Gideon Rachman - Financial Times

Get ready - America is pulling back

America’s recovery will be the unofficial Davos theme, but it won’t slow the nation’s pivot towards isolationism.

Japan's wrinkles are on our horizon

Japan's aging population, lack of job security, national security and staggering debt-to GDP ratio deserve a watchful eye – as they could soon face the west.

Merkel's Germany is becoming Merkel's Europe

Angela Merkel has a misunderstood vision for Europe. And it will surprise those who think her new approach to the union is only temporary crisis relief.

Obama and Xi must halt the rise of a risky rivalry

The dance between Barack Obama and Xi Jinping at this week’s US-China summit will seek to contain real hazards behind their countries’ mutual suspicion.

North Korea tests the limits of a MAD world

Uncertainty over the intentions of North Korea's leadership means the rationale of mutually assured destruction may not apply, and the greatest opportunity for peace will come from change within the rogue state.

Crisis and the making of a German Europe

As stakes rise, Berlin can no longer be shy about asserting its interests. Meanwhile, the countries that recently balanced German power are becoming weaker.

Be ready for a North Korean end game

China and the US have always been at loggerheads over North Korea, but as their separate strategies fail to contain the rogue state's growing nuclear threat they may be forced to form an unlikely alliance.