Wind power

Exporting China’s green growth to the world

Green development has been 'the inevitable choice for China' – which shrewdly built a renewables industry ahead of a domestic market – but can it be a model for the rest of the world?

The realpolitik behind China's renewables push

State power has nurtured the wind and solar industries to the point Chinese firms now stride the world stage. But climate change does not really figure in Beijing's renewables push.

Tasmanian wind farm gets EPA tick

Thirty-three turbine, 99 MW Granville Harbour farm set to pass council.

Signs of a rebound: Renewables' strong first quarter

An increasing share of small-scale solar in overall investment and the expansion of clean energy capital flows to more emerging economies has delivered a 10 per cent first quarter lift for global renewables.

Germany's renewed path, JA's trade jump

The week in clean energy saw Germany opt for a third way for renewables development, JA Solar eye a trade-barrier loophole, and EU carbon advance again.

The end of Germany's grassroots transition

Germany’s latest Energiewende reforms are a step towards giving renewables back to corporations.

Community tick sought for Grampians wind farm

Enerfin moves closer to first Australian farm; proposes 76-turbine project across sheep farming land.

Protests 'an option' at Gippsland wind farm

Industrial fight might delay $400m wind farm project: report.

Goldwind to rejig NSW wind farm

Developer applies to alter remainder of Gullen Range in wake of turbine location spat.

Japan's nuclear turn; China's staggered RETs

The week in clean energy saw Japan reboot nuclear, China reveal renewable target plans and EU carbon peg back 7.7 per cent of recent losses.

Wind to sink 40% under Coalition options

Generation to be considerably less under floating RET, carbon price repeal: Reputex

Acciona warns of RET sovereign risk

Drastic change would be short-sighted, says wind developer.

WA's by-election has left renewables vulnerable

The release of the renewables target review discussion paper has coincided with the results of the WA election. Taken together, they pose an ominous threat to solar, wind and other renewables.

US wind gets found in transmission

US wind power is breaking records, with transmission upgrades leading to new generation marks in Texas with other states to follow.

Cleantech stocks caught in a rut

Clean energy stocks fell further than the market benchmark for the quarter, although Actinogen, Papyrus Australia and AnaeCo enjoyed strong gains in March.

TrustPower offers neighbour bonus

Developer to plans voluntary handouts for SA wind farm.

ARENA’s future in doubt

In a highly unusual move ARENA's CEO has issued a letter to potential funding applicants which suggests the organisation's future is in serious doubt. And the response from the Minister to the letter is not reassuring. Is the RET next?

Merkel agrees to more turbines

German states win agreement for greater offshore expansion in 'good day for wind energy'.

Offshore wind turbulence; EU carbon collapse

The week in clean energy saw, despite a bright note from Siemens, billions abandoned in UK offshore wind while European carbon tumbled 29.3% as volumes rose.

A US shale death via Texan wind?

The Lone Star state is enjoying record wind generation levels, as the leveled cost of wind and gas pull almost even in the national market.