Wind power

Government issues renewables death warrant

Minister Ian Macfarlane has finally declared the government's hand on the Renewable Energy Target - it would be devastating for wind power and large-scale solar and, potentially, also commercial rooftop solar.

Macfarlane backs Warburton RET position

Macfarlane delivers blow to clean energy industry, wants a floating target tied to rising demand.

Counting all costs, wind and solar are the cheapest

An Ecofys study has had a crack at levelising the true cost of energy across Europe, and has found wind is cheapest with solar and nuclear next.

Tesla meets Alibaba; SolarCity taps online debt

The week in clean energy saw both green cars and green bonds expand their online presence, in China and the US respectively, while Vestas set a record for power produced by a turbine in a single day.

Four misleading mistakes about coal vs renewables

Analysts and journalists can be easily led up the garden path about how important coal is, and how renewables will never amount to anything. Here's four ways you could be misled if you're not careful.

CCA to conduct 'limited' RET Review

Authority to bow to legislative requirement to probe policy.

Capital may see record-sized turbines

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Australia's biggest blades slated for proposed wind farm.

King Island wind farm feasibility study nearly complete

Viability of $2 billion, 600MW project soon to be revealed.

Activists seek endorsement for Vic wind laws softening

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Renewables advocates call on Red Tape Commissioner to investigate Napthine govt extreme-end wind farm rules.

Japan utilities repel renewables; UK solar feels pinch

The week in clean energy saw Japanese utilities trying to offset feed-in tariffs by blacklisting solar farms, while large-scale solar took an expected knock in Britain.

Napthine produces a sceptic's energy policy plan

The Victorian Government’s energy statement paints an expanded brown coal vision for the state, coupled with weakened energy efficiency and silence on renewables.

Gullen Range faces turbine relocation order

Developer Goldwind given 29 days to respond to legal challenge.

Deal or no deal - Shorten says a real 20% RET is unreal

Labor's Bill Shorten has said dismissed the idea of slashing the RET to a 'real 20%' describing it as vandalism and unreal. Meanwhile Minister Hunt continues to talk about the target as being 20%, but there's a face saving opportunity for the Coalition to compromise.

Outrage at ANU divestment shows the power of its idea

The Australian National University's divestment decision is only worth $16 million - but the outcry suggests it will be more influential than the numbers indicate.

Renewables vs aluminium - what's going on?

Speculation is rife aluminium has won itself a full exemption from the RET - up from 70% - and that means a reduced target. But is that right, and why are we exempting so many other industries at the expense of other consumers?

ARENA backs 'one-stop shop' for renewables mapping

Grant of $2.1m to aid renewables development with spatial information platform.

Will a capacity market make UK electricity dirtier?

The UK government is introducing a capacity market to ensure supply – and it's set to have ramifications for the future of coal, gas and energy sector emissions.

Xenophon refuses to be drawn on RET position

Senator 'not boxing himself in' over renewables vote.

Cabinet rejects Warburton: report

Coalition leadership said to have ruled out RET Review recommendations.

Writedown fears premature: Infigen

Wind boss hopeful on RET future.