Jackson Hewett

Australia can be a world leader in Ag, Energy: GE

Watch: Beth Comstock, the global vice chair of GE, says Australia should launch incubators in agriculture, energy and financial services to meet the needs of Asia.

What's the outlook for reporting season?

Watch: in anticipation of a big month of earnings reports, here's everything Australian investors need to know about the biggest players in under two minutes.

Can agriculture pick up Australia's economic slack?

Australia's farming sector is poised for a new boom, given the right investment and innovation, according to the pre-eminent banker to the agriculture industry.

Australia hasn't shut out foreign farm buyers

Barnaby Joyce insists new restrictions on foreign buyers of Australian agriculture strike a fair balance between the national interest and encouraging growth.

More volatility expected for dairy market

Fonterra's Maury Leyland explains the global factors that dragged down the New Zealand giant's results, and continue to destabilise the dairy industry.

The first iron ore casualty?

Atlas Iron's financial turbulence is a stark warning for any producer unable to keep pace with Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton's cost cutting.

Why the RBA's hands are tied

A rampaging housing market means the Reserve Bank should be lifting interest rates. This is why they can't.

Organised crime moves online

International crime syndicates are targeting Australian individuals and corporations with industrial scale operations on the "dark web".

Australian retail a tighter fit than ever before

Australia's retail sector is feeling the squeeze thanks to an influx of iconic overseas outlets.

Another year of record low interest rates

Commonwealth Bank now believes that rates will stay at 2.5 per cent for all of 2015. Here's why.

How retargeting is turning advertising on its head

Thanks to algorithms that track online behaviour, companies can now target their audience more accurately. But what does this mean for publishers?

Iron ore in the pits

Iron ore has fallen by 50 per cent in 6 months. HSBC's Paul Bloxham thinks it is due for a turnaround.

Who owns that house?

Is FIRB doing enough to ensure foreign property buyers are playing by the rules?

Cracks widen in the housing market

Fresh property price data suggests the gulf between Australian capital city housing markets is widening.

Is the G20 on track?

The former advisor to Obama Whitehouse says the rhetoric is strong but the realities are much more challenging ahead of G20 meeting in Brisbane.

Andrew Leigh on Whitlam's economic legacy

Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh interviewed Gough Whitlam for his honours thesis on tariff reform. He says despite Whitlam's poor reputation in economic management, there was much to admire.

An Australian geek's Snapchat payday

Perth's Jeremy Liew has a knack for spotting the next big thing in Silicon Valley and with his punt on Snapchat paying off, the self-described 'math geek' has his eyes set on another target.

Will.i.am launches Puls: Just don't call it a smartwatch

The multi-platinum selling superstar has boldly stepped into the wearables market and he just might be on to a winner.

The men who want to get rid of banks

PayPal's co-founder expects his new start-up to write $US100m of personal loans in 12 months. He's one in an army of entrepreneurs with established bank margins in their sights.

PayPal's founders and Bitcoin's 'ridiculous' status

Despite Bitcoin's notorious volatility, Silicon Valley investors believe the cryptocurrency has enormous potential to fix the financial system and thrive in emerging markets.