Wind power

ClimateWorks: Australia can halve emissions by 2030

Energy efficiency in buildings, industry and transport would bring Australia’s emissions back to 2005 levels by 2030. Then switching to renewables in the electricity sector, and powering more sectors with that green energy, plus some land use changes and a switch to biofuel and gas in some areas, would finish the job.

Investors press 'go' on 3rd largest wind farm - has the big renewables drought ended?

$450m has been committed to construction of the Ararat Wind Farm, breaking a two-year investment drought with a bang. But it's not yet clear that passage of the new RET means other investors will flock in, although they probably should.

Group gets green light for Vic wind farm

by AAP
Consortium to move ahead on $450m Ararat proposal.

Why the wind farm commissioner is a great idea

Greg Hunt's wind commissioner idea to appease anti-wind crossbenchers could yet do more good than harm. It's worth going through the largely meaningless promises one by one.

Can we put the anti-renewable energy jihad behind us?

After the new RET legislation was passed there was a flurry of trades in renewable energy certificates. But this painfully long two-year political rollercoaster has left investor confidence shaken.

We can get back to building: CEC

Target cut but renewables body takes solace from return to bipartisanship.

Cheap renewables not enough to knock-off built coal - Bloomberg analysts

Despite the vast strides renewables are making on competitiveness, they are still only cheaper than new-build coal and not already-established plants. More policy reform is needed to avoid global electricity emissions soaring.

Policy moves strike onshore wind; Trina chooses to build in India

The week in clean energy saw the UK and Sweden move against wind support while Uruguay took steps to its goal of 38% wind by 2017. Meanwhile, solar giant Trina chose India for a $500m factory.

Wind energy is already competitive, and will reduce power prices

An opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review this week claimed that increasing investment in renewables and particularly wind will cost consumers billions of dollars. It's worth debunking the claims one by one.

Abbott's wind syndrome vs Doctors' global climate plea

While the PM obsesses about wind, and another government minister declares coal good for humanity, the world's leading medical research journal has revealed it's on a totally different page.

Nine myths about new energy

You hear some wild things said against solar, wind and energy efficiency. Among my list of favourite such furphies is that grids can only handle 5% renewables, the developing world will reach Western per capita consumption and merit-order makes solar worthless.

Will the Pope get through to Abbott and Madigan where scientists failed?

When it comes to getting these two fervent Catholics on board with the scientists, Pope Francis looks like he has only got a chance with one.

British Tories move quickly on ending wind subsidies

Scottish ire as re-elected Cameron Govt to end ROC scheme a year early.

Jacqui Lambie’s plan to jail 25% of Australians

The senator's views that supporters of renewable energy targets should be 'locked up' could see our jails overflowing, with me among the proud inmates.

Government wants to end wind: Waters

Commissioner move 'the stuff of satire', says Friends of Earth.

Hunt outlines plans to establish wind farm commissioner

by AAP
Minister says 'scientific committee' will research turbines.

Renewables helping global emissions-GDP 'decoupling': REN21

Trends report finds record installations for wind and solar PV in 2014.

Lazarus slams RET deal ahead of vote

Australian first nation to reduce renewables; 'despicable act'.

Govt makes 'pledge' to get tougher on wind farms

Wind industry says key states already have 'toughest' noise limits in the world.

Falling power demand days are over as LNG eyes the grid

AEMO sees energy efficiency surge waning as consumers recover from bill shock, while lower dollar curtails loss of industrial demand but solar and wind should ensure subdued power prices in the wholesale market, bar Queensland.