Wind power

Senate Inquiry attacks wind power

Renewable energy industry says recommendations 'reckless' and a 'biased political stitch-up'.
00MW wind-solar farm could deliver 600 jobs to Port Augusta
DP Energy to submit development approval in September with goal of 2017 construction commencement.
0% renewables target not 'aspirational' says Labor environmental wing
Labor sub-group disputes claims by senior Labor figures, stating policy must come to deliver on 2030 target.

Abbott $60 billion cost for Labor's renewables goal came from 'back of envelope'

Original source of Abbott's claim about cost of 50% renewable energy target says it was 'simplistic' and not the extra cost faced by consumers.

Coalition MP breaks ranks on clean energy bank lending ban

Sarah Henderson asks Finance Minister to drop ban on CEFC financing wind and rooftop solar.

Abbott attacks wind farms again

Labor 50% renewables target to lead to 'massive overbuild of wind farms', 23% renewables 'more than enough'.

Is Labor’s 50% renewables target a joke?

Labor is describing its 50% renewable energy target as ‘aspirational’. But banks don’t lend money on the basis of aspirational targets and voters shouldn’t lend any credibility to them either.

Labor 'aspiring' to 50% renewables

Delegates at Labor conference pass motion for 50% target and also emission standards for new cars.

The cost of Labor’s 50% renewables target – less than $6 per bill

Calculations suggest Labor's 50 per cent renewable energy target will cost households an awful lot less than a 15 per cent GST. The reason for the small cost comes down to making a proper comparison with the likely alternative option.
0% renewable energy - can it be done?
Labor's announcement of a 50% Renewable Energy Target by 2030 sounds ambitious. But if combined with a push on energy efficiency we could hit 50% by just maintaining the annual rate of renewable energy installations we're already on track to do for 2020.

Get set for a re-run of the 2013 election scare campaign

The Coalition has wasted no time trying to link Labor's big renewables announcement with the carbon price scare campaign. Meanwhile Labor knows renewables are very popular, the complete opposite of the carbon price. Get set for depressingly simplistic slogans.

Greg, why can’t you just be honest – Climate change is crap

The Environment Minister is now resorting to a 2nd reading speech to suggest the government’s demand that the clean energy bank not fund wind and rooftop solar is nothing more than ensuring it fulfils its intended purpose.

Carbon diem: How India seized on the falling oil price to chart a green road to Paris

In addition to its solar plans and afforestation efforts, India - unlike advanced nations - has seized on the falling oil price to lift petrol taxes, shifting drastically from a reverse carbon price to a positive one.

Is Qld coal about to be hit by big solar?

The solar resource, plus underlying power prices, is high in Queensland and there’s still some reasonable power demand growth thanks to the start-up of LNG plants. It may explain the games power gen-tailers are playing.

Clean Energy Bank chief warns of renewables market collapse

The CEO of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation has pointed to a major design flaw with the RET that suggests it could end in tears for investors. History suggests he’s partly right but ultimately wrong.

Report outlines wind development consultation guidelines

EY outlines options to share benefits of wind farms in 'fair and equitable manner'.

Andrews to unveil renewables incentives; has run-in with anti-wind Hockey

Premier talks up renewables package at announcement of Ararat wind farm; Hockey delivers another wind spray.

ACT offers up more wind farm chances

by AAP
Second round of reverse auctions due later in year.

Why is the Abbott Govt so fond of big solar?

Restricting the CEFC from investing in wind and rooftop solar has been seen as helping out the coal industry. Yet there’s the curious possibility it might equally be about helping out mates in the renewable energy industry.

Wrecking ball in hand, Abbott changes tack on clean energy

The latest, and third, move against the CEFC - following attacks on every other climate policy - hands more market power to big utilities in the (reduced) area of renewables investment.