Solar energy

Renewables industry concedes ground, but government still asking for 20% RET

The Clean Energy Council has laid bare its willingness to go to 35,000GWh yet Minister Hunt has reaffirmed his 27,000GWh position. However, the government may yet be willing to move.

Labor statement on CEC renewables target position

Opposition welcomes Clean Energy Council move.

Singleton's 407kW solar farm fires back up

Seventeen-year-old icon given new life by solar entrepreneur.

Prime Minister Abbott to receive solar power Christmas gift

Christian group linked to former Treasurer Costello's brother to crowd-fund solar system gift in lieu of lump of coal.

US imposes hefty tariffs on Chinese solar

Duties of up to 160% must now be ratified by US trade body.

Chile's mines set hot pace on renewables - Australia take note

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The pipeline of renewable projects in Chile is said to be up 18GW, and miners are leading the charge with solar PV and thermal, wind and geothermal equal to or lower than the cost of fossil fuels.

Auctions spur wind and solar in Africa; China looks offshore

The week in clean energy saw notable auctions in Uganda and South Africa while China unveiled plans to develop 10.5GW of offshore wind in three years.

SunEdison solar farm to deliver power at $US85 per megawatt-hour

SunEdison has now proved that the low power prices for large-scale solar power achieved in India and Brazil were no fluke, contracting to build 350MW in Chile. It will have all the competing technologies such as wind, gas and nuclear feeling decidedly uncomfortable.

Late China rush has region on track for new solar record

Asia-Pacific is set to hit a fresh PV high of 10GW for a quarter - with demand in the region poised to continue strong growth in coming years, despite challenges for some countries.

Trustpower 'committed to Australia'

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NZ wind farm developer optimistic on RET's longer term future.

ARENA backs on-grid PV storage solution

Agency tips $445,000 into Reposit's on-grid rooftop solar trading system.

Hunt optimistic about crossbench deal on RET

Lambie 'very close' to backing changes; possibility of $700m hydro sweeteners.

Nobel prize winner: Aust Govt increasing the cost of power

Physics Nobel laureate Steven Chu has said Australian policymakers, by winding back carbon reduction policies, are actually going to make power more expensive. Is he nuts?

Who’s the socialist, Maurice Newman?

The PM's business adviser accuses me of renewables rent-seeking, yet he espouses socialist state protectionism as well as a brutal investor-confidence crushing political cycle.

Solar to drive the world's decentralised power expansion

A new report by Navigant Research projects solar will drive a doubling of distributed generation to 165GW in the next nine years, with global revenue from the sector to approach $200bn.

Solar powers on while utility-scale renewables drop away

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The latest data from Green Energy Markets shows solar PV installations powering on at 75MW for November but with QLD in decline. Meanwhile large scale renewable generation market share has been steadily declining thanks to seasonal factors and little new capacity due to RET uncertainty.

China set to hit 14GW solar mark

Energy boss predicts late surge of rooftop installations.

The networks' plan to protect themselves from competition

The lobby representing power network companies wants these companies to have the power to mandate custom designed tariffs for specific customers. It's dressed up as being about protecting fairness but it creates a real risk of being used to protect them against competition from new technology.

Sheep farmer pleas for RET resumption

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Wind turbines would salvage 100-year-old family property; farmer meets 'brick wall' in Canberra.

US solar tops 17.5GW; on target for 6.5GW year

America records second-strongest PV quarter.