Keith Orchison

Solar spin clouds the true energy picture

The rapid uptake of solar energy by Australian households needs to be viewed as part of a bigger story.

The nuclear power debate is poised for a revival

Nuclear power could reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve power system resilience and enhance our supply security -- and it has a new champion in Julie Bishop.

Is the AER about to give Baird an early Christmas present?

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The energy regulator is set to announce a decision that will impact on moves to further privatise Australia’s electricity distribution network.

Politicians are forgetting a key cog in energy policy

Energy efficiency standards might not make for exciting headlines, but a recent IEA report highlights how vital they are in promoting emissions abatement.

Why low cost power still eludes consumers

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Consumers and businesses have been subject to ballooning electricity bills, and the situation's unlikely to get better. The BCA's report tells us why.

A challenge for the IPCC doom and gloom brigade

Local media coverage of the latest UN climate change report has focused on theatrics, glossing over the monumental scope of what is being proposed and what it will take to get there.

Replacing Australia’s coal-fired energy

To ensure energy security, Labor and the Coalition need to skip the politicking and work out what will supply tomorrow's power.

Clearing the air on the coal debate

The growing consumption of coal in emerging economies highlights the need for a realistic and fully integrated climate policy.

Give power back to the people

Politicians and power suppliers need to shake-up energy markets to let consumer choice once more drive the electricity business.

Energex 'fattening' is not what it seems

A seventh of the Australian population might soon find out the hard way what 'gold plating' in energy networks really means.

Watch out for an energy policy battle

A bevy of official reports on Australia's energy policy are set to spark heated debate in 2015, keeping energy enthusiasts busy throughout the year.

Government needs to get its energy act together

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There's a pressing need to create a better environment for energy investors and consumers, but it will require policy coordination from all levels of government.

Grappling with the big picture on energy

The RET is far from the only factor in determining Australia's future energy supply.

Waiting for sense to return to the RET debate

While political emotion and ideology is clouding the RET game, the renewables business needs to get on with setting a workable target to carry them through the next 15 years.

The tricky business of electricity tariffs

Proposed changes to the network tariff system could see lower charges for consumers. Now we just need politicians to act in the long-term interests of the electorate.

Jolting some common sense into the RET debate

The debate surrounding the RET has been hijacked by ideologues on both sides, which is of little help to consumers, who will end up bearing the consequences of a much less reliable national electricity market.

The ACCC's purist energy views rile the gentailers

Big electricity gentailers like Energy Australia argue that the ACCC's view on competition ignores the changing dynamics of power generation and could threaten the supply sector's reliability.

The coming collapse in manufacturing gas demand

The clock is ticking for the government to find a solution to rising gas prices as demand in Australia's shrinking manufacturing sector continues to slide.

Drilling down to the reasons behind geothermal's failure

Geothermal energy has long been touted as a source of reliable renewable energy, but its high costs make it unattractive to investors and governments alike.

There are no rewards in energy rent-seeking

In a recent speech, Martin Ferguson argued that political complacency over energy policy is putting Australia's prosperity at risk. Current ministers would do well to heed his warning.