Wind power

Ararat wind farm provides jobs boost to Keppel Prince

Portland firm awarded contract to make 35 towers for wind farm.

Bloomberg wrap-up: Wind turbine makers thrive on record orders

Wind turbine makers Vestas, Gamesa and Nordex have seen big rises in share prices on the back of healthy orders but offshore wind remains too expensive. Meanwhile Audi has unveiled a 500km range all electric SUV.

Wind tower manufacturer to boost staff numbers

Keppel Prince confident it might get back to prior staff of 500 on back of Victorian and Federal Renewable Energy Targets.

ACT Government to divest from fossil fuels and target 100% renewable energy

Aiming for 100% renewables by 2025 and Labor conference passes motion for fossil fuel divestment.

Vic Gov’t targets at least 20% renewables by 2020, but how?

Government wants no less than 20 per cent of power from renewable energy by 2020, but it is extremely vague on what it will do, if anything, to achieve it. The cynic in me suggests their policy might be to just stare really crossly at the Abbott Government.

Origin Energy shows why renewable energy investors are too fearful of Tony Abbott

Origin's CEO King says if anything Renewable Energy Target will be increased in future and shows economics for new renewable energy projects are compelling. Could spooked investors be missing an opportunity?

Abbott puts Meridian off more windfarms

by AAP
Major NZ utility CEO deterred from investing, says government support for renewables scheme 'less than convincing'.

Argument for slashing RET miraculously disappears

EnergyAustralia's parent company has joined AGL in asking government to shut down power capacity. Why? Apparently it's because we can't fit in extra renewable energy, not to help them out. But new data suggest the overcapacity issue is solving itself.

Blayney Mayor declares wind farm a boost to shire

Payments from Infigen’s Flyers Creek Wind Farm ‘very much appreciated’ by community.

ACT launches second wind farm auction process

Environment Minister says now is the best time to secure low pricing on wind farm project output.

Hornsdale Wind Farm construction imminent, creating 250 jobs

Catcon confirmed for civil construction works and CPP for electrical works.

Nearly two-thirds support Labor's 50% renewables target: poll

Essential poll finds high support for Labor goal in spite of expectation it will increase power prices.

Senate amateur hour rebuffed by Hunt

The Environment Minister has ruled out changes to Renewable Energy Act in response to the Senate's wind turbine inquiry. But what will he do about wind power's mysterious effect in forcing the NSW regulator to increase gas prices?

Senate Inquiry attacks wind power

Renewable energy industry says recommendations 'reckless' and a 'biased political stitch-up'.
00MW wind-solar farm could deliver 600 jobs to Port Augusta
DP Energy to submit development approval in September with goal of 2017 construction commencement.
0% renewables target not 'aspirational' says Labor environmental wing
Labor sub-group disputes claims by senior Labor figures, stating policy must come to deliver on 2030 target.

Abbott $60 billion cost for Labor's renewables goal came from 'back of envelope'

Original source of Abbott's claim about cost of 50% renewable energy target says it was 'simplistic' and not the extra cost faced by consumers.

Coalition MP breaks ranks on clean energy bank lending ban

Sarah Henderson asks Finance Minister to drop ban on CEFC financing wind and rooftop solar.

Abbott attacks wind farms again

Labor 50% renewables target to lead to 'massive overbuild of wind farms', 23% renewables 'more than enough'.

Is Labor’s 50% renewables target a joke?

Labor is describing its 50% renewable energy target as ‘aspirational’. But banks don’t lend money on the basis of aspirational targets and voters shouldn’t lend any credibility to them either.