Ken Phillips

Abbott’s competition review will weigh on big business

Looking at the Abbott government's record of commitment to small business, it's understandable the big end of town is worried. The competition review indicates a recalibration is on the horizon.

How Napthine could get back on track in Victoria

A leadership change last year failed to translate into a lead at the polls, but there's one central issue that could see the Napthine government claim victory in November's state election.

Mall for one but not for all

Shopping centre owners have no ground to argue against fair contract laws, which will ensure tenants can negotiate on a level playing field.

Harnessing the power of the one-man brand

Self-employed individuals can strengthen relationships with consumers and add value to their services by building a personal brand. The first step is to think of yourself as a business.

China banks on SMEs for growth

The Communist Party's reform manifesto aims to level the playing field for privately-owned small and medium enterprises.

Freelance workers: hits and myths

New research shows managers' concerns over the commitment of independent contractors are misplaced, with freelance workers showing high levels of enthusiasm and dedication to their clients.

Australia got caught out by

14 comments is the definitive free market workplace, breaking down the walls between big and small businesses and leaving unions and tax collectors in the dust.

Caution will reign in the Abbott government

As Opposition leader, Tony Abbott was often painted as an unpredictable zealot. But his record on small business and indigenous issues point to man who will govern with pragmatism and discretion.

Unions can't paint over a construction revolution

The CFMEU’s court victory against the Victorian government is a premature celebration. Even if it stands, an irreversible transformation of the building sector is underway.

The union hand on the wheel that doomed Ford

Ford's industrial relations agreements limited the capacity of managers to manage, fatefully crippling the company. And the mistakes looks set to be repeated.

How Abbott outflanked Labor on IR

Rather than fight a renewed battle over WorkChoices-style industrial relations, the Coalition has promised to implement a swathe of unfinished Labor policies.

Hope glimmers in Abbott's small business spotlight

Small business has floundered through political neglect in recent years but a new era in centre stage could give it much-needed momentum.

Paralysed in a tax office trap

Australian Tax Office restrictions are leaving contractors out in the cold, unable to gain the Australian Business Numbers needed to operate alone.

Contract killers for the mining boom

As labor productivity in the resources sector collapses construction costs have blown out, including by 45 per cent over five years in the Pilbara. Queensland and WA need to wake up.

Riding the tidal wave of self-employment

A breakdown of America’s fast growing self-employed sector shows the broad cultural shifts it will increasingly force politicians to recognise. It’s an irreversable transition Australian policy makers must heed.

The solo sector's coming 3D attraction

As the internet did to communications, 3D printing is set to shake-up manufacturing, changing the nature of market economies and unleashing the solo enterprise.

The contract key that could swing small business

Unfair contract protections are a source of consumer justice that has been denied, by lobbyists and Labor, to small business. If Tony Abbott does extend the laws he will set free much SME growth.

A Queensland escape for the IR weary

Queensland's industrial relations fight gives it the chance to multiply job creation in small business, with major benefits for hospitality and tourism – and perhaps a better match for 24/7 consumer demand.

Desperate solutions for a broken union brand

In the wake of funding scandals, the union movement is trying to repair its brand image with a bold attack on independent workers.

Unscrambling Gillard's OHS hash

As South Australia takes the lead in trying to create practical work safety laws after rejecting Gillard's, it's likely others that already agreed to Canberra's model will backflip.