Ken Phillips

Labor’s culture spells trouble for the Victorian economy

The Victorian Government's attitude to commercial contracts is threatening the state's economy.

Small business budget redefines the Coalition

By announcing a budget that is in tune with the needs of small business, the Coalition is re-positioning its brand ahead of the next election.

Victoria is building the conditions for a recession

The Victorian Government has adopted a set of infrastructure policies that will seriously threaten the state's viability.

Small business policy is greater than the sum of its parts

Taken together, a myriad of minor reforms to the regulation of small businesses is set to give a major boost to employment.

Abbott's 'small' reform step is a big deal

The Abbott Government is locking in a central plank of its small business reform package, which is likely to have broad and positive implications for the economy.

Victoria is heading down NSW's path of corruption

The controversy surrounding ICAC is yet another symptom of the problems ingrained within NSW's business, governance and political system -- and Victoria is now following its lead.

Victoria is no longer the place to be for business

The Victorian ALP's cancellation of the East West Link should set off alarm bells for prospective business investors.

Something doesn't add up in the East West Link settlement

It doesn't make sense that international financiers holding allegedly iron-clad contracts would agree to settle a locked-in claim worth hundreds of millions for just $81m.

Small retailers will suffer the ultimate penalty

Tony Abbott was ridiculed for his stance on penalty rates, but an agreement signed by Business SA and the shoppies union reveals who the true fools are.

How the ATO is oppressing small business

The ATO is happy to cut deals with big business when handling tax disputes but it's a completely different story for small business.

Victoria's sovereign risk problem

The cancellation of the East West Link contract has trashed Victoria’s reputation as a reliable place to invest.

Toll takeover should come with a TWU warning

Toll's relationship with unions could put a thorn in the side of Japan Post's logistics ambitions.

Why the government should overhaul Labor's illegal logging laws

Government should work more closely with industry to make sure that illegal logging laws can achieve their goal without making criminals of small businesses.

The weird world of global politics

Voters may claim to want stable governance, but the rise of special interest parties around the world has given rise to a new era of unpredictable politics.

Abbott's policy muddle is taking its toll

Tony Abbott's inability to stay on message is having a disastrous effect on his popularity, and is starting to alienate his most ardent supporters.

Why can’t Colbeck see the wood for the trees?

Oppressive laws on the importation of wood products will put many small businesses on the chopping block. The government is either very short-sighted or is deliberately intent on culling the industry.

Victoria's building union crackdown reaches the next level

The three-month ban on builder McConnell Dowell demonstrates the ongoing change in Victoria's construction industry, and why the ALP must not win at the upcoming state election.

Victoria must brace for an election wrecking ball

The opinion polls suggest Labor will triumph at the Victorian state election, but voters may be unaware of the consequences of the party's strong ties to the CFMEU.

An open letter to Boral’s Mike Kane

Company executives have as much explaining to do as the union heavyweights driving the stink in construction. The royal commission’s scrutiny must apply across the board.

How Napthine could win voters back

The Victorian government's fiscal discipline has busted state construction blowouts as well as flushing out Geoff Shaw at the party's expense. It's a reason for praise - not mistrust.