave and tidal forecasts recede.

Jinko posts fifth quarter of profits in row

Panel manufacturer financial results looking up.

A climate change convention: Clive Palmer really knows how to mess with Abbott's mind

The government doesn't really want to set off a big battle over renewables right now; it's another front where the PUP leader has ministers right where he wants them.