Wind power

Wind farms 'appalling': Hockey

Treasurer reiterates criticism, says coal-plants would equally ruin 'beautiful landscapes'.

Scottish vote may freeze 5.7GW-plus in wind

Bloomberg: 'Yes' vote to cast doubt on pipeline, threaten integrated power market.

How to get renewable energy into the grid – without losing power

The technology to ensure steady power amid rising renewables is mostly available – just energy storage looms as the final challenge.

Shorten 'bins' Warburton: Where to next?

Bill Shorten has echoed Mark Butler, saying the Warburton recommendations 'belong in the bin'. It narrows the field of what's possible, pointing to a tricky target-date extension.

Pro-RET radio ads launched

Climate Institute begins final part of renewables campaign.

Mount Mercer wind farm now fully operational

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All 64 turbines producing at Meridian's Victorian wind farm.

Renewables industry calls the government's bluff

The Clean Energy Council issued a statement yesterday telling Ian Macfarlane they're not interested in volunteering themselves to be sacrificed. It reflects a belief that while the government talks tough, they are in fact weak and vulnerable on the RET.

China carbon market to aim for 40% of emissions by 2020

Scheme slated for 2016 start valued at $US60bn, to regulate up to 4bn tonnes of CO2, says official.

China shows there's more to renewables than fighting climate change

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China is contributing more than any other country to a climate-change solution – but its mammoth green energy system is driven by manufacturing and energy security considerations.

Macfarlane's ridiculous RET negotiating position

Ian Macfarlane is trying to switch the onus of RET negotiations to Labor, and the industry, to come to him. But given it is his government that wants to change the law, shouldn't he detail what needs to change and the problem it will solve, besides improving coal generators' profits?

'Business as usual': ARENA

Agency expects projects to be honoured as repeal bill faces defeat.

FactCheck: does Australia have too much electricity?

Australia's surplus power capacity may increase or decrease, depending on the scenario. Regardless, using oversupply as an argument against the Renewable Energy Target is illogical.

RET decision 'within 3 weeks'

Industry minister also rules out cash for coal-plant closures.

Why Macfarlane is dreamin’

The Industry Minister may be hoping the renewables sector would prefer a quick and nasty deal over a years-long political battle. But that misreads the sector's commercial imperatives.

Record wind proposal moves to public consultation

Epuron lays out environmental assessment for 288-turbine Liverpool Range project.

Surprise over VFF call to end renewables target

Stance puts farmers' $10,000 turbine bonanza at risk.

China eyes 9GW half; Scotland's 'yes' threat

The week in clean energy saw Beijing set the framework for a stellar solar half, and worries a Scottish 'yes' vote could halt work on $US23bn in renewables projects.

Australia - no longer a safe place to invest?

Every change to the RET, every pause to review the policy mechanism, damages investor confidence. If the goalposts keep moving on business, we will move on to more stable environments.

Poll: 96% of metro Queenslanders back RET

Brisbane-Sunshine Coast voters want target kept or increased, finds Solar Citizens survey.

Macfarlane: power oversupply means RET must change

Macfarlane threatens that renewable industry will be ones to lose if Labor refuses to agree to cut the large-scale target in light of large overcapacity in power market.