Ken Phillips

Abbott's policy muddle is taking its toll

Tony Abbott's inability to stay on message is having a disastrous effect on his popularity, and is starting to alienate his most ardent supporters.

Why can’t Colbeck see the wood for the trees?

Oppressive laws on the importation of wood products will put many small businesses on the chopping block. The government is either very short-sighted or is deliberately intent on culling the industry.

Victoria's building union crackdown reaches the next level

The three-month ban on builder McConnell Dowell demonstrates the ongoing change in Victoria's construction industry, and why the ALP must not win at the upcoming state election.

Victoria must brace for an election wrecking ball

The opinion polls suggest Labor will triumph at the Victorian state election, but voters may be unaware of the consequences of the party's strong ties to the CFMEU.

An open letter to Boral’s Mike Kane

Company executives have as much explaining to do as the union heavyweights driving the stink in construction. The royal commission’s scrutiny must apply across the board.

How Napthine could win voters back

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The Victorian government's fiscal discipline has busted state construction blowouts as well as flushing out Geoff Shaw at the party's expense. It's a reason for praise - not mistrust.

How Abbott is rebuilding the construction landscape

The Coalition's federal code of conduct will overhaul the deal-making environment in the construction sector, cutting down on costs. Big resource companies need to wake up to the changes.

Reaping the rewards of a fair go for small business

There's a compelling moral argument for reviewing Australia's competition laws in favour of small business, ensuring a system that is equitable and just for all.

Abbott’s competition review will weigh on big business

Looking at the Abbott government's record of commitment to small business, it's understandable the big end of town is worried. The competition review indicates a recalibration is on the horizon.

How Napthine could get back on track in Victoria

A leadership change last year failed to translate into a lead at the polls, but there's one central issue that could see the Napthine government claim victory in November's state election.

Mall for one but not for all

Shopping centre owners have no ground to argue against fair contract laws, which will ensure tenants can negotiate on a level playing field.

Harnessing the power of the one-man brand

Self-employed individuals can strengthen relationships with consumers and add value to their services by building a personal brand. The first step is to think of yourself as a business.

China banks on SMEs for growth

The Communist Party's reform manifesto aims to level the playing field for privately-owned small and medium enterprises.

Freelance workers: hits and myths

New research shows managers' concerns over the commitment of independent contractors are misplaced, with freelance workers showing high levels of enthusiasm and dedication to their clients.

Australia got caught out by

14 comments is the definitive free market workplace, breaking down the walls between big and small businesses and leaving unions and tax collectors in the dust.

Caution will reign in the Abbott government

As Opposition leader, Tony Abbott was often painted as an unpredictable zealot. But his record on small business and indigenous issues point to man who will govern with pragmatism and discretion.

Unions can't paint over a construction revolution

The CFMEU’s court victory against the Victorian government is a premature celebration. Even if it stands, an irreversible transformation of the building sector is underway.

The union hand on the wheel that doomed Ford

Ford's industrial relations agreements limited the capacity of managers to manage, fatefully crippling the company. And the mistakes looks set to be repeated.

How Abbott outflanked Labor on IR

Rather than fight a renewed battle over WorkChoices-style industrial relations, the Coalition has promised to implement a swathe of unfinished Labor policies.

Hope glimmers in Abbott's small business spotlight

Small business has floundered through political neglect in recent years but a new era in centre stage could give it much-needed momentum.