Wind power

Is AGL really leaving the dark side?

The energy giant's new chief is obviously trying to reposition the company's image with its climate policy announced today. While a welcome development, for the most part it’s a bit symbolic or represents business-as-usual behaviour.

Pacific Hydro too hot for IFM to handle

Super fund investor Industry Funds Management has a big appetite for infrastructure assets, but the growing risk profile of renewable energy developer Pacific Hydro appears to have left a bitter taste it couldn’t palate.

Moving target: The nonsense underpinning the 'real' RET rhetoric

According to the government's logic, the RET should be cut to a 'real' 20% of power consumption. While such a moving target is unworkable for business, would this government really push for a bigger RET if power demand went up?

IFM set to offload PacHydro; $2bn price tag mooted

Fund manager to tap banks for sell-off in wake of $685m writedown.

Wind farm research funds 'minimal': NHMRC

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Former head bemoans how issue dogged his time at council.

Macfarlane’s judgement questioned as the RET fallout spreads

Doubts over Macfarlane's judgement in refusing a revised target everyone else accepts extends beyond the renewables sector. His threat to do a deal with the cross-bench has everyone baffled.

ARENA to host information sessions on $20m funding round

Capital city venues to host Q&A on renewables grants.

Solar thermal for South Africa; Lockheed eyes waste-to-energy

The week in clean energy saw South Africa revealed as the engine behind renewables investment in Q1 with $3.1bn including two major solar thermal projects while, elsewhere, Lockheed Martin continued its move into waste-to-energy.

Labor blames LNP for shrunken Qld renewable industry

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Energy Minister blames 1300 loss on cuts to ALP programs.

AEMO sobers up on gas, but still in a fossil-fuel dream world

The energy market operator has admitted it overstated gas forecasts, dismissing the NSW gas crisis in the process. But its boffins are still behind on household gas exits and gas-fired grid power.

Bipartisan deal crucial for RET: Muir

Lower rate could provide 'safe floor' for renewables target, says senator.

Renewables jobs fall 2300 from 2011-12 peak

Wind jobs rise in two years to June 30 last year, but ABS finds clean energy jobs down 15% overall.

ARENA to offer $20m in business R&D grants

Renewables agency seeking 'industry-partnered projects' in 2nd round of funding.

Why hydropower could be a risky bet in a warming world

Apart from Africa, where small-hydro is doing well, hydropower faces investment risk as studies show reservoirs may be major sources of methane emissions while climate change itself could make rainfall less certain.

Global renewables investment slips 15% in Q1

Solar up 7% but wind down 30% as falling oil price, rising US dollar make impact.

Swallow your pride on RET Abbott: Labor

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Butler refuses to completely rule out further compromise.

Lambie confident of government deal on RET

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Tasmanian senator says crossbench will cut to 32,000GWh.

RET Wars: Macfarlane now on his lonesome

Not content with being on his own against the two main business lobbies, heavy industry, the renewables sector and Labor, Ian Macfarlane is also wrong on his claim Australia can't meet that group's clean energy target - or even a higher one.

Solar and wind 'now cheapest in UAE'

IRENA declares renewables duo better than gas in Middle East nation following cost breakthroughs.

Flat month leaves cleantech stocks just short of double-digit Q3 gains

The Australian CleanTech Index fell slightly with the benchmarks last month but, like the ASX200, enjoyed a strong overall quarter with the index driven by strong gains in Hot Rock, Energy Developments and Enerji, among others.