Wind power

The Warburton 'windfall effect'

Implementing the RET Review's recommendations would see black coal generators, now operating at low levels, surge in output. If there is one clear implication from the report, it's buy Origin and AGL.

Labor, Greens reject review findings

Hunt points to likelihood of 27,00GWh target.

Where in the US is solar installed?

New data shows that Californians' penchant for photovoltaics has them leading in pipeline capacity by a factor of five, while Nevada's love of large-scale plants has it sitting comfortably second.

RET Review – experts respond

Alan Pears, Andrew Blakers, Tony Wood and Dylan McConnell respond to the Warburton Review's damning assessment of the Renewable Energy Target.

Attacking the RET will open another tough battlefront for Abbott

The RET is popular in the community but fossil fuel interests contributed a total of more than $900,000 to the federal Liberal Party from mid-2009 to mid-2013.

RET Review delivers blow to clean energy industry

Panel calls for end to large-scale and small-scale schemes, admits cost on customer bills 'moderate'.

Is the RET a market-distorting subsidy?

Critics of the renewables target forget Australia's energy market is not a level playing field and, in the absence of a carbon price, the RET is actually a way of correcting the electricity market.

Corbell to address Nobel laureates

ACT Environment Minister to detail pioneering climate plan.

The power sector is collateral damage in our culture war

As more details about the renewables review leak out, it seems the Australian Industry Group's renewed called for electricity bipartisanship will fall flat. With everyone stuck in their positions, Australia is stumbling towards the worst of all systems.

'Compensation needed' in event of RET reduction

PacHydro, Infigen warn on compensation; panel dismisses sovereign risk concern.

Warburton braces for 'controversial report'

RET review findings to be made public this week.

Why wind wreckers are often left snatching at air

The know-how in the wind industry is increasing every year – from blade technology, to installation, to grid penetration – leaving critics who use even slightly out-of-date data blurring the reality of this resource's cost.

How many birds are killed by wind, solar, oil and coal?

Reliable figures on bird fatalities caused by the various sources of energy can be hard to come by, but the data suggests solar thermal and wind turbines are small contributors.

The $5 trillion divestment challenge; Atlantis' tidal tilt

The week in clean energy saw new research detail the scale of the divestment challenge, sub-Saharan Africa leapfrog Australia on the renewables front, and Aussie-founded Atlantis Resources move closer to a Scottish tidal monster.

Is Abbott crazy enough to axe the RET?

Reports the Coalition is hell-bent on total abolition of the RET wreak of political expectation-massaging. But then again, Abbott could be plotting a Machiavellian shock.

India set to quintuple wind output

Modi government planning to lift annual capacity to 10GW.

ARENA and the off-grid 'path to parity'

Construction cost premiums make off-grid projects wildly more expensive than their network-connected counterparts - but even remote projects are on track to be commercially viable without subsidies by 2020.

Abbott to announce RET's finished: report

PM said to be determined to freeze renewable target at 16,000GWh.

Ross Garnaut: China to reach 'peak coal' for electricity by 2015

The decoupling of coal from economic growth, increased energy efficiency and the stellar growth of solar are among factors the communist behemoth is on track for a change of 'global importance'.

Jolting some common sense into the RET debate

The debate surrounding the RET has been hijacked by ideologues on both sides, which is of little help to consumers, who will end up bearing the consequences of a much less reliable national electricity market.