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In this week’s essential reading guide Kohler devises a quick fix to ballooning super charges, Gawenda charts capitalism’s new era, Bartholomeusz watches as NBN Co ups the ante and Burgess explains Hockey’s pensions debate.

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Editor's Picks

In this week's reading guide, Bartholomeusz analyses Woolworths' takeover bid for David Jones and Kohler explains why Tony Abbott doesn't need Clive Palmer's support.

Editor's Picks

In this week's reading guide, Kohler looks at Australia's next boom, Bartholomeusz appraises Cameron Clyne's tenure at NAB and Gottliebsen gives some advice to Immigration Minister Scott Morrison.

Editor's Picks

Kohler has some words of advice for Mathias Cormann, Gottliebsen warns aspiring moneymakers not to be seduced by a career in banking, and Bartholomeusz takes a close look at the Medibank IPO.

Editor's Picks

Kohler and Gottliebsen run an eye over repeal day while Bartholomeusz finds that while Myer and DJs are pursuing similar strategies they are growing further apart.

Editor’s picks: Up or down?

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China's woes take a toll on markets and consumers aren't convinced by strong economic data. The Spectators explain what it means. Bonus unlocked article inside.

Editor's picks: Small is beautiful

With big business suffering, what will get small business moving again? Plus, one free article from the KGB.

Editor's Picks: Chill winds

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The jobs market is taking a hit, capital investment is on the wane and first home buyers are going on strike. Editor's Picks helps make sense of the change, and includes one free KGB article.

Editors Picks: Slash and earn

Profit season is turning out to be about what to cut rather than to grow in a worrying sign for jobs. But we’re feeling generous so we’re making one of the KGB’s articles free to Ed’s Picks readers!

Editor's Pick: Car departs

The demise of the car industry will have huge ramifications for employers and workers in a range of sectors but some companies can power ahead.

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The IR battle heats up and Business Spectator has all sides of the debate covered.

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The global liquidity tide is going out and suddenly countries, companies and workers are looking exposed.

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It was a tumultuous year in both economics and politics and Business Spectator's readers spoke with their clicks. Your most read stories addressed the housing boom, or bust; a vitriol-laced election; a raid on superannuation or the pivot on the NBN; and the wasted opportunities of the mining boom.

Editor's Picks

In this week's essential reading guide, Kohler braces for the NBN's D-day, Gottliebsen analyses General Motors' Australian exit, Bartholomeusz surveys the NBN wreckage and Burgess senses Abbott's political nightmare.

Editor’s Picks

In this week's essential reading guide, Bartholomeusz inspects Qantas' war wounds, Burgess declares an end to the era of slogans, Gottliebsen grapples with Gonski and Kohler braces for the rise of robots.

Business Accelerators: The growth trap

In the latest episode of Business Accelerators we look at a company that wants to move from small residential building jobs into commercial and industrial property maintenance. But big contracts bring big financial challenges.

Editor's Picks

In this week's essential reading guide, Kohler looks at the great war between finance and technology, Gottliebsen dissects the federal government’s plans for the auto industry and Bartholomeusz chastises Joe Hockey.