Wind power

CEC gambles on 33,500 RET, will Abbott fold?

The Clean Energy Council has blinked, conceding to a reduction in the large-scale RET to 33,500GWh. With Ian Macfarlane refusing to budge and Labor holding out too, have they just given ground for no pay-off? Don't give up hope just yet.

Environmental groups lament RET compromise offer

Renewables industry compromise offer 'disappointing', 'lowers the bar'.

The secret to cost-effective energy storage

A new paper suggesting better-than-expected cost declines for batteries is welcome, but obsession with the $/kWh figure risks sidelining all the other factors that make up a purchase in the home energy storage sphere.

CEC offers RET compromise

by AAP
Clean energy sector puts new number on table for large-scale RET as govt talks continue.

Abbott’s world of diplomatic pain - in one chart

Greg Hunt might like to celebrate Australia having curtailed CO2 growth relative to where error-riddled forecasts thought we would be. But on an emissions per person basis, Australia has some serious explaining to do.

Support for keeping or increasing renewables target continues to grow says poll

Survey finds those thinking target 'too high' declined 5 points, 'too low' rose 4 points.

Backdating EITE exemptions option for RET: Macfarlane

Minister says heavy industry could be refunded if deal misses liabilities deadline.

China trio in trade law trouble; Beijing ups solar air solution

The week in clean energy was dominated by China, with its PV manufacturers risking the wrath of Europe import laws, Beijing setting a 17.8GW PV target for 2015 and a 300,000 EV target for 2020 while also applying 'obligatory purchase' to grid renewables.

Hunt contradicts Macfarlane on RET while fibbing again

While Macfarlane says 32,000GWh is locked in stone, Hunt disowns the number leaving himself wriggle-room to negotiate. Yet his inaccurate verballing of the Climate Change Authority reveals a deal will be difficult to achieve.

Victorian wind farm gets council go-ahead

Enerfin's 63-turbine Grampians project green-lighted for construction.

ACT to guarantee wind contracts

Corbell plans $266m buffer for three wind farms, one solar park.

Macfarlane gathers stakeholders for RET meet

Minister to 'make clear' govt position at roundtable today.

Save RET for 'jobs, health, prices and Budget'

Group of 20 environmental, renewables, health advocates sign open letter to PM.

What Labor must do for a clean energy sweep: Part II

There are 10 more things Victorian Labor needs to do to clean up the state's renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental performance after its neglect under the Baillieu-Napthine years.

Coffs Harbour sets itself 100% renewables goal

NSW council sets itself 2030 target among suite of emissions goals.

Hunt vows to go pursue crossbench on RET

Minister to revisit senators, calls for precise Labor figure.

Macfarlane concedes another 1000GWh, but rebuffed

The Industry Minister has upped his original offer of 31,000GWh for the large-scale RET, but the magic behind why 32,000GWh is the right number isn’t explained. Is this Coalition strategy, or just a shambles?

Top polluters donated 30% extra to Liberal Party; dislike RET

Four of top 10 who donation gave premium over Labor; group united against current RET.

Minister - do you really think Gina Rinehart, Rio and BHP are crazy?

BHP, Rio and Rinehart's company are expanding iron ore production investing billions to supply an already oversupplied market. By Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane's own economic logic on the electricity market and renewable energy, they must be crazy because no one will buy their extra output. Or perhaps it's the Minister who's crazy?

US solar heats up; CSP for South Africa

The week in clean energy saw encouraging solar statistics out of the US, a state-owned Chinese wind developer offer equity stakes, and Abengoa reach financial close on a 100MW South African solar thermal plant.