John Lee

Facing up to the challenges of Asia

Change is essential and we've got to make the most of it.

Risks ahead for brittle Beijing

China is not Japan and can expect a bumpy economic ride on the way down.

China's Myanmar headache

As Myanmar seeks to take advantage of its strategic importance to both China and the US, Beijing is getting a dose of what it really means to be a great power.

The race to the bottom in China's smartphone market

Apple has managed to eat away at Samsung's market share in China, and now Huawei and Xiaomi are winning ground against the Korean giant.

What if the China bears are right?

Much time has been spent trying to predict what the 'rise of China' means for the region. It's time that we had a hard look at what might happen if China falters.

China's false debate on values

It may be true that China is heading in a positive and encouraging direction but the the use of the term 'Chinese values' to shut down debate and deflect criticism is absurd.

China can't afford to muddle through in 2015

Faced with a concealed debt problem, slowing growth in household wealth and a struggling private sector, it's clear Beijing cannot simply sit on its economic laurels.

The cracks in China's political narrative

As China's economic growth slows, its capacity to use its status as the 'future of Asia' for geopolitical leverage will be tested.

Why Beijing shouldn't fear the festive season

The rise of Christianity in China may worry the Communist Party, but it should resist the temptation to clamp down on religion and private worship.

The real picture on China’s state-owned enterprises

It’s time to really debunk the myths on China. Its state-owned enterprises are inefficient, but they still dominate the key sectors.

When the going gets tough, China cuts rates

Australia should be wary of counting on Chinese growth to help propel its economy forward.

A reality check for the China-Australia FTA

There are many reasons why Australians should be excited about the free trade agreement with China, but there remain a number of unknowns.

The strategic cost of South Korea’s Japan bashing

South Korea's open hatred of Japan could come back to bite as the threat of a nuclear-armed North Korea grows.

Business is missing the big picture in Hong Kong

Pro-democracy protests have been criticised by Hong Kong's business groups, but the consequences of pro-mainland governance will be much more profound.

How authoritarian states 'win' internationally

The kind of athletes North Korea and China sent to the recently concluded Asian Games are simply not found in the west.

Bar set low for a ‘do no harm’ China-Australia FTA

An FTA between the two countries is as much about diplomacy as it is about economics.

The four groups that fooled the world on the Chinese 'economic miracle'

Less than a decade ago, China sceptics were labelled crackpots and curiosities. As the China slowdown continues, it's time to look back to see who exactly was spreading the hype.

Why Australia's relationship with Japan infuriates China

Beijing is demonising Japan for strategic reasons, but the Abbott government refuses to play ball.

A reality check will ground China's sky-high ambitions

Despite pouring billions into the commercial airplane market, China will struggle match its high-tech, private sector multinational rivals.

The middle-income trap will haunt China

Several East Asian nations have surpassed the middle-income barrier, but China's weak institutions and reliance on fixed investment mean that slower growth is a structural inevitability.