Ben Shepherd

Silicon Valley’s next big thing

Although the growth in Google’s advertising revenue is below that of its peers, the sheer size of the revenues it is pulling out of the market dwarfs all rivals.

Why Foxtel’s Presto is no threat to Netflix

On-demand streaming is changing the way Australians consume video, but Foxtel's Presto, with its limited range and higher price, poses little threat to market leader Netflix.

The drama's far from over at Ten

After a strong summer, Ten Network's failure to launch programming that appeals to viewers has left investors and advertisers struggling to see where any potential gains will come from.

Seven's supernatural highs

Debut ratings for Seven blockbuster 'Resurrection' ram home the group's superior performance and the extent to which Ten is lagging in viewers, engagement, personnel and corporate value.

Tuning into music's digital struggle

Legacy revenue sources in the music industry are still declining, but digital is yet to make up the shortfall. And the increasing popularity of pirated music spells more pain ahead.

How video piracy is killing the Hollywood star

Popcorn Time has a small user base, but its elegant design, accessibility and range of content prove a real threat to archaic models of video production and distribution.

Facebook is changing social media 15 seconds at a time

Facebook is tackling Google’s YouTube head-on as it unveils its video ad campaign. And the social media giant's huge store of user data will provide advertisers with the perfect hit-list of targets.

The radio stations making waves for all the wrong reasons

Listeners are still tuning into radio, despite increased competition from online. But a new survey shows how some networks are making all the right moves, while others are seeing their market share take a dive.

Seriously Ten, get with the ratings

The sporting season will ensure Ten faces an uphill battle to regain ground in the ratings war, yet its dismal performance has done little to dent its share price.

A banner year for digital giants

Drawing on their immense audience footprints, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook are enjoying record growth rates in mobile and video advertising while local digital publishers struggle.

Nine's got a ticket to revenue growth

Nine Entertainment Co's events division is crucial to the company's future growth, with the combination of its TV, ticketing and venue assets giving it a strong advantage over its competitors.

How radio is keeping up with online

As APN's results show, FM radio seems to have found higher ground in the fight for advertising revenue. While digital competition rocks other areas, listeners are still turning to radio – so money keeps flowing in.

Yahoo!7 presents Seven with a digital dilemma

Future growth prospects for Seven West Media are likely to come from its digital business, but Yahoo!7's middling performance suggests Seven may have outgrown its digital partner.

How a bundle of joy became AOL's scapegoat

AOL's decision to blame "distressed babies" for its cuts to employee benefits was out of touch with society and common sense: two essential qualities for any successful media company.

Seven lands a blow at the opening bell

For all the speculation over Seven’s share price, the first ratings of the year showed it's the comfortable winner in big event television.

Twitter growing pains on Wall Street

Twitter's stock price slide illustrates the pitfalls of becoming a publicly listed company, as challenges for future growth and yield become clearer to investors.

Who’s making money from live sport?

Without a truly national sport, Australian codes will never attract US style audiences. But while broadcasters tussle over lucrative 'event TV' rights, there’s one clear winner.

Facebook’s red-hot status update

An $11 billion warchest and zero long-term debt put Facebook’s development and innovation on the front foot against its peers – and there are significant avenues for growth it has yet to explore.

Seven serves up against Nine

Seven has caught some flack for its perceived ratings miss this year with the Australian Open. But the numbers show Australian competitors have no problem drawing a crowd.

Going 'online only' for exclusive net gains

Retailing is now an information war – and while US brands court consumers with online-only offerings, local stores are still intent on protecting physical operations at all costs.