Wind power

Australian investors lap up ANZ green bonds

Record $600m issuance marks 'new stage' in renewables financing: CEFC.

Gas, then renewables, to gain generation share under Obama's plan

The US Energy Information Administration has conducted an analysis of the president's proposed Clean Power Plan, with renewables potentially accounting for 32% of generation by 2040.

What if we all adopted the nuclear industry's interpretation of a 'planned' project?

According to promoters of uranium mining stocks we can soon expect a huge boom in nuclear power because there's so many power projects 'planned' to be built. Based on that logic you might be surprised to learn what it means for solar and wind power.

Hanergy solar share dive, Vestas' big offshore wind win & Exxon's internal carbon price

Bloomberg reviews the week that was in clean energy.

Origin moves to optimism on RET while AGL won't invest unless coal shut down

Origin Energy says it now has greater confidence to invest in wind and large-scale solar with prices at a 'level required for new wind projects'. While AGL continues to say its wallet is shut unless gov't moves to address overcapacity by shutting down existing coal plant.

Here's how the states can dodge Canberra's renewable roadblock

The Abbott Government has achieved a significant cut to the Renewable Energy Target yet a clause in the federal legislation prevents state schemes similar to the federal RET. One workaround options stands out for climate-concerned state energy ministers.

Opera House to go green for festival

Sydney icon to tap Green Power for 10-night light and sound show.

Could wood waste be a Trojan horse to wreck the RET?

Making native forest wood waste eligible under the RET is unlikely to make a material difference to solar and wind projects by itself. But anti-RET senators Leyonhjelm and Day could use it for ends that extend beyond just wood waste.

Vic Nats vote down RET dump motion

Party 'totally committed' to renewable energy: Drum.

An Alaskan island goes 100% renewable

Kodiak Island's 80% hydro grid has added a combination of wind, batteries and a flywheel system to reach its 100% goal - providing a template for microgrid greening elsewhere.

Think the iron ore inquiry's a waste of money? Then have a look at wind farms

‘A ridiculous waste of taxpayers money’ is probably a good description of the iron ore inquiry being pushed by Twiggy Forrest, but it’s an even better description of the countless inquiries the wind industry has been subjected to. Comic relief is the only cure for the Aussie epidemic of 'wind farm inquiry' sickness.

China approves 34GW wind; fuel cells industry 'at tipping point'

The week in clean energy saw gigawatt-scale boosts in solar and wind in China, while Korean and US firms continued to conspire on fuel cells.

Could Origin and AGL rediscover their love of green?

The big power retailers have fought tooth and nail to have the Renewable Energy Target wound back. But with money now clearly on the table and changing circumstances devaluing other options, who knows – they might even live up to the rhetoric in their advertisements and save the RET from a still sword-brandishing minister.

Regulator says RET goal is attainable

by AAP
'Sufficient projects for it to be achieved', says CER chief.

CEC relief at renewables talks breakthrough

Review removal has industry body confident of deal.

RET deal agreed after reviews ditched

Parties agree deal after 18-month-long limbo; wood waste still unresolved.

Thanks to solar, Australia has the cheapest electricity in the developed world

Three years ago Australia was bearing the brunt of network gold-plating, but our affordable solar systems has drastically tipped the electricity ledger on its head.

Is the Vic Govt using Abbott as an excuse for inaction on renewables?

The Andrews government has again called for repeal of federal legislation precluding states from introducing renewable energy targets. While it puts welcome focus on the issue, there's a lot more Spring Street could do to fight climate change.

Two MPs to vote against RET deal

Unnamed government duo speak out in partyroom: report.

ARENA hobbled via a budgetary backdoor

While ARENA’s core funding to support projects remains safe thanks to the Senate, the government has found a backdoor to hobble the organisation which has thrown staffing into turmoil.