James Kirby

James is one of Australia’s most experienced financial journalists: He has held senior positions on The Australian Financial Review, The Australian, Business and Finance in Dublin and The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.  A veteran of reporting on and analysing Australian corporations he wrote for Business Review Weekly before co-founding Eureka Report. He has written several business books, including biographies of Gerry Harvey and Richard Pratt. James is a regular commentator on radio and television.

How to invest wisely during earnings season

WATCH: Eureka Report's guide to getting the most of earning season.

Facebook's disruptive push

Eureka Report's Managing Editor, James Kirby, discusses how Facebook is at the forefront of the investment theme of our time – disruption.

Go ahead Julia... give superannuation reform a go

Having opened the issue of superannuation reform the Gillard regime should now take the opportunity to fix a flawed system.

Forbes hails Rinehart's rejuvenation

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Emboldened by a bounceback in her fortune, Gina Rinehart is back at the top of the Forbes rich list while she diversifies into controversial but lucrative shale oil.

Kerry Stokes: Australian Of The Year?

A donation of three Victoria Crosses by Kerry Stokes has captured the public imagination, but is it enough to see him bag the celebrated title?

The crazy business at Crazy John's

The takeover and downfall of John Ilhan's telco follows a familiar storyline, where corporations with incompetent acquisition strategies rapidly suffocate entrepreneurial zeal.

King of the iron ore cash pile

The skyrocketing iron ore price gives Fortescue's Andrew Forrest his best chance yet to become one of Australia's top tier industrialists.

KGB Interrogated

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James Kirby quizzes Alan Kohler, Robert Gottliebsen and Stephen Bartholomeusz on what's in store for the markets and the economy in 2013.

The sun will soon shine for Cameron Clyne

The National Australia Bank chief's performance is coming under increasing pressure... but there's a reason his fortune is about to turn.

Has the penny finally dropped for Gina Rinehart?

As Gina Rinehart dithers over her allocation in Ten's capital raising, surely she must be realising it's not necessary to spend millions to gain a broad media reach.

Bank police need to get back on the beat

While APRA basks in the afterglow of its robust regulation over the course of the GFC, investors in Banksia, and other poorly regulated finance companies, are losing money.

Woolworths' new pokies king

Woolworths' Grant O’Brien has nailed his colours to the mast with this week’s ‘win’ on pokies... so why not reveal just how big the business has become.

Corporatising Paul Keating's bad habits

Former corporate chieftains are picking up bad habits from retired politicians in criticising from the sidelines… but does it help?

Baillieu puts ASIC's Medcraft on the spot

Victorian assistance for victims of the Banksia collapse shows exactly where ASIC is lacking... and where the seeds lie for the next disaster.

Revealing performance anxiety at Myer

If Myer’s top management team is cutting back its ‘at risk’ pay, how can the group convince the wider market it will recover its lost momentum?

Hockey finally lands a punch

The revelation that the MRRT has not raised a cent in tax has given Joe Hockey some real ammunition to attack Wayne Swan.

Calling a commodity rebound

Westpac’s chief economist, Bill Evans, has put himself on the line again with a ‘big call’ forecasting a substantial rebound in commodity prices.... so why are the miners not joining in?

Teele reveals a silent attack on super

As planned superannuation cuts get the headlines, the boss at our biggest investment company says a ‘covert’ attack on the franking credits regime is about to bite.

Thornley's electric road to redemption

The man who once led search engine hopeful Looksmart, is pitching his corporate revival on the questionable success of the emerging electric car industry. But the odds are stacked against Evan Thornley given his poor track record in the tech space.

Can Thornley electrocute petrol power?

Colourful Australian entrepreneur and former politician Evan Thornley has suddenly taken global control at the world’s most ambitious electric car company, Better Place …and it’s a very big bet.