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A new era for Business Spectator

A little more than six years after its launch, Business Spectator is entering an exciting new stage.

NBN reality check: Construction remedies and Telstra's copper

Don't be fooled by Malcolm Turnbull's bluster at Question Time the next 18 months are going to be bruising for the Communications Minister and NBN Co.

Webcast: Top 10 business cloud apps

Join us today for a webcast with Xero CEO Chris Ridd and Business Spectator Editor Jackson Hewett on the best cloud apps for your business.

Webcast: Top 10 business cloud apps

Join us today for a webcast with Xero CEO Chris Ridd and Business Spectator Editor Jackson Hewett on the best cloud apps for your business.

KGB: Ross Garnaut

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Economist Ross Garnaut says the Australian dollar must fall 20-40 per cent from highs earlier this year, business expectations of Tony Abbott are unrealistic and interest rates should be lower in light of globally loose policy.

Australia got caught out by

14 comments is the definitive free market workplace, breaking down the walls between big and small businesses and leaving unions and tax collectors in the dust.

Too little, too late: Is Australia losing the online retail game?

Australians are embracing e-commerce, but unlike their overseas counterparts our retailers are struggling to build lasting relationships with their customers.

Australia’s 2023 boom has begun

Australia’s biggest non-mining industry growth industry is becoming apparent… and it will be fuelled by retail disruption.

A Morgan Stanley banking salve

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Banks around the world still face ROE problems, but James Gorman says that’s not a bad thing – and the lessons of the financial crisis have well and truly been learned.

Risky bank business will end badly

ANZ Bank is leading the financial sector towards a period of greater risk in business lending. And it's happening as debt practices in China, the US and Europe grow increasingly precarious.

Weatherill's coal seam cash injection

While Victoria and New South Wales twiddle their thumbs on coal seam gas, South Australia is jumping at the chance for more jobs and a big cash boost for the state.

Why 'Breaking Up' was good for NAB

UK exposures have slightly disfigured NAB's results, but Cameron Clyne's growth strategy for personal banking has reaped strong dividends.

Beware dead wood in retail’s root-and-branch review

Bruce Billson's competition law review needs to address the structural changes occurring in retail, as well as the role technology plays in reshaping the competitive environment.

NBN is the new Telstra

It may be better for NBN Co to simply buy Telstra’s entire copper network division immediately. And like Ziggy Switkowski, the government seems in the game for big, ambitious projects.

The NBN competition conundrum

It's easy to argue for infrastructure-based competition but turning that into a social economic policy is much harder. Competition policy needs to focus on services, not the infrastructure.

INSIDE INVESTOR: Digging for gems in mining services

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Mining stocks have fallen out of favour with most investors. But counter-cyclical investors would do well to take a closer look at oil and gas companies.

INSIDE INVESTOR: Hedging against the herd

The pack mentality can put investors at risk. Adopting a counter-cyclical investment approach, like Warren Buffett, will allow you to reap the gains far more often.

Turnbull pops the bubble of broadband nirvana

Malcolm Turnbull now has room to proceed with whatever mix of technologies an NBN Co review recommends. But those who want fibre in the future will find it costs much more than they expect.

The NBN is now Malcolm's Mess

The NBN’s returns, as forecast in the leaked draft corporate plan, depend on it being a socialist-style monopoly wholesaler. Now Malcolm Turnbull has to purse his lips and find some way to deal with that.