Geoff Raby

Abbott makes his mark in China

By changing his stance on Chinese investment, the Prime Minister has shown he’s willing to eschew ideology in favour of pragmatism. His chances of clinching an FTA within a year are now much better.

The true potential of China-Australia ties

Concluding the free-trade agreement between China and Australia this year is a worthy goal, but Tony Abbott should set his sights even higher by adopting a big, forward-looking agenda.

All stand for Beijing's one-man show

In recent years, carefully managed debate has been the hallmark of China’s National People’s Conference. This time the spotlight will home in on one person.

At your service: China's new economic chapter

China’s economy looks to have made a historic transformation, with the services sector finally snaring the single largest slice of GDP. Now it can no longer be seen as a single entity.

Can China walk the reform talk?

Beijing has demonstrated its ability to manage difficult economic challenges and still deliver sustainable growth, but the pressure for deeper structural reforms in 2014 is growing.

China swaps exuberance for the hard yards

Despite a robust growth forecast, the Communist Party's campaign against graft and official extravagance and reforms of its urban labour registration system will provide challenges in China.

Market manifesto: Xi Jinping's call to action

China's 'new magnificent revolution' will usher in a larger private sector and sweeping financial reforms. It will strengthen the economy, while cementing the state's hold on power.

Xi serves up a curate's egg

China’s Third Plenum was long on rhetoric. And the rhetoric sent mixed messages, indicating hard-fought political compromises behind the scenes.

Xi's Third Plenum: A user's guide

The razzle dazzle is justified: the next Third Plenum is likely to change the course of China’s development. But don’t expect specific, implementable policies.

One year on, Xi Jinping still has everyone guessing

Xi Jinping’s flirtation with the left may seem odd for someone who was a victim of Mao's excesses. But is he simply signaling left in preparation to turn right?

Can Abbott crack China's FTA challenge?

Australia can't have everything it wants in a China free trade agreement. After eight years of negotiations we’ve fallen behind, and it’s time for Tony Abbott to get moving.

From Bo to Weibo, an open China is still on trial

Bo Xilai’s ‘show trial’ was touted as a salute to a more open and accountable China, but behind its theatre other crackdowns are underway ahead of the Third Party Plenum.

China bears lumber back to their caves

As bears quiet their growls in wake of the latest Chinese figures, they’re showing just how wrongly the rebalancing debate is on focused short-term data.

China's new leaders crack down

Decisions to send Bo Xilai to trial, audit local government debt and curb state-owned enterprise credit show China’s new leaders are getting serious about reform.

Two cheers for China's growth

It may be too early to call a ‘soft landing’, but growth figures show fears about heavy exports reliance are now outdated. Struggling sectors can also forget about more financial stimulus.

Xi ditches his tie for hard US labour

Xi Jinping’s American visit – the most important international meeting of the year – has been choreographed to involve lots of hard work. For Australia, that’s a welcome development.

There's a catch to Xi's tiger trap

Xi Jinping's declared corruption crackdown has had its first win, but the protracted fall of Liu Tienan suggests the case met heavy resistance within the Party.

Much ado about 20 basis points in China

Analysts decrying a slowdown in Chinese GDP should look at the bigger picture to get an idea of where the country’s growth is really positioned.

Australia and China begin the great thaw

For all the symbolism of Julia Gillard's trip to China, a new forum co-chaired by Andrew Forrest will be key to breaking down suspicions hindering business dealings.

China's gasping leap forward

The numbers may be positive but China’s grow at all costs approach is looking strained. China’s new leaders can no longer paper over the cracks of a wild-west financial sector and a decaying environment.