Ben Potter

The ECB’s boost for Aussie banks

The ECB's move into negative rates will lift demand for Australian bank bonds and mortgage-backed securities, driving bank funding costs lower.

The market correction that wasn’t

Equities have held up against expectations of a decline, but even if there is a pullback, several large-cap yield stocks remain attractive.

Equities are not the only asset class rallying

What lies behind the sudden surge in US Treasuries prices?

The ups and downs of a strong currency

As the Reserve Bank fights its currency war with a slingshot, forecasts on the Australian dollar have become incredibly fraught with risk.

Clouds gather over the market

Investors face a tense month ahead, with the challenges of fiscal austerity at home and geopolitical uncertainty abroad.

Sell in May and go away?

Volatility has risen across equity markets and expensive growth stocks have come under pressure. Is it time to follow the old adage?

Time to drill down on miners

Resource companies that are hoarding cash now are setting up conditions for future tightness in the supply of key commodities.

Why high-flyers can still outperform

Against common perceptions, stocks that are near 52-week or all-time highs are more likely to keep on outperforming than they are to sell off.

China lets loose the bears

When irrational fear grips a market, as happened with iron ore this week, forecasts are pretty much useless.

Stockmarket faces heavy weather

Equity markets could be headed for a tough few months, as concerns resurface over the economic data from the US and China.

Time to clean up your portfolio

Wishing and hoping doesn’t make a stock go up, so it might be time to cut those underperformers from your portfolio.

MARKETS SPECTATOR: Shifting global goalposts

Around the world, markets are in flux, with trouble in London, movement in Tokyo and wobbles in Oz.

MARKETS SPECTATOR: Fat equities retain the edge

UBS says excessive valuations in the Australian equity market will be more than offset by dour bond yields and cash rates.

MARKETS SPECTATOR: Rocky months ahead

Although history points to a pick-up in April, likely to be backed by strong US earnings, the outlook beyond is mired by the miners.

MARKETS SPECTATOR: Fortescue fancy

After a recent share price decline exceeding that of the iron spot price, JPMorgan has been the first to declare an upside for Fortescue.

MARKETS SPECTATOR: Fallen Apple looks tempting again

Developing world sales potential coupled with the doyen of design teams suggests investors have gone sour on Apple far too soon.

MARKETS SPECTATOR: Goldman delivers an iron fist

Mid-tier iron ore producers have had their earnings forecasts slashed by Goldman Sachs after the investment bank reigned in its price outlook for the resource.

MARKETS SPECTATOR: Cometh the mid-caps

The blue chips have nearly been tapped out, according to some brokers, paving the way for a move to smaller stocks.

MARKETS SPECTATOR: Bank withdrawal

Official cash rate expectations and falling institutional lending spreads have led CIMB to downgrade the banking sector.

MARKETS SPECTATOR: Matter over mind

As pullbacks take hold, there has been a lot of doubt in the markets lately. But the price is the thing, and it will vanquish the bears.