Alan Kohler

Alan Kohler is one of Australia’s most experienced business commentators. Alan has been a trusted source of investment advice to Australians for many years, and in 2005 he founded Eureka Report - Australia’s #1 online investment report. Along with Robert Gottliebsen and Stephen Bartholomeusz, Alan also founded Business Spectator, the popular business news and commentary website. Alan is the regular finance presenter on the ABC News and producer of the popular nightly graph (or two).

Innovation is causing deflation. Don’t fight it

Three great disinflationary forces are ripping into prices. The question is, are they benign or dangerous?

Medibank: a few winners, many losers

At first glance the privatisation of Medibank might look like a good deal but on closer inspection it's actually a bit of a shocker for taxpayers.

Kohler Uncovers: Codan Limited

Alan Kohler talks to Donald McGurk, CEO of Codan Ltd, about the company's new gold detector products.

Kohler Uncovers: Bulletproof

Alan Kohler interviews Bulletproof CEO Anthony Woodward about offering technology solutions for businesses.

Super funds must get better at global investing

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As Australian superannuation funds outgrow the local pool of assets, their only option is to look for investing opportunities offshore.

Devaluation is here, but will it help?

A lower Australian dollar is supposed to boost our competitiveness, but weak wages growth and inflation around the world threaten to rob us of the benefits of a falling currency.

Smooth sailing for a true family partnership

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From coffee to island resorts, there’s a lot more to the Oatley family business story than just Rosemount Wines.

How algorithms are changing the world

Momentum is building towards a drastic social redrawing as algorithms’ decision-making ability grows increasingly complex.

Why QE will be back

The wealth effects expected from QE haven't emerged, but in the process central banks have gotten themselves into a position where they have to expand their balance sheets to keep confidence in the market.

A bullish Fed changes everything

The Fed has finally acknowledged that the US economy is out of danger. Its latest statement is a game changer.

A dairy gold mine that's not for sale

The growth potential of Bulla Dairy Foods is plain to see, though any attempted acquisition would get short shrift from the families that own it.

Egging on female employees

Facebook, Apple and others are offering female staff the chance to freeze their eggs to help them forge ahead with their careers. Is it the ultimate staff benefit, or something scary?

Reaganomics, not QE, caused inequality

With Janet Yellen, Rupert Murdoch and Joe Hockey all warning of rising inequality, it's time to point the finger at the real cultprit – policies begun by Reagan.

Kohler Uncovers: Infigen Energy

Alan Kohler interviews Miles George, MD of wind farm business Infigen Energy.

European banks: one box ticked

The ECB stress tests show a banking system that is pretty healthy overall. All that's required now is for eurozone businesses to believe that.

A rare gem of an opal miner

It’s a hard slog for opal prospectors in Lightning Ridge, battling both the heat and the local farming community for access to the land. But one family has made a living off the gems for generations.

Thanks for China, Gough

Whitlam's visit to China ushered in closer ties that were largely responsible for Australia's 23 years of uninterrupted growth. But China's engine is starting to falter.

Whitlam's plan grew a nation

Why the popular image of Gough as an economic failure misses the big picture.

Irony and confusion in Medibank's float

The sale of Medibank Private will allow the Coalition to cash in on the public's brand confusion and rid itself of a business it has despised since its inception.

Why central banks have locked up capitalism

It’s supposed to be free-market capitalism, but animal spirits are in a zoo these days, and central bankers are the zookeepers.