Jackson Hewett

How retargeting is turning advertising on its head

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Thanks to algorithms that track online behaviour, companies can now target their audience more accurately. But what does this mean for publishers?

Iron ore in the pits

Iron ore has fallen by 50 per cent in 6 months. HSBC's Paul Bloxham thinks it is due for a turnaround.

Who owns that house?

Is FIRB doing enough to ensure foreign property buyers are playing by the rules?

Cracks widen in the housing market

Fresh property price data suggests the gulf between Australian capital city housing markets is widening.

Is the G20 on track?

The former advisor to Obama Whitehouse says the rhetoric is strong but the realities are much more challenging ahead of G20 meeting in Brisbane.

Andrew Leigh on Whitlam's economic legacy

Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh interviewed Gough Whitlam for his honours thesis on tariff reform. He says despite Whitlam's poor reputation in economic management, there was much to admire.

An Australian geek's Snapchat payday

Perth's Jeremy Liew has a knack for spotting the next big thing in Silicon Valley and with his punt on Snapchat paying off, the self-described 'math geek' has his eyes set on another target.

Will.i.am launches Puls: Just don't call it a smartwatch

The multi-platinum selling superstar has boldly stepped into the wearables market and he just might be on to a winner.

The men who want to get rid of banks

PayPal's co-founder expects his new start-up to write $US100m of personal loans in 12 months. He's one in an army of entrepreneurs with established bank margins in their sights.

PayPal's founders and Bitcoin's 'ridiculous' status

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Despite Bitcoin's notorious volatility, Silicon Valley investors believe the cryptocurrency has enormous potential to fix the financial system and thrive in emerging markets.

Australia's dangerous dividend obsession

A new study has revealed that investors' obsession with dividends is harming the future growth prospects of Australian listed companies.

The new executive skillset: Code

As digital disruption hits almost every industry, executives are now adding web coding to their management toolbox.

Australia's problem housing investors

The RBA has signaled its intent to target the housing investors it feels are putting Australian economic growth at risk. James Glynn from the Wall Street Journal explains how.

Value stocks in a falling market

Stocks in Value's David Walker explains why the share market has fallen five per cent in a month and offers up some suggestions on where to find growth.

Stocks to buck the downward trend

Stocks in Value's David Walker explains why the share market has fallen five per cent in a month and offers up some suggestions on where to find growth.

Should we be worried about falling wages?

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The head of the International Labour Organization argues that the global trend towards wage stagnation will have profound impacts on wage inequality and growth.

Fat cats get trimmed

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With CEO salaries now at their lowest level in a decade, Australian superannuation funds are getting more bang for their buck according to Gordon Hagart, CEO of the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors.

Sydney to run out of gas by 2016: Liveris

CEO of Dow says critical shortage of gas will affect energy supply, jobs unless moratorium lifted on natural gas fracking.

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