Wind power

Coal and emissions stall as renewables rise

The latest CEDEX electricity report now incorporates data on solar generation, which alongside hydro manages a rise in generation as coal stalled. This brought a halt to what had been a steady rise in emissions since the carbon price was axed.

Origin has credit issues but what’s AGL’s problem?

The renewable energy certificate market is booming, yet retailers aren’t much interested in bringing on new supply. Origin’s credit problems provide a new insight into why, but it can’t explain AGL’s contradictory climate stance.

Hunt reassures investors in renewables, says he 'killed' BOM investigation

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Environment minister says RET settings 'rock solid', Bureau of Meteorology is "world class".

Turnbull’s ministerial shift suggests climate change is afoot

It appears Greg Hunt now has responsibility for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. It likely signals that Turnbull will quietly dump attempts to abolish the agencies and the Government’s ideological crusade against renewable energy.

Australia drops out of top 10 renewable energy markets due to ‘wind war’

Ernst & Young says Government waging ‘war’ against wind power in downgrading Australia’s attractiveness rating for investment.

Can we save the planet by looking to the moon?

In 1962, President Kennedy delivered one of history's most inspiring speeches asking his people to each sacrifice 50 cents per week in order to achieve an amazing scientific and engineering feat that they weren't even sure was possible, requiring technologies that didn't yet exist. We sorely need that same leadership today, not to reach the moon but to save our planet.

Leaders of business, science & economics: Let's make renewables cheaper than coal

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We face an immense threat from climate change, yet renewable energy receives less than 2% of publicly funded R&D. A concentrated global technological research effort like the Apollo Program to make renewable energy as reliable and cheap as coal is required.

Goldwind gains approval for Gullen Range turbine locations

Planning Assessment Commission gives OK to amended locations of turbines, overturning ruling to remove nine.

How do power generator capacity factors vary across the world

Capacity factors of power generators by fuel type compared across the world, and guess which country tops the charts for the highest wind power output?

Grant King's solar boom doesn't make sense

Origin's chief executive says Queensland can expect a boom in utility-scale solar projects in order to meet the Renewable Energy Target. But his timing seems out by a few years, as the current data suggests he should be signing-up wind projects instead.

Despite the Chicken Littles, renewable development is 'just right'

The energy cartel are again claiming disaster is around the corner for renewable energy unless government provides an 'orderly exit' for other generators (i.e. a bribe). But the market for renewable certificates is doing precisely what's required, even showing immunity to nasty comments about wind farms.

Morrison & Co poised to buy AGL wind farm

Half-stake in Macarthur set to be sold as suitor eyes more wind farm purchases.

Renewable certificate market update - August

Prices of LGCs are now hitting record highs based on unprecedented trade volumes. Meanwhile a shortage of STCs means prices are staying close to the clearing house price cap, while volumes are down.

Power retailers still snubbing renewable energy law

Energy Australia's new CEO has joined AGL in declaring that unless government shuts coal they can't justify investing to meet the recently downsized Renewable Energy Target. Yet it is far cheaper to buy power from wind than pay the scheme's penalty - so what's going on here?

Ararat wind farm provides jobs boost to Keppel Prince

Portland firm awarded contract to make 35 towers for wind farm.

Bloomberg wrap-up: Wind turbine makers thrive on record orders

Wind turbine makers Vestas, Gamesa and Nordex have seen big rises in share prices on the back of healthy orders but offshore wind remains too expensive. Meanwhile Audi has unveiled a 500km range all electric SUV.

Wind tower manufacturer to boost staff numbers

Keppel Prince confident it might get back to prior staff of 500 on back of Victorian and Federal Renewable Energy Targets.

ACT Government to divest from fossil fuels and target 100% renewable energy

Aiming for 100% renewables by 2025 and Labor conference passes motion for fossil fuel divestment.

Vic Gov’t targets at least 20% renewables by 2020, but how?

Government wants no less than 20 per cent of power from renewable energy by 2020, but it is extremely vague on what it will do, if anything, to achieve it. The cynic in me suggests their policy might be to just stare really crossly at the Abbott Government.

Origin Energy shows why renewable energy investors are too fearful of Tony Abbott

Origin's CEO King says if anything Renewable Energy Target will be increased in future and shows economics for new renewable energy projects are compelling. Could spooked investors be missing an opportunity?