Bill Evans

Weekend Economist: Two-way bet?

It's curious the Governor has increased the barrier for a rate cut, while arguing for a lower Australian dollar as well.

Weekend Economist: Basis to cut

The Reserve Bank has always stressed more rate cuts could come if necessary. If things keep going as they are now, we'll be there by February.

Weekend Economist: Credit comeback

Recent data provide new hope that growth momentum will shift from mining towards non-mining investment and consumer spending.

Weekend Economist: Safe as houses

Despite what the Reserve Bank seems to think, there is very little danger of investor activity throwing Australia’s property markets off balance.

Weekend Economist: Pessimism pervades

Recent surveys highlight lasting fears about the Australian economy, although leading indicators point to a turnaround.

Weekend Economist: Fragile China

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Despite the fact that there has been little change in the RBA’s forecasts there are some interesting comments on the Chinese housing market.

Weekend Economist: Rates wait

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Unlike other November meetings, this Melbourne Cup day there is no chance the Reserve Bank will move interest rates.

Weekend Economist: Steady as she goes

Despite some significant changes in the Australian dollar and commodity prices, the Reserve Bank is likely to upgrade its growth forecasts.

Weekend Economist: Watch for 2015

The spate of recent 'one-off' events have given forecasts of modest movements from central banks in 2015 and 2016 undue credit.

Weekend Economist: Dollar dazzler

Australian dollar pessimists underestimate the strength of the global economy, which should drive a substantial lift in the local currency.

Weekend Economist: The Fed factor

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The RBA's 'period of stability' line is unlikely to go until the Federal Reserve's intentions are clear. But when the Fed hikes, it could hike hard.

Weekend Economist: Where prudence lives

If you examine the balance sheet of the average Australian household, it becomes harder to argue for fresh APRA initiatives.

Weekend Economist: A matter of prudence

Rising house prices have got the RBA's attention. With New Zealand rolling out macro-prudential policies, should Australia follow suit?

Weekend Economist: Figures of fiction

When assessing the RBA's outlook for a rate hike, investors should treat the latest jobs numbers with a healthy amount of scepticism.

Weekend Economist: Currency cocoon

Stability is sheltering the Australian dollar carry trades of the hedge funds. The end of QE3 could shake that protection.

Weekend Economist: Not half bad growth

June's sudden GDP slowdown is unlikely to surprise or concern the Reserve Bank. But growth in the latter half of 2014 is on track be much higher than the bank expects.

Weekend Economist: A telling tale

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Over the last six months, the difference between Australia’s long and short-term interest rates has narrowed. That would typically be attributed to a tightening monetary policy stance -- but here it's a little different.

Weekend Economist: Home improvement

As consumer confidence improves, and with rates set to be on hold for the next 12 months, investor-driven housing activity is likely to gain momentum well into 2015.

Weekend Economist: Central bank cynicism

The Reserve Bank's downgraded growth outlook could see rates cut this year if household consumption remains downbeat. But more likely, the bank is being overly pessimistic on consumers and rates will hold steady until August 2015.

Weekend Economist: Flat track rates

All the attention on whether rates will move up or down next ignores the reality that they won't move in either direction for some time.