Adam Carr

Adam Carr is a leading economist in the Australian market. In addition to being a columnist with Eureka Report, he has worked with some of the world’s largest investment banks and financial intermediaries. Adam was also formerly an economic adviser with the Prime Minister's Department and Commonwealth Treasury.

The IMF's policy prescriptions are wrong for Australia

While Australia's policymakers fret over changes in the rate of inflation, there's a deeper problem that will trouble the economy.

Markets should brace for a wild ride

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Talk of the Fed's tightening has seen the surging greenback have a dramatic impact on currency markets around the world -- and there's more volatility to come.

Schooling the policymakers on the economy

A severely flawed assumption about national income is driving a doomsday view of the economic outlook.

A dose of reality with the jobs data

There is just no escaping the fact that the labour market is doing much better than widely believed.

Why Gonski is wrong about house prices

David Gonski's comments that only a fool thinks house prices always go up add little to the broader discussion. The real issue is whether buying property enhances wealth.

It wouldn’t matter if China went into a recession

A recession in China might result in a temporary confidence shock here in Australia, but we'd get over that pretty quickly.

A recession is coming, but don't blame debt

Commentators with negative views about the state of the economy have homed in on Australia's record-high debt levels. In fact, the cause of the next recession will be a little more traditional.

How Australia can remake the manufacturing sector

High wages are often blamed for the death of the manufacturing sector, but in fact they ensure Australia is well-placed to capitalise on its strength in producing higher-tech, export-oriented goods.

Abbott needs to take charge and redirect the economic debate

The argument that a weaker Australian dollar is needed to ensure our continued economic expansion is severely misguided and places the country at greater risk of a recession.

Shifting gears: Is Australia going backwards or forwards?

We are wealthier, healthier and more educated than ever before so why do so many people keep telling us the country, the economy and our standard of living are all slipping?

Two charts that show the world's economy is thriving

Policymakers are thrashing about with concerns about a weak global economy but these two charts prove they are wrong.

Global rates to rise in 2015? Not likely

The mixed signals being sent out by central banks suggest the market is overpricing the timing and magnitude of a rate rise, and that policy coordination between the Fed, BoE and ECB may prove a tricky feat.

Don't believe the negative economic spin

Business and consumer confidence has rebounded in spite of higher unemployment and fearmongering over mining investment. The prospect that the RBA may cut again in this climate makes no sense.

Take Australia's unemployment rate shocker with a grain of salt

Australian society is changing and so are our work habits. Until the participation rate stabilises there's no point fretting over a small lift in the unemployment rate.

The RBA must raise rates for a lower dollar

Global rates are going up, but rather than choose to lead the cycle the RBA is giving every indication it will keep playing 'follow the leader'. This will only put us at further disadvantage in the currency war.

Australia's coming jobs boom

Not only will the 'end of the mining boom' barely register in Australia’s unemployment figures, but the surging residential construction sector is already boosting jobs growth.

Why Australia is losing its competitive edge

Sitting back and waiting for policy settings to ‘fix’ the exchange rate and high wages won’t do much to resolve Australia’s productivity crisis. Businesses must step up their investment or fall behind.

How to heal the housing market

Macroprudential policies that restrict credit growth will do little to alleviate Australia's housing affordability crisis and could even act against the national interest. But there is another solution.

The price we'll pay for the RBA’s low-rate policy

The Reserve Bank slashed interest rates while the economy was strong. Now we are left with an out-of-whack property market and rising inflation that may not be so easy to reverse.

Why Garnaut is wrong about Australia's debt challenge

By focusing on Australia's supposed debt problem, Ross Garnaut has misdiagnosed the issues facing the nation. His policy prescriptions could harm Australia's long-term economic interests.