Alan Kohler

Alan Kohler is one of Australia’s most experienced commentators and journalists. Alan is the founder of Eureka Report, Australia’s most successful investment newsletter, and Business Spectator, a 24-hour free business news and commentary website. He also hosts Inside Business, a half-hour Sunday programme on the ABC, is the finance presenter on the ABC News - and producer of the nightly graph (or two).

The meat and potatoes of Australia's dining boom

The difference between the meat and potatoes businesses are dramatic. But for the Thomas family, combining them made as much sense as serving the two together at the table.

The good, scary return of mortgage backed securities

The money pouring into the RMBS market is good news for lending competition, but a limited supply of land means it will just add more fuel to the real estate boom.

Superannuation is too costly, so bill me

Superannuation is almost certainly the most expensive service you buy. But three fixes could eliminate the hidden advantages providers are receiving from ballooning charges.

The generous history of pensions

Canberra has given and given to pensioners, often liberally, and only rarely taken away. Even if Joe Hockey bucks that trend it won’t help the budget now.

Scouring for profit: how the Michells fleeced themselves

A decade after a massive buyout, the Michell Group is rich in assets and revenue, but cash-flow poor. And tough conditions in the wool industry give little cause for optimism.

Where Australia led, others are following

Paul Keating's labour and capital market reforms and lowering of trade barriers have been instrumental in sustaining Australia's productivity-based growth. Decades later, other countries are heeding his lesson.

The government doesn't really need Clive Palmer

Whether the four Palmer United Party senators vote as a bloc after July or not, it would make sense for Tony Abbott to antagonise until they refuse to pass the carbon tax repeal.

A manufacturer makes it against all the odds

Rising costs and cheap imports have caused many Australian clothing manufacturers to bite the dust. Koala Clothing had to twice rebuild its business from scratch, but it's still standing -- and stronger than ever.

Australia’s new boom: human beings

Australia’s population is rising at the fastest rate in the Western world, and the flow-on effects to housing and infrastructure are set to feed the next economic upswing.

Why the dollar is rising

Where once commodity prices were the dollar’s key driver, it now has a new master… but much still depends on China.

Robin Murphy's two Alan Bonds

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After selling his business for $1 million Robin Murphy was able to buy it back with the loose change in his pocket -- just two dollars. Lightning struck again when he picked up another business out of the bargain bin.

Don’t tweak Minister, rethink

The Coalition's eight 'tweaks' to FoFA have the big banks' handwriting all over them. Instead of changing what was a clarifying piece of legislation the government needs to rethink its approach to the issue from the ground up.

Yes, Minister, you should be committed

Mathias Cormann can't decide whether he is committed to implementing or dumping FoFA reforms, leaving the media thoroughly confused and the industry in knots.

Robotics and economics: parallel universes

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While the Federal Reserve has pointed to a shortfall in demand for low inflation and high unemployment, the impact of advances in robotics and cloud computing is somehow still being ignored.

The problem of milking a business for retirement

Sometimes a business built as a de facto superannuation plan develops its own imperatives, as when a single-herd goat farm grows into a multi-million dollar cheese retailer.

Financial advisers don’t want commissions

With Repeal Day finally in sight, the banks are set to record a huge victory by getting the most critical element of FoFA rolled back so they can once again use financial planners like mortgage brokers.

The reality of the NBN

Customers are singing the NBN's praises and savvy entrepreneurs are taking advantage of low start-up costs in a bid to compete against the telco giants. It’ll be a tough act for Malcolm Turnbull’s fibre and copper compromise to follow.

For love and money

With high margins, reliable growth and a constant stream of loved-up fiancés, it's easy to see why jewellers like fourth generation family-owned Wallace Bishop tend to stick around.

SPC Ardmona: vindication factory

SPC Ardmona's rebirth is suddenly a victory for everything from free market capitalism to government handouts. And Australia's supermarket duopoly is the victor above all.

Financial advice is too expensive

The Coalition's attempt to cut the cost of financial advice by removing regulation has been completely nullified by the reintroduction of sales commissions.