Wind power

Victoria at a fork in the road on energy

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Despite the modesty of the major party promises, the difference on energy between the alternative future governments is stark.

Vic Labor's lame plan to move the climate dial

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The Andrews Opposition has released its (very brief) climate policy – while it contains one sound move, the rest is symbolism and delusion.

Clever Leyonhjelm gives Abbott a template to kill wind power

Libertarian senator David Leyonhjelm has devised amendments to the RET designed to appeal to a wide array of senator cross benchers and the government, that would kill-off those 'offensive' wind farms. Yet the result is more tax and higher power prices to help out government-owned power companies. Is he really a libertarian?

Beyond the RET: options for state action

Renewable energy investment has all but stopped in Australia. But can state schemes, like a VRET, really step up to fill the gap created by federal government uncertainty?

India's solar surge; SunEdison's wind play

The week in clean energy saw India announce a target of 100GW of solar for 2022 while US PV player SunEdison diversified into wind power.

'Groundhog Day' for renewables industry

Clean Energy Council laments crossbench senators' tick for '9th review in three years'

Citi doubts coal's 'energy poverty' claim

Investment bank predicts 'cleaner technologies', 'off-grid systems' to play key role.

Lambie clueless, but does it matter?

Jacqui Lambie announced today she would help the government cut the RET and the CEFC. Her reasons illustrate profound ignorance which insiders say is a product of a puppet master inside her office opposed to wind power. But it matters little.

Senator Lambie, the RET is a money spinner for Tasmania

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Reducing the Renewable Energy Target would transfer great chunks of revenue from Tasmanian renewables, mainly hydro generators, to mainland power companies – while consumers would lose, too.

Exposing the power grid lobby’s 5 mistakes on grid disconnection

The ENA has used outlying figures and dodgy logic to form its arguments against grid disconnection. In reality, solar with battery systems are safe and increasingly affordable.

For humanity ... renewables are best

India quietly sidestepped the need to roll out extensive hardwired telecommunications infrastructure - and the absence of an extensive grid creates a similar opportunity.

Aluminium and renewables industry in joint plea for RET agreement

Unprecedented joint statement urges Labor and Coalition to restart negotiations which grant aluminium an exemption from the Renewable Energy Target while also providing 'strong target that supports the future of renewable energy'. Will it achieve it anything?

Historic pact; Turkey crossroads; Arctic winds

The week in clean energy saw the US-China pact raise hopes, the power debate hot up in Turkey and movement on record wind farms in northern Europe

Vic voters support renewables: poll

by AAP
Survey finds 78% think state renewables investment 'important'.

SunEdison to buy First Wind for $2.8bn

Solar firm to become world's largest utility-scale renewables developer.

'Victoria, NSW losing and SA winning on renewables'

Flannery says Victoria needs its own Renewable Energy Target or lose thousands of new jobs.

Giving small wind a boost with solar backing

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Activity and acquisitions are continuing in Australia's renewables industry with one recent buy highlighting how small wind has a great role to play in the right place.

Vic ALP to bring wind farm limit back to 1km

Andrews lays out plan to reverse Baillieu wind laws.

Will Lambie defy Clive to kill the RET?

Senator Lambie is threatening to vote for cuts to RET as chaos engulfs the Palmer United Party with Clive Palmer calling her to challenge him for the leadership while sacking her chief of staff.

Vestas ready for record blade production start

Danish turbine maker says 8MW offshore units to begin second half of next year.