Solar energy

SA Power Networks' inconsistent penalty on solar

SA Power Networks says it will now move to charge solar customers $100 more than other average households. Wait a second how does solar increase network infrastructure costs when it reduces demand on the network? Something is very odd here.

What if we all adopted the nuclear industry's interpretation of a 'planned' project?

According to promoters of uranium mining stocks we can soon expect a huge boom in nuclear power because there's so many power projects 'planned' to be built. Based on that logic you might be surprised to learn what it means for solar and wind power.

Hanergy solar share dive, Vestas' big offshore wind win & Exxon's internal carbon price

Bloomberg reviews the week that was in clean energy.

Origin moves to optimism on RET while AGL won't invest unless coal shut down

Origin Energy says it now has greater confidence to invest in wind and large-scale solar with prices at a 'level required for new wind projects'. While AGL continues to say its wallet is shut unless gov't moves to address overcapacity by shutting down existing coal plant.

Why AGL wants to get into solar

AGL believes that solar is here to stay irrespective of what happens with government policy and regulations. But without new models of selling solar as a packaged power service they believe 50% of the market will remain uninterested in solar, and this spells the demise of the small solar installer.
reasons Grattan got it wrong on solar
Were support programs for solar a horrible punitive tax on the poor that will make no impact on climate change? What about the fact they've reduced wholesale power prices largely at the expense of shareholders in Origin Energy, Mitsui, AGL and China Light and Power and provided us with what is now a low cost source of zero emission electricity?

Grattan says solar a $10 billion waste - I’d agree, if it was still 2009

Back in 2009 and even 2011, if all we cared about was reducing the largest amount of emissions within just a few years solar PV would be towards the bottom of the list. Yet in the 3½ years since I left the Grattan Institute solar PV costs have dropped so far that it's worth celebrating rather than lamenting.

Grattan report 'ignore solar's value': CEC

$30bn of investment, thousands of jobs attributable to solar support, says council.

Ipsos report details guidelines for large-scale solar consultation

Market research company also finds 78% support for large-scale solar.

Elon Musk is both utility killer and utility saviour

The Tesla Powerwall is set to slice more of power companies' volume from the market but Musk's other venture may just ensure electricity utilities remain viable.

Saudi oil minister: 'Fossil fuels doomed, we're switching to solar'

Minister sees mid-century end to fossil fuel use, eyes solar export industry.

Here's how the states can dodge Canberra's renewable roadblock

The Abbott Government has achieved a significant cut to the Renewable Energy Target yet a clause in the federal legislation prevents state schemes similar to the federal RET. One workaround options stands out for climate-concerned state energy ministers.

Yingli Solar says it is mitigating financial difficulties

Chairman says he believes company will meet repayment obligations, company 'confident' about continuing operations.

Opera House to go green for festival

Sydney icon to tap Green Power for 10-night light and sound show.

Could wood waste be a Trojan horse to wreck the RET?

Making native forest wood waste eligible under the RET is unlikely to make a material difference to solar and wind projects by itself. But anti-RET senators Leyonhjelm and Day could use it for ends that extend beyond just wood waste.

Solar farm to move forward on RET compromise

Solar Choice eyeing 2016 start for massive Qld proposal.

Vic Nats vote down RET dump motion

Party 'totally committed' to renewable energy: Drum.

Community encouraged to invest in 1MW Canberra solar proposal

SolarShare seeks backers for nation's 'largest community-owned solar farm'.

Morgan Stanley downgrades Origin and AGL due to Tesla Powerwall

Bank survey finds 50% of Australian households interested in purchasing sub-$10,000 battery system. Foresees market of 2.4m households with solar and batteries that will hit Origin and AGL earnings by $100m each.

An Alaskan island goes 100% renewable

Kodiak Island's 80% hydro grid has added a combination of wind, batteries and a flywheel system to reach its 100% goal - providing a template for microgrid greening elsewhere.